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The Immortal Promise – Zhu Lilan, Li Fei

The Immortal Promise is a historical romantic drama, starring Zhu Lilan, Li Fei, and Zhang Jingyun.


The Immortal Promise

English Title: The Immortal Promise
Chinese Title: 寒枝折不断
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
Tag: Revenge, Love Triangle, Nice Male Lead, Royalty, Spy Female Lead, Tragedy
Episodes: 21
Duration: 15 min.
Director: Li Yuxi
Writer: Lu Lingqin
Released Date: 2022-12-31
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Short Play



Zhou Qingzhu, a thousand-faced spy, is taken as a scapegoat by Li Ye, the Crown prince she trusts. She is saved by Zhang Xiaomei in a desperate situation.

When they get closer, Li Ye forces her to steal the Qianxia pearl from Zhang Xiaomei.

Zhou Qingzhu, who has been miserable all her life, gradually attracts by Zhang Xiaomei's hidden tenderness.

Zhang Xiaomei, burdened with a heavy responsibility, is patient and restrained, but cannot part with Zhou Qingzhu's "splendor".

Family, hatred, fate, and imperial power ...... are the shackles that stand between them. They keep moving forward, just for a moment of being together.


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