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Empress Won't Go To Court – Ke Ying, Qian Zhe

Empress Won't Go To Court (Niang Niang Jin Ri Bu Shang Chao) is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Ye Lu and Yang Huan, starring Ke Ying, Qian Zhe, and Li Yi.


Empress Won't Go To Court

English Title: Empress Won't Go To Court
Chinese Title: 娘娘今日不上朝
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Tag: Transmigration, Empress Female Lead, Emperor Male Lead
Episodes: 25
Duration: 6 min.
Director: Ye Lu, Yang Huan
Released Date: 2023-02-23
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Modern girl Gu Jinyan accidentally travels to ancient times and switches souls with the Emperor, despite being the Empress herself!

After using the Emperor's body in various ways and engaging in unexpected palace conflicts, the Emperor and Empress, who initially despised each other, must work together to find a way to switch back.

This leads to hilarious bickering and acting both inside and outside the court.

As a result, the Empress, who is ignorant of politics, faces difficulties in the court, while the Emperor, who resides in the palace, sees the true colors of his lover from a different perspective...


While Emperor NanGong Jue was bathing in his palace chambers, the eunuchs were urging the servants to hurry and attend to him. Little did they know that at that moment, Gu Jinyan had transformed into the Emperor's appearance, and hearing her own voice also startled her.

The young Emperor Jing Dynasty was strategizing as his Empress Gu Jinyan was peerless in beauty and grace. Then, the Emperor and Empress took the stage and NanGong Jue signaled to someone nearby to kneel immediately. Gu Jinyan complained that while others had transcended to the peak of their lives, she had only been kneeling every day since she crossed over to become the Empress. She felt very wronged.

The Emperor looked at the woman in front of him and reproached her for being narrow-minded and harsh towards the palace. Then, Gu Jinyan directly tackled NanGong Jue to the ground, but suddenly their identities were switched.

After seeing her own body while bathing, Gu Jinyan finally understood everything. When she finished dressing, the eunuch told her that the Empress had been struck by lightning and remained unconscious.

Gu Jinyan hurried over to check and found NanGong Jue lying on the bed motionless with her body. When she tried to explore if he was breathing, he suddenly sat up, and the Emperor himself was shocked to learn that their identities had been swapped.

After learning about the identity exchange, Gu Jinyan paced back and forth, unsure of what to do. After sitting down, she realized that NanGong Jue's soul had entered her body, and he had entered his own body.

NanGong Jue next to her didn't want to deal with Gu Jinyan and remained worried about the situation. Soon after, Gu Jinyan prepared to sleep with NanGong Jue again, thinking that this would reverse their body exchange. However, when NanGong Jue heard this, he refused. He saw that Gu Jinyan didn't know any better and was even about to go announce to the world that their emperor was a woman. He quickly grabbed her and reluctantly agreed to sleep with her to exchange their bodies back.

After lying down, NanGong Jue reminded Gu Jinyan to behave on the bed. Although Gu Jinyan didn't want to use his body for anything, she turned over and tried to scare NanGong Jue. Unexpectedly, he took the initiative and made a move.

Soon, Gu Jinyan fell asleep and snored loudly, keeping NanGong Jue awake all night. The next day, when Gu Jinyan woke up, she found that NanGong Jue had already woken up early. She realized that their bodies had not exchanged back. Seeing NanGong Jue angry, Gu Jinyan comforted him and asked him not to get angry.

They continued to think about how to exchange their bodies back. Gu Jinyan suddenly remembered that it was her accidental kiss with NanGong Jue that caused the exchange of bodies. Although NanGong Jue initially disagreed, he later forcibly kissed Gu Jinyan for the sake of his Concubine Jing.

NanGong Jue kissed Gu Jinyan directly for his beloved Concubine Jing. Unexpectedly, Concubine Jing ran over happily at this time.

Before Gu Jinyan could react, Concubine Jing hugged NanGong Jue and tearfully complained that she was afraid she would never see him again. She ignored the Empress's feelings and complained about being with her and the Empress. Gu Jinyan was about to explain, but was stopped by someone nearby. Thinking that the two were holding hands, Concubine Jing left in a jealous huff.

Seeing her leave, Gu Jinyan asked the Emperor if she should go after her or if he should personally. The Emperor asked Gu Jinyan to help him and warned her not to make those disgusting sounds with her body.

In the end, Gu Jinyan called after Concubine Jing and explained that NanGong Jue approached her first. She still liked Concubine Jing despite being the Empress. When Concubine Jing heard the Emperor admit that he only had feelings for her, she was very happy.

Gu Jinyan was also planning to bring Concubine Jing into the palace, but found that she could not lift her. Later, she lied awkwardly and said that she was going for a walk with Concubine Jing.

At lunchtime, Gu Jinyan and NanGong Jue were together, but she had no appetite when she saw the dishes served.

When NanGong Jue was writing in his study, Gu Jinyan quickly ran over to ask if he used her body to bathe. Unexpectedly, he directly refused. When she asked him to swear on his conscience, NanGong Jue began to hesitate. He told her he uses it as a toilet and doesn't need her opinion, but he allowed her to use his body to do things.

The nearby Concubine Jing learned from her servants that Gu Jinyan and NanGong Jue were getting close, and she was very angry. She brought food and continued to stick to NanGong Jue, bringing him many good things.

NanGong Jue next to her saw that Concubine Jing was very enthusiastic about Gu Jinyan, and he felt very uncomfortable.

Seeing that Concubine Jing brought NanGong Jue's favorite food, Gu Jinyan was also prepared to let him eat, but Concubine Jing was unhappy and personally fed Gu Jinyan, lying to NanGong Jue that she forgot to bring enough food.

During the meal, Concubine Jing still did not give up and continued to pick on Gu Jinyan, deliberately mentioning the incident from the other day, hoping to punish her in front of the emperor.

After getting NanGong Jue's permission, Gu Jinyan ordered him to kneel down in his usual way. NanGong Jue was very angry and clenched his fists. He even disregarded Concubine Jing's face and directly pulled Gu Jinyan back into the room.

After returning to the room, NanGong Jue once again sternly ordered Gu Jinyan not to use her body to act. Gu Jinyan was confused, as she felt everything she did was just to replace NanGong Jue's affection for Concubine Jing. NanGong Jue seemed to think her reasoning was sound and did not continue to argue.

Seeing him angry, Gu Jinyan tried to calm him down. NanGong Jue quickly found her weakness and threatened to scratch her face if she did not take her job seriously. While they were discussing the matter, the Prime Minister suddenly arrived. It turned out that he had been worried about the Emperor's illness from that day and Gu Jinyan quickly assured him that she was fine.

Later, the Prime Minister invited Gu Jinyan and himself to play chess together. He also wanted to ask the Emperor to help him punish the Su Prince. Gu Jinyan helped the Duke accept the mission directly.

Afterwards, Gu Jinyan accompanied the Prime Minister to the Su Prince's mansion. Upon entering, he asked directly about the Su Prince's chess skills.

Meanwhile, NanGong Jue stayed in the palace as Gu Jinyan's identity. He worried that Gu Jinyan would mess things up after thinking about his father's situation and was prepared to go and check it out. Just then, Concubine Jing walked over and mentioned NanGong Jue's scandalous affair with someone. Before NanGong Jue could react, she had already notified the Queen Dowager and left with a smug smile.

Concubine Jing called the Empress Dowager over and had a court physician examine Gu Jinyan's pulse in her presence. The physician discovered that the Empress Dowager had been pregnant for over a month. Concubine Jing also informed the Empress Dowager that the Emperor had not summoned her during this period. The Empress Dowager was furious after hearing this and blamed Gu Jinyan for not behaving well and violating her duties as a woman. She then ordered her subordinates to imprison the Empress in the dungeon.

Upon hearing this, Nangong Jue immediately stood up and told everyone that the Empress must wait for the Emperor to come before any punishment is given. The Empress Dowager did not expect the usually gentle Empress to confront her and increased her punishment. Concubine Jing watched quietly on the side, waiting for Gu Jinyan to be punished severely.

After the Empress Dowager left, Nangong Jue understood that Gu Jinyan could not move freely in the palace anymore.

On the other hand, Gu Jinyan played chess with Lord Su while using Nangong Jue's identity. When he won, Lord Su refused to pay him. Gu Jinyan decided to sneak in and take the jewelry from Lord Su's mansion. He quickly acted on his plan and told the prime minister to wait outside for his message while he entered the mansion alone.

Gu Jinyan touched the gold and silver treasures hidden by Lord Su and secretly celebrated that she was going to be rich. However, Lord Su mistook her for a thief and held a sword to her neck. When he realized it was the Emperor, he quickly put away his sword and pretended to continue his fake leg pain.

Gu Jinyan interrupted him and asked whose world it was. Lord Su answered that it belonged to Nangong Jue. Gu Jinyan then instructed Lord Su to send all the treasures to the Prime Minister's mansion.

When the Prime Minister found out that Gu Jinyan had completed all the tasks, he praised her. Later, a eunuch stumbled over to Gu Jinyan and told her that the Empress had been found to be one month pregnant.

Unexpectedly, the real Gu Jinyan, who was actually Nangong Jue in disguise, burst out laughing. She quickly regained her composure and explained that she was thinking of something happy, and they planned to go see the Empress.

When Gu Jinyan returned and saw Nangong Jue, she couldn't help but laugh again. Later, the Empress's mother came over and asked her son to inquire about the Empress's condition. The Prime Minister and the physician rushed over to apologize to the Empress's mother and admitted that they had intentionally misdiagnosed her. After everything was cleared up, Nangong Jue was released from house arrest and regained his freedom.

After seeing NanGong Jue come out safely, Gu Jinyan walked up to him anxiously to inquire about his condition. NanGong Jue was thrilled to see her so concerned about him.

Gu Jinyan was pleased to see that her face had not become haggard and was planning to go to bed, but NanGong Jue stopped her. He had already drunk the tonic given by the Empress Dowager earlier. If he were to go to sleep elsewhere now, it would cause suspicion. NanGong Jue was planning to suggest that Gu Jinyan sleep with him, but she misunderstood and thought he wanted her to sleep with Concubine Jing.

Before they could leave, Gu Jinyan was stopped by NanGong Jue. Ever since he saw her sleeping position last time, he had relegated her to the outer room. In the middle of the night, there was suddenly thunder outside, which was reminiscent of the time their bodies had been swapped. NanGong Jue shook Gu Jinyan's body, telling her to be ready to swap back. When they finally went outside, Gu Jinyan was scared by the dark sky and hid in NanGong Jue's embrace.

Later, Gu Jinyan continued to sleep, and the eunuch reminded her to attend the morning court when it was time. Gu Jinyan was at a loss because she did not know how to attend the court.

Gu Jinyan sat on the bed in a daze. The eunuch reminded her to hurry up and attend the morning court, but she was at a loss because she didn't understand anything and didn't know how to get there. The eunuch urged her to hurry up, but Gu Jinyan refused to attend and lay on the bed acting like a spoiled child. The eunuch was surprised that the emperor, who was usually diligent, had become lazy.

Under the eunuch's urging, Gu Jinyan had to dress up and go to court. When he sat down, the courtiers began to kneel and pay their respects. After it ended, Gu Jinyan was about to leave but was interrupted by Lord Su who had a matter to report. The matter was about how to solve the problem of crop failures caused by locusts in Jiangnan. Gu Jinyan had no idea what to do, but the prime minister gave her some advice.

Lord Su continued to harass her and proposed a solution to the locust plague. The prime minister came up with a good solution at a critical moment, and other courtiers were impressed by the emperor's wisdom. Lord Su was not convinced.

When Nangong Jue went to visit the Queen Mother as Gu Jinyan, she followed him and acted strangely. The Queen Mother was surprised because Nangong Jue had never paid his respects before. Gu Jinyan apologized and hinted to Nangong Jue about her intentions.

After finishing their work, the eunuchs brought out freshly extracted chilled watermelon juice from the ice cellar. Gu Jinyan was very happy to see it, but Nangong Jue looked down on it.

Gu Jinyan intentionally offered the icy drink to Nangong Jue, but he refused directly.

Late at night, Nangong Jue and Gu Jinyan sat together, each busy with their own work. Nangong Jue discovered that Gu Jinyan had done many chaotic things for him in court, and she explained that she did not understand politics. Unexpectedly, he personally taught her without any hesitation.

The next day was approaching, and Nangong Jue woke up early to help Gu Jinyan dress and remind her of the things he had told her to say. However, when she arrived at the court, she kept dozing off and refused to listen to the ministers' reports, saying to defer to the future.

After the court session, Nangong Jue found that the pile of memorials was getting larger and larger. He put down his memorials and ran to Gu Jinyan, calling her name. Unexpectedly, she directly held his face, leaving him stunned.


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