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Embracing the Moon the Cloud – Guo Jianan, Sun Yiran

Embracing the Moon the Cloud is a historical romance drama directed by Xizi, starring Guo Jianan and Sun Yiran, with Min Xinghan and Huang Yunyun in supporting roles.


Embracing the Moon the Cloud

English Title: Embracing the Moon the Cloud
Chinese Title: 月满云知
Genre: Romance, Historical
Episodes: 16
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Xi Zi
Released Date: 2024-06-24
Boradcast Website: -



More than a decade ago, a treasure map led to the massacre of the Li family, prominent officials of the previous dynasty. Years later, the orphaned Li Yunzhi returns, harboring deep-seated hatred. She disrupts the marriage alliance of the Ye family and, with Princess Ye Lingyue, carefully schemes to place herself beside the sickly Prince Song Chen, awaiting the perfect moment for revenge. After several tests, she gradually realizes he resembles someone from her childhood.

In a tale of forbidden love, the emotionally repressed hides his feelings, while the innocent begins to fall in love. Ye Lingyue and Li Yunzhi, both friends and foes, become increasingly entangled. As they journey together, overcoming obstacles, the downfall of the Wan and Ye families reveals the secrets of the treasure map and the truth about their swapped identities.


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