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Designated Love – Fan Wei, Cui Yuxin

Designated Love is a fantasy youth short drama directed by young director Liu Qijia, led by Fan Wei and Cui Yuxin, co-starring Jia Boya, Yu Yifu, and Cheng Zhiwei.

The drama tells the love story of Qin Xi, an art director of a game company. She broke up with her ex-boyfriend and entered the game, but accidentally discovered that the boyfriend in the game is actually her ex-boyfriend in reality. The drama fantastically unlocks a double-faces boyfriend love game strategy!


Designated Love

English Title: Designated Love
Chinese Title: 恋爱角色请指定
Genre: Urban, Fantasy, Youth, Romance
Tag: Gaming, Break up, Art Director Female Lead
Episodes: 15
Duration: 8 min.
Director: Liu Qijia
Writer: Ming Ming, Jin Podi, Shi Jingtian
Producer: Liu Shizhao, Liu Yujie, Li Dashen
Product Company: Tencent Video, Wesee, Xiamen Baiye Film & TV Production Co., Tianjin Changxin Pictures & Media Co., Xiamen Jianzhao Yinghua Culture & Media Co.
Released Date: 2022-02-21
Broadcast Website: WeTV, 腾讯视频



Qin Xi is an art director who puts love first, but she is independent and has a high IQ.

One night, she took a snack to treat her boyfriend Jiang Han who was working overtime.

But she accidentally saw that her boyfriend’s childhood friend Shen Jingjing was going to kiss her sleeping boyfriend.

Four years of accumulated disappointment made her immediately resign and break up without delay.

It just so happened that the phone promoted the game “Playing a trick on ex-boyfriend”. The angry Qin Xi did not hesitate to point in, thus opening a fantasy game to unlock the double-faced boyfriend love strategy.


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