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Me and My Delicate Husband – Wang Jiahui, Fang Pinqi

Me and My Delicate Husband (Bing Jiao Wang Ye Wu Zuo Qi) is a historical fantasy romance short drama directed by Chen Long and starring Wang Jiahui, Fang Pinqi, Chen Minghao, Zhang Renjie, Fu Qianwen, Guo Qianwen, and Tang Yuan'er.


Me and My Delicate Husband

English Title: Me and My Delicate Husband
Chinese Title: 病娇王爷仵作妻
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Suspense
Tag: Time Travel, Investigation, Transmigration, Forensic Medical Examiner Female Lead, Amnesia, Mystery
Episodes: 24
Duration: 8 min.
Director: Chen Long
Writer: He Chong
Producer: Long Long
Product Company: TencentVideo, YUEWEN GROUP
Released Date: 2023-04-21
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo, 腾讯视频



Forensic scientist Kong Qiqi accidentally travels through time to the world of her boyfriend's novel on the night of the Blood Moon and becomes a foster daughter of the Xiangfu family in the capital city.

After the time travel, Kong Qiqi loses some of her memories from before and gets involved in a drowning murder case, where she meets the ailing and powerless Prince Mu Zhixi who has tuberculosis.

Kong Qiqi realizes that delving deeper into each case helps her regain some of her lost memories. Thus, she embarks on a journey of investigating cases to retrieve her memories.


Kong Qiqi is a forensic doctor. One day, after she had just finished work and returned home, she received a call from her colleague Xiao Zhang. Xiao Zhang warned her that the detectives had discovered the person who had poisoned someone was near her house. While still on the phone, someone attacked her and held her head underwater in the bathtub. When she woke up, she found herself transported to ancient times. The maid, upon seeing her wake up, was so excited that she almost cried.

At this moment, an official named Cai, approached Kong Qiqi and suspected her involvement in the murder case. After listening to Mr. Cai's words, Kong Qiqi looked around and noticed a female corpse next to her. Without any further explanation, Mr. Cai ordered his men to take her to the yamen (government office). Once at the yamen, Mr. Cai asked Kong Qiqi to explain why she ended up in the water at the same time as the deceased.

Kong Qiqi searched the memories of the original host but found nothing. Angrily, she replied that the riverside was not a restricted area, so there was nothing inappropriate about her being there. Besides, investigations should rely on evidence. She demanded Mr. Cai present witnesses and physical evidence and reveal his motive for murder. The official was speechless when questioned and angrily accused her of making trouble. If it weren't for the fact that she was the daughter of the current prime minister, he would have punished her.

Just then, a notification came from the entrance that the Ninth Prince had arrived. Kong Qiqi was surprised to find that the Ninth Prince was her boyfriend from before she traveled through time, Mu Zhixi. Not only did he look the same, but his name was also the same.

When Mu Zhixi walked in, Kong Qiqi hurriedly greeted him, but Mu Zhixi seemed not to recognize her. While Kong Qiqi was talking to Mr. Cai, Mu Zhixi had already arrived and overheard their conversation. He asked Kong Qiqi how she knew the deceased was pregnant if they had never met before, thus suspecting her of lying.

Kong Qiqi asked Mr. Cai how someone would be positioned if they accidentally fell into the water. Mr. Cai thought for a moment and said that the natural instinct would be to raise both hands in struggle. Kong Qiqi followed Mr. Cai's words and explained her reasoning for determining the pregnancy of the deceased. It was because the deceased was holding her stomach with both hands. However, Mr. Cai dismissed her explanation, stating that even if the deceased wanted to protect the child in her belly, she would still raise her hands for help after falling into the water. To prove her point, Kong Qiqi suggested performing an autopsy on the body.

Since Mr. Cai had never experienced using autopsy as a means of examining a corpse, he immediately opposed the idea. Just then, someone approached Mr. Cai and informed him that the identity of the body had been determined. It was a maid from the Ninth Prince's residence. Upon hearing this news, Mu Zhixi vouched for Kong Qiqi to dissect the body in order to clarify the case.

Kong Qiqi examined the body and found traces of human tissue under the deceased's fingernails, indicating that she had struggled with someone before her death. As she was about to perform the autopsy on the female corpse, Mu Zhixi suddenly walked in. A strange fragment flashed through Kong Qiqi's mind. After calming down, she couldn't help but suspect whether Mu Zhixi had something to do with her crossing over to this time.

After the body was dissected, Kong Qiqi pointed to three trays and told Mr. Cai about them. In the first tray were the epithelial tissues extracted from under the deceased's fingernails, indicating that the deceased had been involved in a fight before death. At this point, she rolled up her sleeves and asked Mu Zhixi to examine her hands and arms for any injuries to prove that she was not the murderer.

After Mu Zhixi finished examining her arms, Kong Qiqi pointed to the second tray and said that it contained undigested food extracted from the deceased's stomach, proving that the deceased had eaten osmanthus cake before death. As Mr. Cai had just handled those items, he felt nauseated upon hearing Kong Qiqi's words and almost vomited.

Having examined the contents of the trays, Kong Qiqi was able to prove that the deceased was four months pregnant and cleared herself of suspicion. However, when she was about to leave, Mu Zhixi wanted to accompany her but was refused. Mu Zhixi returned to his residence and suspected that someone was trying to frame and set him up. He sought permission from the Emperor to have Kong Qiqi thoroughly investigate the case.

Kong Qiqi returned home, where Lady Kong and Lord Kong were furious about her dissecting the body. Suddenly, an imperial edict arrived, ordering Kong Qiqi to investigate the case. Kong Qiqi went to Mu Zhixi's residence, where he handed her his recent travel records. While they were talking, the Crown Prince suddenly walked in. Rumors had been circulating recently that Mu Zhixi had raped and killed a maid. Before Mu Zhixi could explain, the Crown Prince kicked him down without waiting for an explanation.

After Mu Zhixi was kicked down, Kong Qiqi noticed that he was having difficulty breathing on the ground. Before the Crown Prince arrived, she saw Mu Zhixi eat a sugar cube and concluded that he was choking on it, blocking his airway. She hurriedly ran over, hugged him from behind, and forcefully pulled upward. Seeing her inelegant first aid method, the Crown Prince mocked Kong Qiqi, deeming her behavior too licentious.

Kong Qiqi angrily questioned the Crown Prince, stating that he acted too harshly toward Mu Zhixi without understanding the truth of the situation. If she hadn't intervened, Mu Zhixi might have lost his life. The Crown Prince, upon hearing this, also realized that he had been too heavy-handed. He told Kong Qiqi that if it was indeed Mu Zhixi's doing once the matter was clarified, he would have Kong Qiqi accompany Mu Zhixi in death to tarnish the royal family's reputation.

After the Crown Prince left, Mu Zhixi felt that Kong Qiqi's method of saving him had been very effective. He took the initiative to seek advice from her. Kong Qiqi held his waist and demonstrated again. When Mu Zhixi suddenly turned his head, their faces were close, and the situation became ambiguous. At that moment, Mu Zhixi's female bodyguard, Chai Hu, suddenly walked in to report to him. She had found out who killed the maid Xiao Wan. Before she could finish speaking, she saw the intimate scene between Kong Qiqi and Mu Zhixi and quickly turned around and left.

Chai Hu went to capture the culprit, while Mu Zhixi and Kong Qiqi waited in the carriage. Kong Qiqi expressed some concerns and asked Mu Zhixi if Chai Hu would be able to handle it alone. Mu Zhixi reassured her and expressed confidence in Chai Hu's skills. Chai Hu apprehended Shen Jue, and his subordinates surrounded her, attempting to save him, but Chai Hu defeated them all. Mu Zhixi instructed Chai Hu to hand Shen Jue over to Mr. Cai.

After Chai Hu left, Mu Zhixi asked Kong Qiqi if there was any way to prove that the child in Xiao Wan's belly belonged to Shen Jue. Kong Qiqi went to examine the body again, determined to seek justice for Xiao Wan.

In the courtroom, Mr. Cai and Mu Zhixi were questioning the case when Mr. Shen suddenly burst in, demanding justice for his son. Seeing this, Mu Zhixi deliberately asked him if he wanted to bring Mr. Tan from the Ministry of Justice to join in the questioning so that he wouldn't shout in the courtroom. Mr. Shen was silenced by Mu Zhixi's remark.

Mu Zhixi asked Shen Jue why he killed Xiao Wan. Shen Jue told Mu Zhixi that he didn't even know who Xiao Wan was and sarcastically commented on Mu Zhixi's philandering nature and the presence of beautiful women around him. Mu Zhixi then mentioned the evidence Chai Hu had found: Shen Jue frequently took Xiao Wan to the osmanthus cake shop, and the shop owner could testify to that. Mu Zhixi lifted Shen Jue's sleeve, revealing scratches on his arm.

Seeing that Shen Jue continued to deny it, Kong Qiqi entered with a box and informed him that it contained the fetus from Xiao Wan's belly. When she removed the fetus, its heart was still beating rapidly. Hearing Kong Qiqi's words, Shen Jue turned pale with fright. When Kong Qiqi wanted to take his blood and the fetus's blood for a kinship test, Shen Jue's psychological defense collapsed, and he confessed to the crime.

After Xiao Wan became pregnant, she demanded that Shen Jue marry her. Naturally, Shen Jue refused because he was already engaged to Mr. Tan's daughter. Xiao Wan then threatened to tell Mr. Tan about the situation, and in a fit of anger, Shen Jue pushed her into the river. After the case was solved, Mu Zhixi suddenly remembered his mother's death and wanted to use Kong Qiqi to uncover the truth. He deliberately had Kong Qiqi brought to the court with Mr. Kong and knelt down to the Emperor, confessing that he had fallen in love at first sight with Kong Qiqi and requesting the Emperor's permission to marry her.

Upon hearing Mu Zhixi's request to the Emperor, Kong Qiqi wanted to stand up and oppose it but was restrained by her father. After leaving the court, Kong Qiqi questioned Mu Zhixi. She had saved him twice, and even if he didn't thank her, why did he have to repay her kindness with enmity? However, Mu Zhixi made it clear that he was indeed infatuated with her. Kong Qiqi had transmigrated and never expected to encounter such a situation. The more she thought about it, the more unwilling she became, so she decided to run away from the marriage.

Kong Qiqi climbed over the wall and just as her feet touched the ground, a fortune teller dressed in a Daoist robe appeared in front of her, claiming that she had recent troubles and asked her to pay 50 taels of silver to resolve them. Kong Qiqi knew right away that she had encountered a swindler based on his appearance. She was about to turn around and leave when her maid, Xiaopang, suddenly peered over the wall. Worried that her father would find out, Kong Qiqi asked the fortune teller to take her to a safe place.

The fortune teller introduced himself to Kong Qiqi as Gu Yue, also known as "Baixiaosheng" (the name of a famous fictional character). Kong Qiqi asked him how she could leave the imperial city. Gu Yue told her that she needed a road pass issued by the imperial court. To avoid arousing suspicion, Kong Qiqi was inquiring whether Gu Yue could create a fake road pass when Xiaopang, accompanied by people from the Kong family, suddenly appeared before them.

Kong Qiqi was forced to wear the wedding attire and performed the marriage ceremony with Mu Zhixi. When it came time to enter the bridal chamber after the ceremony, Mu Zhixi wanted to pull Kong Qiqi along, but she purposely stood still, unmoving.

Seeing Kong Qiqi standing still, the guests started discussing and assumed that she was drunk. Kong Qiqi, however, didn't care at all and couldn't help feeling a bit proud, eagerly waiting to see Mu Zhixi embarrassed. But what she didn't expect was that when Mu Zhixi couldn't pull her along, he suddenly bent down and lifted her up in his arms.

Mu Zhixi, noticing that Kong Qiqi still wanted to escape, warned her that if she dared to run away, more than 60 members of the Kong family would likely suffer. Kong Qiqi questioned Mu Zhixi discontentedly, asking what exactly he wanted. She pointed out that the words he said to the Emperor might deceive the Emperor but not her. They had just met, and his so-called love at first sight was something even a three-year-old child wouldn't believe. Therefore, she suspected that he had ulterior motives.

Upon hearing this, Mu Zhixi deliberately brought his face closer to hers. Nervously, Kong Qiqi asked him what he intended to do. Mu Zhixi didn't answer her question but instead asked her why she wanted to escape. Kong Qiqi muttered that it was because there was no body to verify in the Wang Mansion. In order to keep Kong Qiqi, Mu Zhixi arranged for the coroner from the Judicial Office, who examined corpses, to help Kong Qiqi.

Kong Qiqi went to examine several more bodies, but what puzzled her was that the image from the first examination never appeared in her mind again. So she sought advice from Gu Yue and, while they were eating and chatting, Mu Zhixi suddenly walked in and informed her that Shen Wanliang had been killed.

Before Mu Zhixi entered, he overheard the conversation between Kong Qiqi and Gu Yue. Gu Yue didn't know Kong Qiqi's identity and learned that she had previously run away to escape marriage. He wanted to take Kong Qiqi on a journey, but when Kong Qiqi and Chai Hu left, Mu Zhixi warned Gu Yue that if Kong Qiqi wanted to wander the world, he would naturally accompany her and wouldn't let Gu Yue take his place because Kong Qiqi was his wife. His words were clearly filled with jealousy.

Kong Qiqi arrived at the scene and saw Shen Wanliang trapped under a pile of gold bricks. Magistrate Cai told Kong Qiqi that when he entered, he saw the scene as it is now. Kong Qiqi examined the scene and then instructed Magistrate Cai to mark the positions of the body and the gold bricks and transport them back to the Judicial Office. Upon hearing Kong Qiqi's clear and decisive instructions, Mu Zhixi couldn't help but admire her.

On the way back, Kong Qiqi started to feel a bit tired and dozed off in the carriage. Mu Zhixi took the initiative to embrace her in his arms. When Kong Qiqi woke up, she thought Mu Zhixi was trying to take advantage of her. Later, when Mu Zhixi was taking medicine, the carriage suddenly stopped, and he accidentally kissed her. Since they had reached an agreement not to infringe upon each other after their marriage, Kong Qiqi wanted to take the opportunity to remind him.

After the carriage stopped, several refugees approached Kong Qiqi, and Mu Zhixi quickly ordered Chai Hu to protect her. When someone raised a dagger to attack Kong Qiqi, Chai Hu hurriedly stood in front of her. Chai Hu got injured, and Kong Qiqi bandaged her wounds. She asked Kong Qiqi to take a look at Mu Zhixi as well. Mu Zhixi only had a minor injury. While applying medicine to him, Kong Qiqi deliberately pressed on his wound. Seeing Mu Zhixi wincing in pain, Kong Qiqi couldn't help but laugh.

Chai Hu interrogated the assassin and only then did he realize that he was being manipulated. The assassin's sister had gone missing a few years ago and was later killed. Someone told him that this matter was related to Kong Qiqi, so he came to seek revenge on her. Mu Zhixi noticed that someone was targeting Kong Qiqi and started to worry about her again.

Kong Qiqi returned to the Judicial Office and conducted an examination of Shen Wanliang's body and the gold. She discovered that Shen Wanliang was choked to death by a ring lodged in his throat. Magistrate Cai recognized the ring as belonging to Minister Tan from the Ministry of Justice. Among the pile of gold bricks, Kong Qiqi found a certain amount of silver, which was clearly placed there by someone. She handed it over to Magistrate Cai and asked him to investigate the source of the silver.

The reason Kong Qiqi wanted to perform the autopsy was to find a way back. While conducting the autopsy on Shen Wanliang, another image appeared in her mind. In this image, Mu Zhixi had blood flowing from his head, sitting on the ground, as if he had just fought with someone. In addition to this, she recalled some of her past with Mu Zhixi. They had been in love for six years, but Mu Zhixi had been hesitant to marry her because she was a forensic doctor.

After leaving the scene, Mu Zhixi noticed that Kong Qiqi's expression was off and went to support her. However, Kong Qiqi pushed him aside. Mu Zhixi thought that Kong Qiqi was behaving this way because she had encountered a difficult problem during the investigation.

Kong Qiqi walked while contemplating. She had pursued Mu Zhixi for three years, but he never agreed to marry her. Now that she had just transmigrated, Mu Zhixi married her, most likely to use her for the investigation. She didn't know if Mu Zhixi had anything to do with her transmigration or whether she should forgive him. Just at that moment, she coincidentally ran into Gu Yue.

Gu Yue took Kong Qiqi to a restaurant, and she shared her worries with him. Mu Zhixi quietly followed them, concerned for Kong Qiqi's safety. He listened to her confiding in Gu Yue without interrupting. When Kong Qiqi left the restaurant, she unexpectedly saw Mu Zhixi and asked him if he would harm her in the future. Mu Zhixi then kissed her proactively and assured her that he would harm himself but never her.

Regarding the case, all the evidence now points to the high-ranking court official Ren An, but Mu Zhixi could tell that someone was deliberately misleading them. When Kong Qiqi mentioned the ingot of silver that was intentionally placed, Mu Zhixi called Chai Hu, excitedly informing her that the batch of silver had reappeared. Upon hearing this news, Chai Hu was also greatly moved. Over 20 members of the Lu family had died for this batch of silver, and she had been hiding her identity, staying by the Ninth Prince's side, to seek justice for her parents.


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