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Crazy Troup – Guo Xiaoting, Tan Xin Zer

Crazy Troup is a sitcom directed by He Nian, starring Tan Xin Zer, Guo Xiaoting, Xue Yubing, Li Zixi and Liu Xuanrui.

The drama tells a series of absurd, hilarious and heartwarming stories about four young actors who love the stage and become friends with an assistant director who dreams of directing a comedy himself, in a theatre company located in the busy streets of Shanghai.


Crazy Troup

English Title: Crazy Troup
Chinese Title: 疯狂剧团
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 23
Duration: 45 min.
Director: He Nian
Writer: Xiao Shiyao, Ma Tian, Yang Kaitai
Released Date: 2023-06-23
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



One year ago, actor Lin Xiaohao proposed to his girlfriend Che Che and was rejected. Che Che left without saying a word. Surprisingly, they encountered each other again on the stage of a theater. Lin Xiaohao was playing the male lead for the first time, and his partner suddenly fell ill.

Che Che, who had just joined the theater company, stepped in to take over the role temporarily. Lin Xiaohao still had unresolved feelings, and they had to portray deeply in love characters.

In order to seize this opportunity to perform and stay in the theater company, Che Che confessed the reason why she left years ago to Lin Xiaohao. He understood and they became friends. The play they performed together received unanimous praise. Afterward, they played different types of couples one after another and were recognized by the audience as the "theater CP" (couple).

Their cooperation became more and more harmonious in their work, and they developed feelings for each other in their personal lives. In the end, Lin Xiaohao waited patiently and their love story came to fruition, as he and Che Che became a couple.


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