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Yu Shi Dramas, Movies and TV Shows

Yu Shi
Yu Shi dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Yu Shi and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Yu Shi.

Yu Shi Dramas List

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  • To the Wonder


    Ma Yili, Zhou Yiran, Yu Shi
    Li Wenxiu, a Han Chinese girl born and raised in Altai, is determined to pursue her literary dreams in the big city. However, she faces numerous setbacks and is eventually forced to return to her hometown, where she relies on her mother, Zhang Fengxia, who runs a small shop. After befriending the Kazakh boy Batai, Wenxiu gradually discovers the beauty of the local area.

Yu Shi Movies List

Lastest | Popular | Role
  • Creation of The Gods Ⅰ: Kingdom of Storms


    Historical, Fantasy, War
    Christian Rand Phillips, Li Xuejian, Huang Bo
    Yin Shou, king of the Shang Dynasty, colludes with the fox demon Daji to bring about the wrath of heaven. Jiang Ziya, an immortal from Kunlun, comes down from the mountain with the "Creation of The Gods" to search for a common master to save the people of the world. Ji Fa, the son of the Marquis of Xibo, gradually discovers the true nature of Yin Shou and rebels against Zhao Ge. As...
  • Born to Fly


    Action, Drama
    Wang Yibo, Hu Jun, Zhou Dongyu
    Lei Yu and other outstanding pilots, after a rigorous selection process, officially become China's new generation of test pilots. Under the leadership of Captain Zhang Ting, they join the test flight of the newest and most sophisticated fighter jet, in the process of constantly challenging the limits of the fighter jet and themselves.
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