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I’ve Been to Your Future – Yang Haoming, Guan Xin

I've Been to Your Future is a fantasy romantic drama directed by Jiang Xuanyi, led by Yang Haoming and Guan Xin, co-starring Na fei Sha, Li Yi, Liu Boxu and Lei Siyu.


I've Been to Your Future

English Title: I've Been to Your Future
Chinese Title: 我去过你的未来
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: Time Travel
Episodes: 12
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Jiang Xuanyi
Released Date: 2023-09-13
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Before graduating from college, Ye Fan successfully confessed his feelings to Tao Tao, whom he had secretly admired for many years.

Unfortunately, on the same day, Tao Tao passed away in a car accident, leaving Ye Fan devastated.

Later, by chance, Ye Fan came across Tao Tao's old mobile phone and, unintentionally, dialed the number, connecting with Tao Tao from four years ago, when she was in her senior year of high school in 2018.

This unexpected phone call serendipitously changed the fate of the two individuals, opening up a fantastical journey of love where they rescue and sacrifice for each other through the magical old phone.


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