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Falling In Love With Me – Gu Landi, Kang Xi

Falling In Love With Me is a fantasy romantic drama, directed by Nian Jianlun, led by Gu Landi and Kang Xi, with a special appearance by Si Wai Ge, Meng En, and Sun Xue Ning.

The drama is based on the novel "Hua Ping Nu Xing Chong Sheng Hou Bao Hong Le / 花瓶女性重生后爆红了".


Falling In Love With Me

English Title: Falling In Love With Me
Chinese Title: 倒数三秒爱上我
Other Titles: 一闪一闪心心宇
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Tag: Magic, Opposites Attract, Secret, Sassy Female Lead, Famous Female Lead, Magical Object
Episodes: 20
Duration: 8 min.
Director: Nian Jianlun
Writer: Wang Meng
Producer: Zhang Chengyang
Released Date: 2023-09-24
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Tong Yuxin, who is tone-deaf, possesses a magical necklace. When she wears the necklace, she can make the audience fall in love with her for one hour through her singing, making her a very popular online singer-songwriter. Suddenly, one day, she accidentally kisses Tang Yutong, a music teacher, which leads to the necklace transferring to Tang Yutong.

Now, Tong Yuxin, deprived of her magic, reverts to her original self and is eager to seduce Tang Yutong to get the necklace back.

A romantic lesson about love and music begins, and a misplaced first love story resurfaces.


Tong Yuxin proudly claims that if we're talking about the hottest singer lately, that would naturally be herself. Regardless of how she sings, everyone will fall in love with her within the duration of one song. Tong Yuxin's manager approaches her, mentioning that her solo single is about to be released. He has arranged a vocal coach for her, instructing Tong Yuxin to start practicing.

Reluctantly, Tong Yuxin reveals that she possesses supernatural abilities. Ever since she acquired a certain necklace, singing a song is all it takes to make others fall in love with her. Therefore, she sees no need for practice. The manager acknowledges Tong Yuxin's ability but insists that she shouldn't overly rely on it. Tong Yuxin adds that the necklace hasn't been removed since she put it on, so there's no need to be cautious.

The manager pressures Tong Yuxin to come down and practice singing. The substitute teacher is a young man named Tang Yutong. Originally, another teacher was supposed to come, but he had an emergency, so Tang Yutong is filling in. Tang Yutong asks Tong Yuxin to solve a few music theory problems to assess her foundation, but she refuses, insisting on singing a song for him.

Tang Yutong finds Tong Yuxin's singing very unpleasant, leaving her astonished as she never expected that her own song wouldn't make someone fall in love with her. Tang Yutong concludes that Tong Yuxin doesn't really want to pursue music, and unable to teach her, he declares his intention to leave.

Tong Yuxin grabbed Tang Yutong, preventing him from leaving. Unfortunately, Tang Yutong tripped and accidentally kissed Tong Yuxin. Tang Yutong quickly stood up, grabbed his things, and left. Upon returning home, Tang Yutong's distant cousin, Liang Tete, who stays with him, asked if Tang Yutong had seen Tong Yuxin. Liang Tete considers Tong Yuxin his goddess and asks Tang Yutong to take him along the next time he sees her.

Tang Yutong decides not to teach Tong Yuxin anymore, feeling that she is not worth Liang Tete's admiration. Liang Tete confesses that he doesn't know why, but every time Tong Yuxin sings, he feels his heart racing and fluttering like a startled deer.

During a live broadcast, Tong Yuxin sings her new song. However, fans leave comments criticizing her, stating that her singing is out of tune and unpleasant. Liang Tete also watches the broadcast, realizing that his aesthetic preferences have changed. Tang Yutong admits that it's not too late for him to turn away from his misguided choices.

Liang Tete and Tang Yutong go to sing together. After Tang Yutong sings a song, Liang Tete feels the fluttering sensation again, and others at the KTV express their admiration for Tang Yutong. Later, at a restaurant, Tang Yutong sneezes, affecting a group of people. They all approach him with tissues, asking Tang Yutong to use his own.

Tong Yuxin discovers that her necklace is unexpectedly missing. After searching for a while without success, she realizes that it must be because of that kiss—the one Tang Yutong took it. Tang Yutong quickly comes out, and Tong Yuxin approaches him, urging him to get in the car. As soon as Tang Yutong gets in the car, Tong Yuxin pounces, wanting to kiss him. Tang Yutong stops her and asks what she intends to do. Tong Yuxin explains that Tang Yutong took her necklace and insists that he return it immediately.

Tang Yutong indeed notices an extra necklace on himself. He mentions that they were together for less than half an hour, and there's no way Tong Yuxin's necklace could end up on him. Tong Yuxin explains that a kiss transferred it, and another kiss will bring it back.

Tang Yutong disagrees, stating that he hasn't figured things out yet and can't return the necklace. Tong Yuxin, frustrated, can only warn Tang Yutong not to sing recently because Liang Tete's heart rate goes off the charts when Tang Yutong sings.

Reflecting on Tong Yuxin's words, Tang Yutong recalls singing a song at KTV, and everyone's gaze turned strange. He also remembers sneezing, and people reacted similarly. He realizes that singing or emitting the sounds of his singing seems to cause these unusual reactions. Tang Yutong conducts an experiment with Liang Tete and discovers that the effect lasts for an hour.

Tang Yutong finally understands why so many people like Tong Yuxin. It turns out she cheats with a necklace, and he believes the necklace must not be returned to her. Tang Yutong is summoned by the teacher to give music theory lessons to some people who are relatives of school leaders. If he can teach them well, it will be beneficial for his future. Tang Yutong knows he can't sing now and doesn't know what to do.

Tong Yuxin comes over with flowers, expressing her desire to pursue Tang Yutong. The teacher mistakenly thinks Tang Yutong is irresponsible, emphasizing that a man must be responsible and not two-timing. Tang Yutong takes Tong Yuxin outside, stating that if she passes her music theory exam, he will return the necklace to her.

Unable to refuse, Tong Yuxin starts studying and occasionally flaunts in front of Tang Yutong. Tang Yutong suggests that if she has time for that, she should focus on studying. While Tong Yuxin is studying in the library, people nearby start gossiping about her, criticizing her singing as unpleasant. They wonder how they were ever blind enough to like her.

Feeling upset, Tong Yuxin listens to music with headphones provided by Tang Yutong to block out the comments. Tang Yutong confronts those people, and they leave. Tong Yuxin is touched by Tang Yutong's actions.

The teacher played a song by Tang Yutong on the school radio station, emphasizing that any form of singing, even a recording, is effective. Upon hearing Tang Yutong's voice, people went crazy, chasing after him. Tang Yutong had to quickly grab Tong Yuxin and run. A lady from the kitchen came over with a shovel and even threw it at Tang Yutong.

Now affected by the necklace, Tong Yuxin, who adores Tang Yutong, stood in front of him. Unfortunately, she got hit on the forehead and fainted. When she woke up, she found herself at Tang Yutong's house. Tang Yutong explained that he didn't know where Tong Yuxin lived, so he brought her home. Tong Yuxin had wanted to hug Tang Yutong, but as soon as the effect wore off, she immediately pushed him away.

Liang Tete came in and asked Tang Yutong what he wanted to eat. Tang Yutong quickly covered Tong Yuxin with a blanket. Tong Yuxin sneaked out and accidentally bumped into a cabinet, falling down. Tang Yutong carried Tong Yuxin outside. After returning, Tong Yuxin applied medicine to her forehead in front of the mirror. Feeling increasingly embarrassed, she thought today was really humiliating.

Tang Yutong cooked and asked Liang Tete if he truly liked music. Liang Tete clarified that he had thought it through and was determined to become a singer, all for his first love, Tong Er Bao.

Tong Yuxin has a nightmare, recalling a past event where she participated in a competition. However, the judges stated that her ability to write songs alone was not sufficient; she also needed to be able to sing. As a result, she was eliminated. Upon waking up, Tong Yuxin asserts that she is now Tong Yuxin, not Tong Er Bao. She continues to study music theory, finding it a headache.

Tang Yutong meets with the teacher, who asks if Tong Yuxin enjoyed his song yesterday. The teacher emphasizes that a responsible man should be focused and wholehearted, expressing approval of Tong Yuxin. Tang Yutong clarifies that he and Tong Yuxin don't have that kind of relationship. The teacher asks if Tang Yutong still can't let go of Lin Xiaoqing.

Back then, Lin Xiaoqing insisted on becoming an internet celebrity. Tang Yutong tried to dissuade her, recognizing her talent and suggesting she continue with music. However, Lin Xiaoqing disagreed, wanting fame. She acknowledged Tang Yutong's feelings but stated she didn't reciprocate, then left with her luggage. Tang Yutong saw Lin Xiaoqing's moments on social media and felt some emotions.

Lin Xiaoqing approaches Tang Yutong, questioning whether he still stands by what he said back then. Tong Yuxin sees Lin Xiaoqing and asks when Lin Xiaoqing will repay the money she owes. Lin Xiaoqing advises Tong Yuxin to let go and not be entangled. The teacher intervenes, thinking Tang Yutong is confused, and separates them. Tong Yuxin walks away without hesitation.

Tong Yuxin thinks more and more about this matter and feels increasingly upset. She believes she should raise the interest rate by another 5 points. Liang Tete also arrives, not noticing Tong Yuxin and colliding with her. Liang Tete recognizes Tong Yuxin and thinks that since her singing is so unpleasant, and he has spent so much money on her, she should compensate him.

Tong Yuxin explains that Liang Tete liked her not just because she sang well. He used to be her fan, but now that her singing isn't as good, he's losing interest and wants her to repay him. Tong Yuxin points out that it's Liang Tete who is not adhering to the proper conduct of a fan. Liang Tete agrees, realizing the validity of Tong Yuxin's argument. Seeing her crying, he tells her not to cry and promises to remain her fan.

Liang Tete helps Tong Yuxin sneak into Tang Yutong's room, hoping to find the exam questions he set. While Liang Tete distracts outside, Tang Yutong returns. Liang Tete hastily warns Tong Yuxin, who hides. Tang Yutong goes in to take a shower, and Tong Yuxin tries to take something, but Tang Yutong catches her.

Tang Yutong expresses surprise that Tong Yuxin would resort to cheating to pass the exam. Since Liang Tete wants to help Tong Yuxin, he decides to make their exams much harder, and he will create new test questions. Tong Yuxin and Lin Xiaoqing, who overheard, feel frustrated.

Tong Yuxin asks Tang Yutong about his relationship with Lin Xiaoqing, but Tang Yutong remains silent. Lin Xiaoqing is arranged to go on a blind date and waits in a coffee shop. She recalls Tang Yutong's song, and having recorded it before, she listens to it again. Lin Xiaoqing, under the influence of the necklace's magic, instantly falls in love with Tang Yutong.

Her blind date arrives, but Lin Xiaoqing declares that she doesn't want to go on the date today and leaves. The prospective partner is furious, expressing displeasure at being set up with someone like her in the future.

Tong Yuxin and Liang Tete are studying in the library. Liang Tete is also frustrated, feeling that he's been dragged down by Tong Yuxin. Tong Yuxin falls asleep while reading, and Liang Tete takes out lipstick, drawing several lines on her face. When Tong Yuxin sees Tang Yutong approaching, she quickly chases after him.

Lin Xiaoqing approaches Tang Yutong, expressing her strong liking for him. She listened to one of Tang Yutong's songs and regrets giving up on him before. Tang Yutong realizes what's happening and believes Lin Xiaoqing's emotions are temporary. Lin Xiaoqing and Tang Yutong engage in a tussle, and the teacher intervenes upon seeing them, causing Tong Yuxin to leave. The teacher is also frustrated by the situation.

Tong Yuxin brings Liang Tete to her house for revision. Tang Yutong notices that it's already past 10 o'clock, and Liang Tete hasn't returned yet, feeling very frustrated. When Liang Tete returns and finds Tang Yutong waiting for him, he is deeply moved.

On that day, Lin Xiaoqing came to ask Tang Yutong for money. Tang Yutong wants to explain things to Tong Yuxin, but she completely ignores Lin Xiaoqing. Tong Yuxin thinks that Tang Yutong obtained the necklace to make his goddess fall for him, and she is determined not to let him succeed. She vows to pass the music theory exam and retrieve the necklace.

As the music theory exam approaches, Liang Tete has summarized a pattern in the multiple-choice questions. However, unexpectedly, Tang Yutong doesn't include any multiple-choice questions this time. After the exam, the company contacts Tong Yuxin, instructing her to do a live broadcast today to regain her popularity. Despite Tong Yuxin's refusal, the company insists that she must go live.

During the live broadcast, Tong Yuxin is supposed to sing, but she feels immense pressure, knowing that she isn't a good singer. Unable to handle it, she runs out. Tang Yutong comes to find Tong Yuxin, revealing that she scored full marks in the music theory exam. He acknowledges her intelligence and assures her that she can retrieve the necklace. Tang Yutong then kisses Tong Yuxin.

Unexpectedly, the necklace didn't return to Tong Yuxin. Tong Yuxin, not giving up, tried several times, but it was still unsuccessful. She feels extremely frustrated, realizing that the necklace might not come back. She doesn't understand why and starts doubting her ability to become a singer. Tang Yutong comforts her, holding her in his arms.

Tang Yutong believes that not having the necklace doesn't mean Tong Yuxin can't be a singer. Tong Yuxin tells him that he doesn't understand the efforts and struggles she has endured to reach where she is today, facing ridicule and challenges. Tang Yutong notices a photo on Tong Yuxin's table, reminding him of a girl who approached him for a photo during a singing competition. The girl turned out to be Tong Yuxin.

The company's boss is furious, blaming Tong Yuxin's live broadcast for significant losses and decides to terminate her contract. Tong Yuxin agrees to the termination. Unexpectedly, Tang Yutong arrives, claiming to be Lin Tongyu. Lin Tongyu is a well-known figure in the music industry, surprising the boss. Tang Yutong explains that Tong Yuxin is his student. He proposes a deal: if Tong Yuxin can achieve a top-three position in the next singing competition, the boss should give her another chance. The boss agrees, providing Tong Yuxin with another opportunity.


  • 2023-09-29 05:32:10

    Gu Landi and Kang Xi Matched Up Beause of a Magic Necklace

    "Falling In Love With Me" features a cast of young actors, all of whom have high levels of attractiveness. It perfectly aligns with the current trend in idol dramas, creating an atmosphere of handsome men and beautiful women.

    The unique concept of the magical necklace adds a novel element to the storyline.

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