2024 Chinese Drama List

My Wife – Yuan Shanshan, Du Chun

My Wife is an urban romantic drama directed by Lin Helong, led by Yuan Shanshan and Du Chun, co-starring Ren Hao, Chen Haoming, Yang Ruijia, Zhang Wen, Zhang Zhao, and Bei Le.

The drama tells the story of Shen An'an, a full-time mother who loves life and food. After a marriage crisis, she chooses to return to the workplace, and after learning and growing, she improves her professional skills and finally achieves self-worth and progresses in the workplace.


My Wife

English Title: My Wife
Chinese Title: 妻子的新世界
Genre: Urban, Romance, Family, Drama
Tag: Extramarital Affair, Marriage Crisis, Infidelity, Full-Time Mother, Self-Worth, Return to Work
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lin Helong
Writer: Zhang Lili, Ou Bao, Mei Jie
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2023-05-24
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo



A full-time working mother who loves life and food, Shen An'an chooses to return to the workplace after a marital crisis.

Through learning and continuous growth, she improves her professional skills and eventually realizes her self-worth, and completes her career advancement.

At the same time, she also accidentally starts a vice business in the course of her work and becomes a famous national anchorwoman, reaping happiness for herself.


Shen An'an handed the signed divorce agreement to her husband Ren Yiming. The two of them could never go back to the way things were. The once beautiful marriage would fade with the mundane aspects of life. Remembering the past happiness felt like it happened just yesterday. Today, Ren Yiming got promoted, and his wife Shen An'an sent him to work early. At the same time, Ren Fei, Shen An'an's sister, also sent her husband Wen Hao to work. Wen Hao, the brother-in-law, complained to his brother about why his sister's temper changed so much before and after marriage. The elder brother said it was because she changed.

All the colleagues at the company were looking forward to Chen Shanhai, the chairman and general manager of Yunhai Apparel, announcing Ren Yiming's promotion. However, they didn't expect another manager, Liang Yuan, to be parachuted in and be on an equal footing with Ren Yiming. Ren Yiming concealed his unhappiness and greeted her politely. Ren Fei, the younger sister-in-law, complained to her sister Shen An'an about her mother-in-law's urging to have children, and she complained about her mother-in-law in various ways. When she saw the boss coming to inspect, she quickly hung up the phone. Liang Yuan made intimate gestures towards Chen Shanhai in the elevator, indicating that she had never lost before.

Liang Yuan hadn't seen Ren Yiming for many years. He still loved drinking coffee with milk, just like before. Her arrival this time was deliberately aimed at Ren Yiming, to see how long he could remain happy. Shen An'an was a housewife and a host, teaching daily life skills to the audience. Liang Yuan, as the newly appointed leader, came in with a bang. She announced that as long as everyone completed the assigned tasks, there would be a 30% salary increase and bonuses for all. This measure instantly caused great excitement among everyone. The brother-in-law handed over a turtle to Ren Yiming, the elder brother, and said he had social engagements tonight and wouldn't be coming home for dinner. Ren Fei advised her sister Shen An'an not to give her brother too much freedom at home. In case he becomes indulgent in the future, you'll regret it. Shen An'an and Ren Fei had completely opposite approaches in training their husbands. One was strict while the other focused on being a good wife and mother. Ren Yiming's serious attitude towards work earned the favor of a female model. She approached him in front of everyone, but after Ren Yiming politely declined, she persisted. Liang Yuan walked over and helped Ren Yiming out of the situation.

In the evening, during the company dinner, Liang Yuan pretended to be drunk and fell on Ren Yiming. Ren Yiming learned that she was still using her old phone number, so he took the opportunity to call a designated driver for her. Seeing that her beauty plan failed, Liang Yuan left. Ren Yiming received a call from his younger sister, asking about Wen Hao's whereabouts, but his older brother covered for his unfaithful brother-in-law. Finally, Ren Fei decided to go find him herself. At that time, Wen Hao was bragging at a bar, displaying his machoism in front of everyone, teaching them how to avoid their wives' inquiries. Little did he know that his wife was behind him. She grabbed his ear and dragged him out of the bar. The two of them argued, and Ren Fei left in tears.

Sister-in-law Shen An'an comforted her younger sister Ren Fei at home, saying that what they saw with their own eyes might not necessarily be the truth. Besides, he just went to the bar for a drink, and the lipstick mark on his face didn't mean anything. Moreover, he was probably hiding it from you because he was afraid you wouldn't agree to him going out to the bar. Listening to her sister-in-law's words, Ren Fei realized that she had been too impulsive.

Shen An'an blamed her husband Ren Yiming, saying that brothers don't help their brother-in-law deceive their own sisters. You need to apologize to Xiaofei. Ren Yiming told his wife that the promotion didn't work out this time. The leadership hired a high-ranking official from outside, and they probably had to choose between the two of us. Shen An'an didn't blame her husband for it. Instead, she comforted him and said that good things take time and they should work even harder.

Ren Fei notified Wen Hao that they must go to his brother's house tonight to resolve what happened at the bar. Ren Yiming told Wen Hao that from now on, they should be honest with each other. If you didn't deceive her by taking her to the bar this time, nothing would have happened.

Shi Yue returned to the country and went straight to Shen An'an's house. Coincidentally, she saw Wen Hao holding flowers and coming to apologize to his elder brother's wife. Wen Hao invited her inside when he saw her at the door, and while they were talking, they were misunderstood by Ren Fei. No matter how they explained, Ren Fei didn't believe them. She even threw the flowers at Shi Yue, but after Shen An'an came back, she recognized the grown-up Shi Yue.

Shen An'an's neighbor, Shi Yue, suddenly came to Shen An'an's house without any knowledge. Ren Fei mistook her for a love rival and started a fight with her. After learning the truth later, although the conflict subsided, there was still a hint of hostility in Ren Fei and Shi Yue's eyes. Shen An'an, caught off guard by her unexpected younger sister's arrival, mentioned that Shi Yue was the child from the neighbor's house when they were young, but they lost contact after she moved abroad. Shi Yue was temporarily staying at Shen An'an's house, and Ren Fei and Wen Hao made sincere efforts to earn Ren Fei's forgiveness.

Shi Yue had an unhappy time in the United States because her father remarried. Initially, the woman intentionally treated her well to marry into the family, but after marriage, things changed, so she left that home. Every morning, Ren Yiming would wear the suit already ironed by Shen An'an and head to work. One day, as he was preparing to leave for work, he realized that some documents were left in the study. Out of habit, he went to retrieve them but forgot that Shi Yue was staying in there. He opened the door without thinking and saw Shi Yue's fair skin. He was stunned, and when Shi Yue turned around, he hastily closed the door and went downstairs in a fluster, asking his daughter Xinyi to fetch the documents from the study.

Shi Yue was brought up with Western culture and had a more open mindset. On this day, she woke up and went out wearing shorts, which made Shen An'an and Ren Yiming extremely embarrassed. Shen An'an's face showed signs of displeasure, and she secretly glanced at her husband. Ren Fei dragged her sister-in-law to her brother's company's press conference. Ren Yiming was very happy about his wife's arrival, but Liang Yuan was unhappy. Taking the opportunity of going on stage together with Ren Yiming, she deliberately placed her hand on his, which made Shen An'an instantly heartbroken. When faced with the media's questions, Liang Yuan, in order to belittle Shen An'an's appearance, claimed that Ren Yiming's family also supported the new woman, referring to herself being present. At this moment, the media shifted their focus to Shen An'an, mocking her appearance. However, Ren Yiming didn't feel ashamed at all; instead, he told the media that if his wife wore the same clothes as the models on stage, she would be no less beautiful. She has always been my pride, as she gave up her career for the family. I love her very much.

Shen An'an purposely bought a conservative nightgown for Shi Yue and mentioned that there are children in the house, so she should be mindful. Shi Yue came back to China this time because she was being harassed by a man. Ren Yiming looked at the press release, asking Liang Yuan to delete the photo of his wife. Seeing his ex-boyfriend protecting his wife like this, Liang Yuan couldn't help but feel jealous. While Ren Yiming was changing clothes at home, Shi Yue came to the room holding coffee she made herself. Ren Yiming hurriedly put on his clothes upon seeing her. Ren Yiming deliberately bought a pair of leather shoes for his wife, and Shi Yue loved them and even danced while wearing them.

Shi Yue wanted to work, and Ren Yiming promised to help keep an eye out for job opportunities at the company. In the meantime, Ren Yiming came into contact with a woman who was completely different from his wife—someone young, lively, and lovely. Slowly, his feelings started to change, but he was oblivious to it. Shen An'an sensed that something was off between Liang Yuan and Ren Yiming, but when she asked Ren Yiming about it, he denied it, so she stopped probing. Shen An'an saw her husband suddenly gift her red shoes and mentioned changing her style in the future. She loved the gift so much that she wanted to treasure it. It was interesting to see how the two women treated the same gift differently—one couldn't wait to wear it and dance, while the other wanted to preserve it. Ren Yiming was drinking alone in a restaurant when Shi Yue came downstairs and deliberately took the glass from his hand to take a sip. Before leaving, she even intentionally touched his hand and said she would take care of the glass. When Ren Yiming returned to the room, he remembered the first time he met Shen An'an at a bar. She was sitting alone in a corner, pure and lovely. That's how they met. The next day, as Ren Yiming left for work, he and Shen An'an displayed their affection, while Shi Yue stood on the balcony, glaring at everything with resentment.

Shi Yue saw the rice ball that Shen An'an made for her and thought of all the ways Ren Yiming treated Shen An'an well, from giving gifts to bidding farewell with a kiss. Instantly, she felt jealous and asked Shen An'an, "If I want to stay here permanently, would you agree?"

Shi Yue told Shen An'an about her tragic experience and asked if she could stay there permanently. Shen An'an looked troubled, and Shi Yue pleaded with her, saying she could find a job, pay for utilities, and begged Shen An'an not to kick her out. Shen An'an comforted her and said she could stay if she needed to, but she also encouraged her to build her own family.

Shen An'an went to Ren Fei's workplace and told her about Shi Yue wanting to stay permanently. Ren Fei strongly disagreed with letting Shi Yue stay and advised Shen An'an to be cautious, as Shi Yue might not be as innocent as she appeared after staying abroad for so long. Shen An'an didn't think much of it, but Ren Fei persuaded her to consider going out to work.

While they were chatting, a customer came to look at cars, and Lin Yao stood in front of the car for a long time. Ren Fei ignored him and attended to another customer, which made Lin Yao very unhappy. Shen An'an noticed Lin Yao and hurriedly called Ren Fei, but since Ren Fei couldn't leave at that moment, she asked Shen An'an to attend to him instead. Helpless, Shen An'an showed Lin Yao several car models and expressed her opinions based on her experience reading car magazines, which gained Lin Yao's approval. He immediately proposed to pay the full amount, and Ren Fei was excited to hear about it. This was something that many salespeople found difficult to achieve. Ren Fei then helped Lin Yao with the paperwork, and Lin Yao mistakenly assumed that Shen An'an was a new salesperson and signed her name on the contract.

Ren Yiming posed for a magazine cover for company promotion, and his colleagues praised him when they saw it. Liang Yuan, feeling jealous as she saw everyone surrounding Ren Yiming, claimed that she had been on the cover many times and it was no big deal. After saying that, she left. At lunchtime, Liang Yuan asked Ren Yiming to go out for a meal to discuss work matters. Liang Yuan took Ren Yiming to the place where they used to eat together. When Ren Yiming went to the restroom, Liang Yuan answered a call from Shen An'an to Ren Yiming.

When Shen An'an returned home, she couldn't find Shi Yue but discovered that her bedroom door was open. It turned out that Shi Yue was lying on Shen An'an's bed when she came back. Shi Yue immediately escaped from the balcony upon hearing Shen An'an's voice and pretended to return from jogging outside. Shen An'an, unaware of Shi Yue's actions, went out to buy some pastries for Ren Xinyi but realized she had forgotten her wallet and turned back. When she returned home, she found Shi Yue in her bedroom, wearing headphones and dancing in the shoes Ren Yiming had bought for her. Seeing something she cared about being taken away, Shen An'an became very angry. She told Shi Yue that it was inappropriate and didn't fit in, but Shi Yue couldn't understand and erupted in anger, accusing Shen An'an of being like everyone else who refused to accept her. In a fit of anger, Shi Yue ran out of the house, thinking about taking away everything Shen An'an cared about.

Ren Yiming came home from work and saw Shi Yue sitting outside the house, crying alone. He comforted her, saying they were one family, and urged her to apologize to Shen An'an and go home. Just as Ren Yiming was about to leave, Shi Yue rushed up and hugged him. That night, Shi Yue apologized to Shen An'an, and Shen An'an, soft-hearted, forgave her. Shen An'an wanted to ask Ren Yiming about Liang Yuan answering his phone earlier, but he was already too tired and fell asleep. Shen An'an still believed in her husband but grew anxious when she smelled perfume on his clothes while sorting his laundry. The company arranged for Ren Yiming and Liang Yuan to go on a business trip, which made Shen An'an feel uneasy.

Liang Yuan, feeling inferior after losing to Ren Yiming at the meeting, told Chen Shanhai that she wanted to hire someone. When Ren Yiming saw the job posting, he took a picture of it and sent it to Shi Yue. Shen An'an was at home making pastries when she suddenly received a distress call from Ren Fei. Ren Fei had missed processing the paperwork for Lin Yao's car purchase, and now he couldn't pick up the car. Shen An'an panicked and, wearing the red shoes Ren Yiming had given her, took the pastries she made and went to the sales store to apologize to him.

When Shen An'an arrived at the car dealership, Lin Yao had been waiting there for a long time. Lin Yao knew that Shen An'an wasn't responsible for this matter and promised that if she could testify, he would only complain about Ren Fei. At this moment, Lin Yao suddenly had a stomachache. Shen An'an realized that he had drunk too much coffee on an empty stomach, so she pressed the acupoints on his arm to help relieve the pain. As Lin Yao watched Shen An'an attentively helping him alleviate the pain, he couldn't help but feel moved. Lin Yao relaxed and forgave Ren Fei for this mistake, and he also casually criticized Shen An'an for her casual attire, unaware that she wasn't even an employee there. With the matter resolved, Shen An'an instructed Ren Fei to reprint the contract and take Lin Yao for another test drive. Ren Fei was very grateful after hearing this.

Shen An'an left the sales store with forty leek dumplings packed and brought them to Ren Yiming's company to share with her colleagues. Chen Shanhai met Shen An'an downstairs and personally helped her carry the food. They arrived together at Ren Yiming's office and found Liang Yuan sitting next to him discussing work. Shen An'an left the leek dumplings and then left.

Liang Yuan went out for a meeting and met Shen An'an on the way. Shen An'an asked for a ride as there were no taxis nearby. In the car, Liang Yuan deliberately told Shen An'an that the company planned to arrange for her and Ren Yiming to go on a business trip together. Liang Yuan spoke lightly, but Shen An'an couldn't help feeling uneasy. Ren Fei, after hearing from Wen Hao that Liang Yuan and Ren Yiming were getting close, warned Shen An'an to be cautious of Liang Yuan.

Liang Yuan invited Ren Yiming to have a meal under the pretext of work. Ren Yiming asked who else would be going on the business trip with them, and Liang Yuan jokingly said it would only be the two of them. If they wanted another person, they would have to use the budget from Ren Yiming's team. Only then did Ren Yiming compromise. Before leaving, Ren Yiming asked Liang Yuan to take care of his wife's younger sister, Shi Yue, during her interview the next day. Liang Yuan agreed, but she couldn't help but be curious about what kind of person Shen An'an was to make the flirtatious Ren Yiming settle down.

Shen An'an returned home and absent-mindedly cooked. When Liang Yuan helped Shen An'an fasten her seatbelt, Shen An'an noticed a different perfume scent on Liang Yuan. Shi Yue suddenly appeared and interrupted Shen An'an's speculation. During their conversation, Shen An'an learned that her husband had exchanged contact information with Shi Yue and helped her arrange a job interview, which was scheduled for the next day. In the evening, Shen An'an asked Ren Yiming about the job situation with Shi Yue. Ren Yiming told Shen An'an that he arranged for Shi Yue to join Liang Yuan's team because he was worried about gossip and assured her not to worry.

The next day, Shi Yue dressed up and wore professional attire. Ren Yiming urged her to hurry, as she would be late for work otherwise. Shi Yue kept changing her shoes in front of the mirror, claiming that she didn't have suitable ones, but time was running out. Ren Yiming told her to find a pair in Shen An'an's shoe cabinet. Falling into the trap, Shi Yue hurriedly ran to Shen An'an's bedroom and found the pair of red shoes to wear. After seeing off Ren Xinyi to the school bus, Shen An'an noticed Shi Yue wearing her shoes. Ren Yiming claimed that he had allowed her to wear them and advised Shen An'an not to take it to heart. Shen An'an returned to her bedroom and saw the shoebox in disarray, feeling disappointed. In the car, Shi Yue hurriedly carried interview materials, and Ren Yiming told her to relax. Shi Yue expressed her gratitude to Ren Yiming for his help.

During Shi Yue's interview, Liang Yuan saw the red shoes she was wearing and couldn't help but mock her. She sarcastically commented that even if they were sisters, it was not appropriate for them to wear the same shoes.

Shen An'an went to talk to Ren Fei but encountered Lin Yao, who came to deliver documents. Ren Fei accidentally misspelled Lin Yao's name and hurriedly went to fix the documents. Meanwhile, Shen An'an was assigned to accompany Lin Yao for a test drive. Lin Yao thought the car's handling was good and then asked Shen An'an about her previous job. Shen An'an said she used to be a sales manager before getting married and became a housewife afterward. Lin Yao pointed to his watch, indicating that he would only give Ren Fei ten minutes, and if she didn't show up, he wouldn't buy the car. Shen An'an thought he was too casual, but Lin Yao considered it his bottom line. He stated that if she was truly important to him, Ren Fei wouldn't have made such a mistake.

After finishing the interview, Shi Yue angrily threw away the ill-fitting shoes she was wearing. She ran into Chen Shanhai, who found her amusing. Shi Yue claimed that the reason her interview wasn't successful was due to a lack of work experience, but she didn't accept it. She argued that if that were the case, college graduates would all be jobless. Chen Shanhai thought Shi Yue had a point and believed she would be a good assistant, so he asked Liang Yuan to keep her. However, Liang Yuan was very unhappy about it. She called Ren Yiming and said she would give Shi Yue a one-week probationary period, and if she wasn't capable, the company wouldn't keep her. When Shi Yue heard this news, she used her injured foot as an excuse and threw herself onto Ren Yiming, leaving him unable to move in astonishment.

Ren Fei drove Shen An'an to Xinyi's school, where they were celebrating the school's anniversary. The homeroom teacher asked parents to contribute some snacks, and the parents highly recommended Shen An'an, saying that her snacks were delicious. Shen An'an took on the task willingly. The family of three had originally planned to eat out, but Ren Yiming forgot about it while helping Shi Yue familiarize herself with the business. Shen An'an called Ren Yiming, but he was busy looking for documents and didn't notice the call. Shi Yue saw his missed call and intentionally covered the phone with files.

Shen An'an kept calling Ren Yiming but couldn't get through. She was waiting with Xinyi at the kindergarten. Shen An'an then called Wen Hao and learned that Ren Yiming had already left the company. Wen Hao asked other colleagues about Ren Yiming's whereabouts, but they were also unclear and felt that there was a strange understanding between Liang Yuan and Ren Yiming.

To appease Xinyi's mood, Shen An'an took her out for ice cream. At mealtime, Ren Yiming suddenly remembered the promise to have dinner with Shen An'an and Xinyi. He searched for his phone and found many missed calls. He immediately called Shen An'an back, making an excuse that he still had work to do and it was already too late to go now, asking his wife to take Xinyi for the meal. Upon hearing Ren Yiming say he was at the company, Shen An'an began to doubt, thinking about what Wen Hao had just told her.

After Ren Yiming explained to Shen An'an, he continued discussing business with Shi Yue. At mealtime, Ren Yiming wanted to order some dishes for Shi Yue, but she said she wanted something special, as she didn't want to eat Shen An'an's dishes all the time. This reminded Ren Yiming of what Liang Yuan had said, and he contemplated it for a long time.

In the evening, Ren Yiming drove Shi Yue home. Shi Yue asked him to wait five minutes before going back to avoid raising suspicion from Shen An'an. As she left, she happily said goodnight. When Shi Yue returned home, she casually threw her red shoes on the floor and pretended to be happy as she hugged Shen An'an, claiming she was very nervous during her job interview and that Liang Yuan had been cold to her. Shen An'an smelled perfume on Shi Yue and noticed it was the same scent as the one on the clothes Ren Yiming changed earlier. Later, when Ren Yiming returned home, both of them lied to Shen An'an without saying a word. While Ren Yiming was taking a shower, Shen An'an discovered a thank-you message from Shi Yue to Ren Yiming, realizing that he had secretly done a lot for Shi Yue.

Upon reading the message, Shen An'an felt increasingly uneasy. She went downstairs to the yard to relax and then called her mother. Shen An'an thought that Shi Yue had found a job by now and wanted to discuss with her mother about asking Shi Yue to move out. Her mother scolded her for not knowing how to take care of her younger sister and suggested waiting until Shi Yue's job was stable before letting her move out. Just then, Ren Yiming suddenly appeared next to Shen An'an, thinking she was angry at him for breaking the appointment. He hugged Shen An'an and explained that he truly had work matters to attend to that day. Shi Yue, watching them affectionately from the balcony, got angry and went back to her room, applying lipstick on her lips, even drawing the corners, as her plotting was about to begin.

In the morning, Ren Yiming exercised near the house while Shi Yue carefully observed him, calculating the time when he would finish exercising. She then started dancing in the garden, captivating Ren Yiming's attention. He became so distracted that he even accidentally cut himself while shaving. After breakfast, Ren Yiming drove Shi Yue to work. When leaving, Shi Yue affectionately hugged Shen An'an and promised to take care of Ren Yiming, ensuring that no troublesome people would get close to him. Shen An'an openly expressed that she didn't need her care. Shi Yue understood the implication in Shen An'an's words and responded with a simple smile before running off.

Liang Yuan saw Ren Yiming and Shi Yue arrive at the company together, behaving intimately, which made her jealous. Liang Yuan instructed her subordinates to give Shi Yue some documents to organize and submit to her by tomorrow. Shi Yue, seeing the pile of documents in front of her, became impatient. Just then, Chen Shanhai asked someone to call Shi Yue to his office, effectively resolving her situation. Ren Yiming secretly monitored Shi Yue's work but encountered Chen Shanhai. Ren Yiming explained that he was taking care of his sister, and Chen Shanhai sensed his intentions. He told Ren Yiming that some sisters have an extraordinary relationship with their brothers and expressed his admiration for Shi Yue.

During lunchtime, Liang Yuan specifically asked Ren Yiming to have lunch together. Shi Yue saw Ren Yiming leaving with others and became jealous. She then got close with other male colleagues. When Ren Yiming returned, he noticed that Shi Yue was getting friendly with other male colleagues and intentionally ignored him, which made him feel uncomfortable.

Shen An'an took her red shoes for repair and found that both the inside and outside of the shoes were dirty. She had to replace the entire insole, feeling quite helpless, but she agreed to the current repair method. Ren Fei called Shen An'an and inquired about the reason for letting Shi Yue work at Yunhai. This clearly gave her an opportunity to interact with Ren Yiming and Wen Hao. Shen An'an thought it would help Shi Yue achieve financial independence, and then she would be able to move out.

Lin Yao returned home to visit his mother. His mother heard that her usually picky son quickly decided on a car and was curious about the girl who convinced Lin Yao to buy it. Shen An'an was discovered by her superiors for handling the car purchase instead of Ren Fei. Ren Fei hurriedly explained that it was written by a customer named Lin Yao, who is very picky, and coincidentally, Lin Yao overheard it while coming to pick up the manager of the car dealership. Ren Fei called Shen An'an to inform her that she might be suspended. Shen An'an hurriedly went to explain to Lin Yao, who eventually agreed to let Ren Fei stay, on the condition that Shen An'an could stay in the car dealership as well. Shen An'an felt somewhat conflicted because there were still many household chores to take care of at home.

After Shen An'an helped Ren Fei intercede with Lin Yao, Ren Fei grew more and more admiring of Shen An'an. Shen An'an herself also deeply missed her previous sales job and wanted to try working at a car dealership. Ren Fei told Shen An'an about her previous task to investigate a perfume, which is currently only sold in New York and is called "Forbidden Fruit." It turns out that Shi Yue is the only one using this perfume, and Ren Fei started to make connections and suddenly felt that something was not right.

When Ren Fei returned home, she got angry at Wen Hao. Shi Yue had worn Shen An'an's shoes without her permission and even ruined them. Those shoes held special meaning to Shen An'an. Ren Fei warned Wen Hao not to give his shoes to other women, or else she would throw him and the shoes away. Wen Hao, being obedient to his strict wife, naturally agreed.

After work, Ren Yiming asked Shi Yue to go home together, but Shi Yue said she already had a colleague who would give her a ride. While they were talking, Shi Yue intentionally pressed the wrong key and accidentally deleted the completed form. On the way home, Ren Yiming kept thinking about Shi Yue's interactions with her male colleagues today, and even Chen Shanhai seemed interested in her, which made him feel uncomfortable. When he arrived home, he impatiently replied to Shen An'an's message.

In the evening, a colleague named Liu Weide drove Shi Yue home, and Ren Yiming paid close attention to the activity downstairs. He watched as Shi Yue and her colleague interacted and then went to sit in the study. When Shi Yue returned to her room, she saw Ren Yiming angrily questioning her. She said she had no right to stop him from being with other people and that all she did was make him understand her feelings. Ren Yiming was surprised to hear that Shi Yue wanted to confess her feelings, and just as he was about to push past Shi Yue and leave, he happened to run into Shen An'an going upstairs. Shi Yue used work as an excuse to defend Ren Yiming, who also claimed that he had finished his work. Shen An'an suggested that Ren Yiming move his desk to the bedroom so he wouldn't have to go to the study. Ren Yiming's mind was filled with Shi Yue's words, leaving Shen An'an to make the decision herself.

Early the next morning, Shi Yue deliberately mentioned to Ren Xinyi that eating the same food every day would become boring. Ren Yiming agreed, but Ren Xinyi loudly declared that she would never get tired of eating the dumplings made by their mother. During work, Liu Weide personally drove Shi Yue to the office, and Ren Yiming kept his eyes on their interaction. He didn't even hear when Shen An'an called him. Ren Yiming was not focused on his work, and he even suggested to Liang Yuan that someone else should take care of Shi Yue.

During a company meeting, Chen Shanhai asked Shi Yue for her opinion on the products. Shi Yue directly pointed out that the styles approved by Liang Yuan were too old-fashioned and not youthful enough. Liang Yuan's face stiffened, but Chen Shanhai decided to follow Shi Yue's suggestion. Shi Yue had lunch with Liu Weide and asked about the promotion opportunities in the company. She learned that Liang Yuan and Chen Shanhai had a special relationship. If Liang Yuan continued to perform well, Ren Yiming had no chance of getting promoted. However, Chen Shanhai was someone who valued abilities over personal relationships. Knowing Liang Yuan's true nature, Shi Yue was no longer afraid of her and directly confronted her.

While Shen An'an was picking up her shoes, she saw a notification on her phone. She read an article about her husband cheating, and the comments below warned her to be careful of the people around her. Shen An'an realized that Ren Yiming was involved with Shi Yue and suddenly felt scared. She looked at the completely ruined shoes, realizing they were no longer the same ones Ren Yiming had given her, and her emotions exploded. Shen An'an decided to plan for herself and considered working at a car dealership. She contacted Lin Yao and arranged to meet at a cafe. Lin Yao pointed out that she had a talent for sales but needed some improvement, especially in her fashion sense.

Ren Yiming pulled Shi Yue into a corner and questioned her about why she opposed Liang Yuan. Shi Yue said she was helping him, and just as Ren Yiming was about to ask about her feelings for him, Wen Hao suddenly interrupted their conversation. Wen Hao advised Ren Yiming to stop while he was ahead and not target Shi Yue. Ren Fei went to Shen An'an's house and found her making a new style of dumplings. She quickly started a live stream on her phone to show everyone how she made dumplings. Shen An'an demonstrated the process of making dumplings and conveyed the message that family should be understanding and occasionally bring surprises.

Chen Shanhai went to Liang Yuan's office and said his secretary was sick, so he wanted to borrow Shi Yue, who could speak English, to take meeting notes. When Shi Yue left, she dressed up in a sexy and mature manner. She told Ren Yiming that he didn't need to wait for her that evening. Seeing Shi Yue and Chen Shanhai getting closer, Ren Yiming became jealous. When he returned home in the evening, he specifically asked Shen An'an to remind Shi Yue to be mindful and not spend too much time with male colleagues. Shen An'an mentioned that it's just Shi Yue's outgoing nature. After that, she discussed with Ren Yiming about buying a house for Shi Yue.

Shi Yue got drunk and deliberately posted on her Moments, with a picture of the bench near her home and a caption saying she was waiting for Ren Yiming. Ren Yiming saw Shi Yue's Moments and became anxious. When Shen An'an asked him about it, he expressed that he didn't want Shi Yue to move out, as he wanted someone to accompany Shen An'an. Later, Ren Yiming used the excuse of feeling dizzy to go downstairs and look for Shi Yue. He found Shi Yue drunk on the bench and asked her not to drink with Chen Shanhai. Shi Yue refused to promise and instead asked Ren Yiming about his feelings for her. She said that as long as he wanted her to stay, she would stay, but if he wanted her to leave, she would leave without hesitation. Ren Yiming had developed feelings for Shi Yue and didn't want her to leave his family.

Ren Fei and Wen Hao couldn't sleep at night and were thinking about Shi Yue. They connected the recent discoveries and became worried about the relationship between Ren Yiming and Shi Yue. Shen An'an was aware of the involvement between her husband and Shi Yue. Considering her financial situation, she decided to join a car dealership and contacted Lin Yao.

The next morning, Shi Yue didn't come downstairs for breakfast. Ren Yiming ate while paying attention to the situation at the stairs. Shen An'an accompanied Ren Yiming to work and informed him that she would be away on a business trip and would drive to pick up Shen's mother to take care of Ren Xinyi at home. Ren Yiming awkwardly responded, mentioning that Shen's mother must miss Ren Xinyi as well. Chen Shanhai brought a bracelet to Liang Yuan, but she said she could buy those things herself and only cared about the position she desired. Liang Yuan also told Chen Shanhai about Shi Yue taking sick leave. Shi Yue claimed to have a headache as the reason for her leave and implied that it was related to Chen Shanhai's business entertainment, but he didn't seem to care.

While Ren Yiming was at work, his colleagues asked about Shi Yue's relationship status. Ren Yiming bluntly told them that Shi Yue already had someone she liked who wasn't from their company, and their relationship with Shi Yue had no future. Shi Yue sent a text message to Ren Yiming, stating that she wanted to resign and apologized for causing trouble over the past few days. She mentioned that she had just taken medicine and fallen asleep. Worried about Shi Yue, Ren Yiming immediately rushed home from the company. Wen Hao saw Ren Yiming leaving hurriedly and called out to him, reminding him to be rational. However, Ren Yiming was completely focused on Shi Yue and didn't pay attention.

Ren Yiming arrived home and found Shi Yue lying in bed. He quickly woke her up. Shi Yue told Ren Yiming that she had attempted suicide before and showed him her scars. Shi Yue argued that she wanted to leave this home. Ren Yiming tried to calm her emotions and comforted her. They struggled with each other, and Shi Yue pinned Ren Yiming down on the bed. Under Shi Yue's temptation, Ren Yiming couldn't resist his feelings and they became intimate in the study.

After Shen An'an brought Shen's mother home, she noticed her husband's shoes at the door and remembered that Shi Yue was inside. She sensed that something was wrong and anxiously went upstairs, leaving Shen's mother waiting downstairs. Just as she reached the study's door, Ren Yiming came out, tidying his clothes. Ren Yiming explained to Shen An'an that he accidentally spilled ink on his clothes during the meeting and had to come home to change. After speaking, he hastily left by car. Shen An'an picked up the clothes Ren Yiming had just changed and noticed that the ink was still wet, confirming her suspicions. She felt extremely angry but still couldn't believe that they would betray her.

Ren Fei handed the team-building list to Lin Yao, who said he wanted to talk to Shen An'an and add her name to the list. Lin Yao proactively asked Shen An'an out. Shen An'an was feeling down, and Lin Yao offered to listen to her and tried to console her. Lin Yao told Shen An'an about his mother, who was a psychological counselor. His mother had thought his father didn't love her anymore and had suggested divorce, even though Lin's father hadn't cheated. Lin Yao didn't understand the reason behind it. Later, his mother told him that marriage is difficult, and one shouldn't force oneself to accept it. Instead, one should try to understand and be true to oneself.

Shen An'an was deeply saddened by her husband's and Shi Yue's situation and decided to distance herself for a while. However, Ren Fei told her that she couldn't leave now no matter what, as they didn't know what might happen. Shen An'an couldn't listen and insisted on leaving. Before leaving, Shen An'an went to Shi Yue's room and reminded her to be cautious with her perfume, not to get the scent on Ren Yiming's clothes. She used this opportunity to warn Shi Yue that some things cannot be shared. Shi Yue understood the implications in Shen An'an's words but didn't mind. Instead, she assured Shen An'an that she would take care of the family.

Unable to contain her excitement, Shi Yue wanted to go out with Ren Yiming. Ren Xinyi held onto Ren Yiming and played with building blocks, but his mind was completely on Shi Yue, and he was absent-minded, assembling the blocks incorrectly. Shi Yue left first and found a clubhouse, then sent the address to Ren Yiming.

Ren Yiming saw the message sent by Shi Yue and used the excuse of having something to do at work to leave and rush to the clubhouse to find her. Afterwards, the two of them went shopping together at a supermarket, where Liang Yuan also happened to come across them. She noticed the close behavior between Ren Yiming and Shi Yue and guessed their relationship. Ren Yiming became very nervous when he saw Liang Yuan because she was his competitor, and he was worried that she might say something negative about him at the company. So, he claimed that his wife had asked him to buy those things. Shi Yue didn't like Liang Yuan's attitude, so she asked Ren Yiming to wait for her in the car and pretended that she needed to use the restroom. Then, when Liang Yuan wasn't paying attention, she secretly put some food into Liang Yuan's pocket as a prank. When Liang Yuan went to pay, she found the items in her pocket and realized it was a prank by Shi Yue.

Shen An'an traveled with her colleagues to the outdoor team-building event. Although it should have been an enjoyable occasion, Shen An'an couldn't stop thinking about her husband and Shi Yue. During the training, Lin Yao noticed that Shen An'an seemed distracted, so he asked her to introduce herself to everyone. Shen An'an talked about her family and when asked about her dreams, she hesitated for a long time and only expressed her hope for her daughter's health and good studies. After the training, Lin Yao approached Shen An'an and had a heart-to-heart conversation, asking about her aspirations. He discovered that Shen An'an didn't have any clear goals for the future. Lin Yao respected Shen An'an's thoughts but felt that if someone else was part of her plans and that person changed, she would risk failure. Therefore, he hoped that Shen An'an would consider her own situation more.

In the evening, Shen An'an had a video call with Ren Xinyi and noticed that her daughter kept scratching her arms. She found out that it was due to an allergic reaction caused by the perfume Shi Yue had sprayed on her. Shen An'an wanted Ren Yiming, who knew where the allergy medicine was, to give it to their daughter, but both Ren Yiming and Shi Yue were not at home. Worried about her daughter, Shen An'an quickly packed her things and decided to go home. Lin Yao heard from Ren Fei that Shen An'an was leaving and was concerned about her safety traveling alone, so he immediately drove her home. Shen An'an initially wanted to decline but eventually agreed. On the way, Shen An'an reflected on how her life had changed since getting married and how it revolved around her family.

Just as Shen An'an arrived home, she saw her husband's car and noticed Shi Yue getting out of it and giving Ren Yiming a kiss. Shen An'an felt utterly hopeless, and Lin Yao was also shocked by the scene. Shen An'an couldn't think clearly, and although she was heartbroken by the betrayal, she knew she had to confront the situation. Ren Yiming and Shi Yue were surprised to see Shen An'an suddenly return. Shi Yue quickly made an excuse to go and get her phone and hurriedly left the house but saw Lin Yao, her former boyfriend, who had just escorted Shen An'an back.

Shi Yue rushed back home and asked who had brought Shen An'an back. Shen An'an responded coldly that it had nothing to do with her. Shen An'an questioned the relationship between Ren Yiming and Shi Yue, but Ren Yiming still refused to admit to having an affair with Shi Yue. He claimed that he just happened to run into her when he came back. Shen An'an witnessed their intimacy firsthand and completely disbelieved her husband's excuses. She expressed her intention to talk to Ren Yiming. Upon hearing their argument, Ren Xinyi ran out, and even Shen's mother heard the commotion and came out to inquire. Shen An'an didn't want her mother to worry and didn't reveal the truth to her.

Shen An'an went to the study to find Shi Yue and asked her to move out of the house by tomorrow at the latest. Shen An'an couldn't accept the way Shi Yue influenced their daughter and couldn't tolerate her destroying their family. Shi Yue and Shen An'an had a heated argument, with Shi Yue saying that it takes two to tango, and she blamed Shen An'an's husband for the affair. Shi Yue saw Lin Yao and remembered the painful memories from before, feeling deeply worried.

The next day, Shen's mother learned about what Shi Yue had done and told Shen An'an that in a marriage, one must learn to be tolerant. If Ren Yiming realizes his mistake and returns to the right path, she should also learn to let go. Even if it's for Ren Xinyi's sake, she should try to maintain the family. Shen An'an couldn't accept it at that moment and said she needed to think before making a decision. In the morning, the family had breakfast together. Ren Yiming casually approached Ren Xinyi, but suddenly Shi Yue appeared with a suitcase, pretending to apologize for the trouble she caused everyone.

Shen An'an decided to give Ren Yiming the silent treatment and give each other time to think things through. The next morning, Ren Yiming woke up late and realized that his wife didn't wake him up as she used to, and there was no breakfast for him. In a panic, he quickly got into his car and drove off. Chen Shanhai called Liang Yuan and Ren Yiming to the office, saying they needed to go on a business trip and should discuss it with their families as soon as possible. Ren Yiming claimed to have something to handle at home and requested a few days' delay.

When Shi Yue heard that Ren Yiming was going on a business trip with Liang Yuan, she felt extremely uncomfortable. In the bathroom, she angrily questioned Liang Yuan why she kept clinging to Ren Yiming. Liang Yuan admitted that she did have a history with Ren Yiming, which made Shi Yue believe that Liang Yuan wanted to steal Ren Yiming from her. She became very angry.

Shi Yue angrily asked Liang Yuan about her relationship with Ren Yiming. Liang Yuan told her that she didn't come to the company to steal someone, let alone someone else's husband. Upon hearing this, Shi Yue's face turned green with jealousy.

Lin Yao was worried about Shen An'an and called her to ask about her recent state. He told her that no matter what happens, she can come to him and also needs to consider herself. Lin's mother saw her son's expression while making the phone call and speculated that he had feelings for Shen An'an. Lin Yao explained that she was just an employee in his company and he was concerned about her recent troubles.

During work, Shi Yue deliberately walked closely with Liu Weide and even played games together. Ren Yiming closely observed their behavior and became jealous. He pulled Shi Yue out of the company. Shi Yue couldn't accept Ren Yiming going out with other women and threatened to tell Shen An'an. Ren Yiming comforted Shi Yue and took her to his home. Shi Yue had lost her rationality and said that she couldn't live without Ren Yiming. Wen Hao, who had been watching them outside the company, witnessed their intimate behavior. After returning home, Wen Hao told Ren Fei what he had seen, confirming Ren Fei's suspicions that Ren Yiming was having an affair with Shi Yue.

In the evening, Shen An'an was cooking when Shi Yue called her and said that Ren Yiming was sleeping at her place. She also mentioned that the house she was living in was bought by Ren Yiming. Shen An'an listened to her words and angrily hung up the phone. Shortly after, Shi Yue sent a message to Shen An'an, calling her the best sister in the world and attached a picture of Ren Yiming shirtless on the bed. Shen An'an saw the photo and broke down, accidentally cutting the family photo on the wall with a knife.

Ren Fei called Ren Yiming and Shen An'an, but neither of their calls went through. Wen Hao told Ren Fei about seeing them walking together in the parking lot yesterday, which made Ren Fei even more angry. Ren Yiming and Shi Yue didn't show up for work the next day. Some colleagues who witnessed their argument in the parking lot speculated that their relationship was not ordinary. Ren Yiming and Liang Yuan were about to go on a business trip, but their subordinates couldn't reach Ren Yiming and the documents couldn't be signed. Wen Hao called Ren Fei and informed her that the office was already gossiping about Ren Yiming and Shi Yue. Ren Fei asked Wen Hao to quickly find Ren Yiming, while she went to find Shen An'an.

Ren Fei informed Lin Yao that they couldn't reach Shen An'an. Lin Yao became very worried. He knew a little about Shen An'an's family but didn't know what bad intentions Shi Yue had. He removed Shi Yue from his blacklist and called her. Shi Yue curiously asked how he knew her sister, and when she learned that Shen An'an was her sister, she was surprised.

Ren Fei went home and found Shen An'an packing her things. Shen An'an remained silent and completely closed off her emotions. Ren Fei advised her to cry it out, but Shen An'an couldn't cry, which made Ren Fei even more worried.

Ren Yiming woke up in a hurry and quickly got dressed when he learned from Shi Yue that Shen An'an knew about their affair. He tried to calm Shi Yue's emotions and hurried back home to apologize to Shen An'an. He admitted that he made a mistake and asked her to give him another chance. Shen An'an didn't believe Ren Yiming's words and quickly locked him out of the bedroom, recalling the promises he made to her father. Shen An'an couldn't help but cry.

Ren Yiming picked up Ren Xinyi from school and asked her to talk to Shen An'an on his behalf, hoping to have dinner with them. However, Shen An'an still refused. Ren Xinyi pulled Ren Yiming aside and asked him not to move out, promising to be with him. In the evening, Shi Yue kept calling Ren Yiming, but he kept hanging up. The next day, Shen An'an sent Ren Yiming to work as usual and bumped into Liang Yuan downstairs. Before leaving, Ren Yiming hugged Shen An'an. Shi Yue watched their interaction from upstairs and almost went crazy. As Liang Yuan was about to leave for the business trip, she told Shi Yue that she would take care of Ren Yiming since she knew his preferences.

Ren Yiming and Liang Yuan went on a business trip. Liang Yuan suggested going to a popular restaurant for lunch and intentionally took a picture of the two of them together to post on social media. Shi Yue saw it and became extremely angry. She repeatedly called Ren Yiming, but he didn't answer. Shi Yue scrolled through her social media feed and saw Ren Yiming's posts. She became even more nervous and called a video chat with Liang Yuan. Coincidentally, she saw Ren Yiming entering Liang Yuan's room, and her emotions exploded instantly.

Liang Yuan admitted that she used to hate Ren Yiming, but she genuinely believed that Shen An'an was a good person. Ren Yiming mentioned that he felt pressure being with Liang Yuan but felt comfortable with Shen An'an. He knew that Shen An'an valued family and believed she would forgive him, and their family could weather this storm. Liang Yuan reminded Ren Yiming to stay away from Shi Yue.

Shi Yue discovered Liang Yuan's past relationship with Ren Yiming and rushed to Shen An'an's house. Shen An'an was washing dishes in the kitchen when Shi Yue suddenly appeared and asked if Ren Yiming had called her. Shi Yue tried to grab Shen An'an's phone to check, holding a knife and fork to her neck, forcing Shen An'an to call Ren Yiming. Shi Yue claimed that Ren Xinyi had been in a car accident and asked him to come back immediately. Shen An'an snatched the fork from Shi Yue's hand but accidentally cut her own hand. Worried that Shi Yue would influence Ren Xinyi, Shen An'an kicked her out of the house.

After Ren Yiming left Liang Yuan's room, he saw many messages from Shi Yue and called her back. Ren Yiming told Shi Yue that nothing happened between him and Liang Yuan, assuring her that she was the one he loved the most. He then advised Shi Yue to keep her distance from him at the office, as it could affect his promotion. Ren Yiming finally agreed to stay away from Liang Yuan as Shi Yue requested.

To keep Liang Yuan away from Ren Yiming, Shi Yue secretly entered Liang Yuan's office and modified her document data.

Ren Yiming and Liang Yuan returned from their business trip. During a meeting, Liang Yuan suggested celebrating their successful contract acquisition by inviting everyone to dinner. Ren Yiming, who saw Shen An'an's message asking him to take his belongings, drank heavily and got drunk. At this moment, Shi Yue called Ren Yiming, claiming to have a surprise for him. Shi Yue stated that she was currently sitting in his office.

Ren Yiming refused to go home and take his belongings, so Shen An'an brought his luggage to his company. Coincidentally, she encountered Shi Yue in Ren Yiming's office, expressing their love for each other. Faced with Shi Yue's provocation, Shen An'an angrily pointed at the office's surveillance cameras, threatening to make the entire company witness their behavior. Shi Yue intended to catch up with Shen An'an, but Ren Fei suddenly appeared and stopped Shi Yue. The two ended up fighting, and Shen An'an managed to separate them.

Ren Yiming went home and begged Shen An'an for forgiveness, asking her to give him another chance. Shen An'an locked the door and tearfully recounted the chances she had given him before, but he continued to make the same mistakes. She had lost all hope in him. Feeling dejected, Ren Yiming walked back to the company when Shi Yue suddenly hugged him from behind, promising to accept him.

The next morning, Shen An'an sent Ren Xinyi to school as usual. The school teacher reminded her about baking for an event, and she remembered her promise. Shen An'an didn't want to disappoint Ren Xinyi again, but there were no ingredients at home. In a hurry, she went out to prepare the ingredients. Just as she was about to leave, Lin Yao hurriedly approached her, saying he wanted to talk to her. While on the way to the supermarket with Shen An'an, Lin Yao revealed that he had briefly dated Shi Yue before. He explained that Shi Yue had mental health issues that had a negative impact on his life, so he had applied for a restraining order against her. Lin Yao rolled up his sleeves, revealing scars from when Shi Yue had scratched him, and warned Shen An'an to be cautious. As Shen An'an baked a cake, Lin Yao watched her intently. In the end, he even helped her deliver it to the school. Watching Shen An'an playing with her daughter, Lin Yao smiled belatedly.

In the evening, Chen Shanhai discovered an email from an account named "Good Samaritan" on his computer, containing evidence of Liang Yuan taking kickbacks. Chen Shanhai knew it was a setup but remembered how Liang Yuan's arrogance had repeatedly embarrassed him. He decided to teach her a lesson. He immediately instructed the finance department to send the annual report tomorrow. Liang Yuan told Chen Shanhai that she had been framed and requested to personally investigate the matter. However, Chen Shanhai insisted on following company procedures, and feeling untrusted by her boyfriend, Liang Yuan directly resigned.


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