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Embrace Love – Zhang Chao, Zong Yuanyuan

Embrace Love is a fantasy romantic drama directed by Xu Chi, led by Zhang Chao and Zong Yuanyuan, and co-starring Yang Bingzhuo, Cao Xiyue, Liu Chang, and Leslie Ma.

The drama tells the story of Gu Yanzhi, a cool and ascetic scientist who is burdened with a mysterious blood type, and Yan Mo, an arrogant female star from the future, who are destined to become entangled. A blood-taking operation across time and space pulls out a two-way love in time and space.


Embrace Love

English Title: Embrace Love
Chinese Title: 拥抱未来的你
Genre: Urban, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: Time Travel, Nice Male Lead, Illness, Smart Male Lead, Future, Time Altering
Episodes: 20
Duration: 32 min.
Director: Xu Chi
Writer: Li Jie
Producer: Zhou Zhaozhong, Lu Zhen, Liu Shichen, Wang Chu, Liu He
Product Company: Youku
Released Date: 2023-09-30
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv



A female celebrity, Yan Mo, living in a future world, unexpectedly contracts a rare blood disease. The only person who can save her is the brilliant modern-day scientist Gu Yanzhi. To obtain Gu Yanzhi's blood, Yan Mo travels back in time to the present. She makes every effort to get close to Gu Yanzhi, only to discover that to acquire qualified blood, she must induce emotional factors within Gu Yanzhi.

However, during the process of "teaching" Gu Yanzhi how to fall in love, Yan Mo and he unexpectedly develop mutual affection, thereby altering the destiny of both. This sets off a butterfly effect, leading to the imminent end of their lives. Gu Yanzhi and Yan Mo attempt to salvage the situation. As everything rewinds in a journey through time, the two realize that when it comes to love and life, they can only have one. Now, they must decide where to go from here.


In the year 2222, Yan Mo, a female actress, contracted a peculiar blood disease due to an accident. The only cure for her was a serum containing a special type of blood. Yan Mo's friend, Dr. Lu Feiyan, a time-traveling scholar, identified Gu Yanzhi as the only person who met the criteria through historical records. Gu Yanzhi was a great scientist from the year 2022, two hundred years ago. After a year of research, Dr. Lu Feiyan successfully developed a time-traveling machine and prepared to send Yan Mo back to 2022 to obtain Gu Yanzhi's blood.

Dr. Lu Feiyan input all information about Gu Yanzhi into the robot Xiao O, for Yan Mo to take along. Dr. Lu Feiyan's time machine could travel through space and time on a closed-loop timeline, referred to as the CTC loop. Yan Mo was the subject on this timeline, so Dr. Lu Feiyan emphasized that she must be vigilant not to alter history. Yan Mo had only one year to live, and Dr. Lu Feiyan reminded her to return within that time frame. He also provided her with a blood collection device similar to a bracelet for convenience.

Dr. Lu Feiyan gave Yan Mo a stealth drug, cautioning her not to use it unless absolutely necessary due to its side effects. In a hurry, Yan Mo set off without fully understanding Dr. Lu Feiyan's instructions to avoid revealing her identity.

Gu Yanzhi, a male scientist from the 21st century, gained attention in the industry at a young age through numerous papers. He achieved a Ph.D. abroad with outstanding results and later returned to China, becoming the head of the Biotechnology Research Institute at Gao Shen Group. Over the years, Gu Yanzhi and his team successfully overcame challenges in postoperative rejection of blood diseases, saving countless patients.

On the stormy night of April 23, 2022, Yan Mo arrived at Gu Yanzhi's doorstep. In an attempt to enter his house, she accidentally woke him up, and in her haste to obtain his blood, she triggered a time loop, going back to 6 a.m. on the same day. Confused, Yan Mo met her assistant Xiao O, who informed her about the time loop.

To avoid further time loops and reduce her lifespan, Yan Mo decided to blend in with the current time. She learned about contemporary life and everything related to Gu Yanzhi to prepare herself. Gu Yanzhi, meticulous in his work, displeased the board of directors upon his return to the research institute. He even fired his third assistant for a minor mistake.

Pressured by the HR department, Gu Yanzhi agreed to attend the Future Technology Awards ceremony, organized by his friend Zhou Hanzhang. However, he refused to accept the award in person, causing embarrassment for Zhou Hanzhang. After the ceremony, Zhou Hanzhang suggested Gu Yanzhi stay overnight in a hotel, providing an opportunity for Yan Mo to collect his blood.

Yan Mo, disguised as a fan, entered Gu Yanzhi's hotel room, but her attempt to collect his blood was interrupted when Gu Yanzhi woke up. Unable to explain, Yan Mo pretended to be a fan, but Gu Yanzhi saw through her deception. In the ensuing confusion, Yan Mo's blood collection failed, and rumors spread about Gu Yanzhi's encounter with an unusual fan.

To investigate Yan Mo's identity, Zhou Hanzhang promised to help Gu Yanzhi. Despite various attempts, Yan Mo couldn't get close to Gu Yanzhi. Xiao O suggested that Yan Mo apply for the position of Gu Yanzhi's assistant. Yan Mo passed the assistant exam, but Gu Yanzhi, suspecting her intentions, refused to accept her as his assistant.

With only Yan Mo and Xiao O passing the assistant exam, Gu Yanzhi considered hiring Xiao O. However, Xiao O declined the assistant position to support Yan Mo. Rejected by Gu Yanzhi, Yan Mo had Xiao O work as a janitor to monitor Gu Yanzhi's actions.

Yan Mo followed Gu Yanzhi to a restaurant and witnessed someone attempting to take inappropriate photos. Together, they intervened to help, revealing Yan Mo's dedication to the cause.

Gu Yanzhi felt that Yan Mo had a strong sense of justice, and her professional skills were good, so he decided to let Yan Mo try the position of assistant. Yan Mo received the notification happily and went to work, but her workstation was a bit far from Gu Yanzhi, and she was not satisfied. Yan Mo, without hesitation, wanted to share the same office with Gu Yanzhi but was ruthlessly rejected. However, Gu Yanzhi soon handed Yan Mo a data organization task, using it as an opportunity to assess her as an assistant.

Gu Yanzhi instructed Yan Mo to organize the data and tidy up the office while he was away. Once the arrangements were made, he left the office, instructing Xiao O not to clean his office. As soon as Gu Yanzhi left, Xiao O immediately went to find Yan Mo and handed over the research directions and data that Gu Yanzhi had been working on for years.

Yan Mo was not daunted by Gu Yanzhi's tasks. She quickly organized the required data according to his preferences and even cleaned the office. When Gu Yanzhi returned and saw the well-organized data, he was surprised because Yan Mo had completed the task exceptionally fast and exactly as he liked. Yan Mo handed over the data, gave Gu Yanzhi a cup of coffee at the right temperature, surprising him even more.

Seeing Gu Yanzhi's astonishment, Yan Mo, pleased with herself, left Gu Yanzhi's office. Gu Yanzhi, reviewing the data, found a page with unclear explanations, thinking he had found Yan Mo's mistake. When Gu Yanzhi confronted Yan Mo, she immediately provided the additional explanations, leaving Gu Yanzhi speechless. Other people were amazed at how Yan Mo could handle the demanding Gu Yanzhi.

During a break in the office, Yan Mo came to offer coffee to Gu Yanzhi, who remained asleep despite her calling. Seeing an opportunity to collect blood, Yan Mo proceeded, but unexpectedly, Gu Yanzhi woke up. Finding Yan Mo attempting something with his body, Gu Yanzhi pushed her against the sofa, demanding an explanation. Before Yan Mo could explain, their awkward moment was interrupted by the entrance of Old Sui, and Gu Yanzhi had to quickly release Yan Mo, pretending nothing happened, and sipping coffee.

Zhou Hanzhang returned and, upon entering the office building, flirted with a girl. At this moment, Yan Mo went downstairs, and Zhou Hanzhang, seeing her as a stranger, greeted her. Zhou Hanzhang offered chicken legs to Yan Mo, who, not recognizing him, called security. After discovering Zhou Hanzhang's identity, Yan Mo realized he was the new assistant recruited by Gu Yanzhi.

Zhou Hanzhang went to Gu Yanzhi's office to inquire about Yan Mo, and after being kicked out by Gu Yanzhi, he directly approached Yan Mo. Yan Mo initially ignored Zhou Hanzhang, but he revealed Gu Yanzhi's situation, prompting Yan Mo to listen further. Knowing she could use alcohol to get Gu Yanzhi's blood, Yan Mo decided to employ this strategy and leave.

In the evening, Yan Mo and her colleagues gathered for a party. She boasted that not only could she handle Gu Yanzhi at work, but she also had him firmly in her personal life. Colleagues doubted her words, so Yan Mo called Gu Yanzhi on the spot, using the hotel incident to force him to meet her at the KTV. Fearing Yan Mo might reveal something, Gu Yanzhi reluctantly went to the KTV, where Yan Mo coerced him into drinking a lot. Finally, he got drunk.

Ecstatic, Yan Mo took Gu Yanzhi home and successfully collected his blood, thinking she no longer had to deal with the troublesome Gu Yanzhi. As a triumphant move, she even applied lipstick all over Gu Yanzhi's face. However, when Gu Yanzhi woke up, he was furious at the situation.

Yan Mo took the blood sample back, but after a night of analysis, she discovered it lacked the hormone responsible for emotional release, rendering the sample useless. Yan Mo had to rethink her strategy. She delved into Gu Yanzhi's emotional history, intending to wait until he understood emotions before collecting his blood.

While checking the emotional history, Yan Mo realized that Gu Yanzhi was about to meet musician Song Ranran. To ensure Gu Yanzhi wouldn't blame her for the previous day's events, she decided to return to the office and improve her relationship with him.

Old Sui discovered that Yan Mo's resume was entirely fake, and he obtained video footage of her opening a hotel room, making him suspicious of her motives. When Old Sui interrogated Yan Mo, she couldn't explain and had to admit she was not from the present. She took invisibility pills, triggering a time reversal that took her back several hours.

Before meeting Old Sui, Yan Mo decided to avoid him, planning to collect Gu Yanzhi's blood after he met with Song Ranran. Old Sui gave Gu Yanzhi a ticket to a concert, advising him to attend. However, due to bad weather, Song Ranran couldn't make it to the concert. Yan Mo, waiting eagerly, didn't meet Song Ranran but encountered a typhoon. The concert backdrop fell, endangering Yan Mo. Gu Yanzhi rushed to save her just in time.

Yan Mo accidentally intruded into Gu Yanzhi's life story, affecting the timing of Song Ranran and Gu Yanzhi's first meeting, which was delayed by half a year. Due to the rain during this incident, Yan Mo caught a cold. Lu Feiyan noticed Yan Mo's decreasing life value, and the historical meeting between Gu Yanzhi and Song Ranran was delayed by half a year, causing him great concern. He decided to check the situation in 2022.

After examining Yan Mo, Lu Feiyan informed her about her health condition and advised her to rest and recover. Meanwhile, he planned to investigate Song Ranran to see if he could restore the altered history. Lu Feiyan gathered information on Song Ranran and learned that she frequently socialized at a tea house. He decided to visit the tea house to meet Song Ranran.

Intentionally arriving late to attract attention, Song Ranran found herself being noticed by Lu Feiyan. Lu Feiyan used a similar tactic, drawing Song Ranran's attention. After the tea house social event, Song Ranran waited for Lu Feiyan, thinking he might be interested in pursuing her. However, Lu Feiyan surprised her by expressing his intention to help her find a suitable partner, leaving her astonished.

Gu Yanzhi was pressured by the board to quickly conduct the third phase of the experiment. When he refused, the board became angry and embarrassed him in public. Yan Mo, prepared for this situation, stepped forward to speak on Gu Yanzhi's behalf, leaving the board without words. Old Sui became suspicious of Yan Mo, but she was well-prepared and managed to provide convincing answers, leaving Old Sui with no grounds for suspicion. Yan Mo successfully passed the challenge.

Meanwhile, Lu Feiyan discovered that Song Ranran was easily infatuated with others. He felt the need to help her cut off these undesirable relationships to arrange a romantic encounter between Song Ranran and Gu Yanzhi. Lu Feiyan decided to intervene.

During Song Ranran's restaurant date, Lu Feiyan took the opportunity to invite all the men she had been in contact with to the same restaurant. As Song Ranran prepared to touch up her makeup, she found all her other dates had arrived. Trying to manage three men at once, Song Ranran's plan to juggle multiple suitors backfired when they all confronted her simultaneously. The waiter, witnessing Song Ranran's predicament, intentionally suggested ordering steak to the men, causing her to eat a substantial amount and feel uncomfortably full.

With Song Ranran's romantic endeavors foiled, Lu Feiyan talked to her about relationships, advising her to learn to be faithful and not fall for every person she meets. Song Ranran shared her past love story, revealing a crush she had long ago who no longer remembered her. She explained that her current string of dates was an attempt to recapture that initial spark.

Yan Mo, waiting for Lu Feiyan to succeed with Song Ranran, learned that Gu Yanzhi had caught a cold and taken a leave of absence. To ensure the meeting between Gu Yanzhi and Song Ranran didn't fall through, she went to Gu Yanzhi's home to check on him and ended up accidentally falling asleep next to him.

The next morning, Gu Siyu visited Gu Yanzhi's home, discovered him and Yan Mo together, and took a photo. Gu Yanzhi, trying to explain that nothing happened between him and Yan Mo, was scolded by Gu Siyu. Gu Siyu insisted that Gu Yanzhi apologize to Yan Mo and promised to take responsibility for her.

Lu Feiyan, realizing the budding romance between Gu Yanzhi and Song Ranran started at an art school, sought out Song Ranran. He asked her about recent events and encouraged her to share her first love story, intending to use tarot cards to hasten their reunion. Song Ranran and Lu Feiyan had known each other since childhood, with her piano teacher being Gu Yanzhi's mother. Initially disinterested in playing the piano, Song Ranran changed her mind after hearing Gu Yanzhi play. Their friendship grew, but when Gu Yanzhi's mother passed away, he became distant. Song Ranran tried to comfort him by giving him a photo of his mother, but he reacted angrily, causing them to lose contact.

Lu Feiyan, understanding the emotional history between Song Ranran and Gu Yanzhi, immediately informed Yan Mo. She sent an email to Gu Yanzhi, urging him to go to the art school. Simultaneously, Lu Feiyan encouraged Song Ranran to do the same.

Song Ranran believed Lu Feiyan's words and, as per the agreed-upon time, returned to the art school where she first met Gu Yanzhi, eagerly waiting for another encounter with him. Upon arriving at the school, she reminisced about the time she first saw Gu Yanzhi playing the piano. Gu Yanzhi also arrived at the art school. When Song Ranran and Gu Yanzhi met, Yan Mo immediately played a romantic piano piece, unintentionally stirring up unpleasant memories for Gu Yanzhi. For reasons unknown to Yan Mo, no romantic connection formed between Gu Yanzhi and Song Ranran. Lu Feiyan, on the other hand, believed that the rupture in their relationship began with the photo Song Ranran took, and finding that photo was crucial to understanding the situation.

Unable to locate the photo at the office, Yan Mo thought it must be at Gu Yanzhi's home. However, she couldn't enter Gu Yanzhi's house, causing her a headache. Zhou Hanzhang sought out Gu Siyu, sharing the details of Gu Yanzhi and Yan Mo's situation. Surprisingly, Gu Siyu was already aware of the situation and had accepted Yan Mo as her sister-in-law. Zhou Hanzhang then revealed Yan Mo and Xiao O's cohabitation, prompting Gu Siyu to investigate further. Gu Siyu, finding Xiao O charging on the rooftop, questioned him about the duration of his relationship with Yan Mo. Xiao O explained they had been together for over five years. Gu Siyu, misunderstanding Xiao O as a third party, threatened him. Xiao O, feeling the hostility, defended himself and attacked Zhou Hanzhang and his bodyguards. After defeating everyone, Xiao O approached Gu Siyu, surprising her by not attacking. Instead, he handed her coffee and complimented her, making Gu Siyu happy.

Yan Mo appeared, and Gu Siyu immediately questioned her. Yan Mo lied, claiming Xiao O was their adopted brother, and they only had a sibling relationship. Understanding the situation, Gu Siyu found Xiao O cute and dropped any grudges. Yan Mo, unable to go to Gu Yanzhi's home, feigned interest in pursuing Gu Yanzhi and sought Gu Siyu's help. Gu Siyu, upon learning the situation, took Yan Mo to Gu Yanzhi's home, presenting Yan Mo as a nanny and arranging for her to stay there.

Gu Yanzhi, reluctant to have a nanny, reluctantly accepted Gu Siyu's arrangement. However, he was surprised to find out that the nanny Gu Siyu brought was Yan Mo, and he was forced to serve her. As Gu Siyu left, Gu Yanzhi reluctantly became the host, instructing Yan Mo to do tasks. While Gu Yanzhi worked at the research institute, Yan Mo, left alone at home, searched for the photo but couldn't find it. When Gu Yanzhi returned home, expecting Yan Mo to have prepared a meal for him as a docile servant, he was met with a different scenario. Yan Mo hadn't cooked and was waiting with an empty stomach, instructing Gu Yanzhi to cook for her. This unexpected situation angered Gu Yanzhi, but Yan Mo, acting cute, claimed she couldn't cook and was very hungry. Gu Yanzhi, feeling soft, allowed Yan Mo to get dumplings from the fridge. However, Yan Mo didn't even know how to do that, and the two almost collided in front of the refrigerator.

Gu Yanzhi and Yan Mo had intimate contact, causing Gu Yanzhi's heart to race while Yan Mo was relaxed. She even taught Gu Yanzhi how to initiate a romantic gesture, startling him. Yan Mo finally found a photo of Gu Yanzhi's mother, unknowingly seen by Gu Yanzhi. He took the photo, telling Yan Mo not to clean the study anymore. Confused, Yan Mo called Gu Siyu for an explanation. After learning from Yan Mo, Gu Siyu realized it was the anniversary of Gu Yanzhi's mother's passing, and he was upset because he missed her.

Gu Yanzhi went alone to practice fencing, letting out his frustration through a rigorous workout. However, the unhappy feelings lingered. After venting, Gu Yanzhi suddenly realized the photo was missing. Unable to find it at home, he suspected it might have been left at the fencing hall and mistaken for trash. This photo was the last one of his mother. Yan Mo, not wanting Gu Yanzhi to be upset, went to the fencing hall, sifted through the trash, and found the photo.

After a long search, Yan Mo carefully collected the photo, planning to surprise Gu Yanzhi with it at home. However, when she arrived, Gu Yanzhi was not there. Without a phone, Yan Mo couldn't contact Gu Yanzhi and had to ask Gu Siyu for information on where he might be. Gu Yanzhi went to the place where his mother taught him to play the piano, reminiscing about his mother. Yan Mo, learning this, immediately brought the photo to Gu Yanzhi, intending to comfort him. Showing concern for Gu Yanzhi, Yan Mo prompted him to express his love and longing for his mother. Yan Mo reminded Gu Yanzhi that missing his mother meant she was still remembered, and she took him to see the stars. She explained that deceased loved ones become stars, watching over them in a different way, encouraging Gu Yanzhi to channel his love for his mother onto the stars.

Yan Mo opened Gu Yanzhi's heart, and Gu Siyu, seeing Gu Yanzhi happy, felt even more convinced that leaving Yan Mo with Gu Yanzhi was the right decision. When Gu Yanzhi noticed Gu Siyu's presence, she no longer avoided him. Gu Siyu directly urged Gu Yanzhi to open his heart, advising him not to dwell in the past and to try to love this imperfect world. Due to Gu Yanzhi's situation, Yan Mo suddenly felt the urge to go back and have her own love story. The next day, disguised as taking out the trash, Yan Mo met Lu Feiyan. She planned to discuss with him how to help Gu Yanzhi open up and arranged for a meeting between Gu Yanzhi and Song Ranran. After the meeting with Lu Feiyan, Yan Mo invited Gu Yanzhi for a weekend outing. Initially hesitant, Gu Yanzhi thought Yan Mo wanted to make plans with him, so he agreed.

Thinking it was a date with Yan Mo, Gu Yanzhi dressed up happily, even spraying cologne. However, the scent was too strong, causing Yan Mo to sneeze. When they reached the destination, Gu Yanzhi discovered that Lu Feiyan was also present. He instinctively felt that Lu Feiyan was a rival and kept Yan Mo away from him. Song Ranran appeared, and Yan Mo busily pushed Gu Yanzhi to greet her, intentionally leaving them alone. Song Ranran wanted to use this opportunity to get closer to Gu Yanzhi. She deliberately wore high heels to climb the mountain, breaking the heel halfway. Song Ranran pretended to twist her ankle, hoping Gu Yanzhi would carry her. However, Gu Yanzhi, preoccupied with tying his shoelaces, completely ignored Song Ranran. Gu Yanzhi asked Lu Feiyan to carry Song Ranran, and both Lu Feiyan and Yan Mo signaled him not to intervene. Lu Feiyan pretended to feel unwell, having Yan Mo support him instead.

Gu Yanzhi, not wanting Lu Feiyan and Yan Mo to get close, pushed Yan Mo away and helped Lu Feiyan, making Yan Mo carry Song Ranran. Unhappy with being carried, Song Ranran endured for a while before pulling out the heel from one of her shoes and climbed the mountain herself. At the mountain top, Gu Yanzhi immediately expressed concern for Yan Mo, and Lu Feiyan had to privately explain to Song Ranran that Yan Mo wasn't her rival, asking her not to mind. After a banter between Yan Mo and Gu Yanzhi, she tricked him into going to a small cabin she had prepared earlier, also inviting Song Ranran to join them. Once inside, Yan Mo covered the cabin with a black cloth, thinking it would help Gu Yanzhi and Song Ranran open up more easily. However, Gu Yanzhi wanted to leave the mountain because of this. Song Ranran, in an attempt to keep Gu Yanzhi, pretended her leg was swollen and lay on the bed for a while. Unfortunately, the rose petals on the bed caused an allergic reaction, making her face red and swollen.

Gu Yanzhi noticed Song Ranran's issue and rushed to check on her. Song Ranran, thinking she had attracted Gu Yanzhi's attention, realized it was due to her problem, feeling embarrassed. Worried about Gu Yanzhi seeing her after the allergic reaction, Song Ranran had Lu Feiyan take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Gu Yanzhi questioned Yan Mo about her concern with him and Song Ranran. Gu Yanzhi explained that he only knew Song Ranran casually and had no feelings for her, causing Yan Mo a headache. Lu Feiyan escorted Song Ranran to the hospital, and when fans recognized her, they secretly took photos. Lu Feiyan, seeing this, immediately asked them to delete the photos, and Song Ranran was touched by his concern. Song Ranran had never had friends or someone caring for her like this before.

Yan Mo wanted to teach Gu Yanzhi about love but didn't know how. Xiao O helped by bringing many books about love for Yan Mo to study. Seeing Yan Mo diligently studying love, Gu Yanzhi thought she liked him. He happily reminded Yan Mo that theory needed to be combined with practice for effective results. Following Gu Yanzhi's advice, Yan Mo pulled Gu Yanzhi to watch love videos, especially kissing scenes. Gu Yanzhi, thinking Yan Mo was teaching him, got close and unexpectedly kissed her. Surprised by Gu Yanzhi's kiss, Yan Mo slapped him. She then understood that Gu Yanzhi might have developed feelings for her. Wanting to avoid their relationship, Yan Mo also wanted Gu Yanzhi to like Song Ranran. However, at this moment, Song Ranran found out that Yan Mo and Gu Yanzhi were living together, raising suspicions about their relationship.

When Yan Mo tried to explain to Song Ranran, Gu Yanzhi appeared. Yan Mo directly told Song Ranran that she had no intentions of considering romantic matters and wouldn't be interested in the troublesome Gu Yanzhi. Angry at Song Ranran's words, Gu Yanzhi stated he didn't need a nanny, asked Yan Mo to pack up, and demanded her never to return. Yan Mo consistently asserted that a romantic relationship between her and Gu Yanzhi was impossible, but she felt deeply upset. Suppressing her emotions, Yan Mo left Gu Yanzhi's home.

Yan Mo felt very upset. To alleviate her emotions, she could only continuously snack, trying not to overthink. Xiao O observed Yan Mo's situation and reminded her that her current state clearly showed signs of heartbreak. Xiao O described Yan Mo's condition, leaving her stunned, lost in her thoughts no matter what Xiao O called her.

Gu Siyu was troubled at work when Xiao O suddenly walked in, seeking her to discuss Yan Mo and Gu Yanzhi's situation. Gu Siyu was quite intrigued by Xiao O, and Xiao O, in front of Gu Siyu, acted out Yan Mo's heartbroken state, leading Gu Siyu to mistakenly believe that Xiao O had developed a slight affection for her, making her exceptionally happy.

Song Ranran didn't believe there was nothing between Yan Mo and Gu Yanzhi. She also refused to believe that she would lose to Yan Mo, a mere nanny. In front of Lu Feiyan, Song Ranran kept on talking. Lu Feiyan expressed that Yan Mo wasn't the person Song Ranran thought she was, but Song Ranran remained unconvinced, thinking that men were all deceived by women like Yan Mo, unwilling to listen to Lu Feiyan's words.

As Song Ranran's performance was about to begin, she wanted Gu Yanzhi to see her show and compete fairly with Yan Mo. So, she gave tickets to both Yan Mo and Gu Yanzhi. Gu Yanzhi, planning to attend the performance, made Song Ranran particularly nervous. She feared her performance might not be good enough and worried about her appearance, constantly changing her makeup in the dressing room.

Lu Feiyan sensed Song Ranran's anxiety, comforted her, and even helped adjust her makeup a bit. With newfound confidence, Song Ranran took the stage and played successfully. After performing the first piece, she added a rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," sharing childhood memories with Gu Yanzhi, hoping he would remember her. After finishing the performance, Song Ranran confessed to Gu Yanzhi again, revealing her childhood crush on him and inviting him to the stage.

Seeing Yan Mo hesitating, Gu Yanzhi felt that Yan Mo might be concerned about Song Ranran. So, he went on stage, intending to bring everything back on track. However, after Song Ranran's confession, Gu Yanzhi stated that he already liked someone else and couldn't accept Song Ranran. This surprised Song Ranran, and Gu Yanzhi wanted everyone to know that the person he liked was Yan Mo. Unexpectedly, Yan Mo ran away.

While escaping, Yan Mo noticed she had developed feelings for Gu Yanzhi. At that moment, she was both afraid of hearing Gu Yanzhi say her name and eager to hear it. Feeling troubled, she was scared to face Gu Yanzhi. At this point, Lu Feiyan came running to ask about her situation. Yan Mo told Lu Feiyan her dilemma, and just as Gu Yanzhi caught up, Lu Feiyan hugged Yan Mo, hoping to create a misunderstanding to resolve Yan Mo's distress.

Gu Yanzhi, displeased, pushed Lu Feiyan away and almost got into a fight with him. Yan Mo stood in front of Gu Yanzhi, making Lu Feiyan feel especially upset. Gu Yanzhi went to confess to Yan Mo, stating that the person he liked was Yan Mo, and blamed her for pushing him toward Song Ranran. Yan Mo wanted to reject Gu Yanzhi, but her heart couldn't resist. In the end, she accepted Gu Yanzhi's confession, hugging him happily.

Song Ranran, upset by Gu Yanzhi's rejection, went to the bar alone. Lu Feiyan, also upset by Yan Mo's actions, joined her for a drink. They both got a bit drunk, returned home together, and, accidentally, Lu Feiyan pushed Song Ranran onto the bed. Angry, Song Ranran used a pillow to hit Lu Feiyan. Despite the quarrel, they ended up sleeping together that night.

The next morning, Song Ranran, waking up next to Lu Feiyan, regarded him as a man who took advantage of her and scolded him continuously. Although Song Ranran scolded Lu Feiyan, she was secretly happy. She didn't realize that her feelings toward Lu Feiyan had changed.

Yan Mo invited Lu Feiyan out, apologized, and confessed that she had fallen in love with Gu Yanzhi. Lu Feiyan reminded Yan Mo that since she fell in love with Gu Yanzhi, and Gu Yanzhi had developed emotional factors, it was time to collect blood samples. Yan Mo knew it was the best time to get blood from Gu Yanzhi but felt conflicted.

In the evening, Yan Mo went to Gu Yanzhi's room, actively proposing to share the same bed, surprising Gu Yanzhi. Yan Mo almost couldn't resist getting intimate with Gu Yanzhi, but ultimately, she controlled herself. After Gu Yanzhi fell asleep, Yan Mo quietly collected his blood. The blood sample met the requirements, and Lu Feiyan needed one more month to activate the time machine. Therefore, he requested Yan Mo not to do anything during this month; otherwise, they would change history.

Gu Yanzhi Group threatened to fire one employee every day since Gu Yanzhi refused to proceed with the third-phase experiment, forcing him to compromise. When Gu Yanzhi argued about firing employees at the Gu Yanzhi Group, he tried to reason on behalf of everyone, but it was of no use. He had to resign voluntarily to save the employees. Employees wanted to stand with Gu Yanzhi, causing the Gu Yanzhi Group to step back, giving him three days to consider.

Gu Yanzhi consulted Old Sui to understand the situation and learned that the board had already decided to proceed with the third-phase experiment. If Gu Yanzhi didn't agree, the board would find other researchers, and patients with blood diseases would have to use inferior drugs. Gu Yanzhi, torn between his principles and the well-being of the institute's employees, hesitated.

While Gu Yanzhi was wavering, Yan Mo noticed his dilemma and talked to him. After understanding Gu Yanzhi's predicament, Yan Mo gave him advice, emphasizing the importance of scientific rigor and not compromising with the board. Initially willing to compromise, Gu Yanzhi changed his mind based on Yan Mo's words, angering Old Sui, who saw Yan Mo as the main obstacle.

Gu Yanzhi didn't want to change his mind but couldn't ignore the future of the employees. So, he decided to attend the annual meeting of the Gu Yanzhi Group to persuade Mr. Zhao to extend the deadline. Gu Yanzhi lowered his pride, apologized to Mr. Zhao, but Mr. Zhao intentionally made things difficult. He spilled wine on Gu Yanzhi's shoes and asked him to clean them. Under threat, Gu Yanzhi reluctantly attempted to clean Mr. Zhao's shoes. Yan Mo intervened, deliberately spilling champagne on Mr. Zhao's shoes, pretending to be tipsy and making the situation worse.

To avoid further embarrassment for Gu Yanzhi, Mr. Zhao couldn't force him anymore. However, Mr. Zhao was still planning to make Gu Yanzhi pay for the humiliation. When Mr. Zhao wanted to deal with Gu Yanzhi, Old Sui proposed another solution. He suggested handing all of Gu Yanzhi's experimental data to Mr. Zhao for someone else to take over the project, allowing Gu Yanzhi to continue his second-phase experiment. Mr. Zhao agreed, and Old Sui announced at the annual meeting that the Gu Yanzhi Group would establish a new research base under Gu Yanzhi's leadership.

Gu Siyu attended the annual meeting, constantly distributing business cards for investment. However, being socially awkward, she couldn't secure any investment. Zhou Hanzhang, seeing Gu Siyu struggling with investments, approached her, willing to invest. However, Gu Siyu refused to accept his investment. Upset, Gu Siyu found a quiet place to calm down, and when she saw a shooting star, she made a wish, hoping for both investment and a handsome, caring boyfriend.

After making the wish, Gu Siyu was surprised to see Xiao O in front of her. Embarrassed, she thought her wish had come true. Xiao O considered Gu Siyu his best friend and was very happy about their newfound friendship. Xiao O happily went home and shared the news of becoming good friends with Gu Siyu by activating the best friend mode.

Yan Mo, hearing about it, was surprised but didn't want Xiao O to bother her. So, she suggested Xiao O accompany Gu Siyu. Despite Yan Mo's request, Xiao O insisted on staying by Gu Siyu's side, not understanding Gu Siyu's discomfort and considering himself a good friend. Gu Siyu, unable to make Xiao O leave, felt so frustrated that she wanted to hit him.

At night, a mysterious person in black invaded the laboratory and stole blood samples.

Gu Yanzhi's assistant informed him that samples from the laboratory might have been stolen because the sample count had significantly decreased, exceeding their consumption rate. They couldn't identify the thief from surveillance footage. Gu Yanzhi then called General Zhao, but Zhao seemed indifferent and unconcerned, leading Gu Yanzhi to suspect that the thief might be associated with Zhao.

With suspicions in mind, Gu Yanzhi immediately went to see Old Sui to report the stolen samples. However, Old Sui, fearing that Gu Yanzhi might suspect him, temporarily halted the theft of samples.

Xiao Zibai needed money for her daughter's surgery. She witnessed the theft of samples and also took the surveillance video. She decided to use this as leverage to extort money for her daughter's treatment.

During the annual meeting, Xiao Zibai overheard a conversation between Old Sui and General Zhao. She learned that Old Sui planned to secretly provide data to General Zhao, so she confronted Old Sui directly. Old Sui agreed to give Xiao Zibai $300 in exchange for her silence. He also asked her to write down what she had witnessed and promised to retrieve it when needed.

After settling the matter with Xiao Zibai, Old Sui instructed someone to send the fabricated evidence of Yan Mo's false identity to Song Ranran. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to drive Yan Mo away from Gu Yanzhi.

When Song Ranran met Lu Feiyan, she received a package sent by Old Sui. Upon opening it, she found evidence of Yan Mo's forged identity. Suspicious of Yan Mo being a spy, Song Ranran arranged to meet with Gu Yanzhi to explain everything. Gu Yanzhi, however, firmly believed in Yan Mo's character and couldn't be swayed by Song Ranran's suspicions.

Song Ranran, failing to convince Gu Yanzhi, decided to show the evidence to him. At this moment, Lu Feiyan arrived and took away the evidence, then he escorted Song Ranran away. Lu Feiyan assured Song Ranran that neither he nor Yan Mo would harm the relationship between Gu Yanzhi and Song Ranran and asked her to keep this matter a secret.

Although Song Ranran was angry, she agreed to Lu Feiyan's request and refrained from bringing up Yan Mo's matter again. Lu Feiyan then tore up the evidence and threw it in the trash.

After Lu Feiyan and Song Ranran left, Gu Yanzhi retrieved the evidence from the trash, pieced it back together, and learned about Yan Mo's forged identity. Gu Yanzhi was troubled by Yan Mo's identity and her doubts about their relationship.

Meanwhile, Old Sui had Xiao Zibai send an email to publicly expose Gao Sheng Group's unethical experiments. General Zhao and Old Sui launched an internal investigation when the email was made public. Xiao Zibai cooperated with Old Sui and framed Yan Mo for stealing the samples and experimental data.

After falsely implicating Yan Mo, Old Sui claimed that Yan Mo had a fake identity and might be an industrial spy trying to get close to Gu Yanzhi. Gu Yanzhi, unable to provide any evidence to support Yan Mo, couldn't defend her.

Yan Mo, aware that she had been framed, immediately went to find Gu Yanzhi to explain everything and make him aware of Old Sui's plot. However, she couldn't reveal her true identity to Gu Yanzhi, as it would trigger a time-travel reset, erasing all their efforts. Yan Mo refused to reveal her identity, causing great sadness to Gu Yanzhi. Eventually, he had no choice but to ask her to leave.

Gu Siyu, learning of Gu Yanzhi's deception by Yan Mo, tried to console him. However, Gu Yanzhi didn't want to hear her words of comfort. Feeling angry, Gu Siyu vented her frustrations on Xiao O, accusing him of being an accomplice to deception and telling him not to come looking for her again.

Xiao O was upset about losing Gu Siyu as a friend, while Yan Mo was upset about being misunderstood by Gu Yanzhi. She also worried about Gu Yanzhi's safety. Lu Feiyan advised them not to take impulsive actions and explained that once they returned to the future and he deleted this time-travel journey, history would return to normal, and Gu Yanzhi would be safe. Yan Mo should stop worrying about Gu Yanzhi.

Song Ranran missed Lu Feiyan and realized her feelings had grown fond of him. So, she took the initiative to meet him. During their meeting, Song Ranran received a package sent by Old Sui. When she opened it, she discovered evidence of Yan Mo's false identity.

While Song Ranran was with Lu Feiyan, she made an enthusiastic move towards him. This made Lu Feiyan nervous, causing him to accidentally fall into his own study. Song Ranran saw the analysis charts he had posted on the wall, which left her astonished. Lu Feiyan couldn't explain and jokingly told Song Ranran that he was an extraterrestrial.

Lu Feiyan stated that he was an extraterrestrial being. Expecting the worst, he was surprised to find Song Ranran very excited. Song Ranran cheerfully told Lu Feiyan that she thought extraterrestrials were fake, but now she had encountered a real one, so she claimed Lu Feiyan as her extraterrestrial.

Despite Lu Feiyan's explanation that they were from different worlds, Song Ranran didn't pay attention. She later invited Yan Mo and revealed that she knew Yan Mo was an extraterrestrial. She expressed that she had reconsidered her feelings and didn't like Gu Yanzhi. She claimed to have found her true soulmate and encouraged Yan Mo to be bold with Gu Yanzhi.

After understanding Song Ranran's thoughts, Yan Mo explained the misunderstanding with Gu Yanzhi and acknowledged that getting together now would be difficult. Busy advising Yan Mo on handling Song Ranran, Yan Mo immediately sought Lu Feiyan for information about his situation.

Lu Feiyan clarified that the primary entity in this space was Yan Mo. As long as Yan Mo remained unaffected, there wouldn't be a time-travel reset, and the impact on others was minimal. With the experiments concluded, Mr. Zhao urgently needed Gu Yanzhi's cooperation. Since Gu Yanzhi refused to cooperate, Mr. Zhao decided to deal with Gu Yanzhi.

Mr. Zhao intended to create trouble for Gu Yanzhi and prepared to stage a car accident. Lu Feiyan, seeing the historical record of the accident, immediately informed Yan Mo. To prevent the accident, Yan Mo rushed to Gu Yanzhi, preventing him from leaving. Initially resistant, Gu Yanzhi yielded when Yan Mo embraced him, keeping him inside.

Although Gu Yanzhi avoided the accident, Xiao Zibai, who was supposed to leave with him, encountered the accident instead. Yan Mo and Gu Yanzhi rushed to the hospital to see Xiao Zibai. Touched by Yan Mo's willingness to help despite past conflicts, Xiao Zibai was grateful.

While fetching the car, Yan Mo learned that the brake pads had been tampered with, suspecting a deliberate attempt to harm Gu Yanzhi, possibly related to the unauthorized experiments. Yan Mo wanted to inform Gu Yanzhi, but Lu Feiyan insisted that the experiments might have always existed, and Gu Yanzhi was unaware. He advised against Yan Mo's involvement to avoid changing history.

Disregarding Lu Feiyan's advice, Yan Mo, after consulting Gu Yanzhi, informed him about the brake sabotage. Gu Yanzhi, now aware of the situation, encountered Xiao Zibai, who urgently needed to go abroad. Gu Yanzhi questioned her, and Xiao Zibai revealed being manipulated by Old Sui to frame Yan Mo. Furious, Gu Yanzhi confronted Old Sui, learning the entire truth.

Having discovered the truth and realizing his misunderstanding of Yan Mo, Gu Yanzhi learned some methods to woo a girlfriend and went to cheer up Yan Mo. Meanwhile, Song Ranran learned to make tea and enthusiastically made various teas for Lu Feiyan. Lu Feiyan informed Song Ranran that he would leave the next day to return to his world.

Although Song Ranran was reluctant to part with Lu Feiyan, she pretended everything was fine and continued to chat with him. After crying, Song Ranran decided not to miss their last night together and took Lu Feiyan for a wild night out. After the revelry, Lu Feiyan noticed a piano in the square and decided to play it as a farewell gift to Song Ranran.

Unable to bid farewell, Song Ranran, after multiple attempts to say goodbye, finally gathered the courage to confess her love to Lu Feiyan. She kissed him passionately and even bit his hand, leaving her mark to ensure he wouldn't forget her.

The historical record warned Lu Feiyan that Old Sui would kill Gu Yanzhi. Lu Feiyan was worried that Yan Mo wouldn't want to leave if she found out, so he didn't tell her. Yan Mo had a dream in which Gu Yanzhi was killed by Old Sui, and it frightened her. She rushed to question Lu Feiyan anxiously, fearing it might be a premonition. Lu Feiyan gave a plausible excuse, claiming that Yan Mo's dream was due to stress and advised her not to overthink it, pushing her to leave.

Yan Mo didn't bid farewell to Gu Yanzhi. She believed Lu Feiyan's words and planned to return to the future. However, she still felt uneasy. Lu Feiyan, seeing Yan Mo's uneasiness, feared she would never forgive him if she learned the truth. So, he finally revealed the truth to Yan Mo.

Lu Feiyan didn't want Yan Mo to continue making mistakes, but Yan Mo refused to listen. She was willing to sacrifice her own life to stay. Yan Mo ran back to save Gu Yanzhi. At the same time, Gu Yanzhi was meeting with Old Sui for a final discussion.

Old Sui didn't think he had done anything wrong. He believed that everything he did was for Gu Yanzhi's sake, and it was Gu Yanzhi who had changed. While Old Sui was busy explaining to Gu Yanzhi, Wei Wei sneaked up on them with the intention to kill Gu Yanzhi and hide the secret of the car accident.

Old Sui couldn't allow Wei Wei to kill Gu Yanzhi. They fought, and in the end, Old Sui managed to disarm Wei Wei. However, he didn't expect Yan Mo to arrive at that moment. Yan Mo was relieved to see Gu Yanzhi unharmed and embraced him to calm down. However, Old Sui was distressed upon hearing Yan Mo's voice.

Old Sui believed that his and Gu Yanzhi's relationship had changed because of Yan Mo's appearance. Therefore, he decided to kill Yan Mo. Gu Yanzhi wanted to save Yan Mo but couldn't stop Old Sui. Eventually, Yan Mo was injured by Old Sui.

Xiao O and Lu Feiyan arrived in time and blamed Yan Mo for not valuing her own life just to save Gu Yanzhi. They persuaded Gu Yanzhi to release Yan Mo, so they could take her away. Lu Feiyan explained that Yan Mo and Gu Yanzhi were not from the same world. Yan Mo had to return to her world for her body to recover, urging Gu Yanzhi to let her go.

Gu Yanzhi, still confused about Yan Mo's identity, allowed Lu Feiyan to take her away. Gu Siyu sent a message to comfort Gu Yanzhi but felt a bit lost without Xiao O around, so she went to a food stall to drink. While eating barbecue, Gu Siyu was harassed by a few drunk men and nearly got into a fight. Luckily, Xiao O arrived just in time to save her.

Xiao O rescued Gu Siyu, but due to being hit by a few bottles, his system malfunctioned, and he collapsed. Gu Siyu, after discovering the electronic components hidden in Xiao O's hair instead of bleeding, realized that Xiao O was a robot.

Gu Siyu tested Xiao O's system and found that it was in the research and development phase, suspecting that he wasn't the result of current scientific advancements. After learning the truth, Gu Siyu immediately went to inform Gu Yanzhi. Combining Yan Mo's previous strange behavior and her recent discovery, Gu Yanzhi finally understood that Yan Mo was a time traveler from the future.

Yan Mo's identity was revealed, triggering another time-travel reset and causing a butterfly effect. This time, the timeline shifted back three months. Yan Mo woke up, unaware of the time reset, and rushed to the research institute to find Gu Yanzhi. However, nobody recognized her, and she realized the truth about the time reset.

Even Xiao O's memories had changed, and he didn't remember anything that had happened before. Xiao O worked at a fried chicken restaurant, and Yan Mo was also assigned to work there while observing the research institute across the street. Yan Mo frequently visited the institute, which distracted her from work, causing her manager's displeasure. She had to use an upcoming fried chicken recipe to impress her boss, Zhou Hanzhang, who appreciated her skills.

This time, Yan Mo didn't participate in Gu Yanzhi's life, and history was following its original path. Gu Yanzhi was about to meet Song Ranran. Old Sui gave Gu Yanzhi a ticket to a concert where Song Ranran would perform. Meanwhile, Yan Mo couldn't forget Gu Yanzhi and couldn't help but go to the concert venue to witness Gu Yanzhi's meeting with Song Ranran.

Gu Yanzhi and Song Ranran met under the billboard, following the historical trajectory. Yan Mo watched from a distance, tears rolling down her cheeks.


  • 2023-10-03 16:22:23

    Zhang Chao and Zong Yuanyuan transcend time and space, turning the gears of love

    Although the actors in "Embrace Love" may not be widely recognized, and the online platform may not have given it much promotion, it is still worth recommending.

    "Embrace Love" combines sweet romance with science fiction, marking a valuable innovation in the genre of sweet romance dramas. While there is room for improvement in the integration of science fiction and sweet romance, the storyline of this TV series is indeed intriguing.

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