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Return to Nineteen Ninety Three Season 3 – Chen Kaixin, Li Linfei

Return to Nineteen Ninety Three Season 2 is a fantasy short web drama, starring Chen Kaixin, Li Linfei, and Zhang Xuan.


Return to Nineteen Ninety Three Season 3

English Title: Return to Nineteen Ninety Three Season 3
Chinese Title: 重返1993 第三季
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Family, Life, Business
Episodes: 24
Duration: 5 min.
Released Date: 2023-12-10
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Wu Jiayue, the daughter of Hong Kong's richest man, is motivated by love and hatred, and uses her father's connections to cause Lin Xiaofan's bankruptcy.

Lin Xiaofan uses the historical incident of retailers fighting against Wall Street to rise again and found Xiaofan Technology, and uses the leading search engine to lead the cell phone market, competing directly with Liu Yuanqing, the representative of Wall Street's capital, but he never expects to be caught in the trap of the capital's listing scheme.


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