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Paternity Appraiser – Wanyan Luorong, Xu Xiaohan

Paternity Appraiser is an urban family web drama directed by Zhao Junkai, led by Wanyan Luorong, Xu Xiaohan, co-starring Xiao Ran, Jiang Yuwei, and Ge Bu.

The drama focuses on the professional perspective of paternity appraisers and tells the human tragicomedy behind the paternity test.


Paternity Appraiser

English Title: Paternity Appraiser
Chinese Title: 亲子鉴定师手记
Genre: Urban, Family, Romance, Crime
Tag: Older Woman/Younger Man, DNA Paternity Testing
Episodes: 15
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Zhao Junkai, Gao Jie
Writer: Li Qiong, Wang Jingqi, Jiang Mi
Producer: Zuo Xuefeng, Tian Xue
Product Company: Qi Shu You Yu Culture&Media, JY MEDIA, TVZONE, HAOYI FILM, LIU GUANG CULTURE, Zhejiang Hualang Yixing Film and Television Production Co., Ltd.
Released Date: 2022-03-25
Broadcast Website: Idol & Romance, Fresh Drama



The young paternity experts, represented by Dong Ningshu, face one family after another for paternity testing, deciphering the warmth in a case full of crazy.

In the small paternity clinic, it staged countless sad scenes around the truth of paternity.

The young people also find their own direction in these cases, and make the most humane choice in the cruelest truth!


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