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Detective Dee the 4th – Liang Guanhua

Detective Dee the 4th is a historical mystery drama directed by Tan Youye, led by Liang Guanhua, co-starring Wu Zhuohan, Xu Qian, Zhou Jie, Wang Ou, Song Yi, Wang Jianxin, and Zhu Rui.


Detective Dee the 4th

English Title: Detective Dee the 4th
Chinese Title: 神探狄仁杰之琼花金人案, 神探狄仁杰4
Genre: Historical, Suspense, Thriller, Crime
Episodes: 50
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Tan Youye, Huang Qingqi
Writer: Tian Huiqun
Producer: Zhang Wenling
Released Date: 2017-03-23
Boradcast Website: MZTV Exclusive



In the spring of one year during the Wu Zhou Dynasty, the unique love flower in Jiangzhou suddenly came back to life after withered, and blossomed in shocking blood color, causing rumors to spread, threatening the security of the dynasty.

In response, Emperor Wu Zetian sends Prince Li Dan to the locals, but Li Dan mysteriously disappeared upon arrival in Jiangzhou.

The case is so shocking that Dee is ordered to go to Jiangzhou to investigate.

After several hardships, he investigates through the fog, and goes deep into the “tiger’s den” with his assistant Li Yuanfang, fighting with the people of all kinds who gather in Jiangzhou, especially the conspiratorial forces represented by the fake prefectural governor Dou Tiande, the master of the Love Flower View, Qi Xia, the master painter Yu Wenchi and Li Qingxia who has been running away from justice for many years.

They start a confusing, treacherous, and dangerous battle of wits and courage. The case of the love flower is solved, the Crown Prince is welcomed back and the turmoil is stopped.

After the earthquake in the capital, a bronze tree in the garden of Emperor Wu was discovered due to the earthquake and people were in fear.

The secret text on the bronze tree showed that Emperor Wu needed to build a Trajan’s Column with twelve golden figures around it and build a sun divine bird on the top to solve this disaster.

Emperor Wu was determined to build it and ordered Dee to solve the mystery of the divine bird.

However, the construction of Trajan’s Column has led to a series of strange mysteries.

After some painstaking investigation, the truth finally emerged.

It turns out that this is a long-planned conspiracy…

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