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My Kung Fu Girlfriend – Chen Fangtong, Gao Maotong

My Kung Fu Girlfriend is a fantasy romantic drama directed by Ma Shige, starring Chen Fangtong, Gao Maotong, Pu Tao, Su Yuhang, Hu Jie, and Wu Chengxuan.

The drama tells the story of Huang Xiaoyu, the master of a declining martial arts school, who inexplicably gets possessed by a game NPC and becomes the personal bodyguard of the popular star Yuan Fan, embarking on a ludicrous journey of living together to save the world.


My Kung Fu Girlfriend

English Title: My Kung Fu Girlfriend
Chinese Title: 我的掌门女友
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Tag: Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Bodyguard Female Lead, Fate
Episodes: 24
Duration: 6 min.
Director: Ma Shige
Writer: Zhang Yichao, Wen Xiaoxue, Lu Tong
Released Date: 2022-06-11
Boradcast Website: Fresh Drama, Idol & Romance



Yan, the villain in the martial arts game “New Douluo Continent”, and Bo Ye, the master of the Bo Wu Sect, have traveled to the real world.

While Huang Xiaoyu, the master of the Bo Wu Sect in the modern world, is possessed by Bo Ye and also accidentally becomes the bodyguard of Yuan Fan, a popular star.

Yan keeps controlling people to rob the “cold ice stone”, and in order to prevent “the cold ice stone” from being robbed, messes come one after another…

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