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Zhang Yaqian Dramas, Movies and TV Shows

Zhang Yaqian
Zhang Yaqian dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Zhang Yaqian and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Zhang Yaqian.

Zhang Yaqian Dramas List

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  • Legend of Magic Jade Season 2


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Liu Yongxi, Ge Qiugu
    Xiao Zhao, a corporate worker, planned a game called "Legend of Magic Jade" which became a huge hit. Under pressure from her boss, she hastily planned the second season's storyline: Due to false accusations against her father, General Zhao Jinglun, who built prestige on the border, suffered the consequences, The girl Zhao Ruoxi, and the whole family were implicated. Ruoxi luckily escaped...
  • Form in Love


    Romance, Comedy, Drama
    Zhang Yaqian, Luo Yixin
    Outwardly sweet and inwardly confident, Xu Mingxin was forcibly dragged by her friends to participate in a dating reality show, playing the role of a sweet girl. Unexpectedly, her "scumbag" ex-boyfriend during their university days, was also on the show. She had intended to never have any contact with him again, but the forced cohabitation forced the two to have constant "intimate contact"...
  • Summer Solstice


    Romance, Drama
    Zhang Yaqian, Li Tianqi
    Xia Yangyang, a lively girl, broke up with her fiancé after discovering that he was cheating on her with his half-sister. However, she accidentally obtained a marriage certificate with the domineering CEO Gu Qichen. Despite her initial fear of being taken advantage of, she finds herself being showered with love and affection by Gu Qichen. As their relationship deepens and becomes more...
  • Call Me Detective Incense


    Historical, Suspense, Romance
    Wang Junren, Zhang Yaqian
    Yi Qingyi, the head constable of Department Six, is known as the best constable in the world. He can solve any case within one incense stick, and is nicknamed "One Incense Stick". But now, the former king of crime-solving is devastated by an unsolvable case and spends his days drinking away his sorrows. The lady of the Wu Family, the junior sister of "One Incense Stick" finally joins...
  • Legend of Magic Jade


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Liu Yongxi
    The boss wants a workplace plan, and reluctantly, Xiao Zhao wants to suggest an idea that combines the workplace with a harem: a survivor named Ruoqi, whose entire family was framed and executed by the queen, enters the palace vowing to avenge her family and overthrow the queen. Along the way in the harem, she encounters various unexpected events, relying on the kind-hearted consort...
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