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My Dearest – He Landou, Cao Yuchen

My Dearest is an urban romantic drama directed by Zhen Yongbo and Zhen Yongtao, led by He Landou and Cao Yuchen, co-starring Liang Songqing, Wu Hai, Jin Yangyang, Wang Haoge, Yang Haoyu, Guo Fengzhou, and Lu Siyu.


My Dearest

English Title: My Dearest
Chinese Title: 是亲密的你
Genre: Urban, Romance, Youth
Tag: Doctor Male Lead, Dentist Male Lead, Illustrator Female Lead, Age Gap, Marriage
Episodes: 24
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Zhen Yongbo, Zhen Yongtao
Writer: Zhen Yongbo, Zhao Yue, Zhen Yongtao
Producer: Wang Dandan
Released Date: 2023-07-19
Broadcast Website: Youku, 优酷,



A young illustrator who had just stepped out of the ivory tower yearned for a blissful married life. Unexpectedly, she met Lin Hengyu, a successful dentist who had always advocated for being single.

Through a series of coincidences, they became roommates, and, over the course of their long-term companionship, the icy walls in Lin Hengyu's heart were melted by the warmth of Xiang Yan's presence.

He gradually discovered his feelings of love for Xiang Yan, while Xiang Yan herself slowly realized that her desire for marriage stemmed from the longing to establish an intimate and trustful relationship with a loved one.

Together, they faced both romantic and career crises, gradually understanding the true essence of love and marriage. Hand in hand, they stepped into the realm of marriage.


Xiang Yan is an illustrator at a publishing company. When her good friend Lu Nian learned that Xiang Yan planned to propose to her boyfriend today, Lu Nian was very surprised. Lu Nian asked Xiang Yan if she understood him well. Xiang Yan thought as long as he wasn't a bad person and was serious about his work, even though he seemed serious, he was actually a very gentle person. Lu Nian helped Xiang Yan prepare everything and they waited for her boyfriend to arrive.

Lin Hengyu is a dentist at a dental hospital. Because he hasn't married yet, his parents and friends keep trying to introduce him to blind dates. This time, his friend Jiang Qi called him again, as Jiang Qi was actually entrusted to set up the blind date for Lin Hengyu. Helpless, Lin Hengyu went along. Jiang Qi is Xiang Yan's boyfriend. However, when Xiang Yan saw Jiang Qi, she suddenly regretted it and felt that she might not be suitable for him. Jiang Qi quickly called Lin Hengyu for help. Meanwhile, Lin Hengyu was chatting with his blind date, who also wanted to discuss marriage, but Lin Hengyu declined. He intentionally mentioned that he was going to meet another girl at a hotel and even invited his blind date to come along, just to make her dislike him and leave directly. After finishing the blind date, Lin Hengyu went to find Jiang Qi. When Xiang Yan came out, she saw Lin Hengyu and Jiang Qi together. Lin Hengyu intentionally spoiled everything Xiang Yan had prepared for Jiang Qi, and before she could explain, Jiang Qi took Lin Hengyu away, leaving a very bad impression on Xiang Yan.

Afterward, when Jiang Qi came out, he happened to see Lu Nian drinking alone, so he took the initiative to start a conversation. In fact, Jiang Qi had never officially accepted or rejected Xiang Yan, so the so-called boyfriend was just wishful thinking on her part. Xiang Yan was walking on the road, drinking red wine alone, and was seen by Lin Hengyu. Lin Hengyu remembered the time when he was still in school and helped Xiang Yan hold an umbrella. After returning home, Lin Hengyu thought about Xiang Yan but felt that she seemed unfamiliar with him.

The next morning, Xiang Yan woke up, turned off the alarm clock, and went to work. The project in her hand was stopped again, and she complained to Lu Nian over the phone. Meanwhile, Lin Hengyu woke up and found that there were agents bringing people to see the house. He learned from the agent that it was arranged by his mother, which made him very angry.

Xiang Yan went to the restaurant to find Jiang Qi but was stopped by the chef and good friend Shi Ran. Jiang Qi had been hiding in the corner of the kitchen all along, but Xiang Yan still found him. Xiang Yan just wanted to talk to Jiang Qi, but he didn't give her any chance. Xiang Yan went out to relax, and Shi Ran gave her a dessert, though she didn't know what had happened between them, she just hoped Xiang Yan wouldn't be sad.

Due to a rental issue, Xiang Yan encountered a second eviction and had to leave her current place. She wanted to stay at Lu Nian's place for a night, but Lu Nian's parents had just returned from overseas, so she had to refuse. Just when Xiang Yan saw a rental advertisement, she planned to check it out. When she arrived at the specified location and knocked on the door, she was surprised to find that the person who opened the door was Lin Hengyu. It turned out that Lin Hengyu's mother, in order to get her son married soon, had chased away the agent and directly posted an advertisement to find a roommate.

Xiang Yan didn't expect that she would end up sharing the rented place with Lin Hengyu, so she turned and left directly. On the other hand, Lin Hengyu didn't expect to encounter Xiang Yan either, so he immediately called Jiang Qi and asked him to get Xiang Yan's phone number for him. Xiang Yan had nowhere to go that night, so she ended up staying in a very run-down inn where even the bathrooms were shared. She felt uneasy when she noticed a man looking at her, so she hurried back to her room. After obtaining Jiang Qi's phone number, Lin Hengyu called her, but no one answered the phone. He became worried and went out to find Xiang Yan. In fact, Xiang Yan was also feeling scared in the inn, so she left directly. Coincidentally, Lin Hengyu met Xiang Yan on the street and brought her back with him. Lin Hengyu agreed to let Xiang Yan stay at his place, and she accepted the offer. It was a sort of compensation for Xiang Yan's failed proposal, and she felt relieved as she knew she wasn't a good match with Jiang Qi. Xiang Yan promised to pay the rent to Lin Hengyu as soon as she received her salary. So, Lin Hengyu and Xiang Yan signed the rental agreement, and Xiang Yan insisted that they both should keep the public areas of the house clean. Xiang Yan was curious when she saw a domestic robot in Lin Hengyu's house, and during the following time, she felt quite comfortable staying there.

However, early in the morning, Lin Hengyu's mother unexpectedly arrived. Lin Hengyu asked Xiang Yan to hide quickly, as it was not normal for his mother to see them both in their pajamas so early in the morning. He managed to keep his mother occupied and eventually sent her away. After Lin Hengyu's mother left, he found Xiang Yan in the wardrobe, and she accidentally took Lin Hengyu's underwear. In the process, Xiang Yan almost fell, and Lin Hengyu held her in his arms. At that moment, Lin Hengyu's mother came back, and the two of them had to explain to her that they were in a romantic relationship. Xiang Yan was worried that the lie had been told and didn't know how to clarify, but Lin Hengyu suggested that they just let it be.

At the company, the deputy editor asked Xiang Yan to come over and assigned several projects to her. He also told her to take care of the new colleague, He Huan. He Huan mentioned that a new chief editor was coming, who had recently returned from abroad. Lin Hengyu's mother visited the dental clinic to see her son and urged him to bring his future wife back home soon. Lin Hengyu had no choice but to make excuses.

At the bar, Jiang Qi tried to strike up a conversation with Lu Nian, but she ignored him completely. When Lin Hengyu returned home, he found that Xiang Yan had already prepared dinner. Since Xiang Yan was going to be his girlfriend, he wanted to get to know her better. After learning that Xiang Yan could only cook a few dishes, Lin Hengyu volunteered to teach her properly the next day.

After work, Xiang Yan went to the designated store where Lin Hengyu had asked her to meet him. To her surprise, it was Lin Hengyu's aunt's store, and he asked Xiang Yan to pick out a few outfits. After changing into a new outfit, Lin Hengyu thought Xiang Yan looked very beautiful, but she found the clothes to be too expensive. However, his aunt assured Xiang Yan not to worry, saying she could afford the cost and even gave her a red envelope.

Later in the evening, Lin Hengyu took Xiang Yan to a banquet, but he was suddenly called by another girl. Xiang Yan noticed that he wasn't turning back and informed him that someone was calling for him.

A girl called out to Lin Hengyu from behind, but he didn't turn back. He then managed to get Xiang Yan out of the situation. Xiang Yan didn't expect to meet Shi Ran at the banquet. She didn't know that Shi Ran was the one preparing the dishes there. Shi Ran offered to let Xiang Yan taste his new dishes after learning that she wanted to learn cooking. Xiang Yan said she would consider it. Jiang Qi also arrived at the banquet, and when Shi Ran saw him, he quickly pulled Xiang Yan away to hide. Lin Hengyu came and took Xiang Yan away, and she was curious to know that Jiang Qi was also present.

During the auction, the girl who had called Lin Hengyu earlier ended up bidding and winning the first item. From Lin Hengyu's expression, it was evident that they knew each other, and the girl even bought a bow and arrow to give to Lin Hengyu. They turned out to be former lovers, but Lin Hengyu was not bothered by this girl named Tan Shishi. Lin Hengyu brought Xiang Yan to leave, but they unexpectedly encountered Jiang Qi. Lin Hengyu introduced Xiang Yan as his fiancée, but she remained silent. Later, when they were about to drive home, Xiang Yan received a call from her mother. It turned out that Lin Hengyu's mother had secretly met with Xiang Yan's parents, which caught them off guard. When Xiang Yan's father learned that they were living together, he was very surprised. Xiang Yan's parents thought that getting married now was a bit rushed, but Lin Hengyu's mother was willing to give them a chance. Back home, Xiang Yan's parents already knew that her boyfriend ran a Western restaurant, but Lin Hengyu is a dentist. Lin Hengyu had to explain that he borrowed Jiang Qi's identity to avoid raising suspicions.

Lin Hengyu sent his mother back home, and at the door, his father happened to see him. His father wanted him to stay at home, but Lin Hengyu found an excuse to refuse. When he returned home, he thought about his childhood when he witnessed his father's affair, which was why he didn't want to live at home.

Xiang Yan was late for work again, and she was going to be fined for it. She learned from her colleagues that the author of the food novel she was in charge of wanted to meet her. Xiang Yan went to Jiang Qi's restaurant to meet the food author, but because she was in a hurry, she forgot to bring her own work. Jiang Qi became completely infatuated with Lu Nian after she returned, and he asked for her WeChat.

Tan Shishi had been trying everything to find Lin Hengyu, just to have more chances to get close to him. Xiang Yan had a pleasant conversation with the author. Shi Ran had already prepared a new dish for Xiang Yan, but she had to leave due to some urgent matter. When Xiang Yan returned home, she saw Lin Hengyu's grandmother at the door. She took the initiative to take her to the room. Lin Hengyu received a call from his mother, learning that his grandmother had gone to their house. His grandmother asked Xiang Yan's opinion of Lin Hengyu, and she thought he was a good person. His grandmother said that Lin Hengyu needed a girl like Xiang Yan by his side. While talking, his grandmother fainted. Fortunately, Lin Hengyu returned, and Tan Shishi insisted on driving him home. Lin Hengyu didn't want to continue refusing, and when he saw the water bottle in his grandmother's hand, he smelled it and found it was alcohol. Worried about his grandmother's condition, they quickly called 120 and took her to the hospital. Lin Hengyu's mother and aunt rushed over, and they were very surprised to learn that his grandmother had drunk alcohol. To protect Xiang Yan from being scolded, Lin Hengyu took responsibility for everything. Xiang Yan and Tan Shishi never expected that Lin Hengyu would say such things.

Lin Hengyu took all the blame on himself, and his mother scolded him harshly. Xiang Yan felt guilty by the side, never expecting Lin Hengyu to take all the responsibility for her. The mother noticed that Tan Shishi had returned and felt that she was more suitable for Lin Hengyu. However, Lin Hengyu told his mother not to meddle in his affairs. Tonight, Xiang Yan didn't know how to face Lin Hengyu, so she hurried back home. By the morning, Lin Hengyu's grandmother woke up, feeling happy that she had finally slept well. Tan Shishi's father, who was a chief physician, also came to visit the grandmother. Lin Hengyu and Tan Shishi stayed by her side. After hearing about the grandmother's awakening, the mother and aunt also came.

Lin Hengyu went home to rest, but everything at home reminded him of Xiang Yan. At that moment, Xiang Yan sat by the riverbank, holding the dessert that Shi Ran had given her, lost in thought. Shi Ran knew that she was feeling down and comforted her. Lin Hengyu prepared to go out after taking a shower, but he noticed that the door lock that Xiang Yan had broken was still unrepaired. He called for the smart robot, but due to the loud music in the house, the robot couldn't hear him. Lin Hengyu felt dizzy from the steam sauna. At home, Xiang Yan's father asked her to invite Lin Hengyu over for dinner when he had time. Although they were pretending to be a couple, Xiang Yan agreed not to worry her parents.

Early in the morning, Xiang Yan went to the clinic to inform Lin Hengyu that he should come to her home for dinner. However, she learned from a nurse that Lin Hengyu hadn't come to work and couldn't be reached by phone. She was worried about him and called her mother to say that Lin Hengyu might not be able to make it for dinner. Xiang Yan encountered Tan Shishi just as she was about to leave. Tan Shishi said that she couldn't get in touch with Lin Hengyu and purposely insinuated that he might not want to see her. Tan Shishi had planned to go to Lin Hengyu's place but had to handle some work-related matters first, so she left.

Xiang Yan arrived at Lin Hengyu's home and found him on the bathroom floor, almost dehydrated. She helped him back to the room, and Lin Hengyu asked her not to leave. However, Tan Shishi arrived at that moment and learned that Lin Hengyu had fainted. She gave him medicine and he mumbled that he wanted to go to the hospital. Tan Shishi and Lin Hengyu had to take him to the hospital. The grandmother saw her grandson lying in the hospital bed and was worried. However, Lin Hengyu was fine and reassured his grandmother. She liked Xiang Yan very much and chatted with her on the side.

Xiang Yan informed Lin Hengyu's aunt about him being hospitalized. Soon, the aunt and mother both came together. After seeing that Lin Hengyu was fine, they felt relieved. Tan Shishi's father called her out and asked about her plans. Tan Shishi had returned this time to try to get back with Lin Hengyu, but she felt that the distance between them had grown. Shi Ran made a cake and waited downstairs for Tan Shishi to return. He had always liked her, but she treated him like a younger brother.

Lin Hengyu's mother and aunt took the grandmother home, leaving only Xiang Yan to take care of Lin Hengyu tonight. After this incident, Lin Hengyu's mother had a change of heart about Xiang Yan and invited her home for dinner. Xiang Yan felt that their relationship seemed to be getting more complicated, and she even thought about clearing things up with Lin Hengyu. She confided her thoughts to Lu Nian, but Lu Nian thought she was overthinking it.

Xiang Yan accompanied Lin Hengyu's mother back home and helped carry some things. In fact, Xiang Yan and Lu Nian happened to see Lin Hengyu's father with another woman at the mall, and Xiang Yan finally understood why Lin Hengyu didn't want to go home. As soon as Xiang Yan entered the house, she discovered that today was a family gathering at the Lin's home. She quickly called Lin Hengyu and asked him to come and save her. Lin Hengyu hurriedly rushed over, and Xiang Yan also saw Lin Hengyu's father. However, from the beginning, Xiang Yan could tell that the family members were not very polite to Lin Hengyu's parents, and she felt very indignant. So she spoke up in defense of Lin Hengyu's mother. On the surface, Xiang Yan helped Lin Hengyu's mother, but in reality, she disrupted the lifestyle his mother had maintained. Lin Hengyu's mother also felt that Xiang Yan might not be suitable for her son, while her friends thought that Tan Shishi might be more suitable for Lin Hengyu.

Tan Shishi was in Lin Hengyu's office when his aunt came. His aunt intentionally said that she didn't think Tan Shishi and Lin Hengyu were a good match and thought Xiang Yan might be more suitable for him. Xiang Yan was working overtime at the company when she received a message from Lin Hengyu asking when she would return home. He had something he wanted to discuss with her. Jiang Qi asked Lu Nian to meet, but this time not at a bar but at a café. Jiang Qi said he wanted more than just a simple friendship with Lu Nian.

Xiang Yan went to the restaurant to find Shi Ran, and he had prepared a cake for her. Xiang Yan praised the cake and accidentally let slip that she was single. She quickly explained herself and said she was intentionally trying to come home later to spend more time with Lin Hengyu. On the other hand, when Lin Hengyu returned, he mentioned that Tan Shishi wanted to get back together. Xiang Yan thought they were very suitable, but Lin Hengyu said if they did get back together, Xiang Yan would have to move out, making her hesitate. However, to show the appearance of a loving couple, they deliberately took many affectionate photos, hoping Tan Shishi and her companions would see them. They even watched a movie together at home, and they suddenly got close to each other, making Xiang Yan a bit embarrassed.

The next morning, Lin Hengyu's mother came to find her son and asked him to have dinner together that night. Lin Hengyu wanted Xiang Yan to come with him, but his mother refused. After the last family gathering incident, she had formed some opinions about Xiang Yan. Lin Hengyu had to go alone with his mother to the dinner, this time to show their gratitude to the Lin family. Xiang Yan was still sleeping at home when suddenly his aunt came and said she came today to take her to "rob the bride." Xiang Yan, half-awake, followed her to the restaurant, where they hid and watched Lin Hengyu and Tan Shishi having dinner together. Lu Nian was also invited by Jiang Qi to eat, but she had an urgent matter and left halfway. Jiang Qi hurriedly chased after her.

Xiang Yan felt uncomfortable and wanted to go to the restroom alone, but accidentally made a noise, catching Lin Hengyu's attention. He rushed over to support the unwell Xiang Yan and then introduced her to everyone, saying that Xiang Yan was his girlfriend. Lin Hengyu's mother even gave a painting to Tan Shishi's father, but he refused it. Xiang Yan couldn't bear the discomfort and quickly found an excuse to go out, but Lin Hengyu's mother saw through it and covered her with her clothes to hide her trousers.

Xiang Yan was very grateful for Lin Hengyu's mother's kindness and she apologized to her. However, Lin Hengyu's mother said she had been upholding the family's reputation, but it seemed unnecessary. Lin Hengyu arrived, and his mother left first. Jiang Qi followed Lu Nian, who accidentally sprained her foot. Jiang Qi helped her and knew that Lu Nian didn't have urgent matters. Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu came out, and Lin Hengyu mentioned that Shi Ran prepared dessert for her. Xiang Yan hadn't eaten, so she was happy about the dessert. Lin Hengyu felt that Shi Ran regarded Xiang Yan as a pond fish.

Jiang Qi found out from the chef at the restaurant that many valuable ingredients in the kitchen were missing, replaced by a dessert containing expensive ingredients. Jiang Qi tasted it and realized that Shi Ran had brought the ingredients from home, but the head chef refused to believe it. Shi Ran chose to resign, not wanting to stay where he was accused. Jiang Qi didn't stop him. Shi Ran went to find Tan Shishi and told her that he lost his job. They had known each other since childhood, and he hoped Tan Shishi could accommodate him, and she agreed.

Shi Ran went to Tan Shishi's house, and she let him sleep on the couch at night. Shi Ran found the couch too small, but Tan Shishi didn't offer any other place, so he had to compromise. Jiang Qi wanted Lin Hengyu to ask Xiang Yan if she was available. He wanted Xiang Yan to lend him some books about flower arrangement so he wouldn't look clueless when he and Lu Nian went to see an art exhibition. Xiang Yan reluctantly took off her earphones after losing her job and felt guilty about it. She knew that the missing items in Jiang Qi's restaurant were not taken by Shi Ran, but he refused to explain.

Xiang Yan wanted to invite Shi Ran for dinner and told Lin Hengyu about it after going home. Lin Hengyu complained but eventually agreed. Lin Hengyu felt helpless when he knew Shi Ran was aware of their relationship, fearing it would expose everything to his mother. Lin Hengyu met his mother and aunt at the mall. Meanwhile, Shi Ran took Tan Shishi to Lin Hengyu's house for dinner, hoping to matchmake them and be with Xiang Yan. Shi Ran and Tan Shishi bumped into Lin Hengyu's mother at the mall. After a brief greeting, they separated.

Lin Hengyu bought groceries and went home, accompanied by Shi Ran and Tan Shishi. Xiang Yan prepared to cook, but Shi Ran insisted on doing it, and Lin Hengyu also started cooking. Xiang Yan went to the restaurant to chat with Tan Shishi. Tan Shishi almost went to Xiang Yan's room but was stopped by her. During dinner, Shi Ran intentionally got close to Xiang Yan, and Lin Hengyu didn't back down either. After dinner, Lin Hengyu and Xiang Yan escorted Tan Shishi and Shi Ran downstairs. While hugging, Tan Shishi playfully told Xiang Yan about their fake relationship, which shocked everyone present.

Tan Shishi deliberately said that she knew Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu were pretending to be a couple. Xiang Yan then deliberately kissed Lin Hengyu in front of everyone, which surprised Tan Shishi and Shi Ran. In reality, Xiang Yan's kiss was misaligned, but only Lin Hengyu and Xiang Yan knew about it. Hehuan told Xiang Yan that he felt something was off with the deputy editor. The deputy editor kept using the editor's office while the editor was away, but Xiang Yan told them not to think too much about it. Xiang Yan also mentioned that the deputy editor gave her the contact of a gourmet writer. Just then, Shi Ran entered the room. Xiang Yan was angry with Shi Ran because she found it strange that he came in with her yesterday. Shi Ran tried to explain to her.

After returning home, Xiang Yan scolded Lin Hengyu as a scumbag, but Lin Hengyu clarified that it was Xiang Yan who kissed him. Xiang Yan learned from Shi Ran that Lin Hengyu and Tan Shishi had been in a relationship for four years, but Lin Hengyu claimed he didn't believe in marriage, and they broke up. Lin Hengyu told Xiang Yan that the truth was not as simple as she thought. Their relationship was good at first, but Tan Shishi became busy with work. When someone harassed her during a company dinner, Lin Hengyu defended her and got into a fight, causing her business deal to fall through. Tan Shishi then initiated the breakup because she was solely focused on work, which Xiang Yan realized now. While Tan Shishi was still busy working, Shi Ran brought a cake for her.

Xiang Yan's aunt witnessed the scene of Xiang Yan kissing Lin Hengyu and hoped they would be together. Originally, Xiang Yan planned to go home, but due to her aunt's visit, Lin Hengyu had to accompany her back. When Lin Hengyu arrived at Xiang Yan's home, her parents served them a lot of alcohol, but Lin Hengyu didn't drink any, while the aunt drank quite a bit. The next morning, Xiang Yan saw her mother watching TV and in pain from mouth ulcers. Xiang Yan was going out to play with her friends, and her mother thought it was with Lin Hengyu. In reality, Xiang Yan met Shi Ran, who told her he had found a new job. Shi Ran even gave Xiang Yan a ticket to an art exhibition, which she accepted. Lin Hengyu gave Xiang Yan's book to Jiang Qi, who became even more anxious because there were too many key points to remember.

While Xiang Yan was wearing earphones, Lin Hengyu explained the contents of the book to her. Unexpectedly, Xiang Yan arrived while he was explaining and he forgot to inform Jiang Qi. Now, Jiang Qi had to handle everything on his own. Lu Nian suddenly saw a painting by Zuma and seemed surprised. She decided not to look at it and left. Xiang Yan also saw the painting and told Lin Hengyu that it was actually painted by their senior schoolmate, Lu Nian. Jiang Qi thought he had deceived Lu Nian, and that's why she was upset. Lu Nian said she wanted to go back, and then Jiang Qi took her away.

Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu were walking together on the street. Xiang Yan also wanted to become a painter, but she was content with her current state. Lin Hengyu asked if she would draw a portrait of him, and Xiang Yan felt a bit embarrassed and hurriedly walked ahead. After Lin Hengyu sent Xiang Yan back, she still felt reluctant to part and told him to call a taxi at the next intersection.

Lin Hengyu and Xiang Yan separated, and in fact, Lin Hengyu felt a bit reluctant. Unconsciously, they had developed a fondness for each other. Just as Xiang Yan was about to go home, she unexpectedly saw someone filming inside her house. To her surprise, it was Shi Ran and a filming crew. After finding out, Lin Hengyu also decided to stay. Lin Hengyu happened to see the little boy whose teeth he had treated earlier, and it turned out to be Xiang Yan's younger brother.

The director also interviewed Xiang Yan's entire family and suggested that Xiang Yan and Shi Ran get closer for a photo shoot. Lin Hengyu, on the side, couldn't bear to watch and took the initiative to hold Xiang Yan's hand. Xiang Yan's mother refused to appear in the video with her husband due to a mouth ulcer, which angered Xiang Yan's father, causing an argument. Xiang Yan's mother asked Lin Hengyu to help tutor her younger brother, Liu Zishuo. Initially, Xiang Yan wanted to refuse, but considering her parents' strained relationship, she didn't want to upset her mother, so she reluctantly agreed.

Lin Hengyu brought Liu Zishuo home, and Xiang Yan was surprised at how fast Lin Hengyu was. During dinner, Lin Hengyu suggested that Liu Zishuo sleep together with him, but Liu Zishuo said he could sleep in the guest room. Xiang Yan didn't agree, but Liu Zishuo found it odd and thought that as a couple, Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu should sleep together, while he would take the guest room. Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu fell silent. In the end, they lay on the bed with a doll between them, unable to fall asleep, so they started chatting. However, after a few sentences, Lin Hengyu closed his eyes and fell asleep, leaving Xiang Yan lightly touching him, but he didn't respond, already asleep.

Early in the morning, Shi Ran bought groceries and prepared a meal for Tan Shishi. He told her that he had found a job. However, Tan Shishi didn't seem too enthusiastic about the news. Xiang Yan and He Huan's project received strong support from the deputy editor, which surprised Xiang Yan. Shi Ran went to pick up Tan Shishi and coincidentally encountered a customer who wanted to eat Tan Shishi's tofu. Unlike before, Tan Shishi didn't resist actively, and Shi Ran witnessed the scene.

These days, Lu Nian couldn't find Jiang Qi, and he was feeling down. He went to Lin Hengyu to vent his emotions, but Lin Hengyu found an excuse to leave first. Shi Ran brought the intoxicated Tan Shishi back home. Tan Shishi was in a daze and revealed that she now wanted a child and whether she could be with Lin Hengyu wasn't as important anymore.

At night, Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu quietly came back home to check on Liu Zishuo's study progress. Even though Liu Zishuo quickly covered up the screen with a wet towel, Xiang Yan still discovered it. From then on, Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu took Liu Zishuo to the library and stayed with him while he studied. Liu Zishuo kept calling Lin Hengyu "brother-in-law," which made Lin Hengyu very happy, and he even proactively bought drinks for him. Soon, Lin Hengyu's parents saw the video where he openly referred to Xiang Yan as his girlfriend, and Lin Hengyu's aunt was delighted about the relationship.

Xiang Yan noticed that whenever she wasn't supervising Liu Zishuo, he would find various excuses not to do his homework. So Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu stayed by Liu Zishuo's side all the time. They saw how close Liu Zishuo was to the exams, and their efforts were all for the moment when he could achieve good results. Xiang Yan had been waiting for Liu Zishuo to finish his exams, but it was already late at night when he came out. Unexpectedly, Lin Hengyu proactively came over to help Xiang Yan with an umbrella, which made her quite happy.

Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu were jokingly referred to as Liu Zishuo's parents, and they looked at each other, wondering if they really seemed old. Liu Zishuo's idea of treating them to a meal turned out to be having barbecue at home, and it was prepared by Shi Ran. Liu Zishuo deliberately called Lin Hengyu "brother-in-law" in front of Shi Ran, knowing that both Shi Ran and Lin Hengyu liked Xiang Yan. Xiang Yan advised her brother not to think too much about it at such a young age; it was not worth discussing such matters.

Lin Hengyu's mother told his father while washing dishes that they would go to Xiang Yan's home next weekend to propose the marriage. Lin Hengyu's father was on the phone with his lover at the time and quickly threw the phone into the water upon seeing his wife enter the room. However, Lin Hengyu's mother noticed everything.

Lu Nian had been bothering Lin Hengyu the whole day. Sometimes, he felt as if he could see Lu Nian in the car. After waiting for a long time, Jiang Qi finally saw Lu Nian delivering takeout, and Lu Nian also noticed Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi was unsure if it was really Lu Nian, so he sent her a message, but Lu Nian didn't know how to reply.

Because Lin Hengyu saw that Shi Ran made barbecue for Xiang Yan, he naturally couldn't admit defeat, so he proactively made barbecue for Xiang Yan to taste, and she really liked the taste. Lin Hengyu mentioned that his parents wanted to meet Xiang Yan's parents, which surprised Xiang Yan. She initially wanted to refuse, but Lin Hengyu said he couldn't reject the request, so she had to agree.

Due to Xiang Yan's mother's serious mouth ulcer, she went to Lin Hengyu's clinic for an examination. After seeing the examination report, Lin Hengyu didn't know how to break the news. At night, when Xiang Yan's mother returned home and looked at her sleeping daughter, she caressed her and Xiang Yan woke up. She invited her mother to sleep with her, but Xiang Yan hoped her mother wouldn't go to meet Lin Hengyu's family. However, her mother thought Lin Hengyu's family was good, so she was willing to meet them.

After the parents from both sides met, the two mothers hit it off and hoped the two children could get married soon. They even made plans to visit hotels together. Tan Shishi also saw the video of Xiang Yan and Lin Hengyu recording together and felt upset, so she drank at home to drown her sorrows. Shi Ran saw this and went over to comfort Tan Shishi. Tan Shishi always treated Shi Ran like a child and even told him not to cause trouble.

Xiang Yan was feeling very stressed about the wedding, but Lu Nian thought it was a good thing. Xiang Yan said she felt a bit lost. In fact, when Xiang Yan first saw Lin Hengyu, she found him somewhat annoying, but as time passed, she realized he was actually quite nice. Lu Nian could sense that Lin Hengyu had strong feelings for Xiang Yan from Xiang Yan's descriptions. While they were chatting, Lin Hengyu's aunt hurriedly called Xiang Yan away, making her think it was something important. However, after she went over, she found out that her aunt was tasked with changing all the furniture in their house because Lin Hengyu's house was going to become the wedding home. Xiang Yan quickly messaged Lin Hengyu, hoping he could come to her rescue. At that moment, Lin Hengyu was at the clinic, and Tan Shishi was sitting in front of him. After receiving Xiang Yan's message, Lin Hengyu was preparing to rush over, but Tan Shishi said she wanted to take him somewhere.

Lin Hengyu received Xiang Yan's message and was about to go over, but Tan Shishi asked him to accompany her to the beach for two days, which he outright refused. When Lin Hengyu learned that his aunt took Xiang Yan to try on wedding dresses, he rushed over. He happened to see Xiang Yan wearing a wedding dress, and he was suddenly captivated by her appearance. Xiang Yan felt that they couldn't continue like this, so she decided to tell Lin Hengyu one last lie. They rehearsed at home how to lie, and Xiang Yan pretended she was going to Iceland, but Lin Hengyu didn't buy it. Then Xiang Yan came up with an idea to pretend that Lin Hengyu was not suitable for her, but he refused to accept this plan. She also thought about pretending to have other women around Lin Hengyu, but he quickly dismissed the idea. They couldn't come up with a good solution, and at that moment, Lin Hengyu received a call from home, asking them to come back for dinner.

While Xiang Yan was in the kitchen, she happened to see Lin Hengyu's father exchanging messages with his lover, which made her feel very awkward. At dinner, Lin Hengyu's father tried to liven up the atmosphere, but it became more and more awkward. Xiang Yan kept thinking about seeing Lin Hengyu's father with his lover on the streets, and it made her uncomfortable, so she found an excuse to leave early. Lin Hengyu sensed that something was not right with Xiang Yan, so he followed her.

Xiang Yan thought for a long time and was about to tell Lin Hengyu what she saw, but he stopped her. In fact, Lin Hengyu's family knew about his father's affair, but they had been trying to maintain harmony in the family. Xiang Yan felt that she shouldn't pretend to be Lin Hengyu's girlfriend, and their conversation was accidentally overheard by Lin Hengyu's grandmother. The grandmother advised them to think things through carefully. She blamed herself, thinking that if she had educated Lin Hengyu's father better, he wouldn't have been avoiding marriage.

After Xiang Yan returned home, her mother asked why Lin Hengyu didn't accompany her. Xiang Yan quickly explained, and her mother emphasized that they should have a good relationship. When Lin Hengyu returned, his father offered to talk with him. His father thought Xiang Yan was nice but not suitable for marriage, whereas Tan Shishi was a good match. Lin Hengyu was very angry and refuted his father, then he left directly.

Lu Nian took Xiang Yan to the hotel where he once proposed to Jiang Qi. This reminded Xiang Yan of the first time she met Lin Hengyu. Lu Nian noticed that Lin Hengyu's family was strange, as they didn't seem to have a formal dating phase and were already pushing for marriage. Xiang Yan recalled Lin Hengyu saying that she was an outsider, and though he was not wrong, she still felt a bit disappointed.

When Lin Hengyu saw Xiang Yan's location in her friend's circle photo, he hurriedly rushed over. While Xiang Yan and Lu Nian were relaxing, they unexpectedly encountered Tan Shishi and Shi Ran there. Lu Nian was surprised and started gossiping. At that moment, Lin Hengyu arrived, and both Tan Shishi and Xiang Yan stood up and asked him why he came. Lin Hengyu hurried over and hugged Xiang Yan tightly, catching her off guard.


  • 2023-07-21 10:02:50

    "My Dearest" - A Heartwarming Tale of Youthful Love and Perseverance

    "My Dearest" is a drama that impressively sets up the backgrounds of the male and female protagonists, providing a solid foundation for the entire story. The plot portrays a touching and sweet atmosphere that captivates the audience. Notably, the lead actors have attractive appearances and demonstrate great potential in their acting, which adds much value to the whole drama. The production style is simple yet distinctive, and I recommend viewers to savor it wholeheartedly.

    "My Dearest" depicts the most intimate partner we all yearn to meet in life, someone to share ups and downs with. It also portrays how we may encounter someone who can break our barriers and change us. The several relationships in the drama are very representative and deserve the audience's attention. I truly hope this drama can attract more people's interest.

    The process of the main characters falling in love is heartwarming, especially with the outstanding performance by the actress He Landou. The songs in the drama are also captivating and add a lot of charm to the overall story. The plot is tightly woven, with seamless transitions, presenting the essence of youthful romance. "My Dearest" reflects the challenges of life and reminds us to cherish everything we have. The school scenes are very realistic, showcasing the innocence and purity of youthful campus love. The unexpected ending demonstrates the spirit of fighting for love, a rarity in today's society, especially in the realm of youthful romance.

    In conclusion, "My Dearest" excels in both content and performances by the actors. The lead actors' appealing appearances and excellent acting skills elevate the drama. The production's simple style brings a refreshing feel and is worth savoring. The compact plot and well-handled storyline evoke sweet and touching emotions. While portraying campus love, "My Dearest" also emphasizes the importance of cherishing and persevering in love. I highly recommend everyone to enjoy this piece of work and hope it gains more attention and achieves even greater success. Keep up the good work!

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