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Wilber Pan Dramas, Movies and TV Shows

Wilber Pan
Wilber Pan dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Wilber Pan and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Wilber Pan.

Wilber Pan Dramas List

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  • Be With You


    Urban, Romance, Business
    Wilber Pan, Xu Lu
    Lin Weiling, female, 24 years old. She is the only daughter of Lin Shenpeng, the founder of the Hengsheng Group, but was actually the daughter of her mother and Qiao Li, the president of the Global Group. Lin Weiling is a kind and gentle person by nature, but because of the huge changes in her family, her character has become stronger on the outside and softer on the inside, and she often wears a disguise of different personalities on her face. Hu Qianyu, male, 26 years old. One of the founders of Hengsheng, son of Hu Xin. His father is Zhang Huainian. He is superficially domineering but actually warm. He has superb emotional intelligence but has occasional dark humor. He is deeply in love with Lin Weiling and is willing to sacrifice his life to defuse her hatred. Yao Junmo, male, 26 years old. The only son of Yao Yichen, the second largest shareholder of Hengsheng, but an illegitimate son. He and Yao Yao are siblings of different mothers. In order to get his father's recognition, Yao Junmo is ready to revive Yao's business and take over the Hengsheng Group. He fights against Hu Qianyu with everything, but he also falls in love with Lin Weiling and eventually goes astray.
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