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Dear Liar – Fan Zhixin, Qu Mengru

Dear Liar is a suspenseful romantic drama, starring Fan Zhixin, Qu Mengru, Huang Haonan, Zhu Weiling, Tang Lingting, Wang Yitong, and Zha Yi.


Dear Liar

English Title: Dear Liar
Chinese Title: 婚事
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Tag: Possessive Male Lead, Stalking
Episodes: 27
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Zhang Heng
Writer: Jia Hang
Producer: Chen Yafei
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-03-11
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Short Play



After months of preparation, Song Yifei and Qin Li finally held their wedding. However, the originally joyous ceremony ended in a nightmare-like encounter.

Song Yifei grew up under the care of her family, and she was originally innocent and naive, longing for a perfect marriage. However, she discovered that her marriage was shrouded in lies.

A stranger named Zheng Baosong appeared at the wedding and kept appearing in her life, and all the problems seemed to point to her husband Qin Li.


Song Yifei had fantasized countless times about what it would be like to marry Qin Li, exchanging rings, kissing passionately, but little did she know that because of this marriage, a series of nightmares would come.

Song Yifei called Qin Li to ask where he was, and he said he was at the company, but he was actually at the hospital taking care of a woman. Song Yifei said she was called in to work overtime and would be late coming home. She saw "B207" written on the floor, but didn't think much of it.

Qin Li asked the older sister if she had asked her child to do this, but she denied it. Qin Li said he needed her help to take care of things at the hospital. Song Yifei came back and the older sister said she saw that she had been tired lately, so she made her some soup.

Song Yifei went into the bedroom to change and saw Qin Li's phone ringing. She picked it up for him and he said a few words before hanging up, saying it was a previous client who thought he was still in charge of the project and kept calling.

At night, Song Yifei saw that Qin Li had fallen asleep and secretly took his phone to the bathroom, calling the number she saw before. She asked the person on the other end if they knew Qin Li, but they said it was the hospital's phone and with so many patients, they didn't know.

Qin Li heard some noise and got up. Song Yifei said she had a stomachache. Qin Li opened the bathroom door and asked why she hadn't taken off her pants to go to the bathroom, leaving Song Yifei stunned.

Song Yifei went home and talked to her mother about wanting to buy a house, saying that they were still short of 200,000 yuan for the down payment, and Song's mother said that the family didn't have much savings left. Song Yifei's elder sister, Song Yilan, came home for dinner and felt embarrassed by her husband's shirt, which she thought was ugly, and he hadn't bought anything yet. She was worried that her younger sister, Song Yiqing, would look down on them when they went back.

Her brother-in-law quickly went out to buy some fruit, and on his way home, he saw Song Yiqing coming. Song Yilan has never liked Song Yiqing and started to sarcastically make fun of her when they met. The family had dinner together, and Song Yifei thanked her elder sister and second elder sister for taking care of them and toasted them.

When her brother-in-law asked for some chili powder, Song's mother was about to get it, but Song Yiqing said she could do it. Song Yifei was about to talk about borrowing money when her brother-in-law suddenly felt uncomfortable - it turned out he was allergic to peanuts. The dish that Song Yiqing brought to put the chili powder in was the same one that Song's father had used to put peanuts in before, and Song Yilan thought it was intentional, causing a sudden argument.

They quickly took her brother-in-law to the hospital, and Qin Li's phone rang. Song Yifei hesitated for a moment and answered it. She found out it was from a nursing home. Qin Li said he would follow to take her brother-in-law to the hospital and asked where his phone was. Song Yifei found it and gave it to him.

Qin Li saw the phone's call log at the hospital and was stunned. Song Yifei found the hospital and saw the patient from room B207 coming out.

Song Yifei thought of the number she had seen on the ground earlier and chased after the person. She told the person that she was a friend and wanted to talk to her. Song Yifei asked if she knew Qin Li and showed her a photo of him, but the woman didn't move or speak.

The nurse said that the woman couldn't speak. Song Yifei showed the photo to her and asked if she had seen the person before. The nurse said that she had seen him a few times. Qin Li's older sister saw Song Yifei and told her about these things.

Qin Li's older sister said that the woman was their sister, Xiao Tao. Three years ago, she was a cheerful girl but she met a scumbag who abandoned her and found another wealthy girl. Xiao Tao became like this after that.

Song Yifei felt that she and Qin Li were both married, and this matter could not be hidden for long. Qin Li's older sister said that it was her idea. They were originally from the countryside, and if Song Yifei knew that they had a sick sister, she would look down on them even more.

Qin Li also came over and explained to Song Yifei. Song Yifei said that she didn't care about his family background but cared about whether he was deceiving her. She asked him not to lie to her again, and Qin Li said that he would never keep any secrets from her again.

The nurse said that they needed to limit visitors and asked Qin Li and his friend to inform the person with the hat who looked a bit fierce.

A man wearing a hat came to fix his motorcycle. After the repair was completed, he paid 100 yuan. The repairman said that 100 yuan was only for the repair fee, and there were also material costs such as changing the headlights, which amounted to a total of 300 yuan. The man looked for all the money he had on him but was still 15 yuan short. The repairman had no choice but to let it go.

The man was about to leave when he heard the repairman mocking him for having a beautiful girlfriend even though he had no money, and they could try it out together. The man closed the door of the repair shop and beat up all the repairmen.

Song Yifei went to Song Yilan and talked about borrowing money to buy a house. Song Yilan thought that buying a house was a big deal and should be carefully considered. Song Yifei said they had already thought it through and it was reliable. Song Yilan said that it wasn't that she couldn't come up with that much money, but that her savings were all in fixed deposits and it wasn't easy to withdraw them at the moment.

Song Yifei said she wanted to ask Song Yiqing for help, and Song Yilan suddenly became unhappy. She said Song Yifei had never been generous to them, and asking her was pointless. She agreed to lend money to Song Yifei but with one condition: they couldn't tell anyone about it. After Song Yifei bought the house, she had to invite everyone over and publicly announce that it was Song Yilan who lent her the money.

Qin Li took Song Yifei to dinner with the company's people, and Manager Chen insisted that Song Yifei drink alcohol, so she had to do it. After coming out, Song Yifei was very unhappy and said she wanted to go home alone

A man wearing a hat followed Song Yifei, but luckily Qin Li came over and stopped him. Qin Li asked him when he came back and told him not to touch his wife. The man said he wouldn't touch the woman, but he wanted Qin Li to taste the feeling of losing everything.

Song Yifei was scared and Qin Li comforted her that she had misunderstood. Qin Li apologized to Song Yifei for not stopping her from drinking too much. Song Yifei said that she couldn't be allowed to go home alone again in the future, and Qin Li promised.

Song Yifei had a nightmare where a man was choking her, and Qin Li was watching without helping. Song Yifei woke up in a fright and told Qin Li what had happened. Qin Li comforted her and said he couldn't be working with that man.

Qin Li presented his proposal at the company, but Mr. Chen said his proposal was better and they would use it later. Song Yifei was planning to buy a house and tried calling Qin Li, but no one answered. Song Yilan came and advised her to reconsider and said she could only lend her half of the money. Song Yifei was in a panic and messaged Song Yiqing, who quickly lent her the money.

Qin Li was bumped into on the road, and his printed documents scattered on the ground. When he met the client, the documents were all scrambled and there was an additional note that said they wanted the business to fail. Mr. Wang was very unhappy, and Mr. Chen's face looked grim.

Xia Xia presented her plan and asked Mr. Wang to take a look. Mr. Chen asked Qin Li to rest, and Qin Li had no choice but to comply. Qin Li came to the car repair shop to inquire about someone with a similar height and a shaved head like him. These people had just been beaten up and asked Qin Li if he was their friend. Qin Li said that they hadn't been in touch for a long time, but the group closed the door, rolled up their sleeves, pulled Qin Li over, and he quickly said that he and the person had some conflicts.

At home, Song Yifei prepared everything and saw Qin Li return with injuries. She quickly helped him apply medicine and asked what happened. Qin Li said that he was beaten up by a group of thugs who wanted to rob him on the road, and Mr. Chen didn't let him talk about the project because of his appearance.

Song Yifei was upset after hearing this, but Qin Li comforted her and said that there would be opportunities in the future. Song Yifei said they could have Xiao Tao come to stay more often, but Qin Li seemed a bit uneasy and said he didn't expect Song Yifei to accept Xiao Tao so quickly.

They came to see their new house, but they didn't tell Song Yilan because they borrowed money from Song Yiqing. Song Yiqing brought a gift, and Song Yifei quickly apologized. Song Yiqing said that there was no need for a family to apologize and told her to let her know if there was anything. Song Yifei saw her nephew playing with Xiao Tao in a photo and showed it to her.

Xiao Tao saw the photos and cried. Song Yifei went home and talked to Qin Li about it, feeling that Xiao Tao's condition had improved. She planned to show Xiao Tao these photos again in the future, hoping that Xiao Tao could really recover.

Qin Li was very angry and accused Song Yifei of visiting Xiao Tao, saying that Xiao Tao became like this because of this man. He believed that Song Yifei's action only caused more harm to Xiao Tao. Song Yifei did not expect Qin Li to be so angry and apologized, admitting that she acted on her own.

Qin Li revealed that he and Xiao Tao were often bullied as children. Qin Li couldn't protect Xiao Tao then, and he hoped that Xiao Tao wouldn't be hurt anymore. He remembered what his eldest sister said, that if he didn't want his secret to be revealed, he had to work even harder to cover it up.

Song Yifei's nightmare came true when a mysterious man attacked her and ran away after smashing a vase. Song Yifei's eldest and second sisters were with her, and Qin Li rushed back. Song Yifei hugged Qin Li and told him that it was real, not a dream.

They checked the surveillance footage, but either the cameras were broken or the angles were bad, and nothing was captured. Song Yifei claimed she was attacked but had no injuries, which puzzled everyone. She remembered the vase, but it was still intact in the room.

Qin Li took Song Yifei to see a doctor, who said that her symptoms sounded like paranoid delusions, but it was not obvious from the film. It could be that Song Yifei had recently experienced external stimuli, leading to hallucinations and auditory hallucinations. The doctor said that psychological problems did not necessarily mean mental illness, and prescribed some medicine for them to take at the smallest dose, mainly to calm their nerves.

Qin Li took Song Yifei home and gave her the medicine, reassuring her that he would always be there for her. Mr. Chen brought Xia Xia over and announced that the company had decided to appoint her as deputy general manager, and everyone congratulated her. The leader of the second team said that their work was too busy, so Qin Li took on the job.

Song Yifei saw a message from Xia Xia on Qin Li's phone, thanking him. She handed the phone to Qin Li and asked him what was going on. Qin Li asked if Song Yifei suspected him and opened the message to show her. It said "thank you for being able to recover your working state so quickly."

Song Yifei didn't expect it was her own misunderstanding and quickly apologized. Qin Li said the only thing he was afraid of was losing Song Yifei's trust. Song Yifei had a hallucination and fainted, and Song Yilan came to see her. She wanted to go find Qin Li but was stopped by Song Yifei. Song Yiqing also came, and Song Yilan showed her the medicine that Song Yifei had taken, thinking that Song Yifei was acting strange.


Song Yilan and Song Yifei were on a video call, and Song Yilan mentioned that she is currently following Qin Li. Song Yifei explained that Qin Li told her that he would be working overtime today and asked Song Yilan to leave quickly to avoid being discovered by him. Song Yiqing arrived with Song Yilan and was angry to see that Song Yilan always behaves like this.

Later, Song Yilan noticed Qin Li coming out with a female colleague, and they were laughing and talking, which made her suspicious. When Qin Li approached her, Song Yilan quickly hid and told him that she was waiting for someone.

Meanwhile, Song Yifei dropped her phone on the ground and saw a broken vase piece in the corner, which reminded her of the vase she broke last time. Song Yilan called Song Yifei and expressed her suspicion about Qin Li, asking her to come with her tomorrow to find out the truth. However, Song Yifei quickly explained that Qin Li was innocent, but she noticed Qin Li outside the window looking at her.

Song Yifei immediately explained everything to Qin Li, who then called Xia Xia and thanked her for letting him drive her home. Xia Xia asked if the person with him earlier was his wife and if there was a misunderstanding. Qin Li explained that it was all a misunderstanding. Song Yifei apologized, and Qin Li mentioned that he has always been understanding of her mental illness and that she shouldn't doubt him. Song Yifei begged for his forgiveness, and Qin Li told her not to contact Song Yilan or Song Yiqing for the time being.

Qin Li brought medicine for Song Yifei to take and said he had to go to work. Song Yifei went back to her parents' house and her father thought she had lost weight. Song Yifei asked her mother how to be a good wife, feeling that she had been making Qin Li angry lately. Sometimes it was her fault, and sometimes she didn't even know what was wrong. She felt that she wasn't ready to get married yet. Song's mother told Song Yifei not to worry too much. She thought Qin Li was like Song's father, too busy with work. It wasn't that he didn't care about them, he just didn't always realize it.

Song Yilan also came over and asked why Song Yifei didn't reply to her messages. Song Yifei wanted to go back first, but was stopped by Song's mother, who said she rarely came back and asked Song Yilan to take a picture of them.

Song Yifei returned home and found Qin Li was also there. Song Yifei asked Qin Li if he said he was working overtime, and Qin Li said he didn't have to. He asked where she had been. Song Yifei said she went home and Qin Li asked if her older sister went with her. Song Yifei quickly said Song Yilan didn't go. Qin Li asked if Song Yilan reported the results of yesterday's tracking to her. Song Yifei said no and that they agreed not to contact each other.

Qin Li took out the photo they took today and asked Song Yifei what happened. Song Yifei quickly explained that she didn't mean to lie to him. Qin Li said Song Yifei had violated their agreement and would be punished. Song Yifei recorded a video, admitting her mistake and promising to listen to Qin Li in the future.


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