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  • Lu Han & Guan Xiaotong: Veteran Children Literature Writer Covers Younger Generation of Movie Star

     oldhuang updated 3 weeks, 6 days ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • oldhuang

    July 5, 2021 at 3:36 pm

    Recently, a wave of interaction between Chinese famous children literature writer Zheng Yuanjie and netizens has aroused heated discussion. At that time, a fan of Lu Han forwarded Zheng Yuanjie’s microblog and left a message saying that he was “Lu Han’s wife”, who wanted to say hello to Zheng Yuanjie online. As a result, Zheng Yuanjie directly replied by addressing the guy “Xiaotong” and recalled a wave of friendship with Guan Xiaotong’s grandfather and father. The incident led to an embarrassing atmosphere!

    As this fan of Lu Han was suspected to have published some posts before that disrespect Guan Xiaotong, Zheng Yuanjie’s operation was also regarded by netizens as a means to rectify the wrongdoing of this guy, because by recalling the old times, the writer felt that he was venting his anger for his friend’s daughter Guan Xiaotong. In addition, Lu Han’s fans and Guan Xiaotong had many things made public about the past when they fought verbally with each other. With the development of the incident, many passers-by began to joke that Lu Han’s fans were insulting themselves by greeting the writer in the name of Guan Xiaotong. They just asked for the insult. No wonder they were beaten in the face. And that fan also published a response post later, which seemed to be in a bad mood~

    But it is actually nothing very serious, it is a small accident in the daily relation of the two young people.

    Yes, you can see from Zheng Yuanjie’s message that Lu Han’s love affair with Guan Xiaotong is actually recognized by the elders in their circle. Lu Han has met Guan Xiaotong’s parents and elders before. Generally speaking, Guan Xiaotong’s father is very optimistic about Lu Han and likes to talk about this “future son-in-law” everyday~


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