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Wanru’s Journey – Ao Ruipeng, Aaron Deng, Zong Yuanyuan

Wanru’s Journey is a historical romantic web drama directed by Mai Yonglin, starring Ao Ruipeng, Deng Chaoyuan, and Zong Yuanyuan.


Wanru's Journey

English Title: Wanru's Journey
Chinese Title: 少年江湖
Genre: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Mai Yonglin
Writer: Zuo Zhaoyang
Released Date: 2023-05-26
Boradcast Website: iQIYI, NewTV热播剧场 Hit Drama



The heroine, Xiao Ru, is a young girl who knows only a few martial arts skills, is a quirky, poor, adorable, and weak girl who is deceitful and greedy for money on the surface, but is kind-hearted on the inside. She suddenly becomes a foolish young lady, Murong Shuwan, who is bullied.

After meeting the man she loves, Muyong Chong, she is forced to get involved in the conflicts of the jianghu, and also meets Fu Hong, who thinks he has been betrayed and has become hateful because of love.

As they struggle to survive the various intrigues of the jianghu, Murong Chong, Shuwan and Fu Hong become more and more at odds with each other.

While enjoying glory and power, the three of them are also burdened with pressure and responsibility, growing up in the midst of unfamiliar adversity, becoming brave and strong for love and working hard for it, and eventually joining hands to make their way through the jianghu together.

Episode Plot

Jianghu swindler Xiao Ru was selling fake “Shan Hai Jing” in a teahouse and was chased by the customers. He accidentally entered the room of Murong Chong, the second young master of the Murong family, and was mistaken for an assassin. Xiao Ru seized the opportunity to escape. Later, while trying to create a fake accident, Xiao Ru coincidentally collided with a carriage belonging to Lady Su, the mother of Murong Chong, and was captured by her. Lady Su insisted that Xiao Ru was her illegitimate and foolish daughter, Murong Zhuwan, and imprisoned Xiao Ru. Xiao Ru attempted to escape and entered the forbidden area of Shengyue Mountain, where she witnessed Murong Chong and the real Murong Zhuwan undergoing a “blood exchange.” At that moment, a group of assassins appeared, and Xiao Ru took the chance to save Murong Chong. Xiao Ru searched Murong Chong’s clothes and planned to take his twin jade pendant, but suddenly Murong Chong woke up.

Murong Chong recognized Xiao Ru as the “assassin” from that day and was about to question him when Murong Wei, the eldest son of the Shengyue Mountain family, arrived with a group of people to the forbidden area. He recognized Zhuwan and Xiao Ru had no choice but to play dumb as part of a scheme. Lady Su captured Xiao Ru and coerced her into impersonating Murong Zhuwan, claiming to know Xiao Ru’s true identity. Xiao Ru had to stay temporarily. Murong Wei, seeing that Murong Chong’s blood curse had been lifted and that he was now with the illegitimate Zhuwan, grew suspicious. Murong Chong and Zhuwan went to Shengyue Academy to study, and to avoid arousing suspicion, Lady Su instructed Murong Chong to protect Zhuwan. Murong Wei had a secret meeting with people from Jian’an City in the bamboo forest, and Murong Chong suspected there was a spy among them, speculating that Zhuwan wouldn’t act in such a manner.

Murong Chong and Murong Zhuwan arrived at Shengyue Academy, where Zhuwan was harassed by Murong Qing. In response, she casually took the belongings of Murong Qing and his group and intentionally dropped them off a cliff. Below the cliff, Zhuwan encountered Fu Hong, who was practicing in a cave. Fu Hong was Zhuwan’s fiancé and was amazed by her transformation. Fu Hong rescued Zhuwan and brought her up. Under the pressure from Murong Chong and Fu Hong, Murong Qing reluctantly apologized but held resentment towards Zhuwan. Zhuwan showcased her painting skills, catching the attention of Murong Bao. To conceal her identity, she claimed to have “intermittent mental instability.” One of Zhuwan’s subordinates, Meng Tang, informed Fu Hong that his mother’s death was related to the Murong family. Fu Hong sneaked into the Murong residence at night and found the twin jade pendants that had been left behind.

The subordinate reported to Lady Su that they had not found out where the master hid the “Shan Hai Jing.” Furthermore, someone had infiltrated the Murong residence at the academy, causing Lady Su to worry about Murong Chong’s safety. Zhuwan and Murong Chong chose their respective mentors. Zhuwan noticed that both Murong Bao and Fu Hong were under the guidance of Master Sheng and wanted to choose him as well. Murong Chong also selected Master Sheng as his mentor. Zhuwan frequently appeared by Fu Hong’s side, which greatly displeased Murong Chong. Xie Yi, in order to treat his nephew Xie Ming, was determined to obtain the Murong family’s “Shan Hai Jing” and planned to make a move during Murong Chong’s birthday banquet. During the banquet, everyone presented their gifts one by one, and in the end, Zhuwan said she wanted to give Murong Chong a gift he had never seen before.

Zhuwan presented a gift, a birthday cake, which no one had seen before. After tasting it, Murong Chong found it delicious. Meanwhile, a group of masked individuals infiltrated Shengyue Mountain, and someone hidden in the shadows observed them. The dancer poured powder into Fu Hong’s cup, while Murong Wei offered a toast to Fu Hong. Zhuwan, in a crazed state, grabbed the cup and poured the wine into Murong Wei’s mouth. Zhuwan sat in the courtyard, celebrating her own birthday. Fu Hong asked why she knew the wine was poisoned, but Zhuwan pretended to be clueless. Fu Hong set off fireworks to celebrate Murong Chong’s birthday, leaving him deeply moved. A subordinate reported that Zhuwan’s behavior seemed suspicious, leading Fu Hong to suspect her true identity.

Murong Wei investigated Zhuwan’s true identity and planned to get rid of her. Murong Bao came to see Zhuwan with money in hand. Zhuwan was delighted to learn that the book she had written containing conversations between Murong Chong and Fu Hong had sold for a good price. The midwife who had delivered Zhuwan claimed that it was the Murong family who had caused the death of Fu Hong’s mother. However, shortly after leaving, the midwife died by Murong’s swordplay, leaving Fu Hong with mixed feelings. Murong Chong discovered the book and, together with Fu Hong, asked Zhuwan to write a “final chapter.” Zhuwan discovered that the purse given to her by Lady Su and the one left by her mother had matching embroidery, and the two items could be fitted together. Zhuwan’s various actions no longer made Murong Chong suspect any connection between her and Jian’an City.

Murong Chong, fearing that Zhuwan would cause trouble, had her study with him and prevented her from getting close to Fu Hong, leaving Zhuwan extremely helpless. Zhuwan collected many of Murong Chong’s personal belongings and sold them in the city. She discovered someone selling the Twin Jade Pendants and immediately bought them. Murong Chong confronted Zhuwan and Zhang Shi, and at a glance, Zhang Shi recognized that Zhuwan was an impostor. Helpless, Zhuwan had to reveal her deal with Lady Su. Upon learning this, Murong Chong was devastated, realizing that his own life was exchanged for that of his biological sister. Zhuwan learned from an old servant that clues related to her identity were hidden in the study. Taking advantage of the cover of darkness, Zhuwan searched for the study but ended up mistakenly entering Murong Chong’s bathroom.

Zhuwan accidentally fell into Murong Chong’s bathtub, leaving Murong Chong furious. Murong Chong noticed that Zhuwan had Fu Hong’s Twin Jade Pendants and demanded that she return them, but Zhuwan refused. Fu Sou visited the Murong family and brought gifts to express gratitude for their care of Fu Hong. Fu Sou mentioned the marriage between Fu Hong and Zhuwan, but Lady Su intentionally delayed the matter. The survival drill was about to begin, and Murong Chong and Fu Hong studied the map, believing that the leader must be between the two of them. Fu Hong was worried about Zhuwan, but Murong Chong said she could protect herself.

The survival drill begins, and Fu Hong suggests teaming up with Zhuwan, but she politely refuses, sparking his anger. Zhuwan and Murong Bao encounter assassins, and Zhuwan ignites the Thunderfire, causing the assailants to be blown away. Upon hearing the Thunderfire, Fu Hong and Murong Chong quickly rush towards Zhuwan. Fu Hong, Murong Chong, and Zhuwan fight desperately, with Fu Hong staying behind to cover their escape while Murong Chong takes Zhuwan away. As they race through the forest, Murong Chong is struck in the right chest by a sword, and both of them accidentally fall into a secret realm. In a cave, they discover a secret manual, and Murong Chong uses it to heal his injury. Zhuwan witnesses Murong Chong risking his life to save her and becomes even more attentive to his well-being. They find the cave entrance and decide to blast it open using the Thunderfire.

Murong Zhuwan, in her room, reminisces about the moments spent with Murong Chong, feeling her heart race uncontrollably. However, she attributes it to nervousness and refuses to believe that she has developed feelings for Murong Chong. The Dark Blade, after failing this time, plans to eliminate Murong Chong and Fu Hong. Murong Chong remembers the “Mountain and Sea Secret Manual” inscribed on the jade silk, secretly practicing the Divine Skills of the Mountain and Sea and realizing the adverse effects of the backlash. Murong Zhu, finally emerging from seclusion, finds everyone prepared to welcome him. However, Murong Qing steps forward to point out that Murong Zhuwan is an imposter. Murong Zhu firmly believes in Zhuwan’s identity and tells her that as long as she has talent, she can cultivate the “Mountain and Sea Secret Manual.”

Murong Zhuwan is greatly favored by Murong Zhu, who buys her various precious jewelry, making her very happy. Murong Chong continues to secretly practice the Divine Skills of the Mountain and Sea, but suffers from the backlash. In the old ancestral library, Murong Zhuwan discovers the Zhou family’s records and learns that her biological mother married into Jian’an City. However, there has been no news from the Zhou family since then. Murong Zhuwan plans to seize the opportunity to visit Jian’an City and search for clues about her origins. Murong Chong also finds out that Zhuwan may be connected to the assassin organization, Xianruo Ge. Zhuwan becomes immersed in Murong Zhu’s favor and expresses her reluctance to leave. This makes Murong Chong jealous, believing that Zhuwan only sees him as a younger brother.

Murong Chong’s subordinates captured Murong Wei’s assassin, and Zhuwan used clever tactics to make the assassin confess. It was revealed that Murong Chong’s Gu poison came from the descendants of the Western Yi tribe. Fu Hong and Murong Zhu secretly competed and became jealous, vying to buy many gifts for Zhuwan and comparing whose gifts were better. In the end, Zhuwan graciously accepted all the gifts, treated everyone generously, and happily got drunk. Murong Chong escorted Zhuwan back to her room but was unexpectedly kissed by Zhuwan. The next day, Murong Chong went to see Zhuwan, but she denied the kiss ever happened. Murong Chong saved Fu Hong’s younger sister, Fu Yao, and Fu Yao asked Zhuwan for help in pursuing Murong Chong. Zhuwan deliberately agreed to Fu Yao’s request, making Murong Chong angry and causing him to leave. When Zhuwan returned to her room, Murong Chong confronted her and pressed her about her feelings for him.

Murong Chong pressured Zhuwan for an answer, but she told him they couldn’t be together. Xie Ming approached Murong Zhu and revealed the unjust situation of Xie’s family being exterminated by the Mountain and Sea Divine Art. Murong Chong, Fu Hong, Zhuwan, and Xie Ming, among others, went to Xiangzhou to investigate the tragic incident of the Xie family’s extermination. Murong Zhu experienced another bout of coughing up blood at home, and the situation worsened. Murong Zhu confessed to Su Shi that he had practiced the Mountain and Sea Divine Art and destroyed the “Secret Manuscript of the Mountains and Seas” to prevent future generations from practicing the art and suffering backlash. Upon receiving news of Murong Zhu’s critical condition, Murong Chong and the others hurried back to Shengyue Mountain. At Murong Zhu’s funeral, Murong Yu forced Su Shi to pass on the position of martial arts leader to him. Su Huai and other members of the Su family arrived at the scene.

At the memorial hall, Su Huai and the others supported Murong Chong in assuming the position of martial arts leader. The newly appointed leader of the martial arts world needed to face challenges from various factions, and only the victor would qualify to be the martial arts leader. Murong Yu intended to take the opportunity to have someone kill Murong Chong. Zhuwan took the key that Murong Zhu secretly gave her before his death and went to the old mansion’s book collection room. She opened the wooden box in the secret room, only to find that it contained half of Shengyue Mountain’s properties. It was the dowry that Murong Zhu left for her. Zhuwan’s eyes welled up with tears in an instant. After leaving, Zhuwan encountered Fu Hong, who said he didn’t care about her true identity. The two of them traveled together. Upon learning that Murong Zhuwan had left without saying goodbye, Murong Chong felt deeply hurt.

Upon learning that Zhuwan had visited Murong’s old mansion before leaving, the Su family found that the old housekeeper remained tight-lipped about it. Outside the official road of Shengyue Mountain, Fu Hong took Zhuwan to evade the attacks of the black-clad individuals. The two disguised themselves as beggars and blended in with the crowd of refugees, eventually entering Hancheng. Murong Yu gathered a group of people to pressure Murong Chong into giving up his position as the martial arts leader and accept challenges from the martial arts community. On the arena of Murong Mansion, representatives from various sects gathered together. Murong Chong fought against an evil martial artist and got injured. Despite his physical discomfort, Murong Chong remained valiant and skilled on the stage. Zhuwan and Fu Hong fled along the way but were once again pursued and caught up with.

On the arena, Murong Chong continued to engage in battles and unintentionally revealed the prowess of the Mountain and Sea Divine Art. Xie Ming mistakenly believed that Murong Chong was the evil culprit who annihilated the Xie family. No one dared to challenge Murong Chong again, and he successfully assumed the position of the leader. Murong Yu accused Murong Chong of being the evil culprit and rallied the martial arts community to prepare for an attack on the Murong family. Zhuwan and Fu Hong encountered an ambush by the black-clad individuals. Fu Hong accidentally fell off a cliff, while Zhuwan was captured by the black-clad individuals. Upon learning that Zhuwan was captured and Fu Hong fell off the cliff, Murong Chong immediately set off for Jian’an City. On the execution ground, Zhuwan was about to be beheaded as a public spectacle.

Upon learning that Zhuwan was about to be beheaded, Fu Hong immediately rushed over. At the same time, Murong Chong also received the news and together they rescued Zhuwan. Murong Chong hoped that Zhuwan would return to Shengyue Mountain with him, but Zhuwan solemnly rejected Murong Chong’s confession. As Murong Chong was preparing to leave the Fu family, he discovered that he had been falsely accused of being an evil culprit. The various factions besieged Shengyue Mountain, and Zhuwan decided to return to Shengyue Mountain with Murong Chong. On their way back to the city, Zhuwan and Murong Chong were attacked by Murong Wei. Murong Chong suffered severe injuries from the backlash, and Zhuwan took him to Jiuzhu Mountain to seek refuge. Zhuwan’s subordinates handed a final letter from Fu Wen to Fu Hong, confirming that the deaths of his mother and father were caused by the Murong family. Filled with even greater resentment, Fu Hong was determined to seek revenge.

Zhuwan found a way to treat Murong Chong’s internal injuries on Jiuzhu Mountain, which was to cultivate the Shanhai Divine Art. Murong Chong had a fragment of the “Secret Scroll of Shanhai” in his hand, while Zhuwan possessed the other half left by Murong Zhu. Murong Chong cultivated the Shanhai Divine Art on Jiuzhu Mountain, gradually recovering his strength. However, after they descended from the mountain, they were pursued by the Fu household. Zhuwan protected Murong Chong and allowed him to escape. Fu Hong told Zhuwan that once Murong Chong faced his fate, Fu Hong would become the martial arts alliance leader. The group stormed Shengyue Mountain, where Su Shi led Xie Ming and others into a stone chamber and triggered an explosion, sacrificing herself to save Murong Chong. Murong Chong witnessed Su Shi’s tragic death and was emotionally devastated. Zhuwan carried the injured Murong Chong through the snowy terrain, making their way to Jiuzhu Mountain.

Murong Qing asked Fu Sou to fulfill his promise of marrying her into the Fu family. It turned out that Murong Qing had been using incense to control Murong Chong’s inner power. Murong Wei silenced Murong Qing to keep her from revealing the truth. Fu Yao helped Zhuwan and Murong Chong escape. Zhuwan transferred her own inner power to Murong Chong, disregarding her own safety. Murong Chong was deeply moved by her selflessness. Fu Yao, along with Xi Feng and Xi Mei, met up with Zhuwan and Murong Chong, but they were suddenly attacked. Fu Yao and the Xi siblings protected the two, allowing Murong Zhuwan and Murong Chong to escape. They suspected the presence of a traitor among them.

Murong Zhuwan and Murong Chong suspected the presence of a traitor but were unaware of who it was. It turned out to be Xi You, who was collaborating with Fu Sou for the sake of Murong Wei. Murong Chong went mad while practicing his sword skills to restore his inner power, and Zhuwan felt sorry for him. She comforted him and expressed their shared goal of rebuilding the Murong family. Fu Sou tied up Murong Bao at the execution ground and subjected him to daily whippings. Zhuwan, alone, went to rescue Murong Bao. Su Yueying revealed the fake address where Murong Chong was hiding, resulting in the death of Murong Bao. Murong Chong arrived, and Fu Sou took advantage of the situation to threaten him with Zhuwan’s life. Murong Chong was captured. He was imprisoned in the Fu family dungeon and subjected to torture for a confession, while Zhuwan was also imprisoned. Fu Hong used Murong Chong’s capture as leverage to force Zhuwan into marrying him, and reluctantly, Zhuwan agreed.

Fu Sou informed the martial arts community that he had found Murong Wei. Murong Wei falsely accused Murong Chong of practicing demonic techniques to absorb others’ inner power and made it clear that they were enemies. Fu Hong and Zhuwan had a grand wedding ceremony, but then a guard came to report that Murong Chong had escaped. Su Yueying, holding a dagger, stabbed Zhuwan in the abdomen, but it was revealed that it was actually Murong Yao who had taken Zhuwan’s place. Murong Chong met with Fu Hong, and he had already known that Fu Hong was pretending to ally with Fu Sou. Fu Sou couldn’t find Murong Yao, and Fu Hong claimed to be taking her for treatment, but in reality, he was protecting her.

Murong Chong took care of Fu Yao and went out to buy medicine but encountered an assassination attempt on Fu Hong. It turned out that the Su family falsely accused Fu Hong of killing their sect leader. Zhuwan fetched some medicine and blamed Murong Chong and Fu Hong for presuming to harm Fu Yao. Murong Wei apologized in front of Xi You’s grave and made up his mind to kill Murong Chong for her revenge. Murong Zhu appeared, surprising Murong Wei as he thought she was dead. Murong Zhu deceived Murong Wei, further fueling his desire to continue pursuing and killing Murong Chong. Zhuwan investigated her origins in the Zhou family in Jian’an City. Zhou Bo presented her with a purse identical to hers, claiming it was left by her mother. Zhuwan took out the items from the purse, which unexpectedly formed a unique key. She suddenly remembered the exquisite wooden box at home and had a sudden realization.

Fu Yao’s health has greatly improved and she insisted on going out to play with Xi Feng. Fu Hong was burdened with heavy thoughts, as he had already made up his mind to sacrifice himself to help Murong Chong cultivate divine skills. Fu Hong transmitted his skills to Murong Chong, but during the transmission, Murong Chong was shocked to discover that Fu Hong intended to transfer all his inner energy to him. Overwhelmed, Murong Chong forcibly interrupted the process, causing severe injuries to Fu Hong. Meanwhile, Murong Wei had already initiated a mountain search operation, with two teams surrounding them from both sides, creating a grand momentum. Zhuwan transferred her inner energy to Murong Chong and Fu Hong, but due to exhaustion, she fainted. Murong Chong and Fu Hong instructed Xi Feng to take Zhuwan and Fu Yao away, while they prepared for the upcoming battle.

Murong Chong instructed Xi Feng to protect Fu Hong and Zhuwan, fully determined to sacrifice himself, and Fu Hong had the same intention. Fu Sui, Murong Wei, and the forces of Su Clan and various martial arts factions gathered at Jiuzu Mountain. Murong Chong and Fu Hong led their respective former subordinates, exposing the numerous crimes committed by Fu Sui and Murong Wei. Everyone fought fiercely together. Suddenly, Murong Zhu appeared in the midst of the chaos, intending to absorb the inner energy of Murong Chong and Fu Hong. In a critical moment, Zhuwan’s inner power erupted, and the three of them together killed Murong Zhu. Finally, everything came to an end. Murong Chong and Fu Hong asked Zhuwan if she had found the mystery of her identity. However, Zhuwan said that she and they were not from the same world. It turned out that she was actually…

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