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Just in Time – Qin Hailu, Bao Jianfeng

Just in Time is an urban life drama directed by Han Xiaojun, led by Qin Hailu, Bao Jianfeng, Zuo Xiaoqing, and Tian Yu, co-starring Pan Zhilin, Sun Hao, Du Yuan, and Jia Xiaohan, and with special appearances by Tan Kai, Mu Liyan, and Zhang Tao!

The drama is based on Jiang Lizi's novel "老妈有喜/Lao Ma You Xi",


Just in Time

English Title: Just in Time
Chinese Title: 时光正好
Other Titles: 姐姐们的人生下半场
Genre: Urban, Life, Drama, Family
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Han Xiaojun
Writer: Xu Ran
Producer: Wu Jiaping
Product Company: Jiaping Film
Released Date: 2024-06-03
Broadcast Website: MGTV, China Zone



In middle age, Xu Meng'an, who thought she had everything under control, finds her life suddenly spiraling out of control. She faces a wave of problems all at once: massive layoffs at her company, career advancement obstacles, her husband Li Lin's unemployment, her daughter's suspected early romance, and an unexpected second pregnancy, leaving her physically and mentally exhausted.

Finding the motivation to start over amidst these real-life pressures and balancing self-growth with family responsibilities are pressing issues she needs to resolve.

Meanwhile, her best friend Chen Wanzhen, a full-time housewife, feels neglected by her husband Yu Hai and decides to return to the workforce after much suffering.

Xu Meng'an's sister, Xu Mengxin, is also enduring the struggles of hormonal imbalances during pregnancy.

In their struggles and pain, they use gentleness to overcome challenges, ultimately opening new chapters in their lives and achieving a second phase of personal growth.


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