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Bodyguard – Yang Lei, Chen Shengheng

Bodyguard is a romantic web drama directed by Wu Zongqi, starring Yang Lei, Chen Shengheng, Cai Lihao, and Zhang Songxi.



English Title: Bodyguard
Chinese Title: 不想恋爱的千小姐
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 22
Duration: 4 min.
Director: Wu Zongqi
Released Date: 2023-02-17
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



The only heir of the Qian family, Qian Ye, is troubled by the family curse that says "misfortune will strike at the age of 29." She is forced to accept a bodyguard, Wu Shimao, hired by her grandmother.

As they have different backgrounds and different personalities, they constantly clash.

Qian Ye tries hard to get rid of Wu Shimao, but he risks his life to save her from her ex-boyfriend Shen Xuanyu and brings her back to the Taohua Fist base.

Wu Shimao's master agrees to temporarily take in Qianye, but on the condition that she doesn't disturb the other disciples' practice.

Wu Shimao and Qian Ye are forced to start a secret romance. But unexpectedly, Qian Ye's grandmother turns out to be the master's old lover, and the master starts to help them frequently.

Just then, Shen Xuanyu suddenly appears and vows to take Qian Ye back...


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