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Kiss U Three Times – Li Le

Kiss U Three Times is a romantic drama, starring Li Le.


Kiss U Three Times

English Title: Kiss U Three Times
Chinese Title: 吻三次
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 13
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Qin Dasen
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-09-22
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Short Play



Childhood sweetheart suddenly breaks off her engagement, only to find that her beloved has been taken by her own sister. The devoted woman, after drinking poisoned wine at her beloved's engagement ceremony, unexpectedly gains the ability to shift through time from a higher-dimensional space.

At this moment, she chooses to live for love but must kiss her lover three times to truly gain rebirth...


Xia Qiaoyou gazed at the vast sea in front of her, recalling her mother's words that her love was like this boundless and endless ocean. Today, Qin Simu is to be engaged to Ye Xiaozhen. Xia Qiaoyou and Qin Simu once had a relationship, and she wanted to try to win him back. So, they agreed to meet at the seaside where they often went, and she recited the cheesy love poem Qin Simu had once written for her. Qin Simu bluntly stated that the only one he would be engaged to today is Ye Xiaozhen. Seeing no hope of reconciliation, Xia Qiaoyou wished them happiness.

At the engagement ceremony, Xia's father learned that Qin Simu had met with Xia Qiaoyou. He comforted Ye Xiaozhen, saying that she would convince Xia Qiaoyou. Just as the atmosphere became lively, Xia Qiaoyou appeared at the banquet. Her presence silenced the room. Xia's father, fearing she would cause trouble, quickly went up to persuade her. However, Xia Qiaoyou had come only to offer her blessings. Somewhat unwillingly, she took the glass handed to her by Ye Xiaozhen, raised it, and toasted to the happiness of Qin Simu and Ye Xiaozhen. After drinking the wine, she collapsed on the ground. Chaos ensued, and Xia Qiaoyou was rushed to the hospital, but she couldn't be saved and was pronounced dead by the doctor.

Qin Simu remembered the lively and lovely Xia Qiaoyou. They once had an engagement, and at that time, he had feelings for her. He used to tease her, wondering if the independent Xia Qiaoyou would agree to marry him according to her family's arrangements. Xia Qiaoyou did not die; she was reborn three days before Qin Simu's engagement to Ye Xiaozhen.

Xia Qiaoyou, having gained a new lease on life, was accused by her father of being irresponsible for causing a disturbance due to her excessive drinking. Xia Qiaoyou felt she had done nothing wrong and instead accused Qin Simu of attempting to poison his ex-girlfriend and failing to fulfill the engagement arranged by Grandpa Qin at that time. Qin Simu did not accept such accusations and simultaneously spoke up for Ye Xiaozhen, angering Xia Qiaoyou. Initially, Xia Qiaoyou intended to carry out her plan to bully Ye Xiaozhen since Ye Xiaozhen had been spreading rumors about her bad temper. However, Xia's father thought she was just causing trouble and severely scolded her.

Unwilling to witness Ye Xiaozhen's performance, Xia Qiaoyou and Tan Xuwen left together. She cherished the feeling of a new beginning and wanted to travel the world. Tan Xuwen enthusiastically offered to carry her bag. Just as they were about to pack, Xia Qiaoyou's system reminded her that she must kiss her lover three times and make them say "I love you" in order to truly gain a new life. Otherwise, she would die immediately when the time came.

Upon hearing this news, Xia Qiaoyou became distressed. Learning that her lover was Qin Simu made her mood even more gloomy. However, in order to survive, she had to find a way to get Qin Simu's kiss. So, she disguised herself to the point of being unrecognizable and infiltrated the company, intending for a quick resolution. Unexpectedly, people in the company recognized her, and her attempt at a forced kiss failed. She had no choice but to feign falling into the water at night, attracting Qin Simu's attention. This scene happened to be witnessed by Ye Xiaozhen.

Xia Qiaoyou's remaining time was running out, and the system couldn't help but remind her to speed up the progress. At that moment, from the living room came the distressed voice of Ye Xiaozhen. As Xia Qiaoyou walked over, Ye Xiaozhen accused her of cutting her skirt and slapped her. Just as Xia Qiaoyou was about to retaliate, Xia's father appeared. He didn't believe his own daughter and, instead, trusted Ye Xiaozhen's words. He concluded that Xia Qiaoyou had cut Ye Xiaozhen's skirt and demanded an apology. Ye Xiaozhen insincerely claimed that Xia Qiaoyou didn't do it on purpose, further infuriating Xia's father. Unable to tolerate Ye Xiaozhen's disgusting performance, Xia Qiaoyou immediately left home.

Ye Xiaozhen won one round but was not satisfied. She intentionally called Xia Qiaoyou, revealing that she had three identical skirts, all bought by Qin Simu. Furious, Xia Qiaoyou sought comfort from Tan Xuwen. After drinking several glasses of juice in one go, she confessed to Tan Xuwen that she was a reincarnator. Although Tan Xuwen didn't fully believe it, he just wanted to see Xia Qiaoyou happy and cooperated with her to formulate a battle plan.

Xia Qiaoyou and Tan Xuwen hid outside the house, observing Ye Xiaozhen, hoping she would leave. However, there was no sign of Ye Xiaozhen going out; she only briefly talked to Xia's father's driver, Xiao Cheng, and then went back inside. Xia Qiaoyou felt this strategy wouldn't work, so she purposely returned home in high spirits, mysteriously stating that she knew a secret about Qin Simu. She declared that from now on, she would no longer have feelings for him.

Tan Xuwen lured Ye Xiaozhen out with a text message and then confined her in a room. Ye Xiaozhen, feeling scared, didn't know who the securely wrapped person in front of her was or why she was being kidnapped. Tan Xuwen, talking too much and exposing his identity, angered Ye Xiaozhen, who immediately wanted to leave. However, her curiosity about Qin Simu's secret kept her seated on the sofa, munching on chips, while Tan Xuwen rambled on.

As Tan Xuwen delayed Ye Xiaozhen, he also messaged Xia Qiaoyou, informing her that the plan had succeeded. Delighted, Xia Qiaoyou pretended to be sleepy and unwilling to go out when facing her father, telling him that Ye Xiaozhen had been taken out by Qin Simu, suggesting that they probably had something private to discuss. Seeing Xia Qiaoyou not looking sad, her father felt relieved, understanding that matters of the heart couldn't be forced.

Qin Simu waited for Ye Xiaozhen at the engagement venue, but not only did she not appear, she also didn't answer her phone. When Xia's father and Qin Simu met, they realized that Ye Xiaozhen wasn't with Qin Simu. Just as the two were puzzled, Xia Qiaoyou, dressed in an engagement gown, walked by from a distance. Assuming she was Ye Xiaozhen, they didn't inquire further. Xia Qiaoyou hid in the bathroom, waiting for a chance to kiss Qin Simu. At this point, she only had five minutes to live, and if she couldn't kiss Qin Simu, she would die. To survive, Xia Qiaoyou, with her face covered by a veil, rushed to the engagement ceremony, forcefully kissed Qin Simu. This scene was witnessed by the returning Ye Xiaozhen, who was nearly grinding her teeth in anger.

In front of everyone, Xia Qiaoyou kissed Qin Simu, causing her father to feel particularly embarrassed. When they returned home, Xia Qiaoyou was severely scolded by her father, who then carefully comforted Ye Xiaozhen. Witnessing this scene, Xia Qiaoyou felt deeply saddened. She believed that Qin Simu clearly liked her, so why did he decide to marry Ye Xiaozhen? In order to understand this, Xia Qiaoyou barged into Ye Xiaozhen's room, searched around, and unexpectedly found prenatal vitamins.

Speculating that Ye Xiaozhen was pregnant, Ye Xiaozhen openly admitted it and claimed that the child in her belly belonged to Qin Simu. Unable to accept this reality, Xia Qiaoyou nearly fell apart. She quickly called Tan Xuwen to discuss what to do next.

The next day, Qin Simu came with flowers to see Ye Xiaozhen, but she had already left early. Xia Qiaoyou went to meet Qin Simu, which he did not appreciate. Seeing Ye Xiaozhen return, Xia Qiaoyou shamelessly took the flowers from Qin Simu, pretending they were for her, and sweetly thanked him. Ye Xiaozhen felt hurt, and when she appeared in front of Qin Simu, he invited her to go to an amusement park together for a fireworks show. Xia Qiaoyou bluntly said that she liked fireworks, and it was herself who hated them. She preferred shopping at the mall and buying whatever was expensive. Qin Simu felt extremely awkward due to Xia Qiaoyou's words, and Ye Xiaozhen, feeling hurt, used the excuse of needing rest and left. Xia Qiaoyou explained to Qin Simu that she was a reincarnator and had only a short time to live, but he didn't believe her.

In order to make Qin Simu jealous, Xia Qiaoyou deliberately had Tan Xuwen pretend to pursue her. They waited for Qin Simu at a place he frequented while jogging. When Qin Simu appeared, Tan Xuwen immediately expressed love to Xia Qiaoyou, who agreed. However, Qin Simu paid no attention to them and ran straight past. Feeling that this approach wasn't effective, Xia Qiaoyou and Tan Xuwen went ahead of Qin Simu and tried to display affection in front of him. However, regardless of their efforts, Qin Simu didn't even bother to glance their way.

Following Qin Simu to a restaurant, Xia Qiaoyou and Tan Xuwen deliberately chose a conspicuous spot to feed each other. Qin Simu had already seen through their clumsy acting, and when the two weren't paying attention, he couldn't help but chuckle.

Seeing that Qin Simu remained indifferent, Xia Qiaoyou decided to come up with a new plan. She and Tan Xuwen arranged to visit Qin Simu's company. Early in the morning, Qin Simu encountered the lovey-dovey Xia Qiaoyou and Tan Xuwen at his doorstep. He walked past them, and Xia Qiaoyou quickly asked Tan Xuwen to take the pre-cut fruits to the company to find Qin Simu. Learning that Qin Simu was the only one in the office at that time, she took the initiative to feed him fruits and then invited him to play a game. While Qin Simu had his eyes closed, Tan Xuwen tied Xia Qiaoyou and Qin Simu together. Xia Qiaoyou kissed Qin Simu once again, gaining an additional twenty-four hours of life. However, if Qin Simu still didn't develop feelings for her by the end of the time, she would die.

Qin Simu accidentally saw a video on a USB drive and quickly drove to Xia's house to apologize to Xia Qiaoyou. At that moment, Xia Qiaoyou was leaning on her father's shoulder, crying. Tan Xuwen, having grievances against Qin Simu for hurting Xia Qiaoyou, got into a fight with him in Xia's house. Seeing the situation escalating, Xia Qiaoyou, in frustration, smashed a bottle and stopped the fight, telling both of them to leave.

Feeling that Qin Simu was about to leave her, Ye Xiaozhen begged Xia Qiaoyou to return Qin Simu to her. However, Xia Qiaoyou was certain that Qin Simu belonged to her, and it was Ye Xiaozhen who shamelessly tried to snatch him away. Xia Qiaoyou left home, leaving Ye Xiaozhen behind.

Qin Simu and Tan Xuwen had known each other for twenty years, recognizing each other's capabilities. However, it was only today that they discovered each other's prowess not only in their careers but also in a physical confrontation. Qin Simu used the excuse of wanting to return to work at the company, but he couldn't leave Xia Qiaoyou alone, so he came back to Xia's house. At this point, Xia Qiaoyou had only four hours left to live. Wanting to enjoy her last moments, she cried at home while applying a face mask and eating chips. Qin Simu, seeing Xia Qiaoyou with food debris all over her mouth, felt a bit overwhelmed and quickly claimed he came back to find his wallet. As he was about to leave, he encountered Tan Xuwen, who had returned to accompany Xia Qiaoyou in her final moments. Unwilling to accept her impending death, Xia Qiaoyou sought out Qin Simu, convincing him to participate in a couples' competition with her.

Qin Simu looked at Xia Qiaoyou, who seemed a bit lost. Xia Qiaoyou requested Qin Simu to have a ten-second eye contact with her, wanting to know how Qin Simu could be moved by her. Qin Simu didn't understand why Xia Qiaoyou was so concerned about whether he would be moved or not. Just as he was about to inquire about the reason, Ye Xiaozhen, who was live streaming the two of them, directly poured water towards Xia Qiaoyou. Qin Simu shielded Xia Qiaoyou and got drenched himself.

Ye Xiaozhen felt that Qin Simu was out of line, but what was even more outrageous was Xia Qiaoyou. Despite already having Tan Xuwen, she still wanted to snatch her fiancé. Ye Xiaozhen immediately mocked Xia Qiaoyou for trying to have it both ways. Tan Xuwen clarified that he and Xia Qiaoyou were just good friends, but Ye Xiaozhen mocked him for being a coward who had a crush on Xia Qiaoyou but didn't dare to confess.

Ye Xiaozhen continued to be troublesome, so Qin Simu directly announced the cancellation of the engagement with her during the livestream. This saddened Ye Xiaozhen, who then went to find Xia Qiaoyou's father for intervention. With only thirty seconds left to live, Xia Qiaoyou decided to act recklessly and wait for death. Unexpectedly, Qin Simu took the initiative to kiss her. Xia Qiaoyou initially thought that a kiss without love would be ineffective, but to her surprise, her "Little Sweetie" (the system) congratulated her a minute later, granting her an additional twenty-four hours of life.

Qin Simu, holding Xia Qiaoyou, went to Xia's house. Xia's father scolded them, but Qin Simu shocked everyone by revealing that the child in Ye Xiaozhen's belly was not his. Cheng Li confessed to Xia's father that he was the father of Ye Xiaozhen's child.

Xia's father didn't expect Ye Xiaozhen to be such a person. However, Ye Xiaozhen turned the tables and accused Cheng Li of having no abilities, yet claiming to support her and the child. She even slapped Cheng Li. Cheng Li had been with Ye Xiaozhen for a long time, and the reason he assisted Ye Xiaozhen in deceiving Qin Simu was because Ye Xiaozhen's dream was to marry Qin Simu.

Now that the truth is revealed, Qin Simu returned to Xia Qiaoyou's side. This displeased Ye Xiaozhen, who brought up old grievances, mentioning that her parents died in a car accident while on a business trip for the Xia family. This tragic event led her to depend on the Xia family's charity, and she accused Xia's father of never treating her like a daughter. This deeply saddened Xia's father, looking at the now seemingly unfamiliar Ye Xiaozhen, realizing her true feelings. However, still cherishing the father-daughter relationship, he entrusted Cheng Li with the responsibility of the company's business in Europe and instructed him to take good care of Ye Xiaozhen.

Xia Qiaoyou apologized to Ye Xiaozhen for her past inappropriate behavior, while also reprimanding Ye Xiaozhen for misunderstanding her father. After all, her father genuinely regarded Ye Xiaozhen as a daughter. Xia Qiaoyou hoped that Cheng Li wouldn't bring Ye Xiaozhen back to the Xia family in the future to avoid unpleasant feelings for everyone. Determined to change her life, Xia Qiaoyou decided to become Qin Simu's personal assistant. Qin Simu requested her to listen to him carefully.

In the end, Ye Xiaozhen decided not to leave Cheng Li. She had too many grievances against Xia Qiaoyou and Xia's father.

Qin Simu brought Xia Qiaoyou home to live together, arranging for her to share the same bed. Xia Qiaoyou felt that Qin Simu had ulterior motives, but Qin Simu countered, claiming that she was the one with ill intentions. Xia Qiaoyou changed into the clothes given by Qin Simu and, while watching him brush his teeth, asked him to kiss her. Qin Simu did kiss her, but because he didn't say "I love you," the kiss didn't have the effect of prolonging life.

The thought of sleeping with Qin Simu made Xia Qiaoyou anxious. After getting into bed, she lay with her back to Qin Simu, silently praying that he wouldn't ask if she was sleepy. However, Qin Simu did ask and even told Xia Qiaoyou a brief story. After that, he turned off the lights without hesitation and slept while holding her.

The next day, as Xia Qiaoyou woke up, she found Qin Simu already awake and looking at her. She felt extremely embarrassed, especially noticing Qin Simu's stiff movements getting up, indicating her poor sleeping position last night. This made Xia Qiaoyou feel even more ashamed. Qin Simu, to conceal the effects of the previous night, purposely put on makeup. Xia Qiaoyou, seeing him not doing well, tried to help, hoping to make Qin Simu say "I love you." However, Qin Simu did not give in to her wishes.

Ye Xiaozhen, displeased with Qin Simu and Xia Qiaoyou being together, approached Tan Xuwen. She convinced him to find a way to make Xia Qiaoyou take sleeping pills, turning the situation to her advantage. In this way, Xia Qiaoyou would belong to Tan Xuwen, and Qin Simu would become hers.


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