2023 Chinese Drama List

Zhao Jiadi – He Peng, Yang Xing

Zhao Jiadi is a family web series directed by Jing Xiaoyao, starring He Peng and Yang Xing.

The drama is adapted from the work "Lao Zi Shi Lai Ha Ma" by the great writer Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou, which tells the story of three generations growing up and making choices amidst the changing times, as well as the story of young teenagers who defend family and love against all odds.


Zhao Jiadi

English Title: Zhao Jiadi
Chinese Title: 我叫赵甲第
Genre: Family, Life, Drama
Tag: Adapted From A Novel, Family Business
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Jing Xiaoyao
Writer: Pan Feiyu, Wu Haixia, Sheng Li, Yu Li, Zhu Lin
Producer: Su Ming, Pan Feiyu
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2022-03-31
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv



Zhao Jiadi, the heir of the northern economic giant “Jinhai Industry”, moved south to Haicheng to start his college life.

Since his father’s bad deeds when he was a child, Zhao Jiadi cannot accept his father’s money and lived a poor life.

In Haicheng, Zhao Jiadi experienced the college life, the love, and the growth of a man after all these experiences.

At the same time, the family’ s struggle for power gradually heated up, and a series of “dark tides” put Zhao Jiadi in the center of the whirlpool.

With the belief that “one must be persistent in order to be successful”, the young Zhao Jiadi forgave his father.

In this gladiatorial arena, Zhao Jiadi redeems himself in order to save the ordinary family he once craved.


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