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Sisterhood – Xiao Yan, Dai Xiangyu

Sisterhood is an epic drama about the struggles of Chinese women overseas, directed by Guo Shimin, Xin Peng, Xie Minyang, Hu Heyi, Huang Guanghua, Huang Guanrong, and Ju Xingmao, starring Xiao Yan, Dai Xiangyu, and Yue Lina.

Based on real history, this drama tells the legendary story of Chinese women in the 1930s, represented by the "Red Headed Scarf", who made their own way in the Southeast Asia region.



English Title: Sisterhood
Chinese Title: 南洋女儿情
Genre: Life, Business, Romance, Drama
Tag: Strong Female Lead, Multiple Couples, Male Chases Female First, Brave Female Lead, Female Centered Plot, Construction Industry
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Guo Shimin, Xin Peng, Xie Minyang, Hu Heyi, Huang Guanghua, Huang Guanrong, Ju Xingmao
Writer: Xiao Ji Xiang Tian
Producer: Wang Yonghui
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: 2023-06-20
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



In the 1930s, in the Southeast Asia region, two women from Guangdong, Ouyang Tianqing and Kuang Caiyun, traveled far to the Southeast Asia region to seek a living.

Tianqing worked as a laborer at a construction site and became the leader of the sisters, known as the "Red Headed Scarf". She caught the attention of both the wealthy Jiafu and the poor driver Ale, who admired her.

Caiyun unexpectedly formed a bond with the young Hu Yaozu and became her nanny. Caiyun faced repeated exclusion from the Hu family, and Yaozu protected her by sending her away and going to study abroad himself.

Tianqing, with her exceptional abilities, was taken in by the female entrepreneur Miao Xiu as her successor. Unfortunately, she fell into a trap set by her rivals. Jiafu and Ale rescued her. Ale voluntarily gave up his feelings and joined the military. As the situation became turbulent and the Japanese invaded, Tianqing and Caiyun expressed their desire to stay with their sisters.

The Japanese forced Tianqing and her company to build a shrine, but on the day of completion, Ale, who had joined the resistance army, led the people to save Tianqing and set the shrine ablaze.

After the defeat of the Japanese, Tianqing finally married Ale, and her career continued to thrive.

Caiyun, who had experienced various setbacks, was also reunited with Yaozu upon his return. Yaozu was determined to heal her wounds, just as Caiyun had taken care of and accompanied him in the past.


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