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You from the Future – Luo Zheng, Ji Meihan

You from the Future is a sci-fi drama directed by Zhou Yong, led by Luo Zheng and Ji Meihan, co-starring Yang Ze, Chen Siche, Wang Kang, Zhou Zizhao, Yang Xue'er, Nan Xi, and Qiao Xin, with special appearances by Jie Bing and Fang Chutong.

The drama tells the romantic story of Xia Mo, a young girl with a passion for promoting Chinese culture, meeting Shen Junyao, a high-intelligence and high-profile AI-playing tech president, and achieving a sweet relationship with a paper contract.


You from the Future

English Title: You from the Future
Chinese Title: 来自未来的你
Genre: Sci-fi, Romance, Drama
Tag: CEO Male Lead, Contract Relationship, Cohabitation, Artificial Intelligence, Secondary Couple
Episodes: 24
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Zhou Yong
Writer: Jiang Xueting, Shi Shuangjiao, Wei Yanan, Yin Ying, Xia Mengying
Producer: Cui Hongwei, Liu Peiyao, Li Peiyao, Li Li, Wang Fei
Released Date: 2023-08-04
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Xia Mo, who graduated from university, aspires to become a Hanfu blogger. Xia Mo's parents own a house in the city by the sea, and she decides to reclaim the property. The current tenant, Shen Junyao, is the CEO of a technology company, and he has installed a large amount of scientific research equipment in the house for the convenience of his work.

Xia Mo and Shen Junyao have had several discussions and reached an agreement to share the space. Xia Mo didn't expect that the upcoming company she's joining, "C Station," is under the same group as Shen Junyao's "Sitan Tech."

Living under the same roof, the two initially have a strained relationship, but fortunately, an intelligent robot named "Xing Guang" recognizes Xia Mo as its owner. Shen Junyao gradually discovers Xia Mo's charming qualities. At this time, Xia Mo's crush, Lin Heng, starts pursuing her. Shen Junyao also decides to pursue Xia Mo. He goes from borrowing people from C Station to participating in company team-building activities. Finally, Shen Junyao successfully wins Xia Mo's heart step by step. However, at this point, he learns that Lin Heng's affection for Xia Mo isn't genuine. Moreover, Lin Heng's true identity is significantly connected to the shadows of his own past experiences over the years...


  • 2023-08-04 10:00:54

    A Fusion of Chinese Style, Science Fiction, and Innovation

    Starting from its theme, "You from the Future" cleverly blends the elements of "Hanfu" (traditional Chinese clothing) and "Artificial Intelligence," showcasing a unique romantic story.

    The casting of actors also aims to closely match the characters, and the series involves the unique expression methods of disabled individuals, such as microexpressions and sign language.

    It's definitely worth watching.

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