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Protect Our Weistcoat – Jin Jiayu, Liang Jiaying

Protect Our Weistcoat is a romantic drama, starring Jin Jiayu, Liang Jiaying, Zhang Jiayuan, and Jin Qiu.


Protect Our Weistcoat

English Title: Protect Our Weistcoat
Chinese Title: 保护好我方马甲
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Duration: 7 min.
Director: Chen Jiajie
Released Date: 2023-10-18
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Short Play



Han Shumo, a "useless" rich girl who is unwilling to inherit the family fortune, and Leng Zhuo, who conceals his prestigious family background, reunite in a blind date set up for a business alliance.

The two, who secretly admired each other during their student days, mistakenly believe that revealing their true identities would scare the other away. Coincidentally, they both choose to conceal their backgrounds.

From this point on, the two embark on a comical battle of hidden identities, gradually heating up and entering into a sweet romance. Everything continues smoothly until the two, bearing their true identities, unexpectedly meet at a project bidding event...


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