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Life Is Drama – Wang Xuan, Pu Yutong

Life Is Drama is a short romantic drama directed by Chen Chuan, Luo Peng, starring Wang Xuan and Pu Yutong.


Life Is Drama

English Title: Life Is Drama
Chinese Title: 只是未婚夫的关系
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Rich Male Lead, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Amnesia, Riches to Rags, Revenge, Strong Female Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 5 min.
Director: Chen Chuan, Luo Peng
Released Date: 2024-02-05
Broadcast Website: Youku,, 优酷



After experiencing a family upheaval, Shangguan Chuxia loses her memory and is adopted, taking on the alias Feng Dongdong.  By Chance, she meets Yun Su and unexpectedly recalls her true identity.

To uncover the truth, she transforms into a bold and spirited maid, taking charge of the Shangguan family. Together with her contracted fiancé, Yun Su, they join forces to bring the culprits to justice. As they spend time together, they gradually feel each other's affections.


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