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Royal Palace Cute Little Assassin – Yang Fuyu, Yang Yi

Royal Palace Cute Little Assassin is a fantasy romantic drama directed by Hui Xiang Yi, starring Yang Fuyu, and Yang Yi.


Royal Palace Cute Little Assassin

English Title: Royal Palace Cute Little Assassin
Chinese Title: 王府软萌小刺客
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 15
Duration: 7 min.
Director: Hui Xiangyi
Producer: Wang Chongyu, Hui Xiangyi
Released Date: 2023-01-25
Boradcast Website: MGTV



Programmer Luo Weiwei accidentally enters the world of murder mystery game as Princess Luo Yunxi of the Nanjiang Kingdom!

She is given a mysterious mission: to help Lord Mu of the Beisheng Kingdom ascend to the throne!

Luo Yunxi successfully solves the assassin who is sent to assassin Lord Mu and gains his favor; but she is drawn into a shocking conspiracy between the Nanjiang Kingdom and the Beisheng Kingdom ……

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