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Who's Your Daddy?  – Zhou Qi, Li Mingde

Who's Your Daddy?  is a fantasy school comedy directed by Song Yang, starring Zhou Qi, Li Mingde, Her Nan, Zhang Chenxiao, Chen Jingyi, and Liao Huijia, with special appearances by Xue Jianing, Sun Hao, Wu Yufang, Kevin Yan, Shi Yu, and Gao Liang.

The drama tells a fantasy school story in which Chen Bida swaps memories with Gao Wenming and meet his son Jiang Yu, whom they have never met before, and the biological father and son turn into classmates.


Who's Your Daddy? 

English Title: Who's Your Daddy? 
Chinese Title: 我和我爸的十七岁
Other Titles: 绝交吧,爸爸 / 我的同桌是我爸
Genre: Fantasy, Youth, School, Family, Comedy, Drama
Tag: Body Swap, Identity Swap, Father-Son Relationship, High School, Bromance, Slight Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: -
Director: Song Yang
Writer: Wen Xin
Producer: Fang Fang, Li Jia, Ding Ding, Lou Chao, Song Jiafei, Li Long
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2023-07-21
Broadcast Website: WeTV



The profit-oriented middle-aged businessman Chen Bida, after an accident, exchanges memories with a high school student named Gao Wenming and becomes a sophomore student at Yu Ying High School.

He unexpectedly discovers that he has an unknown son named Jiang Yu, and coincidentally becomes Jiang Yu's desk mate.

Chen Bida, using his business experience, deals with Jiang Yu, but he finds that adult rules simply don't work among this group of high school students, resulting in various comical and absurd events.

Chen Bida faces obstacles everywhere with his son, unable to return to his own body, and his company is constantly at risk of being acquired.

Shortly after, the real Gao Wenming also wakes up in Chen Bida's body and causes trouble...

The truth behind this accident is shocking, and Chen Bida must make a choice: family or profit.


Yuying Private High School is currently holding a national youth science and technology innovation competition sponsored by Bida Biology. Gao Wenming went to the restroom and was maliciously drenched with water, causing him to delay his return. The teacher asked Jiang Yu where Gao Wenming went, and Jiang Yu explained that Gao Wenming might have gone to the restroom without toilet paper. He went out to look for Gao Wenming and found him in the corridor, soaked and walking with a dejected look. Jiang Yu stopped him and asked what happened. Seeing Gao Wenming's silence, he knew right away that the top students from the special class must have bullied him again. Jiang Yu decided to seek revenge on their behalf and left Gao Wenming behind. However, as soon as Gao Wenming turned around, he saw those three individuals standing behind him. They threatened him and asked how he would respond if someone asked about the incident. Frightened, Gao Wenming promised not to reveal anything.

Meanwhile, the host was calling Chen Bida, the president of Bida Biology, to the stage to give a speech. Unexpectedly, no one came up, causing whispers and discussions among the audience. Chen Bida was actually in the restroom making an important call about the board of directors. Just as he finished, he was mistakenly soaked by Jiang Yu seeking revenge for Gao Wenming. Chen Bida tried to find the culprit but was hindered by Jiang Yu, who managed to escape. Despite being wet, Chen Bida persisted and gave an impressive speech on stage. Back in his seat, Jiang Yu told Gao Wenming about the incident, describing the person he poured water on, and they both realized it was Chen Bida who was speaking on stage. Jiang Yu looked up and saw the scene, but before he could escape, the teacher stopped him. The commotion caught Chen Bida's attention, and he saw the culprit responsible for his wet condition. He had someone hold Jiang Yu and Gao Wenming accountable.

Later, in the principal's office, Gao Wenming was afraid to speak up about being bullied due to the threats from the top students. The principal stopped Jiang Yu from questioning Gao Wenming further and suggested they resolve the matter privately. While driving, Chen Bida complained about his unfortunate day and revealed his plan to announce the Yimenyuan project despite the opposition from the board of directors. Although the system calculated that the project was nearly impossible to complete in three days, Chen Bida remained resolute.

Upon testing the data search capability, the system revealed a sample with a 100% probability of being his son. Chen Bida was shocked, as he believed his father had passed away. He ignored this information and continued testing. The system corrected the data once again while driving, confirming a 100% probability of a father-son relationship with another person. Chen Bida was shocked to learn he had a son and suspected a particular person to be the mother, which astonished him. He asked the system to provide information about the child but wanted to keep the matter discreet to avoid trouble.

While passing by the school, Chen Bida glanced at it and, in the next moment, got into a car accident. The following day, Jiang Yu carried the unconscious Gao Wenming to the school's clinic. When Gao Wenming regained consciousness on Jiang Yu's back, he was confused. The head teacher, Pan, arrived and began lecturing them. Gao Wenming saw his reflection in a broken mirror and was shocked by his appearance. He remembered the car accident from the previous night and couldn't believe he had turned into Chen Bida's appearance. It felt like a dream, but he eventually accepted the reality after verifying it.

The press conference was scheduled to begin, and Chen Bida arrogantly ordered Pan to take him there. Jiang Yu took the mentally unstable Chen Bida back to the classroom for the exam. Chen Bida contemplated how to escape from the school while Jiang Yu repeatedly tried to pass him the answers. Unable to bear it anymore, Chen Bida threw a small note, accidentally hitting Pan in the face. Pan called them out and sternly criticized them. Seeing that Chen Bida was about to provoke Pan again, Jiang Yu pretended to have a stomachache and escaped with Chen Bida. Chen Bida was familiar with the school and led Jiang Yu to the rooftop. He climbed over the fence, seemingly planning to jump to a lower platform. Jiang Yu, fearing that Chen Bida might do something drastic, held him back. Unfortunately, Pan, who was patrolling downstairs, witnessed the scene. Chen Bida took advantage of the chaos and pulled the fire alarm, causing the entire school to evacuate. He escaped during the confusion and sneaked into an internet cafe. He logged into the Gaeyin system using someone else's computer and requested a car from Gaeyin to pick him up. His loud voice woke up the computer's owner, who ended up beating him.

Returning to the laboratory, Chen Bida found himself in a coma due to a brain injury. Gaeyin informed him that negotiations would take place in a month, and for him to wake up, someone genetically related to him needed to build a bridge within that month. Only by finding his son, Chen An, and building the bridge could he awaken.

Chen Bida was brought to the office by Teacher Lu Chengren, and Gao Wenming's father also arrived. Chen Bida had triggered the fire alarm, backtalked teachers, and skipped classes, making Principal Pan extremely angry. However, Chen Bida remained indifferent and only asked how much he needed to compensate. Gao Wenming's father was worried that Chen Bida's behavior might result in severe punishment for Gao Wenming, so he quickly stopped Chen Bida's arrogant remarks. Chen Bida was taken aback when he found out it was his father. Gao Wenming's father wanted to take Gao Wenming to the hospital, fearing that he might have a mental issue, but Principal Pan intervened and scolded Chen Bida, Gao Wenming's father, and their homeroom teacher. Chen Bida remained dismissive, which infuriated Principal Pan, who then asked them all to leave.

Jiang Yu and Chen Bida stayed in a classroom where Jiang Yu apologized to Chen Bida. Chen Bida quickly inquired about the reason for the apology. It turned out that on the same day, Jiang Yu witnessed Gao Wenming being bullied again and wanted to stand up for him. However, Gao Wenming thought Jiang Yu was just pitying him, and this hurt Jiang Yu deeply. He decided to break off their friendship. The next day, they found Chen Bida collapsed by the roadside, having already switched bodies with Gao Wenming.

Jiang Yu apologized for not considering Gao Wenming's feelings, but Chen Bida didn't care about such trivial matters between kids. He only got interested when Jiang Yu's apology hinted at knowing Chen An. Chen Bida hurriedly asked Jiang Yu about it, leaving Jiang Yu taken aback as to how the topic suddenly shifted to this.

At the supermarket, Chen An reached out to Jiang Yu, wanting to participate in the innovation competition together, but Jiang Yu turned away disdainfully. Back in the classroom, Chen Bida had already left. Jiang Yu, alone, recalled the days when he and Chen An used to have a good relationship two years ago.

Chen Bida confronted Chen An in the restroom, but Chen An didn't want to talk to him and left when Chen Bida tried to stop her. On the rooftop, Chen Bida checked Chen An's information, and Jiang Yu appeared again. Chen Bida wanted to get rid of him, but Jiang Yu refused to give up on their brotherhood. Under Jiang Yu's persistent pestering, Chen Bida finally agreed to forgive him.

Chen Bida sneaked into Chen An's class, left his WeChat contact, and asked Chen An to add him. Afterward, Chen Bida saw a message on his phone and thought it was from Chen An, so he quickly left, completely unaware that Jiang Yu had invited him to have a meal together.

On the playground, Jiang Yu learned from Jian Yangyang that Chen Bida intended to look for Chen An in the afternoon. Jiang Yu hurriedly left. The top students from the special class pretended to be Chen An to lure Chen Bida out and bully him again. They took Chen Bida's phone and played pranks on him. Jiang Yu arrived just in time, helped Chen Bida up, and told the top students that he had recorded everything. Frightened, they left. However, Chen Bida didn't thank Jiang Yu for saving him; instead, he blamed Jiang Yu for ruining his chance. Jiang Yu felt hurt and said he wouldn't bother about him anymore. Chen Bida left nonchalantly.

In the rain, Chen Bida went to the school gate and asked Gaeyin to order a car for him to a restaurant. On the way, Gao Wenming's father arrived and carried Chen Bida on his shoulders, ignoring Chen Bida's resistance, and took him home. Chen Bida looked at Gao Wenming's warm home. Later, Gao Wenming's father, Gao Shu, served food at the dining table and made a wrap for Chen Bida. At first, Chen Bida didn't think much of this heavy and sweet food, but after tasting it, he was captivated by its deliciousness and ate heartily. After the meal, Chen Bida chatted with Gao Shu, who only hoped that his son could lead a simple and happy life. However, Chen Bida didn't agree with the idea that mediocrity brings happiness.

While tidying Gao Wenming's room, Chen Bida discovered his diary, which allowed him to gain deeper insight into Gao Wenming's inner world. The next day, Chen Bida went to school on time and observed his classmates' every move, intending to become friends with Chen An to achieve his goal. Later, Teacher Lu Chengren informed the class that the top fifteen students before the monthly exam could move to another class, the same class Chen An was in. Chen Bida became interested, seeing it as a chance to get closer to Chen An. After class, Chen Bida walked out of the classroom with a cup in hand to take a break and saw Chen An. Thinking she came to find him, he was about to say something, but Chen An stopped Jiang Yu and asked him if he wanted to participate in the innovation competition. Jiang Yu declined, wanting to find Chen Bida instead. Chen Bida confidently told Chen An that he would join their class, leaving Jiang Yu stunned.

At the school gate, Jiang Yu, who was buying pastries, saw Chen Bida and Chen An getting closer. Chen Bida was giving Chen An a set of test papers, which made Jiang Yu angry, and he decided not to buy the pastry he intended to give Chen Bida. Jian Yangyang arrived and asked for the same pastry. She witnessed the scene and was very puzzled. Jiang Yu left in frustration. Back in the classroom, Jiang Yu saw Chen Bida watching a video of Chen An's speech and praising him. Jiang Yu couldn't understand and thought something was seriously wrong with Chen Bida's mind.

Chen Bida admitted that he had lost some memories and wanted Jiang Yu to tell him more about Chen An. Jiang Yu began talking about his friendship with Gao Wenming, but Chen Bida wasn't interested and asked directly about himself and Chen An. He learned that they had only met a couple of times and weren't close. This made Chen Bida more determined to befriend Chen An, but Jiang Yu believed that something was seriously wrong with him.

On the playground, Jian Yangyang met Jiang Yu who was venting his frustration by playing basketball. Jiang Yu complained about Chen Bida's strange behavior, but Jian Yangyang saw through his real feelings and advised him not to give up the innovation competition he loved because of Chen An. She suggested that Jiang Yu should talk more with his good friend. Jiang Yu finally smiled. On his way back to the classroom, Jiang Yu met Chen Bida in a hurry.

Chen Bida went to the school gate and took back the tickets he had prepared to improve his relationship with Chen An at the Science Museum. Chen An happened to invite Jiang Yu again to participate in the innovation competition, but he refused again. From their conversation, it was revealed that they had fallen out since middle school. Chen Bida held the ticket and tried to give it to Chen An, but she ignored him. Chen Bida then picked up the innovation competition application form that Chen An had intended for Jiang Yu and wondered why Chen An wanted Jiang Yu as a teammate. From all aspects, he couldn't figure out how Jiang Yu, a poor student, was suitable for the competition. Jiang Yu invited Chen Bida to join a basketball game, which he heard would be against Class One. Chen Bida hurriedly went there to help Chen An. With Chen Bida's assistance, Class One scored much higher than Jiang Yu's class in the first half. The classmates were unhappy with Chen Bida, but Jiang Yu defused the tension. Before the second half started, during the cheering session, Jiang Yu accidentally hit Chen Bida, and he insulted Jiang Yu for having poor grades and then left. Back in the classroom, Jiang Yu took out his exam paper and tried to prove himself to Chen Bida.

At this moment, memories of Gao Wenming as a poor student surfaced in Jiang Yu's mind, leaving him speechless. He announced that he was the new Gao Wenming and different from before. After school, Jiang Yu went to help at his mother's shop, looking absent-minded, which caught his mother's attention. She asked what had happened, and Jiang Yu talked about the tremendous changes in his best friend. His mother analyzed that his friend might be facing difficulties, and Jiang Yu thought about what Chen Bida might do. He quickly called him, but Chen Bida was struggling with high school exam papers and didn't answer. Jiang Yu began searching online for ways to reconcile with his best friend but couldn't find any practical answers. He bought two pastries at the shop, intending to apologize to Chen Bida and make up, but when he arrived at school, he overheard Chen Bida badmouthing himself and belittling his own achievements to get Chen An's attention. Unfortunately, Chen An wasn't buying it and walked away. Jiang Yu approached Chen Bida angrily and questioned him. Chen Bida dismissed Jiang Yu and insulted him, saying he would get into Class One fairly and squarely. This made Jiang Yu so angry that he threw both pastries into the trash.

When he realized that he threw his own pastry as well, it was already too late. Both of them started studying hard – Chen Bida to get into Class One and Jiang Yu not to be looked down upon by Chen Bida. After continuous efforts, Chen Bida finally completed all his studies and collapsed on his bed, exhausted. Gao Shu entered the room and tucked him in with care before leaving quietly. On the other side, Jiang Yu described his confusion about his friendship with Gao Wenming to his galaxy lamp. Later, he deleted the recording and went to sleep.

The monthly exam finally arrived, and after the exam, everyone was shocked and whispering in front of the grade board. Jiang Yu arrived, thinking Gao Wenming would once again rank last, but his classmates pointed to his report card, revealing that Chen Bida had taken the first place, and Jiang Yu was at the bottom. Chen Bida also came over and showed friendliness to Chen An, saying that he would soon be her deskmate. Chen An completely ignored him.

Chen Bida dragged his desk to Class One, and Jiang Yu saw it and wanted to help him by offering his class, but Chen Bida coldly refused. Once in Class One, Chen Bida placed his desk in front of Chen An, indicating that he wanted to be her desk partner and help her. Jian Yangyang was recording the scene, and Class One's trio mocked Chen Bida. Chen An also questioned if his grades were achieved through cheating. Chen Bida wanted to argue with them, but the morning assembly announcement interrupted them. Everyone left the classroom, leaving Chen Bida ignored.

Jian Yangyang sent all the recordings to Jiang Yu, and Chen Bida moved his desk to sit next to Chen An. On the playground, Chen Bida voluntarily joined Class One's team but was pulled back to his original seat by Teacher Lu Chengren due to the conflict between his grades and Jiang Yu's class. The morning assembly began, and the principal encouraged Chen An to maintain her first place, which surprised Chen Bida. He wanted to argue but was stopped by Jiang Yu.

The principal also announced that Chen An would be the captain for the innovation competition. After the assembly, Chen Bida went to the office of Principal Pan to argue. Principal Pan showed Gao Wenming's past terrible grades, which made Chen Bida's current top grades highly suspicious. Chen Bida got angry, feeling that they had no evidence and were unreasonable. Principal Pan mentioned someone reporting him, but Chen Bida demanded to know who it was.

Principal Pan didn't disclose the informant's identity, and even Chen Bida's teacher, Lu Chengren, didn't believe his grades. Chen Bida continued arguing, and Teacher Lu Chengren worried that he might provoke Principal Pan too much, so he quickly pulled Chen Bida away, saying he would talk to him about it.

In the hallway, Teacher Lu Chengren tried to persuade Chen Bida to admit his mistake and move his desk back to Class 15. Chen Bida had no choice but to comply and left, vowing that he would be back. He was laughed at by Class One's students on his way out. In the teacher's office, Teacher Lu Chengren educated Jiang Yu due to his consistently poor grades and asked him to bring his parents tomorrow. Before leaving, Jiang Yu asked about the cheating incident, but Teacher Lu Chengren brushed him off. At the school gate, Jiang Yu met Chen Bida, who asked what he told Teacher Lu Chengren. Jiang Yu didn't tell him and helped Chen Bida move the desk back to the classroom. On the way, Chen Bida questioned Jiang Yu if he had reported him for cheating. Jiang Yu couldn't understand what he was saying, but Chen Bida was convinced it was him and played the recording of their conversation, leaving Jiang Yu hurt and confused. Jiang Yu left in disappointment. Jian Yangyang found Jiang Yu and comforted him. In the classroom, Chen An believed Chen Bida's grades and invited him to join the innovation competition.

Chen Bida used the opportunity to make a deal - if he ranked first, she had to fulfill one of his requests, and Chen An agreed. Amidst the crowd, Chen Bida dragged his desk to Class One again. Once the crowd dispersed, he saw Jiang Yu's mother, Jiang Xiaoli, and suddenly remembered their past love story. At that moment, Jiang Yu walked by, and Jiang Xiaoli quickly caught up with him. Seeing her back, Chen Bida assumed she was his mother and asked if she had come.

Chen An passed by, pulling him to class, and Chen Bida, still thinking Jiang Xiaoli was his mother, followed. Inside Teacher Lu Chengren's office, they encountered Jiang Yu and his mother, Jiang Xiaoli. Hearing their conversation, Chen Bida realized that Jiang Xiaoli was Jiang Yu's mother and was shocked.

After knowing that Jiang Xiaoli is Jiang Yu's mother, Chen Bida suspected that the data provided by Gaigen was incorrect. Gaigen explained that the data was extracted from Chen An's medical examination records and couldn't be wrong. Gaigen suggested that Chen Bida should go and talk to Jiang Xiaoli. However, Chen Bida hesitated due to the sadness of their breakup and preferred to approach Jiang Yu directly, as he had just said harsh words to Jiang Yu. Gaigen suggested that he apologize to Jiang Yu. Chen Bida initially claimed he wouldn't, but the next day, he prepared a healthy breakfast and apologized to Jiang Yu, bowing to him. However, Jiang Yu ignored him, and when Chen Bida showcased his latest drone, Jiang Yu got angry and left, as Chen Bida mocked his drone as junk.

At the classroom entrance, Chen Bida met Chen An, who came to pick him up for Class One. From Chen An, Chen Bida learned that Jiang Yu drew blood for him during the medical examination due to his fear of fainting. This revelation explained the true origin of the data. They then entered the classroom, where Jiang Yu saw Chen Bida again and tried to leave. Chen Bida, anxious, hugged Jiang Yu in front of everyone, causing an uproar. Jiang Yu asked Chen Bida to let go, saying he would forgive him only if Chen Bida finished all the healthy breakfast he brought. Chen Bida readily agreed and ate until he was stuffed.

During class, Chen Bida attempted to get closer to Jiang Yu using his drone, but Jiang Yu continued to ignore him. When Chen Bida made a loud comment about Jiang Yu, the teacher overheard and asked him to answer a question. Unable to do so, Chen Bida was punished to stand during the class, leading to criticism from the teacher. Chen Bida proudly defended Jiang Yu, embarrassing the teacher, and Jiang Yu realized that Chen Bida was still trying to humiliate him. They argued, making the teacher very angry, and she kicked them out of the classroom.

Outside, Chen Bida persisted in trying to get closer to Jiang Yu, but Jiang Yu told him to shut up. Jiang Yu then noticed Jian Yangyang dancing with headphones on, and he took a photo of her. Jiang Yu wanted to tell her something when Chen Bida stopped him. Chen Bida found out that Jian Yangyang was the female lead in this year's performance, and he wanted to recommend Jiang Yu for the male lead role. However, Class One's trio started trouble again by throwing a ball at Jiang Yu. Chen Bida intervened to prevent a conflict, and Jiang Yu left. Chen Bida, not listening to Chen An, followed Jiang Yu outside.

Lu Chengren wanted to transfer Gao Wenming to Class One because he resembled Chen Bida from the past. However, the principal refused, stating that Gao Wenming could motivate Lu Chengren and declined his request.

During lunch, Chen Bida informed Jiang Yu that the teacher had punished them to move props to the small theater. Jiang Yu was reluctant, but Chen Bida tempted him by mentioning that Jian Yangyang had to perform both acting and dancing. Jiang Yu agreed to go to the small theater. At the small theater, Jiang Yu was fascinated by Jian Yangyang's acting, solidifying his support for her as the female lead. Chen Bida took the opportunity to recommend Jiang Yu for the male lead role, but the real male lead, Chen An, arrived, making Jiang Yu change his mind. Jiang Yu filled out the application form and also completed it for Chen Bida.

Chen Bida took Chen An aside and told him that he wouldn't participate in the innovation competition to help Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu accidentally overheard this and was deeply moved, forgiving Chen Bida in his heart. In the small theater, the roles were assigned, and Jian Yangyang was the female lead, with Chen An as the male lead. The story revolved around the love story between an alien queen and an artificial intelligence. Back in the classroom, Chen Bida explained the plan to protect Jian Yangyang to Jiang Yu and asked for Jiang Yu's help after the plan succeeded. Jiang Yu agreed.

After school, Chen Bida helped Jiang Yu clean up and repair the broken door. Once fixed, Chen Bida stopped Chen An outside the teaching building and offered to participate in the innovation competition in exchange for Chen An stepping down from the play. They reached a consensus. Due to Chen An quitting, Jiang Yu was forced to take on the role of the male lead. During the performance, Jiang Yu struggled with his acting, and Chen Bida demonstrated for him, but Jiang Yu's excellent performance won everyone's approval, even though Chen Bida declined. During the play, Jiang Yu took advantage of the opportunity to call Chen Bida "dad."

Outside the dressing room, Jiang Yu heard intermittent conversation between Jian Yangyang and Li Jiayi. Misunderstanding that Chen Bida liked Jian Yangyang, Jiang Yu got angry and punched Chen Bida, knocking him down.

Chen Bida returned home, and Gao Shu, seeing his son being beaten, took pity on him and got medicine for him. Inside the house, Chen Bida was puzzled and asked Gaigen to search for data analysis on youth violence behavior. On the other hand, Jiang Xiaoli took her son, Jiang Yu, to have barbecue, resolving Jiang Yu's discontent with Chen Bida. She also suggested that Gao Wenming and Jian Yangyang attend her son's birthday party the next day, and they happily ate and drank together. While Gao Shu was applying medicine for Chen Bida, he advised him to cherish Jiang Yu as a friend, but Chen Bida's thoughts were entirely elsewhere. They had a mismatched conversation.

The next morning, Jiang Yu and Chen Bida met at the pancake stall near the school entrance. They both clearly informed the boss of each other's dietary restrictions. They awkwardly walked together, and Chen Bida questioned Jiang Yu about yesterday's incident of him getting beaten. Jiang Yu was about to reveal everything he had heard yesterday, including Chen Bida's liking for Jian Yangyang, when Jian Yangyang herself arrived and directly asked Chen Bida if he liked her. Jiang Yu couldn't bear it and walked away. Chen Bida followed, wanting to explain but ended up saying that he liked Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu couldn't take it anymore and threw the ball with force, hitting the Class One trio.

They wanted to pick a fight, but at that moment, a basketball match between the two classes started. They bet that the losing side would apologize to the other. During the match, Jiang Yu lost focus when he heard Jian Yangyang cheering for Gao Wenming, causing his team to lose points. After that, Jiang Yu kept making mistakes until Chen Bida said something to him, which brought him back on track. Class 15 gradually caught up and won. Afterward, Chen Bida explained to Jiang Yu that he didn't have feelings for Jian Yangyang or Chen An; everything he did was for Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu finally believed him, and Chen Bida treated him to a meal. The two went out to eat.

During rehearsals, Jiang Yu felt nervous about acting with Jian Yangyang and fled to the restroom. Chen Bida, in the audience, kept inquiring about Jian Yangyang's preferences from her friend Li Jiayi. After school, Jiang Xiaoli came to pick Jiang Yu up, and while they were walking, Chen Bida joined them and caught Jiang Xiaoli's attention. He then joined them for dinner. At the restaurant, when Chen Bida saw the cake, he learned that it was Jiang Yu's birthday. Chen Bida wondered why they were celebrating by the water.

Jiang Xiaoli recalled how Jiang Yu asked her when he was young where his dad was, and she pointed to a distant place by the water, saying that his dad was there. They arranged everything and sat together. Chen Bida wished Jiang Yu a happy birthday, and they played around. Chen Bida went too far, pretending to be thirsty or hungry, and Jiang Xiaoli kept offering him drinks and food. Jiang Yu couldn't bear it and scolded Chen Bida, but Jiang Xiaoli calmed them down. Jiang Xiaoli then took out a gift she got for Jiang Yu, which he initially thought was from the game, but to his surprise, it was a UV disinfection device for underwear. Chen Bida smiled as they continued to enjoy themselves.

Later, Jiang Yu remembered that Chen Bida hadn't given him a birthday present yet, so he asked for it. Chen Bida hastily wrote a birthday voucher on a piece of paper, valid for one year. Jiang Yu was dissatisfied, and Jiang Xiaoli noticed the voucher and asked who taught him that. They remembered a past event when Chen Bida gave Jiang Xiaoli a birthday voucher, and they fell into reminiscence. Jiang Yu broke the silence and said that the Korean dramas had overused such vouchers. Chen Bida hesitantly asked if he still had a place in Jiang Xiaoli's heart, and she perfectly answered the question. At that moment, Jian Yangyang called Jiang Yu to wish him a happy birthday. Jiang Yu answered the call and then they took a group photo together.

On the way back in the car, Chen Bida told Jiang Yu that he had a surprise birthday gift for him the next day. The next day, Chen Bida gave Jiang Yu a set of black suits for him to wear and arranged for him to go to a concert with Jian Yangyang. When Jian Yangyang arrived, Chen Bida made an excuse to go to the restroom and left. However, Chen Bida got tickets for a Wagner symphony concert, which Jian Yangyang was not interested in. She took Jiang Yu to another upbeat concert, and Chen Bida followed. While Jiang Yu was taking photos of Jian Yangyang with his phone, someone accidentally bumped into him, causing his phone to fall.

When he looked up and saw Jian Yangyang's face magnified in front of him, he forgot everything and wanted to confess his feelings to her. At that moment, Chen Bida handed a drink to Jiang Yu, and after he drank it, he found himself unable to speak. He was having an allergic reaction. Jian Yangyang picked up the phone, chased after Chen Bida, who was carrying Jiang Yu on his back, and they all got in a car to go to the hospital.

Chen Bida noticed that Jiang Yu was actually awake after his allergy episode, but he pretended to be asleep to get Jian Yangyang's attention. He diverted Jian Yangyang's attention away from Jiang Yu's test results, but Jian Yangyang saw through Jiang Yu's act. Jiang Yu realized he had been found out and was about to leave, fearing being mocked by Jian Yangyang. Chen Bida advised Jiang Yu not to give up on pursuing Jian Yangyang and encouraged him to be more resilient.

Just then, Jiang Xiaoli arrived, and Chen Bida took the opportunity to ask her to persuade Jiang Yu not to give up on Jian Yangyang. Unexpectedly, Jiang Xiaoli sided with Jiang Yu, and Chen Bida didn't want Jiang Yu to repeat his past failures in love. Unfortunately, his peculiar words only made Jiang Yu and Jiang Xiaoli think he was acting strange.

As the topic shifted to why Jiang Yu had an allergy, Chen Bida feared Jiang Yu would reveal that it was because of the mango drink he had given him, so he quickly used the excuse of registering for an innovation contest and left the room.

After going downstairs, Chen Bida met Gao Shu, who was there to see his mom. Gao Shu thought Chen Bida was also there for the same reason and invited him to sit down and have the fish soup he had brought for his mom. Gao Shu sympathized with Chen Bida when he learned about Gao Wenming's mom's serious illness. This middle-aged man, close to his age but much more experienced, patted Chen Bida's shoulder to comfort him, and they hugged. Jian Yangyang witnessed this scene and felt sorry for him. She suggested raising funds for Chen Bida, but he declined.

During the drama rehearsal, Jiang Yu felt a sense of loss seeing Jian Yangyang and Chen Bida dancing together with improved relations. Unable to bear it, he interrupted the rehearsal, claiming he needed to rest, and sat down with his eyes closed. Chen An went to Director Pan's office to request to team up with Gao Wenming. Despite Director Pan's advice, Chen An remained determined.

Jiang Yu kept forgetting lines or saying them wrong during the rehearsal, and Chen Bida couldn't stand it, so he took the stage to demonstrate with Jian Yangyang. Jiang Yu was discontent seeing Jian Yangyang and Chen Bida interact in the play. Chen Bida even proposed adding a kissing scene between the male and female leads. Just as he was demonstrating this, Director Pan arrived and stopped him, pulling him down from the stage and asking him to leave the play and join the innovation contest with Chen An. Jiang Yu heard this and got angry again. He turned and left.

Chen Bida quickly appeased Jiang Yu's dissatisfaction and promised to talk to Chen An and clarify everything. Then he left. Jian Yangyang found Jiang Yu and asked him not to leave after school, saying she needed to talk to him. Excited, Jiang Yu tore up the little note Jian Yangyang handed to him. After class, he pieced the note back together and found an address written on it. He began to fantasize about their sweet interaction.

Hastily, Chen Bida went to the shop, where he found only couples. He laughed foolishly at the situation. Shortly after, Jian Yangyang also arrived, and they created a small setup. Jiang Yu was eagerly waiting for Jian Yangyang to talk about something important, but she surprised him by asking him to tell her about Gao Wenming. Jiang Yu's smile froze on his face, and he heard Jian Yangyang praising Gao Wenming and requesting his help to get closer to him. Jiang Yu cut the cake on the table in frustration and stuffed it into his mouth.

Chen Bida went directly to the lab and told Chen An that he wouldn't participate in the science competition. Chen An thought it was because of Jiang Yu and couldn't understand. Chen Bida didn't explain much and left. At home, facing his parents' high expectations, Chen An felt tremendous pressure.

Back home, Chen Bida saw the table full of hot dishes prepared by Gao Shu and wondered why Gao Shu loved his son so much. Watching Gao Shu's actions, he pondered about something.

Jiang Yu came to pick up Jiang Xiaoli from work and talked to her about his complicated feelings involving Jian Yangyang and Gao Wenming. Jiang Xiaoli offered advice, telling him that true love means letting go, not possessing. Jiang Yu decided to help Jian Yangyang get closer to Gao Wenming to make her happy.

Looking at the photos he had taken with Jiang Xiaoli and the others, Chen Bida couldn't help but laugh. Just then, Gai Yin reminded him that the company situation was not favorable for him, and his time was running out.

Chen Bida, in order to help Jiang Yu, searched for strategies online with the help of the internet and Gai Yin. He ultimately decided to organize a trip to the amusement park for the drama team members to improve Jiang Yu and Jian Yangyang's relationship. Initially, others didn't want to go, but Jian Yangyang supported Chen Bida's plan, and everyone agreed. Jiang Yu felt uneasy witnessing this and went to the rooftop alone to listen to music.

Chen Bida went to the rooftop to remind Jiang Yu about the amusement park plan for the weekend. Jiang Yu wanted to decline, but Chen Bida persuaded him and he reluctantly agreed. The next day, they all gathered at the entrance, and Chen Bida noticed Chen An had come too. Jian Yangyang explained that she asked Chen An to come because she needed him to play the violin during the performance and wanted to build rapport in advance. Thus, a strange situation unfolded that day: Jian Yangyang cared about Chen Bida and tried to ease the relationship between Chen An and Jiang Yu; Chen An just wanted to get closer to Chen Bida; Chen Bida wanted to play matchmaker between Jian Yangyang and Jiang Yu, while Jiang Yu reluctantly pushed Chen Bida towards Jian Yangyang.

After a chaotic day at the amusement park, several of them boarded a bus, but Chen Bida suddenly vomited in the bushes. Jiang Yu carried him on his back, and together with Chen An and Jian Yangyang, they took Chen Bida home. When they arrived at Gao Wenming's house, Gao Shu invited them to stay for dinner. During the meal, their complicated relationships continued. Chen Bida continued to belittle himself, and Jiang Yu, in an attempt to help him regain his image in front of Jian Yangyang, praised him excessively. Chen An also joined the effort, hoping Gao Wenming would give Chen Bida another chance.

Chen Bida laughed loudly, and Jian Yangyang took a photo of him, praising him for facing his flaws. Chen Bida continued to laugh, then got up and went to the kitchen to ask Gao Shu for answers, expressing his confusion about their strange behavior. Gao Shu only wished him good health and happiness. Chen An came into the kitchen, and Gao Shu gave them some privacy. Chen An apologized to Chen Bida again and asked him to join the innovation contest with her. She made several promises, but Chen Bida didn't like others setting conditions for him. He walked out of the kitchen and went straight upstairs to his room. Chen An said her goodbyes to Gao Shu and left.

Jiang Yu escorted Jian Yangyang home, and when they reached her doorstep, he remained quiet, only nodding in response. Jian Yangyang encouraged him to speak his mind, and Jiang Yu reluctantly admitted that he knew the purpose of her actions that day. He said the three of them would be lifelong good friends. Jian Yangyang misunderstood that Jiang Yu already knew about her intention to set him up with Chen An and bluntly revealed it. Jiang Yu felt something was off as he listened and asked who it was. Jian Yangyang replied that it was Chen An. Jiang Yu remembered how Chen An had tampered with his voice dialogue to win in the past, despite knowing it was meant for communication with his father. As a result, Jiang Yu decided to quit the contest out of anger.

Back in his room, Jiang Yu imagined having a conversation with his father, realizing he now understood Chen An a little better, as everyone had their own struggles. The day of the official performance arrived, and Jiang Yu approached Chen An, offering to team up with her if she really needed it. Before he could finish his sentence, Chen An rejected him, stating that she went to the amusement park for Gao Wenming. Jiang Yu was stunned. Chen Bida distracted Director Li Jiayi and informed Jiang Yu that Jian Yangyang might change the script. He also handed Jian Yangyang the new script, preparing to set a big scheme in motion.

During the performance, Jiang Yu couldn't handle the improvisation and wanted to pass the male lead role to Chen Bida, but Chen Bida declined. Jiang Yu thought about asking Director Li Jiayi, but the scene was too chaotic for Li Jiayi to hear him. On stage, Jian Yangyang asked Jiang Yu if he was willing to dance the final dance with her. Jiang Yu didn't know how to respond and looked at her focused eyes.

He said he was willing and expressed his true feelings, showing loyalty to Jian Yangyang. Jian Yangyang didn't know what to say, and Chen Bida came up to save the situation. After the curtain fell, Director Li Jiayi also came up and accused Chen Bida of altering the script. Jiang Yu was very angry, and Jian Yangyang was also upset, leading to an argument between the two. Jiang Yu wanted to end his friendship with Chen Bida.

Chen Bida went to the classroom to apologize to Jiang Yu for the drama incident and brought him a sandwich for breakfast. However, Jiang Yu completely ignored it and refused his apology and the sandwich. Chen Bida went to the rooftop to contemplate how to get Jiang Yu's forgiveness. He saw Jiang Yu apologizing to Jian Yangyang on the playground while holding a drink. Jian Yangyang said it wasn't his fault and there was no need to apologize. She also asked about Jiang Yu and Gao Wenming making up. Jiang Yu's unreliable mouth angered Jian Yangyang, and she left him there, feeling frustrated.

Observing the situation, Chen Bida arranged to meet Jian Yangyang over the weekend through WeChat. When he arrived at her place, Jian Yangyang's father stared at him suspiciously, silently asking about the relationship between him and his daughter. Chen Bida said their relationship was going to develop further, but this answer didn't satisfy him. At that moment, Jian Yangyang's mother came out and urged her father to prepare her diet meal. Chen Bida recognized her as his company's CFO, Ye Ling. He accidentally blurted it out, and Ye Ling looked at him in surprise. Chen Bida quickly corrected himself. Eventually, he met Jian Yangyang, as her father had lied to cover for her.

Unable to find Jian Yangyang for a while, Chen Bida called her and discovered that she was at home, pretending to have gone to collect a package. Her father quickly covered for her. Chen Bida didn't want to bother with this and went straight to the point when he entered her home. He wanted to reject her feelings for him, but surprisingly, she rejected him first. She explained that she didn't like him and had mistaken her curiosity for affection. With the misunderstanding cleared, Chen Bida suggested that Jian Yangyang tell Jiang Yu to seek his forgiveness. However, she refused and told him to apologize himself. Chen Bida was confident that his relationship with Jiang Yu was far better than Chen An's and believed that Jiang Yu would forgive him. Jian Yangyang dismissed this and mentioned their good relationship with Chen An in middle school, which still ended up broken. Curious about the cause, Chen Bida learned that it was related to the innovation contest.

In the end, Chen Bida took away the little invention that Jiang Yu had given to Jian Yangyang and came up with an idea to resolve their issue. He then called Director Pan in his original identity and requested an additional slot for Class 15 in the innovation contest. Although Director Pan was reluctant, he eventually agreed. The next day during the break, the announcement about the additional slot for Class 15 was made. Jiang Yu and his classmates watched the live broadcast in the restroom. Chen Bida came looking for Jiang Yu, who immediately hid in a stall when he saw him. Chen Bida didn't notice him and asked a classmate to tell Jiang Yu that Jian Yangyang was waiting for him on the rooftop to discuss something important.

After Chen Bida left, Jiang Yu quickly rushed to the rooftop. There, he found only Chen Bida. Chen Bida explained that he had already cleared things up with Jian Yangyang and invited Jiang Yu to join the innovation contest together. Jiang Yu declined, and Chen Bida resorted to provoking him, saying that Jiang Yu was only interested in technology temporarily. Jiang Yu explained that he loved technology because it allowed him to communicate with his father, but he didn't want to talk too much and still firmly refused to participate in the contest. Back at home, Chen Bida asked Gao Shu how he didn't find his useless son intolerable. From Gao Shu's response, he seemed to understand the father-son relationship a bit better.

While playing games together, Jiang Xiaoli sensed her son's bad mood and asked him about it. Jiang Yu mentioned the innovation contest, and Jiang Xiaoli advised him to work hard for his dreams. Chen Bida sought advice from Gao Shu on how to solve his father-son problem. Gao Shu shared some of his own experiences when he had conflicts with Gao Wenming and expressed his support for Gao Wenming's dream. Later, Chen Bida, as Gao Wenming, stayed up all night to help Jiang Yu improve the voice dialogue program. He invited Jiang Yu to meet him at the lighthouse in the afternoon. However, Jiang Yu didn't seem to care much about the invitation and went to buy shoes with Jiang Xiaoli instead. Chen Bida waited by the lake on his own.

In the evening, Jiang Yu arrived at the lakeside, thinking that Chen Bida had already left. Then, a video was projected onto the lighthouse, showing a scene from their middle school days in the laboratory with Chen An and Jian Yangyang. Jiang Yu watched nostalgically, and Chen Bida also walked out and stood beside him. He brought out the improved voice dialogue system, and although Jiang Yu was moved, he still refused to participate in the innovation contest. Chen Bida tried to persuade him, using the voice of Jiang Yu's father (which was himself), telling him not to disappoint his father. Jiang Yu held the voice dialogue device and looked at the application form thoughtfully.

Chen Bida went to Jiang Yu's home to discuss their innovation contest plan. He showed Jiang Yu the plan he had made on his computer, but Jiang Yu couldn't understand the simplified version. Chen Bida confidently stated that all the knowledge was in his head. After a while, Jiang Xiaoli returned and reminded Jiang Yu that their basketball game was about to start. Jiang Yu quickly turned on the TV, and they saw news about Bida BioTech on the screen. Chen Bida took the opportunity to persuade Jiang Yu to learn from him, but Jiang Yu expressed his disdain, saying that Bida BioTech was almost sold, and he couldn't follow someone who would sell their company for money. He turned off the TV and stated that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, dedicating himself to science for his ideals. Jiang Xiaoli watched Jiang Yu speak and couldn't help but think about how Chen Bida had researched data memory for her mother, feeling gratified.

Jiang Xiaoli mentioned that she had to go out at noon for a while. As she was dressing up, Jiang Yu noticed that something was off and asked her where she was going. Jiang Xiaoli replied that she was going on a blind date. Chen Bida was shocked and yelled that she couldn't go. Jiang Xiaoli was surprised, but Chen Bida quickly came up with a cover story. Jiang Xiaoli insisted on going, and as a result, both Jiang Yu and Chen Bida lost interest in the innovation contest and decided to postpone it to another day. Chen Bida followed Jiang Xiaoli to the restaurant where she was going on a blind date. He sneaked into the staff area and planned to take an employee's clothes to disguise himself. Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu had the same idea, and they bumped into each other. Chen Bida lied to Jiang Yu, saying that he was working part-time to support his studies. He learned that Jiang Yu was dissatisfied with Jiang Xiaoli's blind date partner and, at Jiang Yu's request, decided to sabotage the date for Jiang Yu's sake and also out of his own inner conflict.

Both Jiang Yu and Chen Bida dressed up as waiters and eavesdropped on Jiang Xiaoli's conversation with her date from a distance. Chen Bida saw the two of them chatting and remembered how he had prevented others from getting too close to Jiang Xiaoli during their university days. The person on the blind date turned out to be the same person he had warned against. Jiang Yu and Chen Bida decided that Chen Bida would act as a waiter and "accidentally" spill water on the blind date partner, then take him to the restroom to tidy up. They even switched the restroom signs to mislead him to the women's restroom, where he was caught by women inside. Although it was a misunderstanding, the date was completely disrupted. Watching Jiang Xiaoli leave with her date, Chen Bida and Jiang Yu restored the restroom signs and found a picture on the ground. Jiang Yu discovered that his father was connected to Chen Bida, so he immediately went to Bida BioTech to demand to see Chen Bida. However, he was kicked out by the security guard for not having an appointment and being disruptive.

Chen Bida accompanied Jiang Yu to the basketball court to vent his frustration. Jiang Yu asked why Chen Bida was so unfit to be a good father. He believed that Chen Bida only cared about his company and would even sacrifice it for money. Jiang Yu recalled the numerous hardships he and his mother had faced due to Chen Bida's negligence over the years. The real Chen Bida listened to Jiang Yu's complaints nearby and felt bitter and angry at himself, thinking that he was indeed worthless. Jiang Yu stopped him from self-hating and said only he had the right to criticize him, and no one else. Chen Bida felt even sadder hearing this. In the evening, Jiang Yu asked Jiang Xiaoli about his father. Although she tried to deceive him by saying his father had passed away, Jiang Yu interrupted her and directly asked why she liked his father. Jiang Xiaoli told him their first meeting story, but Jiang Yu relentlessly pressed her to reveal how his father had died, listing various causes of death. Jiang Xiaoli interrupted and said that his father's greatest achievement was bringing Jiang Yu into the world. Jiang Yu realized that he had hurt his mother but chose not to share the truth and sadly retreated to bed, refusing to communicate further.

Chen Bida returned home and saw how dedicated Gao Shu was to Gao Wenming, feeling moved and ashamed, and gaining some insights. The next day, because the innovation contest was hosted by Chen Bida's company, Jiang Yu no longer wanted to participate. Chen Bida persuaded him to decide after meeting face-to-face with the real Bida and then announced that Chen Bida would make a public appearance at the innovation contest finals. After Chen Bida's persuasion, Jiang Yu decided to participate in the contest after all. They went to Class 1 to find Chen An and two others to form a team but ran into Chen An, who already had four team members and couldn't accept them. Chen Bida comforted Jiang Yu, who then said that he already had someone in mind to be his team member.


  • 2023-07-25 09:50:08

    Who's Your Daddy? is very enjoyable to watch

    The young actors' performances are all quite impressive, and the plot is also very interesting. It's very enjoyable to watch.

    No money, no power, and no fame, but he has a sincere heart and the courage to be himself! That's what Who's Your Daddy? is all about. It made me both cry and laugh.

    Every character is equally captivating. It's been so long since I've seen a show that is so genuine and respects the audience so much.

  • 2023-07-23 16:36:10

    This drama has its own charm

    This drama has its own charm; the more you watch it, the more you want to watch it. Based on this, I feel that the drama should be very successful.

    In "Who's Your Daddy?" the male lead is a successful person who travels back to a high school student's body.

    Amid a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere, it depicts the relationship between Chinese fathers and sons in their ordinary state, which feels so authentic. This is the greatest value of the drama.

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