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Miss Fang’s love secrets – Wang Yijin, Zhang Jingyun

Miss Fang's love secrets is a romantic light comedy directed by Jia Bingqi and starring Wang Yijin, Zhang Jingyun and Xie Zhixun.


Miss Fang's love secrets

English Title: Miss Fang's love secrets
Chinese Title: 方小姐的恋爱秘籍
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: Game World, Fictional World
Episodes: 22
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Jia Bingqi
Writer: Yang Langlang
Producer: Shi Di
Released Date: 2023-12-13
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo



When the programmer Fang Ximu of the love game "Secret Relationship" was working overtime, he unexpectedly got stuck in the game and became an NPC.

To survive, she must first capture the game's male lead, Bai Haotian, and complete the main love quest. Fang Ximu, with a "Love Theory" level of ten but solo from birth, faces off against the ultimate ideal boss who is known as the "ultimate ideal of all girls," Bai Haotian.

Whose tactics will prevail? The Hard mode is activated, and the only rule for survival is - only by "stealing hearts" can one survive. It's time to show some real skills...


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