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Love Strikes Back Recap, Plot, Synopsis

> Love Strikes Back

Love Strikes Back Synopsis

Lady Lin Yan, the daughter of the Lin family, experiences betrayal from her fiancé, Ma Chengjun, and her best friend, Wen Lili. Devastated, she accidentally falls from a building and becomes a vegetative state patient.

When Lin Yan, who has no real power, awakens, she pretends to have amnesia as part of her plan for revenge. She signs a contract with her silent protector, bodyguard Xiao Mo, to jointly execute a plan to reclaim the company.

Unexpectedly, a series of emotional entanglements ensue, and Lin Yan's icy heart gradually begins to thaw as she and Xiao Mo become closer.

Love Strikes Back Recap

Episode 1 Recap

Lin Yan had just awakened from her sickbed when she heard the sound of men's leather shoes in the corridor. She was extremely frightened and immediately forgot about her injured foot. She hurriedly escaped from the hospital room. Xiao Mo entered the room and found the hospital bed empty. He quickly got on his motorcycle to chase after her.

Lin Yan had been worried about someone chasing her. When she came across a car, she didn't hesitate to stop it and begged for help from the scar-faced person inside. To her surprise, the scar-faced person showed a sinister smile and tightly gripped her neck, intending to send her on her way. At a critical moment, Xiao Mo arrived and rescued Lin Yan. At this point, Lin Yan had no idea what had happened because she had already been choked unconscious on the ground.

The scar-faced person and Xiao Mo got into a fight. The scar-faced person had a knife on him and didn't hesitate to pull it out and slash at Xiao Mo. However, Xiao Mo was skilled and not only avoided the knife but also managed to overpower the seemingly strong scar-faced person. Lin Yan woke up again, finding herself lying on a sofa. She cautiously observed the surroundings in this unfamiliar place and noticed Xiao Xuan taking a shower. When she saw him about to come out, she quickly hid, but there was nowhere to hide in the room. Lin Yan suspected that Xiao Xuan posed a threat to her, so she quietly picked up a knife from the table and lunged at Xiao Xuan. Xiao Xuan seemed to have eyes in the back of his head and accurately dodged Lin Yan's attack, pinning her down on the bed.

Three years ago, despite her late father's opposition, Lin Yan believed that Ma Chengjun truly loved her and wanted to marry him. Unexpectedly, she caught Ma Chengjun and her best friend Wen Lili having an affair. Amid the argument, Lin Yan was pushed off the rooftop by Wen Lili.

Episode 2 Recap

Ma Chengjun saw Lin Yan falling off the building and instinctively reached out to grab her. Lin Yan thought she was being saved, but to her surprise, Wen Lili jumped out and warned Ma Chengjun. Lin Yan already knew about their affair and was determined not to let them off. After weighing the pros and cons in his mind, Ma Chengjun decisively let go of Lin Yan's hand, and Lin Yan could only despairingly fall to the ground.

Lin Yan suffered a head injury and was at risk of permanent coma. Ma Chengjun, taking on the role of Lin Yan's fiancé, assumed control of the Lin family's conglomerate, basking in newfound glory. Wen Lili's status also rose along with his. One day, Wen Lili and Ma Chengjun went to the hospital to observe Lin Yan's condition. In front of Lin Yan, they shamelessly displayed their affection, wanting to enjoy all that Lin Yan possessed. Three years later, Ma Chengjun had already brought the Lin family to the brink of collapse, and with the success of this plan, all of Lin's remaining assets would belong to Ma Chengjun. Over the past few years, Wen Lili had moved into the Lin family's residence, but she wasn't satisfied. She wanted a legitimate status, but Ma Chengjun was unwilling and found her to be a nuisance. So, Wen Lili decided to arrange for the scar-faced person to kill Lin Yan.

At this moment, Lin Yan finally realized that it was Xiao Mo who had saved her and asked for the reason. Xiao Mo said he was just passing by and reminded her that she had personally expelled him in the past because she had listened to Ma Chengjun's words. Lin Yan knew that Lin's family was holding a press conference today, so she asked Xiao Mo to take her there. When Ma Chengjun saw Lin Yan appear, he instinctively recoiled in fear and was viciously stabbed by Lin Yan.

Episode 3 Recap

Lin Yan really wanted to stab Ma Chengjun, but her rationality stopped her from that crazy idea. Instead, she approached Ma Chengjun with a happy face, and she threw herself into his arms, saying that she had forgotten everything. Ma Chengjun immediately hugged Lin Yan and announced to the media present that it was his sincere love that had moved the heavens and brought Lin Yan back to consciousness. Lin Yan pretended to be uncomfortable with everything and asked Ma Chengjun to take her home. Ma Chengjun took the opportunity while hugging Lin Yan to signal to Wen Lili to quickly go back and cover their tracks.

Wen Lili rushed back to the villa and hurriedly packed all her clothes and cosmetics into her suitcase. The suitcase couldn't handle the weight and burst open. Wen Lili haphazardly threw a few things in and tried to leave but was caught off guard when Lin Yan and Ma Chengjun returned. Ma Chengjun had been trying to delay Lin Yan's departure, suggesting taking her to the hospital for further examination, but Lin Yan firmly insisted that she was fine. She pretended to be eager to go home and suspected that Ma Chengjun had another woman hidden at home. Ma Chengjun quickly clarified, saying that no one was living at home, and he wanted the maid to clean it for a couple of days. However, Lin Yan still insisted on going back and even offered to clean the house together with Ma Chengjun. Ma Chengjun had no choice but to agree and narrowly avoided running into Wen Lili.

A red pair of panties belonging to Wen Lili was left on the sofa. As soon as Lin Yan pointed them out, Ma Chengjun quickly grabbed the panties and crumpled them into a ball, claiming that they were a cleaning cloth left by the maid and even wiped his face with them. After he finally managed to throw Wen Lili out along with her suitcase, Lin Yan saw Wen Lili's car in the yard. Ma Chengjun quickly pretended to have official business and left with Wen Lili. Wen Lili was unwilling to let Lin Yan return and wanted to jog her memory. However, Lin Yan pressed her head into the toilet. When Ma Chengjun arrived, Lin Yan mentioned that on the day of the wedding, Wen Lili had given her a room key card to lure her, but thinking about what happened afterward gave her a headache. Ma Chengjun, hearing this, couldn't help but look at Wen Lili with resentment and quickly reassured Lin Yan not to dwell on the memories.

Episode 4 Recap

Ma Chengjun slapped Wen Lili hard because she deliberately caused trouble. Wen Lili then realized that she meant nothing to Ma Chengjun and that Lin Yan was the heiress of the Lin family. Naturally, Ma Chengjun wanted to flatter Lin Yan.

Xiao Mo had a packed schedule, but he had all of his appointments canceled. He rode his motorcycle to meet Lin Yan, wanting to help her, but he asked for half of Lin's family shares as his reward. Lin Yan didn't know where Xiao Mo had disappeared for so many years and was worried that he had come back for revenge because she had driven him away in the past. So, she refused Xiao Mo's proposal and reminded him that he was no longer her father's special assistant, and she could seek revenge on her own.

Lin Yan wanted to return to work at Lin's family, but Ma Chengjun was concerned that her presence at the company would disrupt his plans. He teamed up with Wen Lili and brought in Aunt Three to take care of Lin Yan. Lin Yan still remembered that when she was unconscious, Aunt Three not only deliberately increased the drip rate but also slapped and pinched her. She was extremely angry. When Ma Chengjun left home, Lin Yan slapped Aunt Three, who cried and begged for mercy, admitting that she did all of this under Wen Lili's orders. Lin Yan offered a million yuan to Aunt Three as evidence against Wen Lili, which infuriated Wen Lili. They got into a fight, and Lin Yan enjoyed watching the spectacle. Afterward, she pretended to believe Wen Lili, causing Aunt Three to completely turn against Wen Lili. Ma Chengjun then voluntarily suggested that Lin Yan become the chairman because he had already set a trap for her, and Wen Lili had called some young men to try to harm Lin Yan in order to ruin her reputation.

Episode 5 Recap

Xiao Mo helped the heavily intoxicated Lin Yan into the car and settled her down. He then turned and approached the three young hoodlums. He directly pulled out a bank card with no password and gave them a hundred thousand yuan. The young hoodlums were pleased, thinking that Xiao Mo was capitulating. However, they soon realized that this was the medical expenses paid by Xiao Xuan for them. They quickly understood that Xiao Mo's skills were not something they could challenge.

Xiao Mo knew that Wen Lili had been causing trouble for Lin Yan, so he went to threaten Wen Lili. Wen Lili refused to admit that she had harmed Lin Yan, but she couldn't withstand the fear of Xiao Mo almost inserting a dagger into her palm. It nearly terrified her out of her wits.

When Lin Yan woke up, she found herself wearing a man's shirt and wanted to investigate further while barefoot. At that moment, Xiao Mo was giving instructions to his subordinates. When he noticed a group of men suddenly giving her fiery glances, he quickly ordered them to close their eyes. He took off his coat and covered Lin Yan's bare legs before carrying her back to the room.

Lin Yan had been saved by Xiao Xuan twice and believed that he had no ill intentions toward her. She also realized that there was no one in the Lin family who could help her. So, she extended an olive branch to Xiao Xuan, hoping that he could protect her. When Xiao Xuan learned that Lin Yan was only willing to offer him fifteen percent of the shares, he didn't immediately agree. At that moment, a female celebrity who had been pursuing him came to visit, willing to give her all just to have Xiao Mo by her side 24/7.

Xiao Mo took advantage of this opportunity to imply to Lin Yan that she should agree to one condition after the matter was resolved and then leave with him. After Lin Yan agreed, Xiao Mo had her pretend to be his lover and drove the female celebrity away.

Episode 6 Recap

When Ma Chengjun saw the photos of Xiao Mo and Lin Yan together, he became furious. He might not love Lin Yan, but he wouldn't allow anyone else to get involved. He immediately rushed to the parking lot, wanting to confront Xiao Mo, but ended up being beaten by Xiao Mo. He looked utterly miserable. Lin Yan felt secretly pleased but showed great concern for Ma Chengjun. She applied ice to his injuries and talked about how she had been targeted recently.

Ma Chengjun resented Wen Lili for causing trouble and attracting Xiao Mo. When he returned home, he angrily slapped Wen Lili. He mentioned that Xiao Mo had once been a mercenary and had killed an entire village of people. Despite graduating from a prestigious university, Xiao Mo was ruthless in his actions, which terrified Wen Lili.

Today was the day of the Lin Corporation's board meeting. With Xiao Mo escorting her, Lin Yan entered the Lin Corporation. Ma Chengjun pretended to welcome Xiao Mo and extended his hand. Xiao Mo shook hands with him, knowing that Ma Chengjun wanted to exert control over him. He immediately squeezed Ma Chengjun's hand tightly, causing Ma Chengjun to wince in pain. In his discomfort, Ma Chengjun quickly used his other hand to free himself, regardless of the many people present.

Lin Yan wanted to enter the board meeting, but Ma Chengjun used the excuse that Xiao Mo was just a lowly bodyguard to prevent him from entering. The board members challenged Lin Yan, attempting to force her to step down from her position as chairman by offering the land of Tengfei Company. However, Xiao Mo had already learned about the inside story and knew that it was a trap set by Ma Chengjun. If Lin Yan couldn't secure the land, she would be forced to step down. If she did get the land, Ma Chengjun would profit handsomely because the land was problematic and couldn't be developed, and Ma Chengjun had intentionally set it up to extract money from the Lin Corporation.

Episode 7 Recap

Wen Lili was currently having a secret meeting with Ma Chengjun. She had always believed that Lin Yan was intentionally trying to mess with her but couldn't produce any evidence. When she learned that Ma Chengjun wanted to marry Lin Yan to obtain half of the Lin Corporation's shares, she strongly opposed it. Ma Chengjun warned Wen Lili that three years ago, she was just a receptionist, but today she was the secretary, and he reminded her to remember what she had gained in these three years and not to ruin her own plans. Wen Lili was resentful but kept it to herself, plotting how to deal with Lin Yan.

Suddenly, Ma Chengjun received a call from Lin Yan. She had found out he was working late and claimed to have specially brought supper for him. This startled Ma Chengjun, and he immediately got up to rush back to the office. However, he accidentally bumped into Wen Lili, causing her to cry out in pain when she fell under the bed. Lin Yan was already aware of their affair, but to avoid alerting them, she pretended not to know and asked Ma Chengjun about the woman's voice. Ma Chengjun quickly feigned that he had bumped into the table leg and cried out in pain while warning Wen Lili to be quiet. In his rush to leave, Ma Chengjun didn't even have time to put on his underwear before being discovered by Wen Lili.

Xiao Mo felt that Ma Chengjun was not to be underestimated and would take action against Lin Yan. So, he had a customized bracelet made for Lin Yan, which contained a chip that could track her location. Lin Yan, eager to regain control of the Lin Corporation, pushed herself too hard during rehabilitation, causing more injuries. Xiao Mo took care of her attentively, which deeply moved Lin Yan. She realized she was falling for him but warned herself not to trust any man anymore. Ma Chengjun played the sympathy card to marry Lin Yan, and Lin Yan needed time to investigate the embezzled assets of the Lin Corporation. So, she devised a plan to go on vacation with Ma Chengjun.

Episode 8 Recap

Ma Chengjun followed Lin Yan to the hotel and only then realized that it was the same hotel where Wen Lili had checked in. He was worried that Lin Yan and Wen Lili might run into each other, so he quickly suggested that Lin Yan switch to another hotel. Lin Yan then mentioned the wonderful memories she had with Ma Chengjun at this hotel, causing Ma Chengjun to refrain from saying anything further. Just then, Wen Lili approached them, and Ma Chengjun was so anxious that he had to quickly open an umbrella to block Lin Yan's gaze.

As Lin Yan's personal bodyguard, Xiao Mo naturally came along as well. He arranged Lin Yan's room next to his own and placed Ma Chengjun's room at the end of the corridor. This made Ma Chengjun quite unhappy, and he mocked Xiao Mo for doing it intentionally but couldn't do anything about it. Ma Chengjun felt that Lin Yan had been keeping her distance from him since she woke up, so he arranged to meet her at the restaurant and prepared a surprise for her. After watching Ma Chengjun's dance performance and receiving flowers, Lin Yan prevented him from kissing her, citing the reason of wanting to take a photo together. Ma Chengjun immediately posted a picture of himself trying to kiss Lin Yan on his social media.

When Wen Lili saw the photo, she became extremely jealous and immediately threatened Ma Chengjun, who was having dinner with Lin Yan, that he must return to his room within five minutes, or she would come down to find him. Ma Chengjun had no choice but to use the excuse of his assistant Xiao Li needing him to run back to his room to confront Wen Lili. Unexpectedly, Lin Yan suddenly came looking for him, and Wen Lili had to hide in the bathtub, narrowly avoiding being discovered.

Episode 9 Recap

Xiao Mo saw the photo of Ma Chengjun kissing Lin Yan's cheek and immediately felt jealous. He went to find Lin Yan to ask for an explanation. To his surprise, Lin Yan acted as if she didn't care at all, thinking that a kiss was no big deal. Xiao Mo couldn't help himself and leaned in to kiss Lin Yan, but she slapped him on the spot, warning him to control his emotions towards her. She said if he offended her again, she would fire him.

Just as Lin Yan returned to her room, she found Ma Chengjun in his pajamas lying on her bed, holding roses in his mouth and expressing his love for her. She immediately got a headache. Ma Chengjun believed that they should have been a couple three years ago, and this time, regardless of whether Lin Yan was willing or not, he was determined to be forceful. While Lin Yan struggled, she triggered the alarm button on her bracelet. Xiao Mo arrived in time, lifted Ma Chengjun off Lin Yan, and gave him a stern beating. Ma Chengjun got furious, thinking that this was a private matter between him and his girlfriend, Lin Yan, and Xiao Mo shouldn't have interfered. He even provoked Xiao Mo, suggesting he should continue the fight, but Lin Yan intervened and stopped it.

Ma Chengjun arrogantly demanded that Lin Yan fire Xiao Mo, but she refused, stating that Xiao Mo was only protecting her. She said she wanted to go to sleep, but she couldn't fall asleep because she kept thinking about Xiao Mo's tender care. With Ma Chengjun becoming increasingly pushy, Lin Yan asked Xiao Mo to pretend to pursue her.

Xiao Mo had long been in love with Lin Yan, and upon hearing Lin Yan's request, he couldn't help but be overjoyed. He reminded Lin Yan that if they were going to pursue this pretense, they needed to make it look more convincing and hoped that Lin Yan wouldn't regret it.

Episode 10 Recap

In order to drive Xiao Mo away from Lin Yan, Ma Chengjun had been badmouthing Xiao Mo in Lin Yan's ear. Lin Yan directly confronted Ma Chengjun, mentioning that she had been harassed before and Ma Chengjun hadn't shown any concern, which is why she hired Xiao Mo as her bodyguard. Immediately, Ma Chengjun called a group of men in black into the room and told Lin Yan about their capabilities, leaving her unsure of how to react.

Xiao Mo returned, and as soon as he appeared, the men in black respectfully referred to him as "Brother Xiao." Upon learning that Xiao Mo was protecting Lin Yan, they all left despite Ma Chengjun's attempts to stop them and offer money. Desperate, Ma Chengjun chased after them, trying to persuade them with money, but no one paid him any attention.

Xiao Mo had gone out to buy shoes for Lin Yan and had noticed that her current shoes were causing discomfort. He had personally chosen new shoes for her and helped her change into them. Their eye contact was almost electric, causing Ma Chengjun to urgently call out to Lin Yan, who then snapped out of it.

Ma Chengjun, worried that Xiao Mo might steal Lin Yan away, wanted to marry her quickly and took her to try on wedding dresses. The designer, Muse, thought that Xiao Mo would look perfect in his latest design and invited him to try it on. When Xiao Mo emerged in the gown, he received unanimous praise from the store staff. Lin Yan descended the stairs in a wedding dress, shining brightly, and everyone thought that Lin Yan and Xiao Mo were a perfect match. This infuriated Ma Chengjun, who declared himself as the fiancé and forced Lin Yan to choose between him and Xiao Mo.

In order to avoid this question, Lin Yan said she needed to visit the restroom, but accidentally stumbled. Xiao Mo promptly caught Lin Yan and kissed her, nearly driving Ma Chengjun to madness.

Episode 11 Recap

Lin Yan reprimanded Xiao Mo for acting too excessively in their recent performance. Xiao Mo reminded Lin Yan that he had previously mentioned that if they were going to act, it should be done realistically. Then, suddenly, he approached Lin Yan, causing her heart to race like a startled deer. She quickly got out of the car and decided to walk for a while.

As Lin Yan walked along the street, her mind was filled with moments of her interactions with Xiao Mo. There were images of Xiao Mo protecting her by confronting Ma Chengjun and his caring gesture of massaging her injured foot. Lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice a truck approaching. When the horn blared and jolted her back to reality, it was already too late to react. Fortunately, at the very last moment, Xiao Mo held her and rolled to the ground, preventing any mishap.

Xiao Mo got a scratch on his face while saving Lin Yan. Worried that he might have other injuries, Lin Yan wanted to take a closer look and asked Xiao Mo to remove his clothes. Xiao Mo felt that things were developing too quickly and was somewhat uncomfortable, but Lin Yan ignored his objections and forcibly removed his clothes. When she saw the serious wound on his back, it broke her heart. She quickly applied medicine to Xiao Mo and advised him to go to the hospital for a check-up. Xiao Mo mentioned that his emotional wounds were even deeper, and Lin Yan expressed her gratitude. However, what Xiao Mo desired was not just verbal thanks. His gaze shifted to Lin Yan's chest, making her extremely shy. She protected herself but couldn't help but lift her head, close her eyes, and wait for Xiao Mo's kiss. To her surprise, Xiao Mo suddenly ran away, leaving Lin Yan feeling deeply embarrassed.

When Lin Yan returned home, unable to resist Xiao Mo's teasing, she took the initiative to kiss him. Just as the two were about to take their relationship to the next level, Ma Chengjun suddenly appeared.

Episode 12 Recap

Ma Chengjun knocked on Lin Yan's door with a heart full of joy, only to see Xiao Mo, who had just opened the door, buttoning up his shirt. This immediately infuriated him, and he couldn't believe that Lin Yan was actually living together with Xiao Mo. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He stormed into the bathroom and saw that Xiao Mo and Lin Yan's cups were placed together. They even had matching black and white bathroom fixtures, which made him even more furious. Ma Chengjun then went to the bedroom and found two pillows on the bed, which left him utterly devastated. He demanded that Lin Yan make a choice between him and Xiao Mo.

Lin Yan made it clear that Xiao Mo was just her personal bodyguard and used this to startle Ma Chengjun into reevaluating their relationship. After Lin Yan went upstairs, Ma Chengjun announced to Xiao Mo his intention to marry Lin Yan, but Xiao Mo retorted that Lin Yan had no intention of marrying him. Ma Chengjun couldn't accept this and left Lin Yan's house with a ring and flowers in hand.

Ma Chengjun, who was heavily intoxicated because of Lin Yan's drinking, mistook Wen Lili for Lin Yan and swore to win her back. This angered Wen Lili, and she couldn't resist scratching the sleeping Ma Chengjun, believing that he had fallen under the spell of Lin Yan and that's why he was so obsessed with her. Lin Yan wouldn't break up with Ma Chengjun until she reclaimed the Lin family's assets. To achieve this, she forcefully suppressed her own emotions and asked Xiao Mo not to interfere in her personal affairs. She suggested he take a two-day break to cool off, as he was about to meet Mr. He. Xiao Mo left Lin Yan's residence at that moment.

Wen Lili advised Ma Chengjun to take the money they had acquired from the Lin family over the years and start a new life abroad together. However, Ma Chengjun was unwilling to accept this. He not only wanted the Lin family's wealth but also Lin Yan herself. He mocked Wen Lili, claiming that she was utterly unworthy of being called Mrs. Ma. This drove Wen Lili into a frenzy, and she was determined to make Lin Yan experience the same feelings she was going through.

Episode 13 Recap

Lin Yan was kidnapped and taken to an abandoned factory, where she looked at several menacing individuals. She offered to pay them ten times the amount, hoping they would let her go, but they remained unmoved. As they approached Lin Yan, intending to take nude photos of her, she desperately tried to use her bracelet, but her hands were bound. The kidnappers unzipped Lin Yan's dress, and she was so frightened that she passed out on the floor, along with the chair she was sitting on.

Xiao Mo rushed to the scene on his motorcycle. His men immediately charged in and subdued the kidnappers. Xiao Mo carried Lin Yan home, and before leaving, he instructed them to deal with the kidnappers. Soon, cries of pain from the kidnappers could be heard.

When Lin Yan woke up and saw Xiao Mo, she was heavily reliant on him due to the recent shock. As Xiao Mo prepared to leave, she took the initiative to grab him and kissed his lips. When Xiao Mo responded, she hesitated a bit, which hurt Xiao Mo's feelings. Xiao Mo decided to leave again, but this time, Lin Yan instinctively held onto him. This time, she didn't hesitate and kissed Xiao Mo directly, and he responded passionately. The next morning, Lin Yan woke up in bed and discovered that she and Xiao Mo had slept together. She quickly pulled the covers to check the situation and realized that they had already been intimate. She couldn't help but feel extremely embarrassed and hurriedly tried to put on her clothes before Xiao Mo woke up. Suddenly, Xiao Mo's voice startled Lin Yan, who was wrapped in the sheets, causing her to fall off the bed. She saw that Xiao Mo wanted her to take responsibility, and she couldn't help but feel speechless. After all, it was the woman who had suffered in this situation. Little did she know that Xiao Mo continued to tease her, leaving Lin Yan feeling both embarrassed and anxious.

Episode 14 Recap

Lin Yan, in order to stabilize Ma Chengjun, agreed to his proposal of marriage. Xiao Mo was very unhappy about this, knowing that Lin Yan wanted to regain control of the Lin family, but she shouldn't gamble her happiness on it. Xiao Mo was worried that after marriage, Ma Chengjun would demand his husband's rights, and Lin Yan would have to refuse. Lin Yan's only thought was to drag things out and take it step by step.

Ma Chengjun took an interest in the new receptionist, Xiao Ru, and flirted with her when no one was around. Xiao Ru didn't want to comply, but Ma Chengjun threatened her, saying he already knew about her family's situation and warned her to behave, or else she'd lose her job. Xiao Ru, aware of her limited education and her seriously ill mother who needed medical expenses, reluctantly got into Ma Chengjun's car. However, she still didn't want to give in to him. Just as she was leaving, she happened to run into Lin Yan.

Lin Yan asked Xiao Ru to cooperate with her, promising to cover her mother's medical expenses. The next day, Xiao Ru no longer resisted Ma Chengjun and even flirted with him while sitting on his lap. When Wen Lili saw a photo of Xiao Ru and Ma Chengjun together, she became consumed with jealousy and immediately stormed into the company, intending to confront Xiao Ru. Xiao Ru was prepared and had been waiting for Wen Lili. The two of them immediately engaged in a physical fight, attracting the attention of other employees in the company. Lin Yan also arrived and took the opportunity to scold Wen Lili. Ma Chengjun, caught in the act, had no choice but to seek forgiveness from Lin Yan.

Ma Chengjun deliberately waited at Lin Yan's doorstep, kneeling on durian fruits, and begged Lin Yan to forgive him. He admitted that he had cheated, but it was because he was too outstanding and had attracted a swarm of admirers; he couldn't resist a group of them. Lin Yan immediately responded that she also had a situation to share and glanced towards Xiao Mo as she spoke.

Episode 15 Recap

Lin Yan recalled her graduation day when her father, Lin Yihai, attended her graduation ceremony. When she introduced Ma Chengjun to her father, Lin Yihai immediately felt that Ma Chengjun had ulterior motives and was not a suitable match. He opposed Lin Yan being with Ma Chengjun. However, Lin Yan believed this was due to her father's bias, primarily because Ma Chengjun came from a poor family, and Lin Yihai looked down on him. As a result, she chose to break ties with her family for the sake of Ma Chengjun.

The last time Lin Yan saw her father, Lin Yihai was seriously ill and soon passed away. Lin Yan deeply regretted her past stubbornness, which had hurt her father's heart. Even during the three years when she was unconscious in bed, she had some awareness and felt that someone was with her. Xiao Mo thought Lin Yan had recognized him as the one who had been with her, but Lin Yan believed it was just her longing for her father, causing her to have illusions. Seeing Lin Yan's sadness, Xiao Mo kissed her forehead to comfort her.

Feeling saddened by the loss of her father, Lin Yan, Xiao Mo expressed his willingness to protect her and prepared a "meteor shower" for her to make her feel his care and love. Lin Yan learned that Xiao Mo had inadvertently become Lin Yihai's assistant and fell in love with her at first sight. At the time, she couldn't see Xiao Mo at all, but he had been guarding her. Now, the two of them were finally together. Xiao Mo proposed to Lin Yan, and although she liked him, she felt that everything was happening too fast. She needed some time to consider, and Xiao Mo promised to wait until the day she was ready.

Episode 16 Recap

When Lin Yan fell asleep, Xiao Mo received a message and went out. As soon as he arrived, he was questioned if he had truly fallen in love with Lin Yan. However, the problem was that the Lins and their group were never on the same side. Xiao Mo didn't answer because he knew he had truly developed feelings for her.

Wen Lili was drinking alone, but she couldn't afford to pay, so the waiter had already refused to serve her more alcohol. Lin Yan found Wen Lili, which made Wen Lili suspicious. She thought Lin Yan had come to transfer evidence of Lin Corporation's assets for Ma Chengjun. She made it clear that she had the evidence but wouldn't give it to Lin Yan because she resented Lin Yan, who was born into wealth, even though Lin Yan had been extremely kind to her. Lin Yan gave Wen Lili some money, hoping she could start anew. Wen Lili then relented and agreed to provide the evidence.

From the evidence, which was partly true and partly false, provided by Lin Yan, they pieced together the proof of Ma Chengjun transferring Lin Corporation's assets. They confronted Ma Chengjun at the board meeting, but to their surprise, Ma Chengjun was well-prepared. As it turned out, after Wen Lili parted ways with Lin Yan that night, she had informed Ma Chengjun that Lin Yan was investigating him. Ma Chengjun hadn't expected Lin Yan to actually find useful clues from that evidence. He had no choice but to use Wen Lili as a scapegoat, claiming that when those contracts were signed, he was on a business trip, and Wen Lili had forged his signature. He even had surveillance footage as evidence. Wen Lili struggled when being taken away, cursing Ma Chengjun, but unfortunately, Ma Chengjun had cleared himself of any wrongdoing, and Wen Lili could only blame herself for her shortsightedness.

Episode 17 Recap

Ma Chengjun taunted Lin Yan, trying everything possible to force her to confess to embezzling money from the Lin family. Little did he know that he had a hidden agenda all along, making Wen Lili the scapegoat. Now, the two have torn their faces apart, but Ma Chengjun has left Lin Yan with a glimmer of hope. As long as Lin Yan drives Xiao Mo away, he will stay with the Lin family. Otherwise, Ma Chengjun will hold a press conference, confirming Wen Lili's involvement and causing a sharp drop in Lin family's stock.

Lin Yan considered the Lin family to be Lin Yihai's lifelong effort, and she couldn't bear to see it damaged. So, she fired Xiao Mo with tears in her eyes. Xiao Mo knew it was Ma Chengjun's doing and wanted to confront him, but Lin Yan wouldn't allow it. She even claimed that she had never been attracted to Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo felt depressed and rode his motorcycle recklessly on the road, resulting in a high-speed collision.

In reality, Lin Yan couldn't bear to see Xiao Mo leave. She grieved alone at home, looking at the bracelet on her hand, unable to hold back her tears. At this moment, Xiao Mo's younger brother called Lin Yan, informing her that Xiao Mo was in trouble. Lin Yan rushed to the hospital and saw a doctor asking a family member to sign a consent form in the corridor. She then looked at Xiao Mo, covered in a white sheet, assuming he was dead. She burst into tears, regretting not telling Xiao Mo earlier how much she loved him. If Xiao Mo could wake up, she was willing to give up the Lin Group. Finally, when Xiao Mo heard Lin Yan say she loved him, he opened his eyes, expressed his love for her, put a ring on her finger, and booked Lin Yan as his partner.

Episode 18 Recap

Xiao Mo looked at Lin Yan sleeping beside him with great joy. He couldn't help but pull her into his arms and pretended to be asleep when Lin Yan was about to wake up. Lin Yan gazed at Xiao Mo's features and thought he looked even better than herself. She couldn't understand how she had overlooked Xiao Mo initially. Seeing the gunshot wounds on Xiao Mo's body, Lin Yan felt a deep sense of pity and realized that the rumors about Xiao Mo being a former special forces soldier were true. Xiao Mo could feel Lin Yan's touch on his scars, so he began sharing his past with her. It turned out that when Xiao Mo was a special forces soldier, he had been seriously injured while saving a teammate, narrowly escaping death. That's how he had the fortune of meeting Lin Yan, and he was grateful for this part of his past.

Early in the morning, Xiao Mo got up to cook for Lin Yan. Seeing the busy Xiao Mo, Lin Yan felt a profound love and couldn't resist hugging him from behind. Xiao Mo felt that they had lost too much time between them, so he lifted Lin Yan onto the kitchen counter, gazing at her chest, meaningfully suggesting that he wanted meat. Lin Yan understood what Xiao Mo was thinking just by looking at his expression. She quickly pushed Xiao Mo away and told him to focus on cooking while she retreated to her room. Xiao Mo, watching Lin Yan shyly run away, felt particularly content and continued cooking.

When Lin Yan returned to her room, Xiao Mo's phone rang. She saw a message on the phone asking Xiao Mo to go to Mingde this afternoon, and Mingde was a rival company to the Lin family. Lin Yan's heart sank. That evening, Ma Chengjun approached Lin Yan and informed her that Xiao Mo was already married. Xiao Mo admitted to it on the spot, but he also stated that he was not the real Xiao Mo.

Episode 19 Recap

Upon hearing Xiao Mo's admission, Ma Chengjun seized the opportunity to cast doubt on Xiao Mo's identity. He believed Xiao Mo might be a murderer who had assumed someone else's identity to conceal his true self. Ma Chengjun also tried to plant seeds of distrust in Lin Yan's mind, suggesting that Xiao Mo had ulterior motives for getting close to her. Lin Yan, in front of Ma Chengjun, expressed her trust in Xiao Mo. However, after Ma Chengjun left, she confronted Xiao Mo about his true identity and his relationship with Mingde.

Xiao Mo felt that the timing wasn't right, and he couldn't explain everything in a short time. He hoped Lin Yan would give him some time. Lin Yan, who had been betrayed by Ma Chengjun and Wen Lili, found the courage to trust people again because of Xiao Mo. But now, even Xiao Mo seemed to be deceiving her, and she couldn't accept it. She coldly told Xiao Mo to leave, regretting her decision to hire him as her bodyguard.

After Xiao Mo left, Lin Yan was alone, nursing her wounds in secret. She reminisced about every moment of her meeting, getting to know, and falling in love with Xiao Mo. She was deeply saddened by Xiao Mo's thoughtfulness, which she couldn't forget. Her sorrow and reluctance were evident to Ma Chengjun, pricking at his pride. So, Ma Chengjun threatened Lin Yan, using the Lin family's influence, demanding her assistance in his endeavors. Lin Yan angrily rebuked Ma Chengjun, telling him to leave immediately. This only made Ma Chengjun more determined. He now owned fifty-five percent of Lin Industries, making him the majority shareholder, effectively transforming the Lin family into the Ma family. He wanted to win over Lin Yan and offered her a chance to become Mrs. Ma, hoping that this might change her mind and save Lin Industries.

Episode 20 Recap

Ma Chengjun attempted to force Lin Yan to become his woman, but just as he was about to make an aggressive move, Lin Yan slapped him hard. Just when he was about to get angry, the phone rang. It turned out that Chen Dong, who had initially agreed to sell his shares to Ma Chengjun, had changed his mind. Ma Chengjun's dream of becoming the majority shareholder shattered, and shortly after that, he received a call from Mingde, demanding that he repay a debt.

In desperation, Ma Chengjun sought out Mingde. He asked the owner of Mingde for another chance, but the owner refused to turn around in his chair. This made Ma Chengjun somewhat apprehensive, so he pleaded again, this time in a low and submissive tone. To his surprise, when the chair finally turned around, Xiao Mo was sitting there. Xiao Mo knew that Ma Chengjun hadn't completed the purchase of the five percent of shares, which subsequently led Mingde to demand repayment from Ma Chengjun. Ma Chengjun realized that he had been deceived by Mingde and Xiao Mo. He immediately knelt down to beg Xiao Mo, offering to give up Lin Yan and pleading for mercy.

Xiao Mo despised Ma Chengjun's lack of respect for Lin Yan the most. He warned Ma Chengjun not to let him see him again, or he wouldn't spare him. As Ma Chengjun was being dragged away by security, he couldn't maintain his composure and cursed Xiao Mo. However, upon learning that Xiao Mo was the heir of Mingde, he rushed to Lin Yan, hoping she could speak to Xiao Mo on his behalf. Lin Yan, disgusted by Ma Chengjun, told him to leave.

Not knowing where Xiao Mo had gone, Lin Yan went to the bodyguard company to inquire about his whereabouts. She unexpectedly learned that for the past three years, Xiao Mo had been faithfully looking after her while she was ill. Touched by this revelation, she felt regret for not believing in Xiao Mo. She wanted to find him but was drugged by Ma Chengjun, who also threw away the bracelet she had on her hand.

Episode 21 Recap

Xiao Mo's subordinates had just found Lin Yan's missing bracelet when Ma Chengjun called. He demanded that Xiao Mo prepare money and send it to him abroad according to his instructions, or else Lin Yan's safety would be at risk. Following Ma Chengjun's demands, Xiao Mo went to the meeting alone. Ma Chengjun was surprised to see Xiao Mo actually come alone and ordered his men to attack him. Xiao Mo was skilled and quickly defeated the attackers. The cunning Ma Chengjun then grabbed Lin Yan and threatened Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo took a heavy blow to the head, and blood trickled down his face. Lin Yan, witnessing this, felt extreme pain and cursed Ma Chengjun.

Ma Chengjun knew that Xiao Mo cared for Lin Yan, so he demanded that Xiao Mo kneel to him. When Xiao Mo actually kneeled, Ma Chengjun intentionally smashed a bottle of alcohol and made Xiao Mo crawl over the broken glass.

Xiao Mo endured the humiliation and complied, but Ma Chengjun still refused to release them. Taking advantage of Xiao Mo's inability to fight back, he had his men beat Xiao Mo severely. Lin Yan, feeling extreme pity for Xiao Mo, begged Ma Chengjun to spare him and promised to do anything he asked. Xiao Mo taunted Ma Chengjun, calling him scum with no real abilities. Enraged, Ma Chengjun picked up a club and was about to strike Xiao Mo when Lin Yan suddenly used force to push away the people restraining her. She took the blow meant for Xiao Mo. Ma Chengjun was stunned, and when he saw Xiao Mo's men approaching, he quickly fled.

Ma Chengjun ran into a narrow alley, looked back to see if anyone was following, and realizing no one was, he sighed with relief. However, he was suddenly hit by a speeding car that came out of nowhere. The driver was Wen Lili, and she hated Ma Chengjun, determined to make him pay with his life.

Episode 22 (Ending) Recap

Ma Chengjun suffered a brain injury from the collision with Wen Lili, and it's unlikely he will ever wake up. Wen Lili should have gone to prison for intentionally causing harm, but her mental state is unstable, and she is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Lin Yan knows their fate and believes they deserve it. She has come to understand everything Xiao Mo did for her and throws herself into his arms, expressing her longing for him. The reason Mingde withdrew its investment is that Xiao Mo promised his father to return and take over Mingde. From now on, he will no longer be involved in Lin Industries.

Lin Yan initially thought they could be together, but Xiao Mo is no longer the same person he used to be. He must shoulder the responsibility for Mingde, so he refuses to acknowledge his feelings for Lin Yan. He helps her regain control of Lin Industries only because of Lin Yihai's request.

Xiao Mo's rejection deeply saddens Lin Yan. She holds onto his hand, desperately pleading for him to stay, but Xiao Mo still leaves. Both Lin Yan and Xiao Mo cherish their past together but have their own lives and responsibilities.

One day, Lin Yan hears that Xiao Mo is about to marry the daughter of the Yang family. Without considering anything else, she changes into a wedding dress and rushes to the wedding venue. In front of all the guests, she expresses her love for Xiao Mo, taking off the ring he gave her and hoping he will marry her. Xiao Mo has always loved Lin Yan, but he hesitates because this marriage is important for Mingde and the Yang family, and he also needs to consider his father's feelings.

Seeing Xiao Mo's hesitation, Lin Yan conveys her determination to him. She promises to prioritize him above all else in the future and waits for the day he is willing. Xiao Mo abandons everything and leaves the wedding venue with Lin Yan, following his heart's desire to marry her.

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