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Bai Tuo Le, Nan Zhu Bie Guo Lai – Wang Xuan, Fan Meng

Bai Tuo Le, Nan Zhu Bie Guo Lai is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Wang Youhao and Yang Xiyun, co-starring Wang Xuan, Fan Meng, Li Jingzhou, and Cen Ming.


Bai Tuo Le, Nan Zhu Bie Guo Lai

English Title: Bai Tuo Le, Nan Zhu Bie Guo Lai
Chinese Title: 拜托了,男主别过来
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
Episodes: -
Duration: -
Director: Wang Youhao, Yang Xiyun
Released Date: 2023-04-15
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



College student Meng Qingqing passionately criticized the malicious supporting female character Meng Ci in a novel but unexpectedly ended up being transported into the story as Meng Ci.

In order to return to the real world, Meng Ci began to work hard to matchmake the original main characters of the story and cling to their thighs to save her life.

However, the way the male lead looked at her seemed to be getting stranger and stranger...


At the Crown Prince's mansion, the guards reported that they had searched the mansion but had not found the Crown Prince's consort. Shen Yi, the Crown Prince, was deeply worried when suddenly a sword was held to his neck. He turned around and saw that it was Nan Ge. It was only when Nan Ge came to pay her respects that she found out that Shen Yi, the Crown Prince, was her sworn enemy who had killed her brother. Meng Ci had told her this news.

Nan Ge attempted to assassinate the Crown Prince for revenge but was injured by a flying arrow before she could do so. She was bleeding from her chest, and Shen Yi was heartbroken. He quickly held Nan Ge in his arms.

Emperor Chu and his men arrived and, because of Nan Ge's attempt on the Crown Prince's life, wanted to exterminate her family. Shen Yi begged Emperor Chu for mercy, but he was too angry to listen and ordered that Nan Ge be taken away.

Meng Ci knelt on the side and said that it was not her intention to ruin the relationship between Shen Yi and Nan Ge, but her smile and cold eyes showed that it was deliberate.

In modern times, a woman reading this novel constantly criticizes Meng Ci, the malicious supporting female character. While conducting an experiment, she accidentally caused an explosion and was transported back in time to become Meng Ci. She was excited to find that she was alive and living in luxury.

Meng Ci was enjoying herself, with many men feeding her and playing with her. The system's voice reminded her that Shen Yi was on his way to assassinate Nan Yu. This news instantly took away Meng Ci's playful mood, and she immediately set off to stop him.

Meng Ci found a restaurant but did not know where Nan Yu was. She had to observe through the windows and saw a man who was attracted to her beauty and tried to assault her.

Meng Ci was frightened and fell from the second floor. Shen Yi caught her in mid-air, but Meng Ci did not recognize him until she saw his jade pendant. She tried to hold him, but he ignored her and left.

Meng Ci went to find Nan Yu and paid a guard to enter the men's area where she found Nan Yu. She searched for Shen Yi but did not find him and felt relieved.

Nan Yu saw Meng Ci's beauty and hugged her from behind. Shen Yi appeared with his sword, but Nan Yu did not believe he was in danger until Shen Yi pointed his sword at his neck.

Meng Ci did not want Shen Yi to kill Nan Yu, so she fought to stop them and knocked them both unconscious.

In the palace, Concubine De advised the Prince to study hard and share the Emperor's worries. A cake was delivered, and the Prince found a note inside that surprised him.

Just then, Concubine De returned from getting silk, and the Prince put the note back and left with the silk.


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