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True False Love – Ai Chen, Yuan Chuanhang

True False Love is an urban family drama directed by Chen Chuan and Luo Peng, starring Ai Chen, Yuan Chuanhang, Wang Wanting and Wen Liang.


True False Love

English Title: True False Love
Chinese Title: 真情假爱
Genre: Family, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 24
Duration: 4 min.
Director: Chen Chuan, Luo Peng
Writer: Chen Chuan, Tan Ying
Producer: Li Jianqiu Zhong Zhe
Released Date: 2023-11-10
Broadcast Website: 优酷



Housewife Wang Pingguo suspected her husband of cheating but could never find evidence. Little did she know, her sister Wang Meimei was the one having an illicit relationship with Chen Chao behind her back.

Chen Chao, dissatisfied with Wang Pingguo's inability to conceive, Wang Meimei took the opportunity to destroy Wang Pingguo's marriage. Wang Meimei deliberately framed Wang Pingguo for cheating with their neighbor You Yuan and, claiming to be pregnant with Chen Chao's child, encouraged him to divorce Wang Pingguo.

Together, they planned to take away the property that Wang Pingguo's mother left her. Eventually, they even joined forces to push her off a cliff.

Several months later, Wang Meimei and Chen Chao got married. At this point, a woman named Qiu Xiaoyun appeared in their lives, and she was none other than the returned and revenge-seeking Wang Pingguo.


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