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Falling to Your World – Yang Haoming, Guan Xin

Falling to Your World is a romantic and science fiction drama directed by Peng Ke, starring Yang Haoming, Guan Xin, Zhu Xinzong and Na Fei Sha.

The drama tells the story of the love story between An Mei, a game artist who accidentally enters the game world, and Lu Ting, an NPC, who cures each other.


Falling to Your World

English Title: Falling to Your World
Chinese Title: 跨越世界来见你
Other Titles: Metaverse, 元宇宙·恋语
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi, Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
Tag: Game World, Game Developer Female Lead, Virtual Reality, Fictional World, Age Gap
Episodes: 20
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Peng Ke
Released Date: 2023-08-07
Broadcast Website: YoYo Fun Station, YoYo English Channel, WeTV, 腾讯视频



The game artist An Mei has been immersed in a virtual romance with the game NPC Lu Ting, accompanying her for six years. Lu Ting has long become her emotional support.

However, when the company chooses to eliminate Lu Ting for the sake of profits, An Mei can't bear to see Lu Ting disappear. She plans to enter the game to help Lu Ting change the storyline. But at this moment, an unexpected incident occurs...


Lu Ting looked at the plan in front of him, but after receiving a call, he left. He looked in the direction behind him and didn't find any suspicious individuals, but as he turned around, he was immediately killed. The game was over. Fang Xiaoxiao suggested changing the game to a new script and took the opportunity to exit as a new character. They decided to eliminate contestant number 18, Lu Ting.

An Mei pleaded with the two leaders, Fang Xiaoxiao and Zhu Zhenjun, not to eliminate Lu Ting. She offered to change the storyline. Fang Xiaoxiao stated that all decisions were made based on interests, even if it was a character liked by female players. The company couldn't suffer losses due to individual preferences. An Mei's only job was Lu Ting. She had devoted all her energy to the role of Lu Ting for six years. This game allowed players to interact with their favorite characters in a one-to-one virtual world. Now, he was about to be eliminated, and she believed many people felt the same way. She would do her best to prevent Lu Ting's character from being eliminated.

An Mei received a message from Da Huang, learning that Huang Baoqiang was about to upload new plotlines and eliminate Lu Ting's character. She was told that she had half an hour to say goodbye to Lu Ting. She quickly put on the virtual glasses and entered the game. She saw Lu Ting in the café, reviewing the plan. She couldn't change the outcome of Lu Ting's death, so she could only watch him from afar. Lu Ting picked up the phone and went outside, checking if he was being followed. Just as he was about to be killed, An Mei rushed over and hugged him, saving him from the danger that was aimed at his shoulder.

An Mei rushed into the game and saved Lu Ting's life. The assassin chased after them, and the two hurriedly fled. They saw a symbol ahead, a hidden space created by the company, usually difficult for players to find. She had initially suggested adding an "X" mark, and she pressed on that mark, making Lu Ting trust her and leave with her.

Lu Ting and An Mei disappeared in an instant, and the assassin lost their trail. They reappeared at a church. In An Mei's impression, there should be a doctor here, but despite calling out multiple times, no doctor appeared. She had to remove the bullet for Lu Ting, and as she did, Lu Ting passed out from the pain. An Mei looked at the sleeping Lu Ting, and she increasingly felt that this game was too realistic, as if a real person was right in front of her.

In reality, An Mei fainted while wearing the game glasses, and Chairman Zhu Zhenjun couldn't wake her up no matter how much he called. In the game, He Kuan came to assist Lu Ting, and An Mei felt he seemed so real, but He Kuan didn't recognize her. As a gesture of gratitude, Lu Ting gave her a check in front of everyone. Lin Nainai made a grand entrance, acting as Lu Ting's secretary to receive him. An Mei watched Lu Ting leave, feeling jealous. At this moment, in the game, she heard someone calling her, and when she woke up, she found Zhu Zhenjun holding her. Zhu Zhenjun sent An Mei back home, and she explained it was because the rent here was cheaper.

The next day, An Mei went to work and learned that the system was in the process of recovery. The programmer reported to Zhu Zhenjun that the servers were normal with no significant anomalies, but Zhu Zhenjun noticed an abnormal code inside and ordered an investigation. Lu Ting instructed his secretary to investigate information about the girl he saved and the identity of the assailant. Lu Ting mentioned that he had urgent matters to discuss with An Mei and instructed his secretary to find her whereabouts.

An Mei reported that she didn't remember much from the test of the game last night. There were no suspicious individuals detected by the surveillance, and An Mei was cleared of suspicion. She took the opportunity to once again request Zhu Zhenjun not to eliminate Lu Ting. Fang Xiaoxiao believed that due to Lu Ting's declining popularity, he couldn't bring profits to the company and had to be eliminated. Zhu Zhenjun asked An Mei to temporarily transfer the problematic program to the server for observation. He mentioned that if they couldn't find the cause, they would have to restart the server, even if it meant resetting all the games to their initial state.

Lu Ting was moved to the testing server, and when he woke up, he felt that the environment had returned to its previous state. An Mei, while having a meal, thought about Lu Ting's safety, believing that there wouldn't be any danger now. It was her birthday today, and she was eating spicy hot pot alone, watching a loving couple nearby. At this moment, she called her mother, who reminded her to take care of her younger brother but forgot her daughter's birthday. Da Huang discovered that this code, if rebooted, could cause the entire system to collapse. Its destructive power was too strong. He also found that a non-player character had run into a hidden area.

Lu Ting restarted and found himself playing chess with Lin Nainai. He wondered why his body was not under his control, often teleporting instantly. His speech and actions were all out of his control. An Mei transferred Lu Ting to the testing server, where he was temporarily safe. Her little brother asked An Mei to sing and teased her for being too immersed in the virtual world. He asked her for some money to go out and play, but An Mei immediately brought the computer back to her room because she was worried about Lu Ting's safety. She put on the virtual glasses and purchased expensive outfits, preparing to make a dazzling appearance in front of Lu Ting.

An Mei appeared at the nightclub entrance riding a white horse. She walked up to Lu Ting, hoping that he wasn't affected by the server and wouldn't recognize her. Lin Nainai, at this moment, didn't recognize her and questioned how the CEO could know a woman dressed in a cheap gown like her. An Mei told Lin Nainai not to get too confident, reminding her that it was An Mei who designed her dress. An Mei warned Lin Nainai not to think that staying by Lu Ting's side for long would make her forget her true identity. An Mei exposed Lin Nainai's thoughts and deeds, and in her embarrassment, Lin Nainai tried to confront An Mei physically.

Lu Ting came from behind and directly hugged An Mei, realizing that he could control his body and will now. He invited An Mei to dance, while Lin Nainai sat below feeling jealous as she watched them. Lu Ting asked An Mei why he felt something whenever he touched her, and who she really was. At this moment, the assassin arrived, and An Mei took Lu Ting and left.

Lu Ting checked An Mei's information but found no records of her in the city. He sternly questioned who An Mei really was and why she appeared with the assassin. An Mei said she had been protecting him for six years, but now, in this moment of crisis, he was doubting her. An Mei left in sadness. Lu Ting instructed He Kuan to continue investigating An Mei, starting from six years ago.

An Mei was awakened by her little brother, realizing that she falls asleep every time she enters the game. Da Huang discovered that the company's server code resembled a person's pajamas, but he couldn't seem to clear it. The janitor removed Lu Ting's poster, which made An Mei feel regretful. To keep Lu Ting's memory, she bought that poster. Zhu Zhenjun watched An Mei holding Lu Ting's poster and could tell she had deep emotions for the character of Lu Ting. He asked An Mei about her views on real love and virtual love. An Mei said that discussing this topic at the company didn't feel appropriate. She mentioned that a virtual life could never truly replace a real one. Zhu Zhenjun's gaze revealed that he had feelings for An Mei, and he told her that if she considered him a colleague or a friend, it wouldn't be as stressful.

An Mei overheard her colleagues discussing the server's failure and the appearance of a patched-up pajama, with each department shifting blame. An Mei saw the image of the so-called pajamas and was surprised that a real-world object had somehow made its way into the game. Fang Xiaoxiao questioned the art department, particularly looking at An Mei at that moment.

Fang Xiaoxiao released the news about the appearance of the pajamas in the server and questioned the reason behind it, causing An Mei to feel anxious. She wondered how the real-world pajamas ended up inside the game. Fang Xiaoxiao called out several times before An Mei snapped back to reality. An Mei explained that she had no connection to this and that she couldn't program or access the server room. An Mei suspected she had really traversed into the game. Why else would the pajamas still be on her when she woke up?

Lu Ting checked all the news again but still couldn't find any information about An Mei. He began to doubt if he had misunderstood her. Fang Xiaoxiao secretly arranged for Da Huang to cause an accident directly. An Mei thought that no one had noticed her entering the game to save Lu Ting, and she wouldn't let Fang Xiaoxiao eliminate Lu Ting's character.

An Mei consulted Da Huang about why people would fall into a deep sleep when they put on the virtual glasses. Da Huang explained that this was a high-tech product, and the gaming device could synchronize with brain signals, which was also the company's goal.

Da Huang asked An Mei various questions about her concern for Lu Ting. He suspected why she cared so much about a character's life and death. He even asked if she was planning to enter the game again to save him. An Mei lied, saying that she didn't want to work overtime and wanted to finish her work quickly. An Mei decided to enter the game once more to save Lu Ting. Using her discomfort as an excuse, she quickly returned home and entered the game. She saw on the map that Lu Ting appeared at the train station. He was trading guns with someone. She went to the train station to find Lu Ting, and once again, she encountered the assassin there.

An Mei worried about Lu Ting's safety, so she entered the game to find him. Thanks to Lu Ting's timely appearance, he rescued her from the assassin and carefully disinfected her wounds. Lu Ting apologized to her, admitting he had misunderstood her before and shouldn't have blamed her. This time, An Mei learned that Fang Xiaoxiao always causes Lu Ting's death at nine o'clock, so she was concerned about any accidents happening. She quickly put away any knives or unexpected items.

An Mei, somewhat tipsy, mentioned how she rarely received her parents' love and felt almost forgotten by them. Lu Ting comforted her, explaining that every parent expresses love differently. He shared that he had been thinking about something lately: whenever he felt lonely, he controlled his thoughts, focusing on anticipating the future instead. An Mei held him, telling him not to be afraid, and expressing gratitude for having him. She fell asleep after saying this.

Lu Ting gently pushed her away, causing her to fall down, and by chance, they ended up kissing. However, An Mei was asleep and unaware of anything. Lu Ting closed his eyes, savoring this brief tenderness, and naturally held her in his arms. The next day, An Mei woke up in Lu Ting's room. She observed everything in the house and noticed Lu Ting preparing breakfast. Suddenly, she felt a sense of belonging and smiled as she walked over to Lu Ting. They stood side by side, cooking eggs. At that moment, a red mark appeared on Lu Ting's neck.

An Mei woke up again and realized that time had reversed. She hurriedly ran to the living room and saw Lu Ting cooking. She rushed over, knowing that he would be attacked in the next second. Zhu Zhenjun looked at the pajama pattern in the game and wondered who could have entered the server without being detected. Fang Xiaoxiao noticed that An Mei had taken leave, and she had the audacity to take a leave with the company being so busy.

An Mei had been in a deep sleep. She was eating Lu Ting's breakfast in the game, and it felt as real as in reality. She could perceive the taste and pain. She suddenly remembered getting drunk last night and tentatively asked Lu Ting if she fell or did anything embarrassing. Lu Ting said that when she kissed him last night, she mentioned that he tasted like gummy bears. Upon hearing this, she wished she could disappear.

Lin Nainai came to pick up Lu Ting for a company meeting. An Mei asked the driver to check the condition of the car and ensured there were no issues before they could ride. She also discovered information about the assassin, which seemed to be related to Vice President Lu. When Lu Ting heard that it was related to his uncle, An Mei also suddenly remembered that Fang Xiaoxiao had specifically set up an antagonist character named Lu Shuyu to make Lu Ting log off. An Mei and Lu Ting arrived at the company. Just because Lu Ting didn't ask about her identity doesn't mean he didn't want to know. Regarding Lu Shuyu's actions, he recalled when he was a child, hiding under the table and witnessing a man shoot his parents. The man's actions were exactly like Lu Shuyu's.

Lu Ting often has a nightmare, dreaming of the process of his parents being killed. An Mei knows that this was intentionally added to enrich his character background. As they got out of the car, An Mei saw the assassin sitting in a car nearby, monitoring them. An Mei entered Uncle Lu's room, where many people were standing outside. Seeing his nephew bring his girlfriend to meet the family, Uncle Lu warmly invited them to sit.

Lu Ting asked him if those people were sent by him. Uncle Lu denied it, asking what those people who killed him meant. An Mei explained that Lu Ting wasn't interrogating him but discussing with him.

Fed up, Lu Ting pulled out a handgun and asked if he killed his family. Uncle Lu denied it, pointing out that he and Lu Ting's father were blood brothers; how could he kill his own brother? He suspected that someone was trying to provoke a conflict. An Mei stated that denying it doesn't change the facts. Uncle Lu stood up and said Lu Ting shouldn't doubt him, gradually lowering his hands.

He had worked hard on the company for many years not to let down the trust of his older brother and sister-in-law, and especially to expand the territory for Lu Ting. There was strong family bond between them, so why would he want to kill him? He urged Lu Ting not to be swayed by others' provocations and questioned An Mei's intentions. The old fox left, and An Mei realized it was a program command; this old fox gave the order to kill. But how could she prove he did it?

Lu Ting suspected that the appearance of the assassin was brought by An Mei, and just as she was about to explain, An Mei suddenly disappeared.

The company colleagues worked overnight to fix the server vulnerability. An Mei rushed over and asked if they worked late last night. She learned that the timing of the server issue matched her entry into the game. At that moment, Fang Xiaoxiao arrived and mentioned that An Mei's timing for taking leave was too coincidental – she always seemed to be absent when server issues occurred. Could it be that external individuals had access to internal information?

Zhu Zhenjun investigated the possibility of human intelligence fully replacing game controls. He instructed Da Huang to shut down all the servers related to Lu Ting. He had the skills that had been used against Lu Ting upgraded, and a few challenging skills added, ensuring there wouldn't be an instant kill. Zhu Zhenjun had some suspicions in his mind about certain matters. While delivering takeout to Zhu Zhenjun, An Mei noticed an upgrade notification for the assassin on his computer.

Zhu Zhenjun elevated the skills of the assassin and implemented a stealth function. He realized that Lu Ting had developed some form of autonomy, so he set up a test for him. An Mei explained that she had devoted all her energy to Lu Ting over the past six years and hoped Zhu Zhenjun would protect him. Suddenly, the lights went out in Lu Ting's home, and he felt a force immobilizing him. Unable to see anything, struggling for breath, he grabbed a nearby glass of water, revealing the assassin when he splashed water. Lu Ting hurriedly ran out the door. During a bathroom break, An Mei put on the gaming glasses and entered the game to protect Lu Ting.


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