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Zhang Ruiyao
Zhang Ruiyao dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Zhang Ruiyao and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Zhang Ruiyao.

Zhang Ruiyao Dramas List

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  • Zhen Zhu in the Palm


    Historical, Romance
    Zhang Ruiyao
    The prime minister's daughter, Zhen Zhu, and the prince, Situ Nanzhu, were betrothed since childhood. However, due to a childhood incident where they fell into the water, they developed a grudge against each other. On the day of their wedding, Zhen Zhu ran away and sought refuge in the Shengda Academy. Situ Nanzhu may appear to be a hot-tempered little tyrant on the surface, but in...
  • Young Hero, Please Stay


    Historical, Wuxia, Romance
    Zhang Ruiyao, Li Jiaxiang
    Liu Yan, a rebellious young girl, leaves home and tries to join Yun Su, a highly skilled dart master, in order to realize her dream of becoming a martial artist. However, Yun Su refuses to accept Liu Yan on the grounds of the rules of the Jianghu, but after several examinations, Liu Yan finally gains Yun Su's trust and enters the "Hao Da Yi Jia" dartboard.
  • Women of Shanghai


    Urban, Life, Romance
    Wang Zhen'er, Toby Lee
    A small town girl, Luo Haiyan, chooses to stay in Shanghai after graduating from college and aspires to be in that 10% of Shanghai, fighting all the way for more than a decade.
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