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Roses & Guns – Dai Yanni, Dai Gaozheng

Roses & Guns is a romance drama starring Dai Yanni, and Daigaozheng, and co-starring Xiang Xingyu, Peng Yihang, and Lin Yadong.


Roses & Guns

English Title: Roses & Guns
Chinese Title: 春日浓情
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 18
Duration: 14 min.
Released Date: 2024-02-12
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



When the iron-willed young marshal falls for a captivating female spy with a penchant for fishing, their forbidden love conceals a long-buried old case. Will it lead to an ultimate showdown, or will they join forces for revenge? A seductive yet perilous romance is about to unfold...


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