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Beloved Enemy – Shang Bai, Gao Ming

Beloved Enemy is a youthful and inspirational business drama directed by Sun Chengzhi, starring Shang Bai, Gao Ming, and Sun Qiheng.

The drama is based on the novel "Zhen Feng Dui Jue" by Shui Qiancheng, which tells the story of Yuan Yang, a rebellious young man from a wealthy family. Under the instruction of Gu Qingpei, who comes from an ordinary family but is a business wizard, he undergoes a series of cruel business war trials and gradually becomes a responsible man.


Beloved Enemy

English Title: Beloved Enemy
Chinese Title: 决对争锋
Genre: Urban, Business, Drama
Tag: Censored Adaptation of Same-sex Original Work, Enemies to Friends, Spoiled Male Lead, Master/Apprentice, Bromance, Sexual Assault
Episodes: 15
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Sun Chengzhi
Writer: Hu Meng
Product Company: LEOFISH
Released Date: 2017-08-15
Broadcast Website: 视频中国-China Video



On the first day of business elite Gu Qingpei’s appointment, the chairman of the board “threw” his unmanageable son, Yuan Yang, to him.

The young and exuberant Yuan Yang was tired of Gu Qingpei’s hypocritical “elite mask”, but due to the pressure from his father, Yuan Lijiang, Yuan Yang realized that there are still things in this world that cannot be solved by fists and money.

In order to get rid of his restricted life, Yuan Yang kept making trouble for Gu Qingpei, but Gu Qingpei easily solved it one by one.

Yuan Yang asked his best friend to help him investigate Gu Qignpei. He finally got a hold of him, and the war between them started…


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