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Golden House Hidden Love – Lai Meiyun, Wang Zihao

Golden House Hidden Love is a fantasy romantic drama directed by Wang Jiafei, led by Lai Meiyun and Wang Zihao, co-starring Gu Landi, Peng Biyao, Tong Yixuan, and Jin Xiao.

The drama tells the story of Jin Xia, a white-collar urbanite who buys an ancient mansion in a seaside town and meets Nan Hua, a mysterious ancient-style man trapped in the mansion for a thousand years, and by mistake opens up a hilarious cohabitation life, and the two of them go from being scared to falling in love with each other, unfolding a romantic and healing love story.


Golden House Hidden Love

English Title: Golden House Hidden Love
Chinese Title: 金屋藏夫
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Tag: Amnesia, Cohabitation, Multiple Timelines, Immortal Male Lead, Height Difference, Investigation
Episodes: 24
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Wang Jiafei
Writer: Wei Ziwei, Zhang Yelai, Jiang Wengu
Producer: Yang Haitao, Wei Ziwei, Huang Naihong
Released Date: 2024-01-19
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The 27-year-old bridal designer assistant, Jin Xia, took out a loan to buy an old seaside house, thinking that her happily-ever-after with a home was about to begin. However, Jin Xia quickly discovered that the house was unexpectedly "haunted"!

It turns out that a mysterious and ghost-like young man resides in the ancient house. This seemingly "ghostly" young man has no memory and cannot leave the old house. There also appears to be a mysterious connection between him and Jin Xia.

To uncover the reasons for their entanglement, the two embark on a blush-inducing and heart-pounding cohabitation life in the "haunted house."


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