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Frozen Surface – Chen Jianbin, Hu Jun

Frozen Surface is a suspenseful crime drama directed by Zang Xichuan, led by Chen Jianbin, Hu Jun, and Deng Jiajia, co-starring by Shi Ce, Lu Hong, Chen Jingke, Yu Yang, Feng Qinchuan, Zhao Jian, Wang Guangyuan, Du Xingqi, Zou Dejiang, Geng Yizhan, Lin Xiao, Shan Sijie, Zhao Zhaoting, and Li Zhenglin, with special appearances Xing Jiadong, Jiang Hongbo, Hou Changrong, Yang Yutong, and Zhang Doudou.

The drama tells the story of a vicious crime that occurred in the small northeastern city of Lanhe, and the story of Guan Yu, the captain of Lanhe's criminal police team, who investigates the truth of the case.


Frozen Surface

English Title: Frozen Surface
Chinese Title: 黑土无言
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Tag: Investigation, Police Officer Male Lead
Episodes: 12
Duration: 24 min.
Director: Zang Xichuan
Writer: Wang Xiaoquan, Yang Guoliang, Yang Zijia, Zhu Zijian
Producer: Li Eryun, Zhao Wenzhu
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2024-01-10
Broadcast Website: WeTV, 腾讯视频



In the calm small northeastern town of Lanhe, a vicious criminal case unfolds, claiming three lives suddenly and unexpectedly, each with a different cause of death.

Lanhe Criminal Investigation Team's Chief Officer, Guan Yu, swiftly initiates an investigation. The suspects start to emerge one by one, including Yang Si, a convict released just two months ago, Yang Xuesong, Yang Si's stepson deeply entangled in emotional turmoil with the two deceased, Wang Ping, the former wife of Yan Hongqiao, and even a mysterious man who has been declared dead in the records for several years.


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