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Gourmet in Tang Dynasty Season 2 – Li Zixuan, Luo Zheng

Gourmet in Tang Dynasty Season 2 is a historical romantic drama directed by Jiang Cong and starring Li Zixuan, and Luo Zheng.


Gourmet in Tang Dynasty Season 2

English Title: Gourmet in Tang Dynasty Season 2
Chinese Title: 大唐小吃货2
Other Titles: Gourmet in Tang Dynasty S2, 大唐小吃货 第二季
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Suspense
Tag: Transmigration, Tang Dynasty, Cooking, Teacher Male Lead, Sassy Female Lead, Cheerful Female Lead
Episodes: 42
Duration: 20 min.
Director: Jiang Cong
Writer: Jia Yiqun, Xu Jianbo, Wang Peng
Producer: Jia Yiqun
Released Date: 2023-10-02
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频, TencentVideo



Yuan Wan'er infiltrated the Xinxin Dongfang Academy in the Great Tang in search of the legendary celestial book containing profound secrets, where she unexpectedly crossed paths with Sima Qingyang.

Amidst a series of misunderstandings and collaborations, Yuan Wan'er's kindness and cleverness gradually captivated Sima, and a subtle affection blossomed between them.

As they delved deeper into their search, the two joined forces to unravel the secrets of the celestial book, ultimately finding not only the mysteries of the book but also a destined love.


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