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Anti-Corruption Storm – Wang Zhiwen, Yu Feihong, Yu Zhen

Anti-Corruption Storm is an urban reality drama directed by Wu Tiange, led by Wang Zhiwen, Yu Feihong, Yu Zhen, and Wang Like, co-starring Lu Nuo, Chen Long, Guo Dongdong, and Wang Ruoxue.


Anti-Corruption Storm

English Title: Anti-Corruption Storm
Chinese Title: 风雨送春归
Genre: Political, Crime, Drama
Episodes: 46
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wu Tiange
Writer: Wu Dong
Product Company: SMG Pictures
Released Date: 2023-02-16
Broadcast Website: Youku



Led by Zhao Dasheng, the Secretary of the Disciplinary Commission of Dongjiang City, a joint investigation team was tasked with investigating the explosion of hazardous chemicals at Yangpu Port, which served as a starting point to depict the decision-making and challenges encountered by anti-corruption officials such as Zhao Dasheng in investigating various corruption cases.

This drama focuses on the front line of the anti-corruption battlefield of the Disciplinary Commission, presenting the investigation processes of a series of cases, such as the explosion of hazardous chemicals at Yangpu Port, corruption in the city's environmental protection system, and corruption in major city projects, to the audience.


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