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The Lady and the Lies – Hu Wei, Feng Xiyao

The Lady and the Lies is a Suspense drama directed by Zhou Qiuqin, starring Hu Wei, Feng Xiyao, Zhao Xixi, and Yu Yifu.


The Lady and the Lies

English Title: The Lady and the Lies
Chinese Title: 她与谎言
Genre: Suspense, Drama, Family
Tag: Revenge, Fraud, Extramarital Affair, Infidelity, Miscarriage, Domestic Abuse
Episodes: 20
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Zhou Jiuqin
Writer: Feng Shi
Producer: Chen Cheng
Released Date: 2023-06-12
Broadcast Website: Youku,



Successful career woman Zheng Xueer has achieved great success but has never had plans to get married.

However, when her mother falls seriously ill, Zheng Xueer decides to lower her standards for choosing a partner in order to give her mother peace of mind and quickly find an honest and stable person to marry and have children with.

Through the introduction of her best friend, Mili, she meets Song Haotian and they have a flash marriage. Soon after, Zheng Xueer's mother passes away, leaving Zheng Xueer alone and relying on her small family for happiness.

After marriage, due to health reasons, Zheng Xueer is unable to conceive, which greatly displeases her mother-in-law. Zheng Xueer finally succeeds in getting pregnant through IVF (in vitro fertilization), but her mother-in-law's attitude towards her remains unchanged.

Her husband, Song Haotian, is a mama's boy who, although he pleases Zheng Xueer to her face, does not truly cherish his wife. Outside their marriage, Song Haotian engages in extramarital affairs with Zheng Xueer's friend, Mili, and together they plan to seize Zheng Xueer's assets.

Sharp-witted Zheng Xueer senses something is amiss with her husband and secretly investigates, uncovering his affair and plans.

At first, Zheng Xueer feels disheartened and only intends to separate amicably, but when she discovers that her mother's death is also related to her husband, Song Haotian, a fire of revenge ignites within her, and she begins her plan for revenge.


Song Haotian is the proprietor of a photography studio. Hearing that the renowned editor-in-chief Bai Jie has arrived, he quickly goes over to strike up a conversation, mentioning that he previously submitted a manuscript to the magazine where Bai Jie works. However, Bai Jie has no recollection of him and completely ignores him. Song Haotian reluctantly hands over his business card, and although Bai Jie takes it, he spits out the chewing gum in his mouth onto the card. This infuriates Song Haotian, but he doesn't dare to confront Bai Jie. And it doesn't end there - Bai Jie actually folds the card with the chewed gum and hands it back to Song Haotian. Song Haotian feels like his face has been rubbed against the ground, feeling extremely embarrassed. At this moment, Zheng Xueer arrives, and Bai Jie immediately approaches her warmly. Unexpectedly, Zheng Xueer is holding Song Haotian's hand and claims that he is her husband. Bai Jie quickly takes back the previous business card, sticking the chewed gum onto his own clothes as a gesture of apology. However, Zheng Xueer doesn't give him any face and directly ridicules him, saying that Bai Jie is unworthy of the suit he's wearing.

Song Haotian's dignity is saved by Zheng Xueer, so he passionately kisses her and invites her to go home together for dinner. Zheng Xueer discovers a strange taste in her soup and asks her mother-in-law what she added to it. Initially, her mother-in-law firmly denies it, but when Song Haotian also tastes it, she admits that it's a secret ingredient for having a son - pigeon droppings with red eyes. Upon hearing this, both Zheng Xueer and Song Haotian immediately start vomiting, truly disgusted beyond measure.

Zheng Xueer asks Mi Lili to help deliver a lens to Song Haotian, but Mi Lili accidentally discovers Song Haotian's affair and is seduced by him instead of Zheng Haotian.

Today is the day for the prenatal check-up, but Song Haotian didn't pay any attention to it at all. Instead, he had a passionate encounter with Mi Lili and, at her request, brought her home for an affair. Zheng Xueer has been pregnant for a while, and Song Haotian has been holding back for a long time. Mi Lili eagerly responds to his advances, allowing Song Haotian to indulge himself.

Zheng Xueer has been calling Song Haotian, but he is too busy enjoying his time with Mi Lili, so he doesn't answer the calls. As a result, Zheng Xueer feels disappointed and goes to the hospital alone. Coincidentally, she runs into her old classmate, Zhang Chi, who is at the hospital to pick up medicine for his father. Seeing Zheng Xueer alone, Zhang Chi offers to accompany her. The sight of the two of them together is noticed by a friend of Song Haotian's mother, who takes a photo and shares it in a dance group. Zheng Xueer is completely unaware of these events. After the prenatal check-up, she refuses Zhang Chi's offer to drive her home and drives back herself. She tries calling Song Haotian while driving, but there is no answer.

In the garage, Zheng Xueer sees Song Haotian's car parked there, which raises suspicions in her mind. When she sees Mi Lili's jacket discarded on the couch, her suspicions grow even stronger. She goes up the stairs and decides to walk straight into the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, she notices that the bed is neatly made but there is a different smell in the air. Zheng Xueer vaguely remembers that Mi Lili had her hair tied in a ponytail today, but now she sees that Mi Lili has let her hair down at home. With a farewell hug, Zheng Xueer confirms that Mi Lili has been in her bedroom.

When the mother-in-law returned, she immediately started accusing Zheng Xueer of being together with another man, accusing her of cuckolding Song Haotian. Zheng Xueer was furious and told her mother-in-law not to stay in their house. However, Song Haotian felt that he was the one who brought his mother to live with them, and sending her back would make the neighbors laugh at them. He hoped to use this as leverage to make Zheng Xueer back down. But Zheng Xueer had had enough and insisted that Song Haotian send his mother away. Song Haotian still wanted to get money from Zheng Xueer and could only be obedient.

On the sofa in the room, Zheng Xueer found a rubber band with a golden hair wrapped around it. Zheng Xueer remembered that Mi Lili had just done her hair a couple of days ago, and in the morning when she saw her, she clearly had her hair tied up. Zheng Xueer directed her suspicious gaze towards Mi Lili.

The next day, Zheng Xueer lied and claimed that she wasn't feeling well and needed to rest at home. As expected, Mi Lili went on a date with Song Haotian. Shortly after Mi Lili left the company, someone reported the news to Zheng Xueer. Song Haotian quickly made an excuse and also left the house. Before leaving, he reminded Zheng Xueer to take good care of her health. Knowing that Zheng Xueer wouldn't be going out today, he felt even more at ease and boldly went to the hotel to meet Mi Lili.

Zheng Xueer followed closely behind Song Haotian and watched him enter the elevator. The elevator stopped on the 12th floor, so she followed suit and went up as well. In order to confirm which room it was, Zheng Xueer deliberately made a phone call to determine the direction based on the ringing sound. Then, taking him by surprise, she knocked on Song Haotian's hotel room door, leaving him astonished.

Zheng Xueer saw Song Haotian open the door and rushed inside without hesitation. However, the person inside was not Mi Lili, but her mother-in-law, who was sitting on the bed cracking melon seeds. The mother-in-law took the initiative, thinking that Zheng Xueer was trying to save money by staying in a hotel and wanted to send her back to the old house. She deliberately acted as if she was about to leave. Song Haotian took the opportunity to say that the old house was covered in spider webs and was uninhabitable. He mentioned that his mother was already staying in a hotel, asking Zheng Xueer to calm down. Zheng Xueer realized she had misunderstood and quickly apologized. However, Song Haotian took this chance to turn the tables on Zheng Xueer, blaming her for doubting him.

Zheng Xueer said there was a meeting at the company and she needed to hurry back. Song Haotian took the opportunity to criticize Zheng Xueer for always prioritizing work and neglecting everything else. Zheng Xueer went downstairs and planned to pay for room 1209, but she unexpectedly found out that it was a long-term rental room and had been rented for almost a year. This made Zheng Xueer realize that things were not as simple as they seemed. She called Xiao Wang and asked her to call Mi Lili back to the company for the meeting.

After a while, Mi Lili and Song Haotian walked out of the hotel hand in hand. Zheng Xueer's suspicions were confirmed, and she couldn't help but breathe heavily in disbelief. The meeting began, and Zheng Xueer kept a serious expression, staring directly at Mi Lili. Mi Lili sensed something was wrong and secretly glanced at Zheng Xueer, her eyes filled with guilt. Out of anger, Zheng Xueer picked up a pair of scissors and charged towards Mi Lili.

Song Haotian made an appointment to have dinner with Boss Diao, who had many celebrity resources, hoping to establish a relationship and secure a never-ending stream of filming projects. Boss Diao specifically requested Zheng Xueer to accompany them, but Song Haotian disregarded Zheng Xueer's wishes and insisted that she join them, completely forgetting about her pregnancy. Zheng Xueer refused to drink alcohol, and Boss Diao believed that it was because Song Haotian was present that she couldn't relax. Song Haotian directly abandoned Zheng Xueer and left. Boss Diao took advantage of the situation, but Zheng Xueer couldn't stand his behavior. She splashed wine in his face and left in a huff.

Boss Diao didn't gain any advantage and ended up losing face. He blamed everything on Song Haotian and didn't give him a good face, no matter how much Song Haotian tried to apologize and make amends. Song Haotian's humble and submissive appearance happened to be captured by a woman, who found it amusing and took a photo.

Zheng Xueer told Zhang Chi about her intention to divorce. Zhang Chi advised her to think it through and first understand the financial situation at home. Zheng Xueer investigated and discovered that the family fund of four million had been withdrawn in small amounts by Song Haotian. She was furious. She remembered her mother's words before she passed away, urging her not to act impulsively. So she came up with an idea. As Zheng Xueer was pregnant, many people in the company knew about it, and they were all looking forward to her taking maternity leave so they could take her position. Zheng Xueer took the initiative to give this opportunity to Mi Lili, telling her that if she signed a major contract, she would be able to secure the position, and the owner of the contract happened to be Boss Diao.

When Boss Diao saw Mi Lili, he was filled with lustful thoughts. So he subtly hinted and urged Mi Lili to cooperate, making it clear that the contract would be hers. Mi Lili wanted Boss Diao to sign the contract, but how could Boss Diao agree when he hadn't gained any advantage? He planned to use force. Zheng Xueer seized the opportunity to record a video as a threat to make Boss Diao stop, or else she would release the video. Boss Diao was furious. After all, it was Mi Lili who brought the alcohol, and he hadn't succeeded yet, but now he was getting himself into trouble.

Zheng Xueer took Mi Lili and prepared to leave in the car, but Mi Lili was still fixated on the promotion and refused to give up easily. Ignoring Zheng Xueer's obstruction, she insisted on going back to find Boss Diao to sign the contract. She even asked Zheng Xueer to send her the video they had just recorded so she could use it as leverage against Boss Diao. After returning home, Zheng Xueer deliberately showed the video to Song Haotian, blaming him for allowing his wife to have dinner with someone like Boss Diao. Song Haotian superficially apologized to Zheng Xueer but secretly inquired about Mi Lili's situation. Upon learning that Mi Lili was fine, he felt relieved, and Zheng Xueer knew it well, quietly sneering in her heart.

The doorbell rang, and Song Haotian went to open the door, only to see the face he least wanted to see. The person immediately asked for money upon seeing Song Haotian. Song Haotian had already given a considerable amount and didn't have much money left. So he was only willing to give ten thousand yuan. The person wasn't satisfied and threatened Song Haotian, revealing that he knew about the lives Song Haotian had taken and threatened to tell Zheng Xueer. This scared Song Haotian, and he kept pushing the person out.

Zheng Xueer became suspicious when she saw Song Haotian going downstairs for a long time and having an argument with someone. She went downstairs to investigate. Song Haotian quickly pushed the shabby man at the door out and handed him fifty thousand yuan. This made the man particularly pleased, and he saw Song Haotian as a money tree.

Zheng Xueer's mother-in-law, Lao Li, was playing mahjong outside with some people. One of the players questioned whether Lao Li was pretending to be rich and claimed that Song Haotian was a big boss. Zhao Dazui had previously filmed a video of Song Haotian being beaten by Boss Diao. Seeing Lao Li mocking her son for living off her, she showed the video to everyone. However, Lao Li believed that the person in the video was definitely not her son; they just resembled each other. She insisted on taking her mahjong friends to see Song Haotian's studio.

This time, Song Haotian was shooting a female model. He kept capturing intimate parts of her body and even took advantage of her. Unexpectedly, a group of people suddenly burst in and asked the female model to get dressed. They saw the vulgar photos that Song Haotian had taken and decided to bind him like a model and take some inappropriate pictures of him. Lao Li and her mahjong friends happened to enter the scene and witnessed everything. Lao Li didn't intend to take the people away immediately to save Song Haotian's face. Instead, she took photos of those people and planned to report them to the police. The mahjong friends, excited by this big news, took out their phones and started recording, much to Song Haotian's embarrassment and anger.

Zheng Xueer's wealthy uncle passed away, and Song Haotian immediately became concerned about the inheritance. Upon learning that the uncle had given the house to the nanny, he became furious and his face turned grim.

Song Haotian learned that the house worth over thirty million yuan ended up in the hands of the nanny, and he felt extremely unwilling. He convinced Zheng Xueer to talk to the nanny and assured her that he would always support her. Zheng Xueer found Song Haotian's behavior repulsive, but she had to continue with the plan for the future. So she agreed to wait until her uncle's affairs were settled before talking to the nanny.

The will in the nanny's possession was genuine, but there was a tax of five million yuan on the inheritance, which the nanny couldn't afford to pay. Additionally, the nanny had made some underhanded moves behind the scenes. So without conducting any investigation, the nanny believed Zheng Xueer's words after seeing court officials visiting a few days ago. She realized that if she accepted the villa, she might end up with other debts. As a result, she promised to help Zheng Xueer as a favor in exchange for a benefit fee of five hundred thousand yuan.

Zheng Xueer informed Song Haotian that the nanny couldn't afford the inheritance tax and was willing to sell the villa to herself for five million yuan. She wanted to withdraw the four million yuan family fund and saw an opportunity to earn tens of millions through the villa. Song Haotian hastily admitted to Zheng Xueer that he had already retrieved the four million yuan and had intended to use it for expanding the business. Using the excuse of lacking one million yuan, Zheng Xueer promised to transfer the villa to her mother-in-law, Lao Li, and convinced Lao Li and Song Haotian to sell the old house.

Today was supposed to be a great day for Mi Lili's promotion. Just as Zheng Xueer announced that she would go home for maternity leave, the CEO arrived in a rage upon learning that Mi Lili had signed a contract with Boss Diao. He immediately fired Mi Lili on the spot.

The CEO's words surprised Mi Lili, but she didn't want to leave the company without understanding the situation. She asked the CEO for an explanation. Zheng Xueer already knew that the CEO had a grudge against Boss Diao, so he intentionally set up a trap for Mi Lili. Mi Lili finally realized what was happening and confronted Zheng Xueer, saying that she was just the daughter of a small vendor, while Zheng Xueer came from a wealthy family. So no matter what they argued about, it was always her who ended up apologizing. Even her efforts to achieve top results and win the full scholarship were ruined when Zheng Xueer's mother went to see the principal. Mi Lili didn't want to hide her relationship with Song Haotian anymore. She wanted to take everything back.

When Zheng Xueer returned home, she found Mi Lili and Song Haotian already together. She took out her phone and recorded the scene, then voluntarily proposed a divorce. Song Haotian believed that Zheng Xueer's uncle's villa was now his, thinking that he was about to become a wealthy man. He no longer needed to coax Zheng Xueer and instead, in front of her, held Mi Lili's hand and left.

Song Haotian, along with Mi Lili and his mother, went to see the villa. Seeing such a luxurious villa, Lao Li was extremely proud and even thought about inviting Zhao Dazui and others to come here and play mahjong, humiliating them. Suddenly, a group of people entered the villa and started taking photos, claiming that the villa was a non-performing asset that had been mortgaged several times and would be auctioned off in a few days. It was only then that Song Haotian realized that he had likely been deceived by Zheng Xueer.

Song Haotian's mother fell ill and was hospitalized, but he didn't have a penny in his pocket and couldn't even afford the hospital fees. He had no choice but to come back and seek help from Zheng Xueer, asking her to help him, considering that he had taken care of Xueer's mother before. Zheng Xueer remembered her own mother's illness, deteriorating day by day, and her greatest wish was to see her find someone she could entrust. Mi Lili introduced Song Haotian to her, saying that they were a perfect match. Song Haotian was good at making people happy, and under his charm, Zheng Xueer gradually opened up to him. Meanwhile, her mother's condition worsened. One day when she went to see her mother, she saw Song Haotian taking care of her, which deeply touched her.

Zheng Xueer still remembered the time when her mother was urging her to get married. The ugly caregiver with a strong accent praised Zheng Xueer, saying that she must have many suitors. At that moment, Song Haotian seemed to know everything and proposed to her. They then obtained their marriage certificate. When her mother saw the rings on Song Haotian and Zheng Xueer's hands, she finally felt relieved. Thinking of all this, Zheng Xueer softened her heart and agreed to help Song Haotian this time.

When Zheng Xueer arrived at the hospital, Mi Lili was already by Lao Li's bedside. This reminded Zheng Xueer of the unpleasant experiences. Although Song Haotian explained that Mi Lili was just here to help, Zheng Xueer no longer had the desire to visit. After paying the medical expenses, she told Song Haotian not to come looking for her again. Zheng Xueer felt sad about this marriage. In the car, she inadvertently discovered Song Haotian's entanglement with the caregiver from her mother's time, and she keenly sensed that there was something going on.


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