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Sweet Games Reviews

  • 2023-08-16 09:41:15

    A gentle and enduring sweet drama

    The plot of "Sweet Games" is very good, and the pacing is light in this sweet and lively drama.

    There's no stereotypical domineering CEO; instead, there's a warm and proud healing-type "little puppy". There's no city girl protagonist drowning in self-pity; rather, there's an optimistic and proactive girl with a touch of cuteness and humor. There's no disregard for normal romantic logic or rushed love storylines, but rather, there's a story of a campus crush that evolves into a reunion nine years later.

    From the heroine's belated realization of her feelings to the ambiguity of their interactions, every step is taken slowly and methodically, flowing like a gentle stream. Interactions between people should be respectful and not overly hasty. In the world that often values quick success, watching a sweet drama like "Sweet Games" can be quite healing.

  • 2023-08-16 09:34:08

    "Sweet Games"- WINWIN brings surprises

    "Sweet Games" is WINWIN's first leading role drama after returning to his home country. To be honest, before it was aired, I didn't have too high expectations for his performance as an idol-turned-actor. I believe many others shared similar sentiments.

    However, as I watched further, I discovered that WINWIN's portrayal of the character Yan Yue was surprisingly fitting. Despite it being his first acting endeavor, his acting skills appeared somewhat inexperienced, which interestingly added to the youthful and occasionally immature essence of the character Yan Yue.

    Whether it was his infatuation with his senior during his college days, or his current portrayal as a quirky, proud, and occasionally jealous younger neighbor, he captured these aspects very well in his performance.

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