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The General’s Sweety – Huang Youtian, Guo Xinyu

The General's Sweety is a historical fantasy romantic web drama directed by Li Pengwu, led by Huang Youtian and Guo Xinyu, starring Xian Jiachen, Zhang Maitong, Ge Xiaoxi, Wang Yingqi, Ke Jun, Li Xiaopeng, Zhang Han, and Li Lechen.


The General's Sweety

English Title: The General's Sweety
Chinese Title: 将军的农家妻
Other Titles: General's Farm Wife
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: Fictional World, General Male Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Li Pengwu
Writer: Chen Zhepeng
Released Date: 2023-08-09
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo, 腾讯视频



Chef Li Lan accidentally enters the world of the manga "The General's Sweety" and forms a bond with the aloof general, Wang Jin. In order to repay the debts left by Li Lan's father, the two of them jointly open a restaurant. Li Lan, with her modern marketing methods and excellent culinary skills, expands the business. She not only repays the debt but also becomes the richest person in Qingshui County.


Li Lan was reading the manga "The General's Sweety" when she accidentally crossed into the world of the manga. She happened to encounter General Wang Jin, who was being pursued by someone. Li Lan, observing the chaotic situation, picked up a stick and threw it, unintentionally hitting Wang Jin with a direct blow, leaving him bewildered.

Fearing that the villains might still be after them, Li Lan exerted great effort to drag Wang Jin into a cave. As expected, it didn't take long for Li Lan's father, Li Song, to arrive with Liu Changfeng. They had come looking for Li Lan, as their subordinates had reported seeing her run off with a man the previous night. Li Song was a compulsive gambler who owed a lot of money to Mr. Liu. In the end, he could only use his daughter as collateral. Li Lan thought Wang Jin had died, and she even touched his nose to check. The night passed, and when Liu Changfeng and his men arrived at the cave, they found the two who had just woken up. Li Lan faced her father and others, unable to explain.

Due to the blow to his head, Wang Jin lost his memory, which left Li Lan feeling helpless. Eventually, her father kicked her out of the house, and people gossiped about her not upholding her virtue. When Li Song realized his daughter was no longer of any use, he turned to Wang Jin for money. However, Wang Jin not only had no money but also had no recollection of who he was, despite a thorough search of his body, which only yielded a jade pendant.

Li Song, using a jade pendant as a lead, found the Wang family residence. When Mrs. Wang saw her son return, she was overjoyed. However, she noticed that her son had clearly lost a lot of weight, and upon hearing from Li Lan that Wang Jin had amnesia, she became instantly worried. Li Song was thinking to himself that a camel is bigger than a horse even when it's skinny and that he could sell his daughter anywhere. Unexpectedly, before Li Song could say anything, Mrs. Wang spoke up first, and she directly asked Li Lan how far their relationship had progressed.

Li Lan was very surprised, clearly a victim of a misunderstanding. Upon hearing Mrs. Wang's words, Li Song was quite pleased. In this unwilling situation, Li Lan was forced to marry Wang Jin, who had lost his memory. Li Lan had no choice but to write many agreements and compel Wang Jin to sign them. However, Wang Jin, having amnesia, had no idea what these agreements were, only feeling like he, as the second party, was at a disadvantage. Li Song had been eavesdropping at the door the whole time but couldn't hear anything.

Early in the morning during breakfast, they saw a table full of potatoes, which even puzzled Wang Jin. Li Lan immediately inquired about the location of the kitchen and went on to make a plate of French fries. Everyone enjoyed the meal, and they were all surprised that potatoes could be prepared this way. Li Lan felt that everyone's life was too bland and uninteresting, so she made a lot of French fries and went to the street to set up a stall, naming it "General's French Fries."

Wang Jin was on street patrol, while Li Lan was buying French fries. Many people, upon seeing General Wang Jin return, curiously gathered to have a look. Suddenly, Ning Yu saw Wang Jin and inquired why he was ignoring everyone. She bought all the French fries and, on her way home, continuously asked Wang Jin about the past ten-plus years and if everything was still alright at home.

Ning Yu's appearance surprised everyone. She and Wang Jin were childhood sweethearts, deeply in love. However, now that Wang Jin had amnesia, he couldn't recall their past together. When Wang Jin took out their couple's bracelet, everyone was left dumbfounded. Li Lan looked at Ning Yu with an expression of discontent. Mrs. Wang, observing the relationship between Ning Yu and Wang Jin, could only arrange for her to stay at the mansion and wait for Wang Jin's memories to return.

Wang Jin found himself caught between two women, and he was in a difficult situation. He couldn't rest peacefully. Li Lan thought that even though they had reluctantly married, she couldn't lose the momentum. Ning Yu also realized that she was a step too late as they had already married. Ning Yu accompanied Wang Jin to buy French fries and took good care of him. Mr. Liu's people noticed that someone had been selling French fries in the streets recently, and this person turned out to be Wang Jin and Li Lan. Mr. Liu became immediately displeased and decided to send people to cause trouble.

Li Lan and Wang Jin were buying French fries on the street when Mr. Liu, the boss, came with his men to disrupt their stall. Wang Jin initially thought he wasn't skilled, and he suffered some minor setbacks at first. However, he quickly turned the tables and defeated the opposing group, forcing Mr. Liu to leave with a strong warning. The group had no choice but to pack up their stall and head home.

As soon as Li Lan entered, she saw Wang Jin applying medicine to himself. She helped Wang Jin tenderly with the medication. Wang Jin could tell that Li Lan had something on her mind. Li Lan felt that the stall rental fees were too expensive and not paying them was not an option. Moreover, relying solely on selling French fries wouldn't sustain them financially or support their household. Wang Jin suggested that having a restaurant would be a good idea, and Ning Yu also found it feasible. So, the three of them went to buy back the restaurant.

When Mr. Liu saw that they had come to him on their own, he thought about teaching them a lesson. However, he was surprised to learn that they came to buy back the restaurant and were willing to pay interest. Wang Jin didn't have the money at the moment and suggested paying at the end of the month, but Mr. Liu adamantly refused, making it clear that buying back the restaurant without the immediate payment was impossible.

Ning Yu took out her personal jade pendant to cover the debt. Mr. Liu noticed it was a high-quality jade pendant and agreed to their request. Mr. Liu, looking at the jade, had a feeling it wasn't just an ordinary pendant and decided to have it investigated in the capital to trace its origin.

Li Lan accidentally cut her hand while cutting meat, and Wang Jin, feeling sorry for her, wrapped her injured finger. Coincidentally, Ning Yu witnessed this and became jealous. She claimed to be short of help in cleaning and asked Wang Jin for assistance. However, Wang Jin wanted to help Li Lan with cutting the meat, and Li Lan volunteered to help Ning Yu with cleaning. But Ning Yu declined Li Lan's offer and cleaned by herself, all the while complaining about Wang Jin and scolding him for being heartless.

Li Lan worked on designing the marketing plan for the restaurant. She listed everything from food safety to service quality and operational procedures. She also provided training to the staff and explained the restaurant's situation in detail. The top priority was ensuring food safety, including the source of ingredients, which needed to be safe and reliable. Li Lan also discussed the restaurant's opening, in-house activities, discounts, benefits, and specific services. Although not everyone fully understood, they listened attentively to Li Lan.

Jin Lan Xuan Restaurant had just opened, and it was filled with customers. Everyone was extremely busy. Wang Jin, dressed in armor, stood at the entrance and called out to attract customers. Many people entered the restaurant and took their seats. With Li Lan's unique way of taking orders, they earned a considerable amount of money by the end of the day, much more than what they used to earn selling French fries. The group looked at the day's results and shared smiles.

While Li Lan was on her way to buy groceries, she encountered a young girl being mistreated by others and kindly rescued her, bringing her back to the restaurant. Li Lan noticed the girl had a talent for cutting vegetables and decided to keep her in the kitchen to help. In the evening, Wang Jin was calculating the restaurant's revenue and realized it was slightly lower than the previous days. He curiously asked Li Lan what she had been preparing with the beef all day, and she assured him that there would be a surprise for everyone.

Early in the morning, Li Song arrived at the restaurant with Wang Jin. Li Lan was well aware of her father's nature and warned him not to cause trouble. Coincidentally, Li Lan was holding a plate of meat, which Li Song took from her. Li Lan looked at her father with a sense of helplessness. Suddenly, Qin Junyi (played by Ke Jun) arrived at the restaurant. He had come to find Ning Yu and heard that she was opening a restaurant here.

Ning Yu had just arrived when he presented the gift he had brought, claiming it was a Qixi Festival gift for her. He said he knew that the princess had endured a lot of suffering. Upon hearing "princess," Ning Yu panicked as she had been concealing her identity when opening the restaurant. Just then, Wang Jin appeared, and Qin Junyi, unaware of Wang Jin's amnesia, mentioned that he had brought a gift to see General Wang, who had resigned from his post, out of concern. Li Lan couldn't help but laugh when she saw the hairpin and flowers in his hands.

Surprisingly, Li Lan's "Lamp Shadow Beef" became incredibly popular, and the restaurant was bustling with business. However, Li Song was at the restaurant, treating his friends to food and drinks, claiming that it was his own restaurant. He declared that in the future, anyone mentioning his name, Li Song, would get a special discount, and he kept calling the restaurant staff.

Qin Junyi, seeing Ning Yu continuously busy, kindly brought her some food, but she declined his offer.

In the evening, Li Song thoughtfully brought a pot of chicken soup to Li Lan, thinking she had a tough day. However, he took the opportunity to steal all of Li Lan's money and secretly gave it to Mr. Liu, paying back the full four hundred taels. Li Lan was furious upon discovering this, as the restaurant wouldn't be able to operate without that money. They wondered how to handle the situation. Ning Yu offered to sell some of her jewelry to help, and Mrs. Wang assured everyone not to worry too much, as she would cover the expenses. They were all concerned about the situation.

Suddenly, Li Lan shouted, seemingly coming up with an idea. Mr. Feng then arrived at Jin Lan Xuan. When many people saw Mr. Feng's arrival, they all rushed to Jin Lan Xuan. Mr. Liu was curious about why no one was in his restaurant, but he didn't seem to mind. As soon as Mr. Feng entered, he instructed Li Lan to serve the restaurant's signature dish promptly, emphasizing that it had to be not only talked about as delicious but also served promptly.

Mr. Feng was quickly served a plate of "Lamp Shadow Beef." After taking a bite, he couldn't help but praise it repeatedly. The beef was not only thinly sliced but also incredibly flavorful. Li Lan saw an opportunity and promptly introduced a membership points system. Despite the new store's ongoing discounts, Li Lan added a membership points system with both purchases and rewards. Everyone was concerned that this might result in financial losses.

Upon seeing the situation, Li Song, along with a few others, hurriedly went to the front to start adding money to their memberships. Everyone joined as members, and the atmosphere became lively. Li Lan was carefully tallying the accounts while Li Song kindly inquired about the restaurant's income. Concerned that Li Song might have more money-related ideas, she discreetly hid the money behind her.

Soon after, Li Lan used the money to pay Liu Changfeng. Unexpectedly, due to the poor business at the restaurant, Liu Changfeng vented his anger on Li Lan's restaurant. He issued a market order prohibiting everyone from selling goods to Jin Lan Xuan. He wanted to see how Jin Lan Xuan would continue its business.

As expected, when they went to the market early in the morning to buy ingredients, they couldn't find any meat or vegetables. They had no choice but to temporarily close down. Li Lan suspected that Liu Jin was behind this, and when she went to repay the money, Liu Jin warned her not to try any tricks, stating that running a business here required honesty. This angered Ning Yu, and she wanted to confront Liu Jin, but the group managed to stop her.

Several people were baffled by the sudden closure of the restaurant. Just as they were trying to understand the situation, a group of individuals arrived, all demanding refunds in unison. Before Li Lan could explain, most of them entered the restaurant. It was clear that someone had instigated them to cause trouble. The troublemakers, realizing that everyone else had gone into the restaurant, left dejectedly.

Ning Yu wanted to pursue the fleeing troublemakers but was intercepted by Qin Junyi. The priority was to take care of the restaurant's customers. Li Lan quickly prepared food for everyone with the limited ingredients, while Liu Changfeng was cooking. Suddenly, he caught a small lobster with his tongs, and news quickly spread that a large insect had appeared in the area. It not only bit people but was also venomous.

Li Lan was fishing by the river and unexpectedly caught a lobster. Wang Jin shouted from a distance, warning that the creature was toxic and should not be touched. Only after Li Lan explained did Wang Jin relent. In the evening, Li Lan indeed prepared a plate of small lobsters for everyone to enjoy. Everyone relished the meal, but Ning Yu couldn't peel them herself. As a grand princess, she had never done such tasks. Her Qin Junyi had already peeled a whole plate for her. However, a plate of lobsters ended up being passed around between several people, and it ultimately landed in Li Lan's hands, leaving her in a dilemma.

After being bitten by the insect, Liu Boss had been continuously detoxifying and taking medicine. However, he never expected that Li Lan's business would thrive due to the small lobsters. When Liu Boss heard this news, he couldn't stay in bed any longer, feeling instantly better. Just as Li Lan entered with the money, giving him four hundred taels, it completely infuriated Liu Boss.

A major customer suddenly arrived at Li Lan's restaurant, claiming that their family had dined at Jinlan Xuan and found the food to be exceptionally delicious. They asked if Li Lan could cater to them, and without hesitation, Li Lan agreed. It was clear that this was a high-value customer. Many people in the street were talking about how tasty Li Lan's restaurant's food was. Unfortunately, some malicious rumors had misled them, stating that the food was not clean, leading to digestive problems. A few people who were initially skeptical fell for this ruse because the deception was so convincing.

Suddenly, a group of officials arrived, alleging that Li Lan had poisoned the food and were about to make arrests. Wang Jin tried to intervene but was struck by a heavy blow that sent him reeling. Unexpectedly, this blow triggered the recovery of his memory. After regaining consciousness, he left Li Lan bewildered. Wang Jin realized that Ning Yu was the eldest princess and that the Emperor would be worried about her extended absence. He even took off the bracelet he was wearing and, seeing how he was intimidating everyone, Ning Yu looked at the bracelet, feeling unjust and gazing at it with a sad expression.


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