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My Beauty Snake Fairy Wife – Lin Yanrou, Yu Xuanchen

My Beauty Snake Fairy Wife is a historical fantasy romantic short web drama directed by Shi Lei, led by Lin Yanrou, Yu Xuanchen, Liu Yaoyuan, and Jin Le, co-starring Meng En, Wu Jingxin, Huang Xuting, and Xin Nian, with Bo Hong, Ma Qiguang and Xie Wenxuan in special appearances.


My Beauty Snake Fairy Wife

English Title: My Beauty Snake Fairy Wife
Chinese Title: 家有蛇仙美貌妻
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 25
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Shi Lei
Released Date: 2023-05-31
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



The White Snake, Snow Linglong, has been cultivating for a thousand years, enduring the tribulations of thunder. Shedding her snake form, she transforms into a human.

Guided by Guanyin Bodhisattva and the Matchmaker, she ventures into the mortal realm to seek the destined lover and resolve their past karma.

Along the way, she meets her sister Qing Dai and encounters Lin Haoxuan, the person she deeply loves.

Is this the continuation of an unresolved past love, or the beginning of another entangled love-hate relationship?


Xue Linglong is a thousand-year-old white snake. Although she has transformed into a human form, she still needs to undergo many hardships to become an immortal. When Qing Dai transforms into a human, Xue Linglong sees her and asks why she would disguise herself as a man when she is clearly a woman. Qing Dai explains that she saw a young man during her previous travels and liked him, so she transformed into his appearance.

Xue Linglong expresses that she can no longer accompany Qing Dai in the mountains. She has failed to achieve immortality several times because her love karma remains unresolved. Now, she intends to find this person in the Bamboo Grove of Lin'an and resolve their love karma.

On her journey, Xue Linglong encounters a demon hunter, and they start fighting. The demon hunter brandishes a demon-slaying sword, causing Xue Linglong to fall. The demon hunter catches her, and Xue Linglong asks whether he intends to save her or capture her.

Xue Linglong explains that she has learned some illusion techniques and is a cultivator, not a demon. The man introduces himself as Lin Haoxuan and apologizes for misunderstanding her. Lin Haoxuan invites Xue Linglong to his home, and she agrees.

At Lin Haoxuan's home, there is a magical flute that makes a sound when a demon is nearby. Lin Haoxuan takes the flute and plays a demon-slaying tune, but Xue Linglong is not afraid and even dances to the music. Deep inside, Xue Linglong thinks that if she could be tamed by the demon-slaying tune, then all her thousand years of cultivation would have been in vain. Lin Haoxuan is surprised by her skills and takes out a demon-revealing mirror.


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