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The Girl Who Sees Smells – Jia Yi, Jin Zixuan

The Girl Who Sees Smells is an urban romantic comedy directed by Ma Ming, starring Jia Yi and Jin Zixuan, co-starring Fan Xiaodong, Wu Mingjing, Du Houjia, Chen Yiqi, Gao Kaiyuan, and Li Boyang.


The Girl Who Sees Smells

English Title: The Girl Who Sees Smells
Chinese Title: 你好,我的对面男友
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy, Youth
Tag: CEO Male Lead, Smart Female Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Ma Ming
Writer: Zhou Ziyu, Qing Lan, Zi Yi, Li Zhi
Product Company: STRAWBEAR
Released Date: 2023-03-20
Boradcast Website: iQIYI



The drama tells the story of a girl, Lu Fenfen, who relies on her talent, courage, and an indomitable determination to make a name for herself in the wine industry, and embarks on a romantic journey with her eccentric boss, Xu Mingchen, who is both charming and funny.

Episode Plot

Lu Fenfen, a supermarket red wine promoter, unexpectedly saved a young man who fainted during a wine tasting competition. As the man collapsed, he accidentally kissed Lu Fenfen, causing her to look pale. After sending the man to the hospital, Lu Fenfen visited him and found him weak and pale. When the man saw Lu Fenfen, he couldn’t hide his excitement and introduced himself as Xu Tianran. Lu Fenfen could understand his excitement as she was his savior, but what happened in the next 10 seconds was beyond her understanding. The young man grabbed Lu Fenfen and kissed her without resistance. Then he made a request to Lu Fenfen, “I need to kiss you. From today on, every day, I need to kiss you. In exchange, you can ask for anything, anything at all.”

Lu Fenfen, who was frightened, contacted her boyfriend of three years, Yang Jiannan, but he was cheating on her with the older sister of Maserati, which embarrassed Lu Fenfen. Xu Mingchen arrived in time to help Lu Fenfen resolve the embarrassment. The headquarters of the Xu Group is holding a confidential meeting, and Xu Tianran’s health is deteriorating, and his position in the company is being questioned by the company’s elders. On the advice of his friends, the physically weak Xu Tianran proposed a “kissing contract” to Lu Fenfen, who found it unreasonable and rejected it face to face. Mingchen and his friends discussed how to successfully approach Fenfen.

Mingchen, Yijiang, and Hele are gathered in their new base. After receiving a call from Xu Mingchen, Yijiang, and He Le urgently bought the apartment across from Fenfen’s to prevent the situation from escalating. They pretended to be landlords and “rented” the apartment to Mingchen, making him Fenfen’s new neighbor. Fenfen and Qiaoyi were curious about their new neighbors and visited them. In front of her good friend, Mingchen pretended to be his little brother Xu Tianran, in order to protect the company’s interests and keep his illness a secret. The next day, Tianran (Mingchen) coincidentally encountered a drunk Fenfen and helped her into her apartment. Unexpectedly, Fenfen vomited on Mingchen, causing misunderstandings among her colleagues.

Lu Fenfen’s grandfather came to visit her and was very relieved to see that she had a boyfriend like Xu Tianran (Xu Mingchen) and a leader like Xiong Xiong taking care of her. Xu Tianran showed affection towards Lu Fenfen in front of her family. Lu Fenfen and her good friend took her grandfather to the amusement park, and the innocent Lu Fenfen had a lot of fun playing. Her grandfather talked with Xu Tianran (Xu Mingchen) and hoped that he would take care of Lu Fenfen. Xu Mingchen’s older sister, Xu Qingran, met with him and told him that their younger brother, Xu Tianran, had just returned to the country and had been using the stage name “Philip” and had become a master of red wine. Xu Qingran reminded Xu Mingchen to handle his relationship with his brother well.

Xu Tianran (Xu Mingchen) went to the supermarket to find Lu Fenfen and happened to help her resolve a dispute. Lu Fenfen suddenly realized that their family backgrounds and lifestyles were completely different. Although she had a good impression of him, she also kept her distance. Xu Tianran (Xu Mingchen) keenly sensed Fenfen’s emotions and the two took a walk by the lake, talking about their dreams and passion for their careers, and they became more and more compatible as they talked. Lu Fenfen went to the library to look up information and unexpectedly met Philip (Xu Tianran). Philip took Fenfen to an old-fashioned soul food fly restaurant, which made her very happy. She then ran into the neighboring supermarket and bought two bottles of red wine. The two tasted the wine and Philip’s insights on red wine made Lu Fenfen’s eyes shine and she was impressed by his knowledge. Philip was also touched by the girl’s sincerity and eagerness to learn, and the two became more and more compatible as they talked.

Xu Tianran (Xu Mingchen) was alone at home when Lu Fenfen passed by the apartment and smelled something burning at the door. Lu Fenfen woke up the sleeping Xu Tianran and found out that he had forgotten to turn off the gas stove. Lu Fenfen felt sorry for him.

Philip (Xu Tianran) came to see Xu Mingchen and was still upset about a car accident many years ago. He vowed not to see his older sister Xu Qingran. Xu Mingchen tried to persuade Philip, but he didn’t appreciate it. The two brothers parted ways unhappily.

At the opening ceremony, Philip announced the selection process for the master class, with the theme of “going home”. The one who best fit the theme would win. The preliminary list was announced at the opening ceremony, and besides himself, Lu Fenfen also heard the name of her college classmate Bai Bing. Lu Fenfen scored the highest in both the written test and the blind tasting, but in the final round, Bai Bing pretended to sprain her ankle and poured a small bottle of transparent liquid into Lu Fenfen’s sobering cup when no one was looking, causing Lu Fenfen to be eliminated in last place.

Lu Fenfen, who was feeling down, made a mistake at work and directly resigned to her boss. She returned to her apartment and wanted to move out of the city. Xu Tianran (Xu Mingchen) encouraged her, saying that it’s okay to encounter setbacks and anyone can start over. “Unlucky” Lu Fenfen tasted the feeling of a new lease on life and received an interview invitation from Anda Hotel again. This time, she directly entered the management level for the final interview and finally joined Anda as a wine steward in the VIP lounge. Within a day, the thorn in Lu Fenfen’s side, Bai Bing, appeared in front of her and went crazy with anger. On her first day of work, Lu Fenfen worked overtime until late. In order to get home early, she took a shortcut. The path had no streetlights and she felt a bit uneasy. Suddenly, she realized that a man was following her from behind. Lu Fenfen quickened her pace, but the man also walked faster. She became scared and turned a corner, taking out the anti-wolf spray from her pocket. When the man passed by, she sprayed it fiercely…

With Fenfen’s testimony, the stalker was caught and her foot was not seriously injured. Mingchen felt sorry for Lu Fenfen, and their friends saw it. Philip asked Fenfen to confirm the wine she chose for the last exam, and Fenfen went back to the supermarket to get the selected garage wine for Philip. Philip understood after taking the first sip. The taste he had on the day of the exam was not this. Fenfen immediately remembered the day of the competition when Bai Bing intentionally sprained her foot, and she roughly reconstructed the cause and effect of the whole incident in her mind.

Xu Tianran (Xu Mingchen) refused to reveal his family’s privacy, and Lu Fenfen gave Mingchen a lesson before he left in anger. After returning home, both of them regretted a little, but they couldn’t bring themselves to apologize to each other, so they started a cold war. Fenfen was too busy to pay attention to their relationship. Mingchen thought that Fenfen was still angry with him, so he went to apologize to her. Mingchen picked a pair of sneakers to give to Fenfen, and the next day, Philippe also gave Fenfen a pair of high heels. Philippe told Fenfen that a woman can go anywhere with a good pair of shoes, and that a woman once told him that a good pair of shoes is very important.

Xu Tianran (Xu Mingchen) finally told Fenfen that he was Xu Mingchen himself, because of his illness he looked young, and Philip was another child of the Xu family, Xu Tianran. Fenfen couldn’t believe it, but in front of the photos and medical records, she had to believe it was true. Since knowing that Mingchen was really the president of Anda Group, Xu Mingchen, Fenfen was very nervous in her heart, she didn’t know how to get along with Mingchen. She told Mingchen that we are not people from the same world, we are not suitable to be together. So, please don’t come to me again in the future.

Mingchen brought Fenfen to the revolving restaurant on the rooftop of the hotel. He told her that during the busiest and most difficult times at work, he would come here to relieve stress. He only wanted to share this view with Fenfen. He also promised to respect Fenfen’s dreams and try not to interfere. Fenfen felt very happy, leaning on Mingchen’s arms, and their hearts gradually became closer.

Ding Nana, the heiress of the Ding Group, returned home early, and Chairman Xu Qingran personally greeted her at the airport. Xu Qingran handed Nana’s hand to Mingchen, and in an instant, the photo was frozen. This couple looked like a match made in heaven. The century wedding and the leaked photos made everyone unable to distinguish whether it was a rumor or reality.

Xu Mingchen accidentally stumbled upon Lu Fenfen taking a bath and she screamed. Lu Fenfen personally cooked steak for Xu Mingchen and they drank and talked about their feelings in the gentle breeze, and their emotions continued to heat up. The Xu family held a welcoming banquet for Ding Nana, and Lu Fenfen and Ding Nana hit it off, surprising everyone. On the other hand, two brothers with their own thoughts – Xu Mingchen and Philip – were at odds with each other, with hidden meanings in their words. The internet-famous red wine-poached pear visited Anda Hotel, but after drinking the wine, quickly posted a video criticizing the hotel and giving it a bad review. In a crisis, Lu Fenfen stepped forward and used her professional knowledge to clearly explain that the taste of the red wine was affected because a colleague accidentally put the lunch fruit in the company freezer, causing the wine glasses to have a strange taste. Red wine-poached pear greatly admired Lu Fenfen’s professional spirit and courage. Because Lu Fenfen resolved the public relations crisis, the company’s top management promoted her on the spot.

Lu Fenfen, who was promoted, was enthusiastic about her work. In Phillip’s master class, she tried to design a new wine. Her professionalism and dedication impressed Phillip. At the company, Fenfen took on the task of purchasing domestic red wine. However, her promotion made Bai Bing unhappy. Xu Song, a senior executive, took the opportunity to sow discord and conspired with Bai Bing to frame Fenfen. Fenfen went to Xu Mingchen’s house, and they talked about their views on their careers, pouring out their hearts to each other all night. The next morning, Fenfen took an intimate photo with Mingchen and sent it to his phone. Following the principle of high cost performance, Fenfen purchased a batch of domestic red wine. However, someone secretly tampered with it, and after the wine was sold, someone was hospitalized due to food poisoning, causing a new round of public relations crisis for the company. Xu Qingran handled the matter and ordered Fenfen to leave the company, leaving her feeling very aggrieved.

Lu Fenfen was feeling very down due to the wine crisis, and Xu Mingchen came to visit her. The two hugged each other. Xu Qingran investigated the truth behind the wine crisis, and Xu Mingchen actively participated in the investigation. The siblings discovered that someone intentionally designed the crisis. Bai Bing blamed Xu Song for the company’s damaged reputation due to the wine crisis. Xu Song insisted that Bai Bing’s jealousy and hatred towards Lu Fenfen were the root cause of the crisis. Bai Bing regretted her actions, but it was too late to change anything. Lu Fenfen and Qiao Yi confided in each other, blaming themselves for their immaturity at work, which put Xu Mingchen and the company in a very unfavorable situation. Drunk Lu Fenfen and Xu Mingchen poured their hearts out to each other, and Mingchen realized that Fenfen had a kind and responsible side to her personality. Mingchen loved and cherished Fenfen. Thanks to Xu Mingchen’s intervention, the wine crisis was resolved satisfactorily. Xu Mingchen and Lu Fenfen went on a relaxing trip, but news broke that their intimate photos had been exposed, putting their relationship in jeopardy.

Bai Bing ran into Lu Fenfen on the street, who was feeling lost and dejected, and made fun of her situation. Lu Fenfen was unable to retort. From Bai Bing, Lu Fenfen learned about Ding Nana’s importance to Xu Mingchen and also about Bai Bing’s loyalty to Xu Mingchen.

Lost and forgetful, Lu Fenfen couldn’t remember her door lock password and was locked out of her own home in the middle of the night. Philip rushed over and took Lu Fenfen out for breakfast. Philip expressed his willingness to take care of her when Xu Mingchen was not around, which moved Lu Fenfen.

Intimate photos of Xu Mingchen and Lu Fenfen sparked discussion on social media. Xu Qingran used her media resources and connections with the Ding family to gradually calm the situation. Xu Mingchen secretly investigated the matter and discovered that the person who exposed the intimate photos to the media was actually someone within the company…

Lu Fenfen heard rumors that the Xu family was using their connections with the Ding family to overcome this difficulty. Xu Mingchen may consider marrying into the Ding family. Lu Fenfen was caught in a dilemma, thinking that Ding Nana might be more suitable for Mingchen than herself.

Philip approached Lu Fenfen with the wine he developed. He still couldn’t forgive the family’s car accident, where Xu Qingran rescued her brother Xu Mingchen but left him (Xu Tianran) with painful memories in the car. When Philip returned to China, he insisted on using the name “Philip” instead of “Xu Tianran” because of this incident. Philip decided to create a rift between Xu Mingchen and Lu Fenfen to “take revenge.” Xu Mingchen and Lu Fenfen were still in a cold war, and Fenfen was unaware of Xu Mingchen’s secret investigation of the photos and the truth behind the scenes. At a critical moment, He Le and Lu Fenfen explained that Xu Mingchen had secretly helped Fenfen a lot and clarified the truth for her. They also expressed that Xu Mingchen missed Lu Fenfen very much. Lu Fenfen was deeply moved. To win back Xu Mingchen, Lu Fenfen and her friends planned a lakeside dinner party. Unexpectedly, due to He Le’s arrangement of the wires, Xu Mingchen was electrocuted and fainted, and they kissed again.

After a hilarious lakeside banquet, Xu Mingchen and Lu Fenfen rekindled their relationship. Xu Mingchen happily ran to his sister Xu Qingran and told her that he wanted to marry Lu Fenfen and that he was serious. Xu Qingran expressed her understanding and blessings, but also hoped that Xu Mingchen would not neglect Ding Nana.

Philip introduced his “star pupil” Lu Fenfen to all the students and media invited to the master class. Lu Fenfen admired and loved her mentor.

Xu Mingchen brought a loving lunch to the red wine vineyard to visit Lu Fenfen, and the three of them had an awkward lunch with Philip. The two brothers’ conversation was sharp.

Lu Fenfen invited a group of friends to live stream her red wine, and online sales skyrocketed. The solitary and arrogant Philip was very unhappy, but Lu Fenfen tried to persuade him with kind words, to no avail. At a critical moment, Xu Mingchen appeared and personally promoted Lu Fenfen’s red wine, with remarkable results.

Philip is jealous of Xu Mingchen for promoting red wine for Lu Fenfen. His love and jealousy towards Fenfen are becoming increasingly intense. Lu Fenfen is caught in the middle of the two brothers and doesn’t know what to do. Because Philip spoke disrespectfully to Lu Fenfen, Xu Mingchen hit him, causing a deepening rift between the brothers. To avoid suspicion, Lu Fenfen decides to draw a clear line with Philip in their career. Xu Mingchen is very happy about this. Lu Fenfen and her good friend plan to start their own company, and Xu Mingchen readily invests in it. With the help of He Le, the new company gradually gains some popularity among the target audience. Qiao Yi sees He Le working hard and gets to know him better, and they have a one-night stand. This foolish boy He Le even proposed to her – Qiao Yi of course rejected him, but her heart couldn’t help but be stirred.

He Le and Qiao Yi “successfully created life” and decided to get married and enter a new stage of life. Lu Fenfen was shocked and decided to plan her own love life. She decided to propose to Xu Mingchen. With the help of their friends, they planned a candlelit dinner for Lu Fenfen, but Xu Mingchen publicly rejected her proposal, causing her to angrily throw her engagement ring into the lake.

Feeling down, Xu Mingchen didn’t want to deceive Lu Fenfen. He initially approached her with a “utilitarian” motive. However, he couldn’t resist his true feelings – he really loved this innocent and kind girl. He still doesn’t have the courage to speak the truth about his feelings.

He Le tracked Lu Fenfen’s phone and found out that she had left the city. It turned out that Lu Fenfen had started her own escape plan. She returned to her grandfather’s side and slowly healed her broken heart. A month later, Xu Mingchen became weak and depressed. Philip visited Xu Mingchen with a gloating attitude. Xu Mingchen told Philip that during the fire years ago, Xu Qingran did not give up on saving him. Instead, the police stopped Xu Qingran because they were worried that the car would explode due to a fuel leak. They directed professional personnel to rescue Philip. Philip was greatly shocked and gradually relieved. Lu Fenfen sorted out her emotions and returned to Xu Mingchen’s home. She was surprised to find Xu Mingchen had left her and was suffering from lovesickness. She felt guilty and blamed herself. Later, Xu Mingchen held a press conference to announce the sale of his shares and a deep cooperation with the Ding family in business. He also publicly proposed to Lu Fenfen.

Lu Fenfen and Xu Mingchen are preparing for their wedding ceremony and happily trying on wedding dresses with their friends. On the other hand, Bai Bing, who has lost her career and her loved one, tries to harm herself but is saved by Yijiang. Lu Fenfen and Xu Mingchen take their wedding photos, and Bai Bing tells Fenfen that Xu Mingchen is marrying her not out of pure love but for his own benefit. This news hits Fenfen like a bolt from the blue. Xu Mingchen and his brother Philippe officially reconcile, and Philippe tells him that he is considering returning to France to continue his career and start a new life there. Xu Mingchen supports his decision, and the three siblings of the Xu family can finally live in harmony.

In the eyes of her good friends, Lu Fenfen’s life has finally reached its peak. Her career is on the rise and her love life is about to blossom. Philip learned about the development of Lu Fenfen and Mingchen’s relationship and realized the true power of love. At the wedding, Lu Fenfen saw Mingchen talking to his relatives, friends, and business partners. She didn’t have many friends there, but Xiong Xiong came to give them a wedding gift. Lu Fenfen looked at the beautiful wedding scene and suddenly lost control of her emotions. Countless fragments flashed through her mind and she realized that she might have been used. What’s even more tragic is that her friends all knew this secret and she might have been the last person to find out. In front of everyone, she smashed the wedding photo. The wedding came to an abrupt end amidst everyone’s shocked expressions. Lu Fenfen ran away in her wedding dress, and her friend Qiao Yi desperately chased after her, while Mingchen stood still in shock.

Lu Fenfen avoids Xu Mingchen and focuses on learning wine tasting skills. Mingchen’s physical condition has worsened due to the loss of support from his loved one. Ding Nana and Philip are worried about Mingchen’s health. After careful consideration, Xu Mingchen goes to the vineyard where Lu Fenfen is located and confesses his first love and his feelings for her. He says that whether Lu Fenfen stays or leaves, it is her choice. But he himself will not give up on her. Mingchen decides to leave the apartment where he used to live with Lu Fenfen. His body has not improved due to long-term exhaustion and lovesickness. His friend Yijiang is very sad. Mingchen tells Yijiang that he is satisfied with being able to say goodbye properly when the time comes.

Xu Mingchen is being treated in the hospital, and Lu Fenfen blames herself and cries. Fenfen meets with Mingchen’s expert treatment team and learns that her kiss did not actually alleviate Mingchen’s condition, but rather it was a psychological effect caused by their true love, resulting in a miracle. One year later, everyone attends Fenfen’s red wine award ceremony, and she gives a speech about her original intentions. Suddenly, Fenfen sees Mingchen in the audience and rushes to find him, but becomes too excited and faints. In the hospital room, Fenfen wakes up and sees Xu Mingchen. She says, “I want to sign a contract with you, and that contract is love.”

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  1. I love this drama, I haven’t finish the whole episode but I wanted to leave a review, it was such a great drama and cast. Why Jia Yi is underrated he is so handsome and very good in acting, I want him to have another romcom drama or movie🥹