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Ex-Boyfriend & Boss – Jin Xiao, Li Jiajia

Ex-Boyfriend & Boss is a romantic drama directed by Niu Maomao, starring Jin Xiao and Li Jiajia.


Ex-Boyfriend & Boss

English Title: Ex-Boyfriend & Boss
Chinese Title: 前男友成了我上司
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Ex-Boyfriend Comes Back, Boss-Employee Relationship, Calm Male Lead, Smart Male Lead, Second Chance Romance, Office Setting
Episodes: 10
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Niu Maomao
Released Date: 2023-12-25
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Liao Yuncheng and Tong Nian, who were childhood sweethearts, fell in love during their university days but broke up due to misunderstandings. Many years later, they meet again, but their social statuses have changed drastically. Tong Nian's company is acquired by Liao Yuncheng's company, and they are forced to become colleagues. Upon learning that Tong Nian has remained single all these years, Liao Yuncheng decides to embark on a journey to pursue her.

In order to prevent misunderstandings, he creates an online account and becomes friends with Tong Nian on the internet. When Tong Nian faces crises and difficulties, he is the first to step forward and protect her. Together, they navigate through workplace traps, incidents of workplace harassment, and, after joining forces to overcome the antagonists, Liao Yuncheng successfully wins Tong Nian's heart. In the end, the two lovers who have weathered the challenges become a happily married couple.


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