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You Complete Me – Zhu Zijie, Hong Xiao

You Complete Me is a romantic drama, directed by Deng Lianghong, starring Zhu Zijie, Hong Xiao, Zhu Jiaqian, Li Shengjia, Cao Nan, Gong Xiaojun, Liu Chuncui, etc.

The drama is adapted from the novel "You Ta Xian Luo / 诱她陷落".


You Complete Me

English Title: You Complete Me
Chinese Title: 暗里着迷
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Older Woman/Younger Man, Betrayal, Lovers Separated, Opposites Attract, Fake to Real Lovers, Lying
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Deng Lianghong
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-09-26
Broadcast Website: MGTV



After returning to the country, Jiang Shaoheng intentionally approached fashion designer Su Banxia until Wei Gaoyang exposed Jiang Shaoheng's true intentions in approaching Su Banxia. Feeling deeply betrayed, Su Banxia broke up with Jiang Shaoheng.

However, Jiang Shaoheng, who could not bear to be apart from Su Banxia, sincerely pursued her again, leading to a dramatic reunion. Afterward, the two of them uncovered the truth from the past, and in the end, both Wei siblings were apprehended, bringing closure to all the unresolved matters.


Su Banxia is a fashion designer. Recently, she received a sudden invitation to a party, keeping her extremely busy. She has been working continuously for several nights. Su Banxia plans to finish her work quickly so that she can celebrate the one-year anniversary with Wei Gaoyang. Sang Le cautiously asks Su Banxia if she still cannot accept taking the final step with Wei Gaoyang. In order to help Su Banxia break through, Sang Le specially prepares a black lace dress for her.

That night, Su Banxia deliberately arranges a romantic room to call Wei Gaoyang, but there is no answer. Outside the hotel room, Su Banxia finds a fallen invitation and recognizes it as Wei Gaoyang's. At that moment, she hears Wei Gaoyang flirting with another woman through the slightly open door. Su Banxia's heart sinks when she hears Wei Gaoyang say that she is a woman he can't touch, and being with her is only because he appreciates her work ability. Su Banxia calmly takes a photo of Wei Gaoyang cheating and warns him to attend the party on time the next day, completing their final collaboration. From then on, they will go their separate ways.

While Su Banxia is drinking alone at the bar, Jiang Shaoheng has already set his sights on her. Seizing the opportunity when she goes to the restroom, he intentionally knocks her over and then embraces her. With misty drunken eyes, Su Banxia finds Jiang Shaoheng handsome and asks him to take her home. That night, they spend the night together. The next day, Su Banxia learns that Jiang Shaoheng is surprisingly young. Wanting to leave discreetly, she is stopped by Jiang Shaoheng. They meet again at the party that night, and Su Banxia discovers that Jiang Shaoheng is a member of the Jiang family.

Wei Gaoyang forces the business partner of Su Banxia's clothing line to withdraw investment, seeking revenge for Su Banxia's threat with photos. When Su Banxia confronts him, he claims that he hasn't entirely lost interest in her and urges her to return to him. Disgusted by Wei Gaoyang, Su Banxia chooses to leave and seeks help from Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang directly states that continuing to collaborate with Su Banxia means opposing the Jiang Group. He suggests a solution—winning over Jiang Shaoheng and making him the spokesperson for Banxia Fashion, instantly resolving Su Banxia's dilemma.

Su Banxia learns that Jiang Shaoheng is at the swimming pool and sneaks in when it's empty. However, she doesn't find Jiang Shaoheng. When Jiang Shaoheng sees Su Banxia looking for him, he senses that she has taken the bait. Citing her previous statement that they had never met, he refuses to engage with her. For the sake of her career, Su Banxia musters the courage to ask Jiang Shaoheng to be the spokesperson for Banxia Fashion. Looking at Su Banxia, Jiang Shaoheng recalls the night she had too much to drink and, facing his inquiries, gave the impression that she was with Wei Gaoyang for money and was also seeking something more intimate.

Jiang Shaoheng thinks poorly of Su Banxia and deliberately provokes her. He tells her that he would consider collaboration if she dares to jump into the swimming pool. When Jiang Shaoheng is about to leave, Su Banxia finally gathers the courage to jump in. Seeing her struggle, Jiang Shaoheng feels guilty and quickly rescues her. Su Banxia intentionally invites Jiang Shaoheng for a meal, purposely dirties his clothes, makes him wear a sample outfit she designed, and arranges for Sang Le to secretly take photos. However, Jiang Shaoheng sees through the entire plan.

After Jiang Shaoheng exposes Su Banxia's scheming and is about to leave, Wei Gaoyang suddenly appears, mocking Su Banxia for quickly climbing the social ladder and aspiring to be Mrs. Jiang. He reminds Jiang Shaoheng that Su Banxia is a woman one should not get involved with, approaching her will make one feel disgusted. Then, he threatens Su Banxia, warning her not to expect to survive. Jiang Shaoheng turns the tables on Wei Gaoyang, reminding him that he is just an employee of the Jiang family, not a legitimate relative. He immediately signs a contract with Su Banxia to establish cooperation.

The originally scheduled female model for Su Banxia's photo shoot couldn't make it due to a car accident. Jiang Shaoheng then insists that Su Banxia collaborates with him. Su Banxia believes that professional matters should be handled by professionals, but Jiang Shaoheng insists on shooting together. He mentions the contractual stipulation that Su Banxia must unconditionally cooperate with him. Reluctantly, Su Banxia goes along with it. Jiang Shaoheng senses her being proactive and starts doubting the truth of Wei Gaoyang's words. Su Banxia boldly approaches Jiang Shaoheng, resulting in stunning photos.

With a successful collaboration with Mr. Wang, Su Banxia feels more relaxed. Sang Le, looking at the photos, is surprised to see Su Banxia being so close to Jiang Shaoheng, considering that she used to have a stress reaction when getting close to Wei Gaoyang. Su Banxia doesn't know why, but this turns out to be a good thing for her. To create more opportunities for heroically saving Su Banxia, Jiang Shaoheng deliberately arranges for Duan Zhao to ride an electric scooter to collide with Su Banxia. Unexpectedly, he ends up being hit, and Su Banxia ends up saving him.

Su Banxia, in order to save Jiang Shaoheng, though the doctor diagnosed it as a common abrasion, still uses it as a reason to ask Jiang Shaoheng to help at the company. Seeing through Su Banxia's intentions, Jiang Shaoheng changes her request from one month to half a month, officially becoming Su Banxia's assistant. It turns out that on that day, Su Banxia and Jiang Shaoheng had the same idea and arranged for someone to collide with each other. However, Duan Zhao's electric scooter ran out of power and couldn't make it, while Sang Le caught up. This gave Su Banxia the opportunity to stage the drama of a beauty saving a hero and successfully win over Jiang Shaoheng.

One day, Sang Le, dressed in a delivery uniform, goes to see Su Banxia, feeling regretful for causing Su Banxia's injury. However, this aligns with Su Banxia's intentions. Sang Le advises Su Banxia to go through with the charade, as finding a man who doesn't trigger Su Banxia's allergies is not easy. On the first day Jiang Shaoheng goes to work with Su Banxia, everything seems novel to him. He escorts Su Banxia to the office but forgets to give her the bag. Then, when leaving, he accidentally hits the door frame, amusing Su Banxia.

Su Banxia asks Jiang Shaoheng to calculate the profits, and Jiang Shaoheng inadvertently discovers Su Banxia's unique signature, confirming that she is the revenge target he was looking for. In the evening, Jiang Shaoheng waits late into the night for Su Banxia to finish work. When he escorts her home, it starts raining. Jiang Shaoheng shields Su Banxia with an umbrella, getting his clothes wet in the process. This warmth makes Su Banxia feel touched. She then requests Jiang Shaoheng to undergo desensitization therapy for her, and Jiang Shaoheng is excited to finally make Su Banxia's heart flutter.

Su Banxia asks Jiang Shaoheng to help her with desensitization therapy. Jiang Shaoheng, fearing that his emotions might be revealed, wears sunglasses throughout the session. The two hold hands while discussing work. It turns out that Banxia Fashion is set to promote couple outfits, but Mr. Wang's wife disapproves of her husband working with the opposite sex. Su Banxia has no choice but to entrust this significant task to Jiang Shaoheng. Afraid of losing control of her emotions, Su Banxia hastily concludes the treatment and leaves. It's only then that Jiang Shaoheng takes off his sunglasses, watching Su Banxia's departing figure and reminiscing about their recent contact.

At the party, Su Banxia introduces her couple outfits to Mr. Wang and his wife. Wei Gaoyang suddenly appears, openly declaring that he has broken up with Su Banxia. Mrs. Wang's expression immediately changes, thinking that Su Banxia is not worthy of discussing romance and excitement. Jiang Shaoheng arrives at the right moment. Su Banxia introduces him to Mrs. Wang as her current boyfriend, stating that the reason for breaking up with Wei Gaoyang was witnessing him cheating.

Upon learning about Jiang Shaoheng and Su Banxia's romantic history, Mrs. Wang becomes very interested in how they met. Su Banxia seizes the opportunity and elaborately recounts the day she caught Wei Gaoyang cheating, feeling upset, and encountering Jiang Shaoheng at the bar. Mrs. Wang is amazed at the shared ideals between Su Banxia and Jiang Shaoheng, and she promptly agrees to collaborate with Banxia Fashion. Su Banxia thanks Jiang Shaoheng for his significant contribution and formally invites him to become a partner at Banxia Fashion. However, Jiang Shaoheng wants more than that – he wants to engage in a real relationship with Su Banxia, turning the charade into reality.

Jiang Shaoheng takes the initiative to get close to Su Banxia. Just as he is about to kiss her, Su Banxia mentions feeling tired and wanting to go back to sleep. Although Jiang Shaoheng and Su Banxia haven't actually kissed, both of them have a feeling that they already have, secretly fantasizing about the sensation of a kiss when the other person is unaware.

Jiang Shaoheng starts to care about every little thing concerning Su Banxia, and Su Banxia always finds herself subtly paying attention to Jiang Shaoheng, even remembering his measurements very clearly. Jiang Shaoheng lives next door to Su Banxia, and they always come and go together. Su Banxia slowly lets down her guard and is now comfortable leaning on Jiang Shaoheng's shoulder to gaze at the sea. One day, in the basement, Wei Gaoyang corners Su Banxia, accusing her of being in a year-long relationship but not even holding hands. He claims his infidelity was forced and demands Su Banxia to reconcile with him, becoming his wife.

Jiang Shaoheng arrives in his car at the basement, rescuing Su Banxia from Wei Gaoyang's clutches. In the scuffle with Wei Gaoyang, Jiang Shaoheng gets injured. Su Banxia is deeply concerned, treating Jiang Shaoheng's wounds and blowing on them. Their eyes meet, and they almost kiss, but Su Banxia regains her composure and goes to cook for Jiang Shaoheng. Taking advantage of the smoky kitchen, Jiang Shaoheng secretly uses a lighter to trigger the sprinkler head. That night, he stays over at Su Banxia's place, claiming to be homeless. Su Banxia's mother arrives to urge her to get married, and Jiang Shaoheng, hiding behind the curtain, volunteers himself.

The appearance of Jiang Shaoheng surprised Su Banxia's mother. She thought Su Banxia had just broken up with Wei Gaoyang, and now she was living together with someone else so quickly. It might give people the wrong impression. She advised Su Banxia to be more reserved. Su Banxia, looking at her mother's lecturing expression, sarcastically remarked that if she was so good at judging people, she wouldn't have encountered someone like Uncle Li back then.

Upon hearing Su Banxia mention this, her mother, feeling short of breath, wanted to explain the past, but Jiang Shaoheng happened to invite her to stay for dinner at that moment.

Jiang Shaoheng prepared a table full of delicious dishes, surprising not only Su Banxia but also her mother. When Su Banxia went to get juice for her mother, Jiang Shaoheng talked about what he knew about Su Banxia. He described her as someone who could be relentless in pursuing her goals, always shining brightly. However, when she got drunk, she became a bit lovable, and they had a good understanding between them. Su Banxia's mother was pleased with Jiang Shaoheng, so that night she occupied the northern room, leaving Jiang Shaoheng and Su Banxia to share a room. Su Banxia thanked Jiang Shaoheng for defusing the situation with her mother that day; otherwise, things would have definitely soured. At the same time, she was also curious about Jiang Shaoheng's past and wondered if he, too, had a need for comforting from others.

The next day, Su Banxia dreamed that Jiang Shaoheng kissed her, and she was embarrassed when Jiang Shaoheng woke her up. He promptly covered his head. Jiang Shaoheng continued the desensitization treatment for Su Banxia that day and keenly noticed her ears turning red. To replace Su Banxia's old habits with new ones, Jiang Shaoheng embarked on a 21-day plan to conquer Su Banxia.

Jiang Shaoheng's 21-day plan went very smoothly, and Su Banxia was indeed replacing old habits with new ones. She looked forward to having breakfast made by Jiang Shaoheng every day, undergoing desensitization therapy together, and commuting to work together. Although Jiang Shaoheng felt that everything was going according to his plan, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was not quite right. Duan Zhao pointed out that Jiang Shaoheng was also anticipating undergoing desensitization therapy with Su Banxia, enjoying her smile. He wondered who was actually tempting whom between Jiang Shaoheng and Su Banxia.

Sang Le, knowing that Su Banxia and Jiang Shaoheng were getting along well, advised Su Banxia to take the next step and not be too reserved. Otherwise, Jiang Shaoheng might be taken away by someone else, and then it would be too late for regrets. Su Banxia admitted to feeling a bit moved and couldn't help but smile when she saw Jiang Shaoheng looking at her from downstairs.

Su Banxia decided to become a real couple with Jiang Shaoheng. She went to the store to buy the cycling equipment of Jiang Shaoheng's preferred brand and accidentally learned from the store clerk about the premeditated nature of Jiang Shaoheng's rescue at the bar. Su Banxia immediately went home and overheard Jiang Shaoheng making a bet about emotions on the phone. Jiang Shaoheng tried to explain upon seeing Su Banxia standing by the wall, but she didn't listen. She headed straight to the seaside. Jiang Shaoheng clarified that the bet wasn't about Su Banxia's feelings but his own determination not to fall for her. However, he was wrong; he had indeed fallen for her and sincerely asked for Su Banxia's forgiveness. They kissed by the seaside. Jiang Shaoheng and Su Banxia found themselves on the sofa, about to take things further, when Su Banxia recalled painful memories from her youth and pushed Jiang Shaoheng away.

Jiang Shaoheng, Su Banxia, Duan Zhao, and Sang Le gathered together. Duan Zhao revealed the incident of encountering Sang Le in a delivery uniform at Su Banxia's doorstep. Jiang Shaoheng immediately guessed that the day Su Banxia was hit by a car was a scheme devised by Su Banxia and Sang Le. Sang Le promptly countered by mentioning Jiang Shaoheng buying a house next to Su Banxia. Sang Le and Su Banxia went to the restroom together, and Sang Le learned that Su Banxia hadn't taken the final step with Jiang Shaoheng. She advised Su Banxia to trust Jiang Shaoheng, emphasizing that he was a man worth entrusting and wouldn't be a scumbag like Wei Gaoyang.

Duan Zhao admired Jiang Shaoheng's tactics, noting that he could respond immediately on the day Su Banxia found out about the deception and even make Su Banxia more dependent on him. However, he also noticed that Jiang Shaoheng seemed a bit off, as if he had developed genuine feelings. Duan Zhao believed that it was reasonable for Jiang Shaoheng to fall for Su Banxia, but Jiang Shaoheng couldn't accept this fact.

Jiang Shaoheng, in a complex mood, accidentally drank too much. Su Banxia helped him back home, listened to his fears, and initiated a kiss. Jiang Shaoheng fell asleep on Su Banxia's shoulder the next second and woke up the next day realizing he had drunk too much. He worried about saying things he shouldn't have but found Su Banxia acting as usual, with no sign of anything amiss. Mr. Wang was very satisfied with the clothing designed by Su Banxia. When Su Banxia and Jiang Shaoheng attended a party, Wei Gaoyang targeted Su Banxia. Wei Gaoyang, unwilling to let his efforts go in vain, took advantage of Su Banxia going to the restroom to attempt to force himself on her. This brought back painful memories for Su Banxia, but fortunately, Jiang Shaoheng arrived in time to rescue her.

Jiang Shaoheng, as usual, came to find Su Banxia but noticed that she didn't respond. Worried, he searched her entire home but found no trace of her. He hurriedly went to the seaside, but she wasn't there either. Checking the company, Sang Le informed him that Su Banxia hadn't arrived yet. Jiang Shaoheng immediately rushed back home. Upon pushing open the door, he saw Su Banxia placing a bag of vegetables on the table. Unable to contain himself, he called out, "Banxia," and tightly embraced her. Su Banxia felt Jiang Shaoheng's fear of losing her and hugged him back tightly.

Su Banxia and Jiang Shaoheng took a walk by the seaside. She knew he wanted to know about her past and brought up the incident over ten years ago when her stepfather attempted to assault her. Because her mother didn't report it to the police or console her, Su Banxia gradually distanced herself from her mother and couldn't embrace and kiss like a normal girl.

Upon learning about Su Banxia's past, Jiang Shaoheng deliberately sought out her mother. He discovered that Su Banxia's mother chose not to report the incident to protect Su Banxia's reputation, fearing that constantly bringing it up would hurt her. The graduation ceremony, a lingering regret for Su Banxia, was attended by her mother. Jiang Shaoheng conveyed an apology on behalf of Su Banxia's mother. When Su Banxia learned that her mother attended her graduation and saw a photo as proof, her emotional burden was lifted. She realized that Jiang Shaoheng's caring nature, learned from his elder brother, caused no ripples. This made Jiang Shaoheng begin to doubt whether he had chosen the right target for revenge.


  • 2023-09-27 15:38:55

    You Complete Me - Zhu Zhijie and Hong Xiao Have Great Chemisty

    The plot of "You Complete Me" is very fast-paced and captivates the audience as soon as it goes online.

    Both lead actors are new to viewers. Zhu Zijie, who plays Jiang Shaoheng, graduated from the acting department with a handsome appearance, tall stature, and solid acting skills.

    In portraying the "scheming" male lead, he successfully blends the youthful aura of his character's younger brother with the profound charm of someone full of calculations.

    Dominant and scheming, yet not malicious at heart, these sincere and subtle performances contribute to the charm of the male lead in this drama.

    Hong Xiao, who plays the female lead Su Banxia, is already a familiar face to the audience. While her name might seem unfamiliar, she previously played a supporting role in "Love Between Fairy and Devil."

    Under Hong Xiao's portrayal, the female lead Su Banxia can be described as versatile. She is gentle and considerate, yet decisive and ruthless. She is innocent and kind, but also ambitious and cunning.

    Hong Xiao seamlessly integrates these contrasting elements into her performance, allowing the female lead to break away from the typical romantic storyline and become equally captivating.

    The chemistry between Zhu Zijie and Hong Xiao is strong, and their height difference of 23cm adds impact to every scene they share. This physical contrast highlights the male lead's aura and showcases the female lead's vulnerability, making it very popular.

    In conclusion, the premiere of the TV drama "You Complete Me" proves that idol dramas still rely on the combination of handsome men and beautiful women. Additionally, the fast-paced and high-energy story development in this short drama easily attracts viewers. Everyone, come and binge-watch this drama!

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